Manning to quarterback Broncos barring “unexpected snag”


ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen are reporting that free agent quarterback Peyton Manning has told his agent, Tom Condon, to open contract negotiations with the Denver Broncos.

And barring an “unexpected snag” in contract talks, Schefter and Mort are reporting that Manning will become the next quarterback of the Broncos.

The Broncos will try to trade Tim Tebow.

Per Schefter, Manning phoned Broncos V.P. of Football Operations John Elway on Monday morning to inform Elway he is “looking forward” to playing in Denver.

The fallout will be felt across the league. Free agent Alex Smith remains in limbo, and the 49ers may have to do some apologizing to bring him back in the fold. The Dolphins may whiff on yet another quarterback target.

Stay tuned for plenty more.

220 responses to “Manning to quarterback Broncos barring “unexpected snag”

  1. They already made him a contract offered…it’s a done deal…I told yall This weekend he wasnt going to the 9ers….I want my check..Thanks for ending this nonsense Archie…

  2. Niners better mend things with Alex Smith and fast, otherwise it’s time to roll out rookie Colin and his 29.1 QB passer rating.

    Also, calling it now, Tebow to Fins.

  3. 3 thoughts:

    1) See ya Tebow
    2) 49’ers are screwed, with Alex Smith possible gone are they really going to go with Colin Kaepernick? Who is going to throw to Moss/Manningham/Crabtree?
    3) With a healthy defense, Denver will be scary.

  4. He went there for a reason…..He knows how to pick HIS spot….NOT what everyone else THINKS…..Hope we dont play them this year……..HTTR

  5. Thank goodness he didn’t go to the 49ers, would’ve been a scary team. Now they are a good team without a quarterback, Alex Smith should milk this for all it’s worth.

  6. Amazing. Manning loves to be challenged so much that he chose a team with mediocre talent.

    Worth nothing that Brandon Flowers just tweeted “That wasn’t smart.”

  7. Tebow to Dolphins. If they can’t get a decent QB, they’ll at least be able to put some butts in the seats.

  8. There was no way he was heading to SF anyway. One year wonder playing a last place schedule.

  9. allow me to translate: “all you other teams, this is your last chance, i’m serious, i really mean it. if you want me you better speak up”

  10. I wish the dolphins would stop trying to sign these average QBs ( peyton not withstanding). Matt Moore is just as good or better than Smith, Flynn or Gerrard. The guy wins games.

  11. Terrific, now we get Manning AND Tebow stories for the next 2 months!

    Future headlines….

    Broncos pull a Judas on Tim Terrific.

    Broncos: No Faith in Tebow.

    Tebow expected to be traded, released, or Raptured.

  12. Thank you Brett Fav….errr….Peyton Manning for finally coming to a decision and not holding the QB free-agent market hostage anymore. You’re whole campaign was becoming an embarrassing orgy of foolishness.

  13. Why not keep Tebow? Manning isn’t going to be around for that many more years, and everyone keeps saying Tebow isn’t starting material anyway.

    Just keep Tebow until Manning retires, and maybe he’ll pan out then.

  14. Peytonpalooza is over?

    Thank you baby Jesus that he ain’t goin’ to the ThumbTacks!

  15. burned by two manning’s in 1 year,damn them!!!!! oh well enjoy every future superbowl from the comfort of your brand new lodge in denver peyton!!!!!

  16. Poor Timmy. Good move by Denver though. You have to take Manning over Tebow. Love Tebow the man, but I would hate to see him under center on my favorite team. Glad the Skins have a QB of the future coming. Good Luck Tebow. HTTR!!

  17. I think Smith still signs with Dolphins just to spurn San Francisco! I think the Titans will be fine, personally. Hasslebeck (sp?) is a solid veteran and they did pretty well with him last year. Locker looked good and will be the future for them.
    Tebow? Who knows where he will end up. Could very well see Smith go back to San Fran after all, then the donkeys trade tebow to the fins, and hey they may not win much but they will have people in the seats, not as much as they would in Jacksonville.

    Now I can see Clark signing up with Denver to replace Fells. Gives Peyton a target he is familiar with and fills a need for the team. Lots going on, just wish it was time for the draft because I think the Buccos are done with FA, sadly. They should have picked up a solid lb and back up running back, oh well. Come on the end of April!

  18. Well now let’s see if SF really gets screwed if Alex Smith signs with the Dolphins.

    Can’t believe we will be seeing Peyton in a different uniform but it’s going to be an exciting 2012 football season and I can’t wait!!

  19. Colts fan here. Good luck Peyton. Sorry to see you go but I wish you the best. Hopefully Denver works out for you and you get another ring.

  20. Congrats to the Broncos, with that defense and Peyton to DT; they have a good shot.

    The 9ers don’t have to apologize to Alex; he could have prevented this whole thing and signed that deal prior to FA.

  21. Well it’s all but confirmed. Manning will finish his career with just 1 Superbowl win and 2 Superbowl appearances.

    So much for the quest to be seen as the greatest of all time.

