McGahee says Manning will “take us to another level”

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The Broncos hope that Peyton Manning will be the cure for Tebowmania.  Though it’s unclear whether the fans will gladly welcome the change, the players seem to have been snapped out of the spell.

Running back Willis McGahee, one of the biggest beneficiaries of Denver’s run-based attack under Tebow, welcomes the move with open arms that may not be having a football tucked inside them quite as often.

“Basically, he can really take us to another level,” McGahee told Adam Schein and Rich Gannon of SiriusXM NFL Radio on Monday.  “We were young and I think those guys got the jitters out of them last year, even though we did go to the playoffs and represented the AFC West.  It was a certain something that we were missing.  We were missing that general to take charge in tough situations and I think he brings that to the table.  And once those guys see him out there I think they’re going to rise to the occasion and just have a breakout year.”

Missing the general to take charge in tough situations?  That was supposed to be Tebow’s strongest point — poise under pressure.  Maybe McGahee and the other players realize that they need someone who, when the chips are down, won’t just step up his own game, but demand that everyone else finds a higher level, too.

McGahee thinks the Tebowmaniacs (that is, the ones who started out as Broncos fans) will agree.  “Music to my ears, baby,” McGahee said.  “Music to my ears.  I’m happy that he made a decision, he chose Denver.  It’s a great place to play and the fans are going to really embrace him when he comes in.  I think it just took our team to a whole ‘nother level with him saying he’s coming to Denver.”

That said, McGahee won’t be counting any incoming oversized craniums until they hatch.  “I just got finished working out and my phone’s blowing up saying, ‘Denver’s getting Manning, Denver’s getting Manning,'” McGahee said.  “And I was just like, ‘Yeah, OK, I got to see it to believe it.’  And now you guys called me and told me what the good news was.  So, you know, just happy right now.”

How happy Broncos and their fans will be later depends on how well Peyton can still play.  Either way, the organization is thrilled because the fan base had a fever, and the only prescription was less Tebow.

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    The Denver Broncos waterboy is “totally stoked” the team is getting Peyton Manning.

  2. Champ Bailey just had a huge sigh of relief.

    Probably thinking, “I can’t play at this level forever, now or never, I guess…”

  3. The pressure is now on Denver to go to the next level. Remember the “Dream Team” from last year???

  4. … and then throw you under the bus when you miss the block on that corner blitz.

  5. I am a huuuuge Peyton Manning fan … great career, heck of competitor, insance comebacks, throws and audibles making defenses dizzy.


    as a Raider fan, I’m not intimidated. He is 36 and one hit from missing games/season due to injury.

    That and its never the same when a QB like Peyton takes under center with a new team to end career.

    I’m not saying he will be bad, but he played with the same core of guys on offense for years, that offense was running 8-10 of the same plays a game with Tebow, this is a drastic change to adapt to.

  6. didn’t he want a raise after this last season??? yea ok….check back when training camp starts to see if u feel the same way, or when you find out the dough peyton’s about to get paid will you be holding out WILLIS??

  7. I dont think Tebow is going anywhere, theres no value for him…. If Denver is going to run amore of a balanced offense this year they need a couple recievers like trading for Mike Wallace, I really like Decker and Thomas tho I believe they can really break through this year…

  8. My 2000 dodge runs better then my 87 dodge. I wouldn’t have paid 2000 Money for an 87 pick up! Broncs are gonna be hurting for years makes me happy.

  9. Rdawg911,

    Not sure they have the cap space/cash to devote 95 mil to peyton and another 60ish mil it would take to sign wallace long term in addition to singing dallas clark and jeff saturday.

    Although wallace and thomas would be a good young duo.

  10. If you look really close at the pic, you can almost see the knife McGahee is about to stick in poor unsuspecting Tebow’s back

  11. Its funny how theres sooo many haters out there, dont be jelous, just be scared cause Denver got Manning….

  12. Nobody is scared or jealous. Just realizing that even people formerly thought to be smart can make bad decisions. In this case, we have two people: Elway and Manning

    With SF, Manning wins now.

