Jarrett Bush visiting with Cardinals


When Jarrett Bush was a restricted free agent, the Packers were guaranteed a chance to match an offer for his services.

That’s just what they did after the Titans made Bush a big offer in 2009 and it’s looking like Bush has even more suitors this time around. Plenty of teams seem interested in the defensive back/special teamer at the moment.

Bush is expected to visit with the Cardinals on Monday, according to Aaron Wilson of Scout.com. That visit comes on the heels of a weekend spent meeting with the Jets, who might be looking at Bush, who mainly played cornerback in Green Bay, as an option at safety in the wake of losing out on Reggie Nelson. The Cowboys are also thought to be interested in Bush and a return to the Packers hasn’t been ruled out.

Bush started two games for the Packers on defense last season, registering 1.5 sacks and two interceptions. He has also been a key special teams player over the years in Green Bay. That would probably remain a major part of his job description wherever he winds up playing in 2012 as he’s never been much more than a sub package player in the secondary.

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  1. Jarrett was maddening early in his career but has become an animal on punt coverage. There is no doubt he has his limitations in defensive packages, but as a special teams player, he will be missed should he leave Green Bay.

  2. Steelers would have won SB 45 without him. So many ungrateful Packers fans hinging their opinions on the mistakes he made in 2006-07. The guy has been one of the best gunners on the planet, and not too bad at CB and as a blitzer.

  3. ungrateful? Really? I only have this to say about Jarrett Bush, and this sums it up perfectly as to why he doesn’t fit with the Packers.

    This last year, on the goal line, he made a huge hit on the running back. Leveled him. And then stood over him to taunt him. You would think, by the words I just wrote that he did his job. WRONG. The running back scored a touchdown.

    I am sorry, but you dont taunt someone WHO DID THEIR JOB when you didn’t do your own.

    The kid is a knucklehead and really, he can be replaced.

  4. jb24fan –

    Agree completely.

    Big interception in SB45…he played well after losing Woodson, Shields. I wouldve given a game ball to him for stepping up like he did in that game vs Pittsburgh.

  5. Go back and look at the Hail Mary in the Giants game. Jarrett Bush is at about the three yard line with his back to the ball when Nicks makes the catch.

  6. One big play in the Super Bowl does not negate the fact that he has been a serious liability any time he needed to step in on defense. It always bewilders me that he can track down a punt 50 yards in the air but is absolutely lost finding the ball in pass defense. Anyone supporting him has obviously not seen enough of a Packers game to notice that whenever he came into the game, he was abused by the other quarterback. I completely agree with the comments regarding his attitude as well. Arizona, please take Peprah and Hawk too!

  7. Packers should absolutely try to keep him, but at the right price. Do not overpay that guy just to keep him.

  8. Some of you steeler fans are absolute morons. You get beat in super bowl 45 and you think he was a major reason? You must not watch many packer games. He makes 10 mistakes for every 1 good play. Hes the Anthony Smith of the Steelers. The guy can play special teams, but he wouldn’t start on 30 teams. He’s not worth what one of these teams are going to pay him.

    Keep your comments to yourselves, steeler fans. And please move on from your super bowl loss. Some of you sound so bitter and upset, its just pathetic.

  9. Great special teamer, great guy, but not someone you want to have playing DB a whole lot. I guess Pat Lee will remain in the same category and Ted will maybe have ti find an UFA to help out.

  10. Let him go. Like every one else in the secondary he’s
    Picked up some bad habits from Woodson
    But Woodson refuses to EVER accept any
    blame. They have all been corrupted by him
    And it won’t change until Woodson is gone.
    Jumping routes , missed coverage,
    And bad habits …they all get it from
    from the “untouchable”…Woodson. As
    long as we have Woodson the others will
    always take chances and do stupid things.
    Except when Woodson does it, he always
    finds a way to escape responsiblity. The
    younger guys get blamed.

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