    Good luck at the 5th or 6th best team in the AFC.

  22. Not sure what the better story line is….

    Alex Smith signs contract with Miami with the other hand having an extended finger in a westerly direction.


    Miami swings and misses on yet another player.

    Sad to admit, but Miami is the Baltimore Orioles of the NFL.

  23. This is great for everyone else in the afc west. Manning wants a 5 year deal, which means broncos will overpay…This is fine with me. Tamba Hali says welcime aboard

  24. Broncos should keep Tebow and make him a TE he’s a good enough athlete to be a pro bowler at that position. The should also sign Dallas Clark

  25. I think the 49ers should have been the team, but I am not Peyton Manning. Congrats to the Broncos and their fans. You had better do your damndest to protect him from getting sacked and hit.

  26. Tebow to Eagles. Left handed mobile QB with mechanical issues. Andy can bring out the best in him and we wont have to waste a pick on another QB unless we trade one to aquire him of course

  27. If this report is true (and I STILL have my
    doubts it is as Denver seems to be letting their
    offensive skill players leave) then the 49ers
    ROYALLY efffffed this thing up. Wow.

  28. What a bunch of unsure teams! I am glad the Rams stood by their QB Sam I Am …… They could of had RG3 or someone else. Going to be a lot of makin up to do,if the jilted WBA want to hear IT……LOL

  29. i wonder if the fact that the broncos have the most money to spend had anything to do with the decision

  30. Good fit in the sense that if there are any limitations in what Manning can do physically and he’s not able to perform as he is used to, Denver has recently been very accepting of marginal QB talent. Good for both of them.

  31. Come the season it will have been 18 months since he threw a pass in competition.
    Come the season he will be 36 1/2 years old.
    Come the season he will have to get to know a brand new bunch of teammates.
    He has had numerous neck surgeries.
    He has taken lots of hits over the years.
    He has a huge ego.

    Good work, broncs

    I sure do hope that Smith signs with the fins.

  32. stunzeed5 says: Mar 19, 2012 12:08 PM

    Thank you Brett Fav….errr….Peyton Manning for finally coming to a decision and not holding the QB free-agent market hostage anymore. You’re whole campaign was becoming an embarrassing orgy of foolishness.


    It’s been less than 2 weeks since Peyton was cut. I mean did you really expect him to sign with a team after a few days??? It took Mario Williams more than 4 days to sign with the Bills and he didn’t leave the city. Peyton had to meet with 5 teams and throw for them and then make the best decision for him and his family. People who compare him to Brett Favre are ridiculous. He didn’t retire and then come out of retirement like 5 times and missing camp before choosing a team. He was thorough and smart about it. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care if the fans wanted him to sign right away.

  33. Manning’s choices in a nutshell:

    49er: Amazing Defense; Prima donna filled offense (including coach): Pass.

    Dolphins: Ireland. Apparently, the single handed team killer. Pass.

    Titans: Close to college home, not so much on Defense, and a RB who is up and down. Pass.

    Broncos: Champ Bailey, Von Miller, Elvis Dumervil, Brian Dawkins, DJ Williams = Great D. John Fox and John Elway = Football personnel.

    Kinda makes sense to me when I realized all that. Broncos have more class acts than the other teams; though I bet Eddie Royal will wish he had stayed if PM indeeds signs. PM to Thomas/Royal would have been fun to watch.

  34. I told you guys P.M. not going west to Ninerland . I was wrong about Denver . I really thought he would go to Tenn. Must be about #1 $$$$$$$$$$$$$and # 2 bringing in his guys. #3 Harbaugh & Peyton /not.

  35. Maybe this Manning decision will benefit 2 teams desperately trying to rid themselves of their “starting” QB.
    1.) Tebow is out of Denver
    2.) Hopefully Smith is out of SF

  36. WAS THERE ANY QUESTION HE WAS GOING THERE? The 49’ers sh+t the bed bad. Brought in wide recievers and p+ssing off their QB that got them to the championship game, and yes i can say he got them there too. He beat my saints with qualtiy throws and a big run for a TD that helped win it for them. As much as i hate to say it too!

    If i were Alex Smith i would run from there. Harbaugh is an a-hole the way he handles himself and what they doing him is terrible. Tell him hes the man and once Manning becomes available they were banking on getting him. No one knows if Manning can make it through a whole season yet either….

  37. Denver is the least talented team in the AFC West. Only way they had success last year is because of that college style offense. Reason why we lost is because of Tim Tebow gouging us for chunk yardage on the ground.With our old antiquated defense.

    This is beautiful. One of the top QBs in the NFL changes teams with no shift in the balance of power…and we don’t have to see that Tebow anymore.

  38. Though Manning is a legend,Tebow should have been the staring QB for the upcoming season!!!One teams trash is another teams treasure!!!Good luck Tim Tebow whatever team you go to , prove John Elway and the Denver Broncos wrong!!!!