  13. Manning running the OF, Saturday running the OL, and a DF that can get some stops during the game. Manning won’t know what to do not having to be the defence and offence cord.

  14. This just in, Tebow traded along with three wise men and a donkey to be named later.

  15. Can Denver fans please tell me who is your #1? All of the Peyton’s favorite targets from the colts lack 1 thing. A true #1 receiver. The reason why the likes of Dallas Clark and Stokely were so good was because Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison demanded double coverage leaving the likes of Dallas Clark to beat single coverage from a lb. Can Dallas Clark or Stokely beat lb/safety coverageWho on the Denver Bronco’s demands #1 coverage. Mike Wallace is a pipe dream Denver. After the money signed by the new wr standard bearer Megatron, you can bet the NFLPA and his agent won’t let Mike Wallace, a young dynamic receiver entering his fourth year after two consecutive 1,000 plus years (one year in the top 10 one year in the to 11 of all NFL receivers for yards) sign for much less.
    Another question, if Denver’s defense is so good, why are they the 20th ranked defense in the league? Can you please tell me the record of the teams they played and beat and what ranking their offense was? Why does this amazing defense get slaughtered when it faces awesome offenses like Green Bay (49 points given up) Detroit (45 points given up) NE (41 points). Great defenses shut down great offenses, and as the scoreboard shows, Denver’s defense gets owned by teams with dynamic offenses. Do you think the Bear’s Superbowl defense or the Raven’s Superbowl defense or Tampa’s Superbowl defense would get owned like that?

  16. Stay classy San Diego. How bout those picks given up for the ultimate pick machine Carson Palmer Raiders? We even got rid of Brady Quinn to Kansas City; imagine thinking that Manning was interested in you KC to ultimately get Brady Quinn! The AFC West Title is and will continue to be in the Rocky Mountain Region. Teebow for a second to shore up the D line and a nail chewing middle linebacker to destroy DMC up the middle. As always, a good day to be in Colorado over the above.

  17. I’m not going to laugh at Peyton when he gets injured again and he’s done, but I will laugh at guys like Elway. Enjoy your 95 million dollar paperweight Denver.

  18. The jealousy over NOT getting Manning is funny. Never been a Bronco fan, but this move will get them to the top.
    And Tebow haters…you will never learn. Nothing you say or think can set him back. He unlike you, KNOWS who is in charge and he will be great where ever he goes and what ever he does. Sadly, the same can not be said for you.

  19. The comments on this site sometimes just make me scratch my head. Peyton chooses the 49ers, they become a dynasty. Peyton chooses the Broncos, he’s an over the hill 36 yr. old QB that will ruin the team.

    this stuff just kills me.

  20. WOW I hope all those fans that spent the bucks for TEBOW jersey can turn them inside out and put Manning’s name on them.

  21. rc33 says:
    Mar 19, 2012 4:23 PM
    And….New England just scored another touchdown.


    Did they score that touchdown in yet another SB loss?

  22. mrslay1 says: Mar 19, 2012 4:58 PM

    The jealousy over NOT getting Manning is funny. Never been a Bronco fan, but this move will get them to the top.
    And Tebow haters…you will never learn. Nothing you say or think can set him back. He unlike you, KNOWS who is in charge and he will be great where ever he goes and what ever he does. Sadly, the same can not be said for you.————————————————–

    Hello, Tebow was not great in Denver, he was not even good. Got lucky, played a weak schedule. His overall career will consist of a losing record.

  23. So funny when ya think if super bowls make the Qb Manning is even in the top 10, Heck even his beother and Jim Plunket have more than him. And Hasselback won 1 with an offence that did not even score an offencive td in 3 straight games. Yeaeh he smart but suck’s come playoff time.

  24. 808raiderinparadise says:
    Mar 19, 2012 4:14 PM

    He is 36 and one hit from missing games/season due to injury.

    As opposed to every other player in the league that’s “one hit from missing games/season due to injury”? Doesn’t really matter whether you’re 21 or 36.