  39. Oh come now, was Denver really that good? Or was the AFC west that bad? I mean just the year before 8-8 won the division, and this previous year well we all saw it most of what Denver did was luck and timing! Denver you just put yourself behind the franchise QB 8 ball again.

  40. Finally. Now the Niners and Titans can beg for forgiveness from Smith & Hasselbeck. Tebow and Elway can quit acting like the like each other, and Miami will get a killer deal on a guy who’s going to make them a ton of money.

  41. Well He Followed The Money He Must Not Want Anymore Superbowl Wins Under His Belt….Oh Well Tebow To The Dolphins Just u Watch And Yeah Alex Smith Is Coming Back…..Mike Wallace Anyone???

  42. I know I’ll get thumbs down for this – but this makes me wonder if Peyton is afraid of failure.

    If he signs with the 49ers – they would have been the prohibitive favorite to win the Super Bowl:
    – Hall of Fame QB
    – Great rushing attack
    – Deep WR crew
    – All-Pro TE to throw to
    – Fierce pass rush & Top 10 Pass Defense
    – #1 Run Defense in NFL in 2011
    – Elite Special Teams play & coaching

    If he went there and they DIDN’T win … it would be a major letdown.

    Denver? He makes them a hell of a lot better but I’m sure Peyton signing with the Broncos makes them the odds favorite at all to win the Super Bowl.

  43. What an IDIOT! It must be the $ why else would he go play in Denver they have no WR, RB, and the defense is shaky at best. He should of went to Tennessee where he would have a real chance to WIN!

  44. I hopeElway gets a Tebow mutiny, they deserve it.
    Thank god this is over, talk about taking “your time” prima donna. Let’s see if he makes it through the season now. Philip Rivers is looking forward to playing Denver.

  45. Over/under on Broncos wins….10 (considering they had 8 with Tebow).

    I’ll take the under. I’m just not feeling it.

  46. The scourge of Alex Smith continues; we will never shake that guy.

    Oh well, I hope the chip on his shoulder is his huge now. It might have shrink last year, but we found a way to make it as big as ever this off-season.

  47. I don’t think the 49ers are screwed. In fact, Peyton’s timing may have helped them. Smith was talking to the Dolphins because, having got himself in trouble by waiting too long to sign his contract, he wasn’t going to just sit around and wait to see what Peyton was going to do and risk having no job offer if the Dolphins also filled the starting spot. The 49ers are in better shape, and he’d be coming back as the starter on a team whose offense he already knows. Unless the Dolphins through a whole lot of money at Smith out of desperation, I figure Smith ends up back in SF. Miami might end up trading for Tebow figuring they’ll sell some seats.

  48. The Eagles should sign Tebow to back-up Vick who only has a few years left anyway….then Tebow can be number one after Vick is done and God will be on our side the whole time!!!……..Religious Eagles Fan Here

  49. That sound you hear is the 49ers bandwagon emptying out.

    Let all the why? 49ers have a better cast than Broncos talk begin.

    Don’t feel too bad 9ers fans… If he could only get it done once in his prime w/ Harrison, Wayne, Saturday, Faulk, Addai, Freeney, Sanders, etc… he wasn’t going to get it done at all with a bum neck and Grandpa Moss & Crabtree.

    Float Smith an extra I’m sorry mil or 2 and call it a day. No one really wants to play for the Phins.

  50. Until the 49ers jumped in, I figured the Broncos had the upper hand. I’m assuming (my opinion) that the only reason he didn’t choose the 49ers was because they’re an NFC team and he didn’t want to be in the same league as Eli & possibly hurt his SB chances. If it was all about the SB for Peyton, the 49’ers seemed more poised to go there sooner rather than later.
    Tennessee loses nothing in the form of QB. The 49’ershave to scramble now to mend fences with Alex Smith. Smith should realize that the Dolphins would be a bad choice. Suck it up and rejoin the 49’ers.
    The Broncos now deal Tebow. The Jags who were considered the most likely team picked up Henne. The Dolphins who have Moore, but are looking for a starter anyway may have to pick up Tebow. The Fin fans are so tired of management right now but Tebow might sell seats-at least to the central FL crowd who’d make the drive to see Tebow play again.
    Losers: 49’ers and Dolphins

  51. Not a Broncos fan and really not a Tebow fan, but Elway and the organization are a bunch of a-holes for the way they’ve treated this kid. All he did was come in and make the Broncos relevant last year, energized a fan base and took them to the playoffs. Say what you want about it was the defense and running game…that’s why they were 1 and 4 before Tebow took over. Peyton isn’t clean here either…he STOLE the Colts money last year and now is STEALING some kids job because the Neckless Horesemen still wants to play. I thought the game was about winning, not stats. Ask Marino if he’d rather have records or a ring.

  52. I thought KC made the most since for Manning in the AFC west, but I am glade my team didn’t spend that kind of cash on another aging QB. I love what Manning can do, but Denver doesn’t have the fire power as the Chiefs. See you at Arrowhead next year PM.

  53. I hope Alex Smith signs with the Dolphins just to stick it to the 49ers. The 9ers have already shown that they have no faith in him, why not let them feel the heat? Make them suffer with no apparent answer.

    As for Manning and the Broncos, good luck with the booing the first time you walk on the field, you personally took away Colorado’s new found love, Tim Tebow. John Elway will be fired in a couple of years when they’ve paid 90million for a QB that won’t carry them to the promised land.

  54. I still don’t see how this is going to work given that Peyton hasn’t ever played well in Denver in late November/all of December. If Peyton proves me wrong I’ll gladly admit it, but I’m really surprised that he chose a city with super cold temps for nearly half the season.

  55. This has more to do with him not wanting to play for Harbaugh than avoiding Eli. You know the saying, if you have two starting QBs then you have none. Harbaugh has a starting QB’s mentality in the sense the offense goes through him. Worked with college kids and Alex Smith, but Peyton needs a certain degree of autonomy to thrive and John Fox is willing to cede that.

  56. If the Broncos can win a playoff game with Time Tebow why is everyone now shooting them down with Peyton Manning? We saw the difference Peyton makes last year with the Colts.

    Manning can definitely take the Broncos to the Super Bowl.

  57. I’m a Chiefs fan sorry to hear this news. Not because I fear Peyton Manning. I’m sorry to hear this because I was enjoying the Donkey’s Tebow nightmare. PM still won’t have great wideouts, he’ll have a broken down running game and a defense that is suspect. Well played Peyton…well played.

  58. I love how people assume that now Peyton has no chance to get to the Super bowl. The AFC is the weaker conference. I think he has the better chance to get to the big game in that conference. Even if he chose the 9ers, there is no guarantees. Look at the Packers of last season. The Denver Broncos have good pieces and a decent defense with a defensive minded coach which means he will be taking over the Offense. I think in the end, it really made the most sense for him.

  59. franky5fingers says: Mar 19, 2012 12:07 PM

    I wish the dolphins would stop trying to sign these average QBs ( peyton not withstanding). Matt Moore is just as good or better than Smith, Flynn or Gerrard. The guy wins games.
    A little historical Matt Moore refresher. When with the Panthers, he ended up the starter for the last half of the year and did a respectable job. Not great, but respectable. So, lacking a better option, the Panthers decide to make him the starter going into the next season and Moore was horrible. In my opinion, Moore’s the kind of guy you’d love to have as your backup, but not the kind of guy you want to have as your starter going into the season.

  60. Elway is going to get exactly what he deserves in two years when Peyton is washed up and Tebow is killing it for some other team. I’m not a Tebow fan either.
    It would be so awesome now if Alex Smith said screw you to Harbaugh and went to the Dolphins.

  61. People on here saying if he cared about winning he should have picked the niners because they had the most “tools” are well……

    Didn’t last year teach you anything? Peyton Manning doesn’t need a very great set of “tools” to win. The same “tools” that went 2-14 last year went 24-6 the previous 2 years with Manning.

    Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe he wanted to avoid going to a team where he would be considered the “final piece” and preferred to go somewhere where winning a championship would be considered more of an accomplishment?

    Not everyone is Lebron James, searching for the easy rings. Some people prefer to earn them.

  62. LETS GO PEYTON!! Now I won’t be checking Twitter and PFT every 5 minutes to see what’s going on. Damn, I actually didnt mind the wait, good stuff. Go Manning. Bring Saturday in and Dallas Clark. 5 years-90 million. Better bring that number a bit but well see.

  63. I’m guessing there will have to be a clause in the contract requiring the Broncos to un-retire #18? Can’t imagine Peyton wearing anything else.

  64. brownsalwaysrebuilding – spoken like a true Browns fan who has been away from real football for so long, he has forgeotten what it is! LOL

  65. The San Francisco 49ers have done more for Alex than most teams. Players are hired guns and leave teams all the time. I believe the 49ers and Alex will mend fences and Alex will be signing a 49ers contract post haste. As for Tebow I don’t see him coming to Babylon any time soon.

  66. It’s all good out here in northern Cali…

    -didn’t get Manning
    -saved a whole lot of $
    -saved enough to sign Mike Wallace
    -Alex Smith is terrible, but last year was fun and exciting, and he’ll probably be better if he’s back
    -if Smith leaves, Kaepernick will be much better than him anyway
    -Oakland-native Josh Johnson, who played incredibly under Harbaugh in college, is available and wants to come home
    -the whole defense is coming back
    -Harbaugh RULES! It’s easy to understand why fans of other teams don’t like him, but he’s an awesome coach. To take THAT away from him is the definition of Player Hating!


  67. When the news is finally about the Broncos, Mike Klis is nowhere to be found.


  68. Peyton didnt steal any money from the Colts and he’s not stealing anything from Tebow. This is the NFL where you win at all costs. Irsay can chalk up the 20+ million to Manning no problem, he’s not worried about why shoud anybody else. You take Tebow with a 40% completion rate and 1 playoff victory and a slew of miracle games or you take the living legend himself. This is the best thing that can happen for Tebow. Now he can go home to FL, possibly Miami if Smith doesnt where he is loved the most. Tebowmania will follow him wherever he goes, he will be fine.