  25. This does not in anyway put the donkeys over the top. First of all that D gave up 50 freakin points last game. No free agents and all draft picks will be spent on protecting manning. D Thomas and decks are nice but if you think dmarious is gonna finally play 16 games you re on crack. Then you want j Saturday. Really. He is as old as Santa clause now. Oh and your oline is the same one that couldn’t protect what was his name orton.. Last year you won 4 games by pure luck and circumstance. 9-7 if your lucky. Now I do agree it’s better than with Tebow but your just delaying inevitable which is not having a young mobile qb. Good luck.

  26. With Manning committing to Denver, Tebow will still be a starter. Although he will be catching the pigskin for Manning. A move from QB to TE/HB will keep the Timloyalist at ease. I truly believe the position switch would help him out a ton, having the size or Gronkowski and the nifty moves or a HB would make Tebow a Top10 TE if he knows how to chase and hang onto the rock once its on the air. We’ll see what happens.

    Love Jimi.

  27. I thought he wanted to go to a team that can give him another chance at a Super Bowl. that’s not going to happen in Denver. He’s going to find out that rivalries in the AFC are a lot tougher than the soft AFC South. He won’t make it through the season. The Raiders, Chiefs, and Chargers are going to tee off on that statue of a QB.

  28. caseyanthonymunoz says:
    Mar 19, 2012 4:18 PM
    Good luck with that Willis. 9-10 in the postseason. Nuff said.

    More like “Noth(ing) said”, as in caseyanthonymoron never says anything of consequence.

  29. chief67 says:
    Mar 19, 2012 4:44 PM
    $50.000 dollar bonus to the first person thats hits him square in the neck !

    $50 bonus to the first person that hits you square in your tiny nuts.

    Wishing injury on anyone is the lowest form of fandom on the planet.

  30. phillyforlife says:
    Mar 19, 2012 5:47 PM
    So funny when ya think if super bowls make the Qb Manning is even in the top 10, Heck even his beother and Jim Plunket have more than him. And Hasselback won 1 with an offence that did not even score an offencive td in 3 straight games. Yeaeh he smart but suck’s come playoff time.

    What Super Bowl did Hasselback win again?

  31. I hate to break the news to Denver fans but the broncos signing manning doesn’t even make them the best in their division.

    For all the love that d got last year, they really arn’t that great. How many times did they give up 40 points again?

    It’s also funny how you’d think we were talking about manning in 2006 they were getting, not manning with 5 neck surgeries and a whole year off from football playing for a team that played all last year with a mobile qb who made defenders miss.

    My prediction is the broncos end up 7-9 manning gets hurt and horse face gets fired. And the chiefs who signed players that fit what they will do and their own will win that division.

    The only team that manning would have made a difference for is the niners. This is huge blunder by manning

  32. dkampling says: Mar 19, 2012 4:31 PM

    I can’t believe he didn’t choose the 49ers
    I can. Even his former HC Dungy said weeks ago that it wasn’t about getting another ring for PM. It was about showing everyone he could produce (or something to that effect). PM apologists have complained about his defense holding him back for years (top 8 defense 4 times when he was there). I’ve heard PM himself complain about the defenses. The man had a chance to pick a team with an elite defense and a nice bunch of young weapons on offense. BUT…they have a demanding and outspoken HC. PM no likey that type (see Mora. Jim) Instead he followed..OF HIS OWN VOLITION.. the Polian model: a team that has a ton of cap space that will give him a HUGE contract (what happened to that incentive laden deal he was talking about again? Oh yeah, that was released to make Indy look bad)and allow him to bring in guys of his choosing (ie malleable and won’t contradict him). I never want to hear ONE WORD…EVER AGAIN..about PM’s defense failing him (even though it was their O that underperformed in virtually every playoff loss they had while the D performed better than its average during the season). I don’t care if Denver gives up 30 PPG…HE CHOSE to go to a team that is doing things like the Polian Colts.
    And if Den has to wait as long as Indy did for that team building model to come to fruition via a SB win, they might as well make a bid for PM’s baby son as a QB.

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