  69. Alex Smiths ex-girl just tweeted to Jim Harbaugh “Alex prefers “Cherry Medicated Chapstick” when apologizing. Just remember it may not work… It didn’t for me anyway….

  70. Looking at the Broncos schedule for 2012, Manning had better have all the protection he can get in order to be a successful quarterback. We know that the Saints love to employ bounties on opposing players. And the Ravens, Steelers, and Texans are no slouches either.

  71. Pretty scummy what Denver did to Tebow after he won so many games for them last year. Even scummier what SF did to Alex Smith after he nearly got them to the Super Bowl. I hope Tebow and Smith both go to new teams and meet in the Super Bowl, beating Denver and SF to get there. That would be justice.

  72. @rcampore

    Peyton will be lucky to win a division title.

    At 36 years of age he’s not even the best QB in this division.

    Theres no Rex Grossmans, Matt Schaubs, and Vince Youngs in this division. He’s up against Carson Palmer and Philip Rivers twice a year.

    Rivers owns Peyton!

    Manning’s legacy is about to torpedo like submarine. AFC West football now, baby…Bring your big boy gonna need ’em.

    Should hae gone to the Titans.

  73. Welcomw to the AFC West you fool Peyton….now eat dirt,

    signed Seymour, Hali, Barnes, Jackson, Shaunessey, Houston,

    and for old times sake, Wimbley

  74. As a titans fan I’m happy this ended the way it did.. We actually have 2 qbs Denver and San Fran needed manning more than we did. With all the cap space we should have went after Mario and not wasted our time with manning in the first place

  75. The 49ers seemed like an instant dynasty with Peyton behind center.

    I don’t think Coach Harbaugh can handle someone other than him being the star of the team. Hence the little bit of bad mouthing – “he may not be a good fit..”

    If I were Peyton I think I’d have choosen a place where it’s clear I am wanted and my expertise used.

    I suspect Coach’s ego cost the 49ers here.

  76. In 2013 Denver is scheduled to play the Colts at Lucas Stadium – that will be one of the hottest tickets of the year – better than Eli vs. Peyton

  77. The Niners will be fine. Nasty defense, upgraded offensive weapons, and great coaching. There is no way they were going to offer 5 years @ 90 million….

  78. Anyone remember Johnny Unitas in a Charger uniform? Broadway Joe in a Rams uniform? I mean, I guess you could say Montana had a modicum of success with the Chiefs, as he was the last QB to lead them to a playoff win, but really, what did he do in a Chief uni? This will end bad for Bronco fans… They can say he’s healthy, that he’s throwing the ball well, all that crap, but the simple fact is he’s one good hit away from being completely done. Good luck to the Broncos.. you will need it…

  79. Dumb, dumb, da dumb, dumb. Would have made more sense to go to SF. Those parts are all in place and clicking except for the QB. With Denver, they need to acquire too many parts plus the QB. Next year, they will be the Philadelphia Eagles of this year.

    The Broncos and Bronco fans will realize in two years they were had for the money.

  80. Don’t see why people are saying 9ers have to kiss Smith’s A$$ now, Not like he was the sole reason they are where they are. Hell JP Losman could lead that team to the playoffs.

  81. Hmm…Tebow to Arizona? He’s a gamer. He’s a baller. Playmaker. Shot caller. Him and Fitz can make magic. He’s the only QB more religious than Kurt Warner!

  82. This is a very smart decisions as would signing with the 49ers. Peyton Manning is a quarterback that has a feel/rhythm to his offense. His wide receivers understand how his mind works which allows him to torch defenses. It obvious he chose Denver because he will be able to bring in Saturday and possibly clark. To have familiarity will help the Broncos avoid being the Eagles. Bringing a bunch of talented players that do not know how to play with each other.

    Anyone who thinks Tebow is a legitimate NFL QB is delusional. He can’t complete a simple out route or quick slant. His defense kept and Prater kept the team in every game and Tebow just had to have 1 successful drive out of 30. Absurd. Peyton Manning walks into an O-Line that was talented enough to protect Tebow and the absurd Option offense, a wide receiving core that made ridiculous catches when Tebow finally made a decent catch, and the best field goal kicker in the league. I will be retiring my Colts Manning jersey and buying a Broncos jersey. Go Horse (both of them)!

  83. As for Alex Smith, can you really expect the 49ers not to go after the smartest and arguably the greatest quarterback to play the game. The 49ers had a super bowl team except at quarterback. Alex Smith was good enough not to lose, but was not good enough to earn a win (except the Saints). You put Peyton Manning on that team and there’s not a weak spot anywhere.

    But Manning is who he is, and he wants control of the offense. He’s proven what he can do with this control and everyone knows Hardbaugh is a little bit of a control freak.

    So if half of the Colts players go to the Broncos, does that mean I can support the Broncos and it’s like supporting the Colts?

  84. I am used to fans being idiots. But the rampant media notion that the 49ers are going to have to “make things up” to Alex Smith are LAUGHABLE.

    1) Anyone who think Alex Smith has ANY interest in playing Miami is wrong.

    2) Anyone who thinks the 49ers didn’t calculate this possibility and don’t have a contingency plan are wrong.

    3) Anyone who thinks the 49ers are in the business of offering consolation contracts (*cough* Miami, NYJ *cough*) are wrong.

    4) Anyone who think the 49ers owe Alex Smith ANYTHING after the PM situation, are wrong.

    See the trend here? Now let’s discuss reality (take it or leave it):

    1) Alex Smith balked on the 49ers offer many days before the PM news broke.

    2) Alex Smith is only still playing in this league because the 49ers have given him so many chances.

    3) Without Harbaugh and one of those aforementioned chances, Alex Smith certainly wouldn’t have a NFCCG on his resume.

    4) Alex Smith , even with PM out of the picture, need the 49ers a lot more than they need him.

    5) The 49ers offer to Smith will not be upped in any way and if the numbers change, trust me. it will be cosmetic.

    The 49ers know what they are doing. They would be perfectly fine with signing J. Johnson, getting Mike Wallace and moving forward towards the Kaepernick era.

  85. Peyton Manning is a TURD!!!
    Bronco’s SUCK!!!

    Locker is the Man anyway!!!

    Look out Manning, Colin McCarthy is going to put you on your neck and end it for you real soon anyways!!!

    p.s. Don’t come back to TN

  86. Hopefully the last we’ll hear from Tebowing. That was waaaaay over the top last season.

  87. I may be in the minority on this but I still belive the chiefs will and should be the favorites next yr. They have a ton of pieces coming back and with the coaching change they will be a hard to beat. Hope manning hasn’t forgot about hali or he may be having neck surgery again next yr.

  88. I believe the headline should read, “Manning prepared to join John Elway and Shannon Sharpe as the latest player to resemble a horse in Denver”.

  89. I like Peyton and I always told myself that I would be a fan of wherever he ended up, but my liking Peyton is far outweighed by my hatred of Elway and the Broncos.

  90. Tebow is better than Manning. Break your neck you money -grubbing coward who wont play in the NFC against his brother..

  91. What a huge disappointment to end a great career. Guess Eli will always have more super bowl rings. It’s a shame!

  92. I don’t get these Manning/Favre comparisons.

    Favre: waffled every offseason for years about retiring or un-retiring or what team he was might un-retire for.

    Manning: plays 14 years with one team, gets injured, gets cut and spends a week looking into his options (which were many) as far as where to play next.

    Manning’s looking for a new team is nothing like the sexting/waffling Favre travesty. Anyone who thinks so is a bit of a drama queen themselves.

  93. Manning would have had much better protection and running threat with the Titans, and much better defense and receivers with the 49ers.

    Denver w/o Tebow was a really crappy team this past year.

  94. As a 9er fan, congrats to Denver. Hopefully PM stays healthy for them. The 9ers really did not do AS wrong. They gave him an offer he held out for something better.

    It is what it is. To sit and always have to make ppl out to be villains when we know so little about the true facts is what we call “going full retard”.

    I know we’re all fans and love to get all caught up in the hype of our teams and such and live in the world of good guy vs. bad guy but really is that reality?

    AS or no AS, I’m not too worried about SF’s options at QB.

  95. actually, aside from the fact that i now have a moral obligation to hate manning, this is turning out well. Tebow can go somewhere else and thus put an end to my mixed emotions regarding his success in Denver. I can get back to hating every aspect of Denver equally. There is now balance.

  96. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    John Elway does it again!

    All Hail The DUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. @zampft:

    True… but the Colts w/o Manning proved themselves to be a very, very crappy team as well. Who knows? Maybe Manning will make all the difference for another type of horse? Common sense says it shouldn’t be that way… but maybe it is.

  98. I guess Richard Sheman and the other NFC West DBs can take their diapers off now that they won’t be facing Manning twice a year.

    With that said the Niners will still whip the entire NFC West next year with superior coaching and great defense.

  99. Jealousy running high on PFT today. The Mile High City is rocking to start off this week! He picked the best place to live in the country; like I said when he visited here, people do not like to leave Colorado! Colts grow up to be BRONCOS. To all the other NFL teams; you better sign your free agents before they visit Denver.

  100. “bensstinkyfingers says: Mar 19, 2012 12:34 PM
    Destiny- Manning’s melon and Elway’s teeth = Broncos Logo.”

    Winner! I laughed.

  101. Couple of thoughts: 1) the thin air of Denver will help his now “water pistol” arm throw the ball further with less effort; 2) he has been a mediocre QB is weather his whole career and with no dome it will be interesting to see how he does when the snow flies; 3) it is interesting that a QB who took years to finally win a SB had so little patience with a QB who won national titles, but didn’t throw exactly like the book said he should. Elway should be the last guy to judge another QB. He won 2 on his final tries, but for many years he put up huge numbers that meant nothing SB-wise when crunch time came. 4) I want to see a couple of good blind side sack hits on Peyton and then see if the neck holds together. Remember he was one of the least hit and least sacked QBs while in Indy; 5) Not much downside if Peyton fails since Elway did not like Tebow anyway, and would have been looking for a replacement as soon as the fan base cooled.

  102. i honestly think the only reason he went there, besides making $20 million a year (lol!) is Eric Decker. he liked Decker before the draft a couple years ago. problem with Decker is that he gets hurt the second he becomes your #1 receiver. happened every year in college, and each year in Denver.

    this makes no sense from the standpoint of going to the best team. the 49ers were clearly going to be superbowl favorites it they signed manning.

  103. goatpudding – the Colts were crappy because they didn’t plan effectively. When you have a back-up QB that gets NO..ZERO reps at practice because Manning takes them all..what would you expect?

  104. So he decides to go to a team that Tebow took to the playoffs, is still in the AFC, and has the most cap space, and a winnable division? Yeah that sounds like a horrible decision especially when they get Mike Wallace, Saturday, and Clark for him to integrate into his system. This is where he felt the most comfortable and just remember that only one team holds the trophy in the end. It may be Denver it may not, but he definitely makes them a contender and whatever the Broncos end up paying him in salaray will be made up by all of the Bronco crap that will not be flying off the shelf when his jersy is the number one seller next year. Vegas already has them as 10-1 odds to win it all. What do you think the number was before he signed?

  105. The Broncos offering a refund on the millions they made with Tebow’s Jersey sales ??????

  106. joe3001 says:
    Mar 19, 2012 12:19 PM
    I know I’ll get thumbs down for this – but this makes me wonder if Peyton is afraid of failure.

    If he signs with the 49ers – they would have been the prohibitive favorite to win the Super Bowl:
    – Hall of Fame QB
    – Great rushing attack
    – Deep WR crew
    – All-Pro TE to throw to
    – Fierce pass rush & Top 10 Pass Defense
    – #1 Run Defense in NFL in 2011
    – Elite Special Teams play & coaching

    You’re right that Special Teams play in the NFC Championship was ELI-te.

  107. sixjak says: Mar 19, 2012 1:17 PM

    As a 9er fan, congrats to Denver. Hopefully PM stays healthy for them. The 9ers really did not do AS wrong. They gave him an offer he held out for something better.

    It is what it is. To sit and always have to make ppl out to be villains when we know so little about the true facts is what we call “going full retard”.

    I know we’re all fans and love to get all caught up in the hype of our teams and such and live in the world of good guy vs. bad guy but really is that reality?

    AS or no AS, I’m not too worried about SF’s options at QB.

    PS…… have no option at QB and you wont be playing a lame last place schedule. Of course you still play in the worst division in football so i’m guessing whatever Arena league QB Jimbo digs up might win ya 6 games. Back to being invisible niner fans

  108. This really is the signing that made the most sense. The route he took also had some strategical advantages as well.
    Very weak division, should be able to get all 6 wins.
    Won’t have to worry about knocking lil brother out of the playoffs.
    Was able to hinder the one of the Giants major competitors from the prior year.
    Was able to help his agent out by generating buzz for Alex.
    There still exists the possibility of a Manning v Manning Superbowl. If they can pull that off their children will be regarded as first overall draft picks coming out of POP Warner.

  109. Clearly, Peyton’s top priority is to play for whatever team has a horse for a mascot.

  110. To all defensive tackles available: 78,000 people are interested in providing a large dose of ROCKY MOUNTAIN THUNDER on Sundays! The Duke just led yet another 4th quarter comeback.

  111. But, but, but, but…..what about the Chiefs????

    Ha Ha – I guess that smug Steelers fan that I overheard saying the Broncos were 3rd in the “list of 3” was wrong. Very wrong.

    Welcome Mr. Manning!

  112. I hate the donkeys but this make sense. Ppl say they don’t have weapons but those are the ppl that don’t know sh*t about football or have never watched that team. I don’t think the donkeys will e a super bowl contender but should win the division. Interested to see what happens. So glad that tebow crap is over

  113. As a niner fan i hope alex smith signs with miami he will never be better than last year. Denver probally will sneak in the playoffs this year and be 1 and done again. go get j johnson or garrard now balke.

  114. Dolphins need teebow, trade 1 pick for wallace out of pitss. Give pats 7th rd for ocho, and fix the line with the draft and get a corner and de with the draft as well…we will be right back in it FACT

  115. Woop! Woop!
    Listen up Payton, you should have retired while your on top. A good announcing job would be better then trying to prove you’re still a quarterback at 36. Broken bones, concusions, and whatever else you can think of are coming your way.
    Maybe you and Bret Pharr can hang out down in Alabama in your wheel chairs on Sunday afternoons drinking ice tea and drolling out the side of your mouths. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to point at the tv and say foott ball.

  116. Well Peyton, that ended your count of Super Bowls at ONE. Broncos aren’t going anywhere and Peyton is one hit from distinction.

  117. I think this says a lot about John Elway and his football philosophy.

    Colorado is in the middle part of the western half of the country. As a place pretty close to Oklahoma and Nebraska whose Cornhuskers were at one time rivals with the Colorado Buffaloes, it’s no surprise that there were many Bronco fans who appreciated Tim Tebow’s style of play. Hey, didn’t John Elway scramble and run for first downs too?

    Well, this is where Elway’s background and views are evident. A quarterback known for making a historic first down, Elway didn’t seem himself as a guy “looking to run” but as one “looking to make plays.” In other words, his belief is “Tim is not in my league.”

    Elway is from the part of the country that’s on the other side of Colorado in the west. That’s Pac-10 country (yeah, I know it’s the Pac-12 now but the old Pac-10 didn’t include mountain teams like Utah and Colorado). Football there is the most pass-heavy. It’s produced Dan Fouts, Warren Moon, Troy Aikman, Drew Bledsoe, Aaron Rodgers, and Carson Palmer as well as Elway.

    I’ve heard on ESPN that the response in Denver is mostly positive, but the reaction appears to be different in Colorado Springs where folks there appear to Tebow loyalists who are very upset. Check the website of the local paper there:

  118. This sucks……..I hope Tim Tebow does great where ever he goes…

    and I hope that Elway gits bit in the ass for this decision…..this wasn’t a business decision, Elway never like Tim Tebow…. Elway is probably an Athiest

    I am sorry to the other Broncos for saying this, but it really how I feel and I am sorry for you lost…both on losing a Tim and this years coming season

  119. Glad he is in AFC and not in SF. Now; Miami sign Alex Smith and the day will be complete.

  120. I’m not sure how I feel about this.

    On the one hand, as a Seahawks fan I’m glad Payton didn’t land in the NFC West (including with the Seahawks). And the prospect that the 49ers might also lose their incumbent quarterback has the potential to be good for Seattle.

    On the other hand, I can’t STAND the Broncos (no offense to Denver fans; my hatred for your team is wholly irrational), and even the possibility that Manning might bring them more success is distressing.

    On the OTHER other hand, I really don’t want Eli to have more rings than Payton. Gah!

    I’m so conflicted.

  121. “This sucks……..I hope Tim Tebow does great where ever he goes…

    and I hope that Elway gits bit in the ass for this decision…..this wasn’t a business decision, Elway never like Tim Tebow…. Elway is probably an Athiest”

    Aaand this is the exact kind of Tebow Fanbase that had Broncos front office couldn’t get rid of soon enough. The “If you are not happy with sub-49% completion percentage QB you must be a godless heathen” crowd.

  122. One big hit and he is done. Cold weather in Denver and a backside shot, even the refs can’t protect him from a shot in the numbers.

  123. “Tim has earned the right to be the starting quarterback going into training camp next year,” Elway said at his press conference Monday (Jan16).

    Why say this? I mean, most of us knew it was just blowing wind but Tebow did a great deal more for the team than anyone expected… it’s just disrespectful.

    And M. Hodge can really put a sock in it. I’ve been saying for years, he is an arrogant ‘unintelligent’ waste of an analyst’s paycheck (clearly not for ESPN).

  124. Isn’t it ironic how Peyton Manning used to be a horse (colt) and now is heading to another horse (bronco)?

  125. Lots of QB’s in this ongoing drama, and to be a QB in the NFL, one has to be intelligent and have a big ego. Sometimes these conflict, then their intelligence needs to realistically appraise their skills, and override ego, and agents, fans, etc. trying to pump them up. Some of the QB’s are also accomplished, having successfully been through this process before to some degree. First among these would be John Elway. He put up big numbers for years, but was not successful in winning a SB until they got a running game to complement his passing. Last year they made remarkable changes to adjust to Tebow’s skill set and beat a good Steelers team, before getting schooled by Patriots. Likely leveraged his Hall of Fame credentials in arriving at mutual goals with Manning, who likely wants a similar career in football, beyond his playing days. So Manning would be second, having won a SB as well. I’m guessing this is a well considered decision, where it’s likely he will continue to have considerable input both on the field, and with complementary personnel decisions. Jim Harbaugh was not as accomplished a QB as either, and would not likely have relinquished similar control. He was an excellent coach and tutor to Alex Smith last year, and was very close to SB as a coach. Alex and Tim Tebow should sublimate their egos until they have actually accomplished something, and continue to mentor under those mentioned above, regardless of the money involved.

  126. Great for Denver. Now they can get rid of the sickening overly religeous jerkwad Tebow who was way overrated anyways. Maybe he can go on a preaching tour of Africa.

  127. I have no respect for players who have to go to already-winning teams to get championships. Manning could have taken the easy, arrogant, and selfish route by going to SF. But he chose a lesser team for the challenge, and because it was a better fit (not playing against his brother). I respect that.

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