Merril Hoge kicks Tim Tebow while he’s down: “He has no clue”

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Merril Hoge, the former NFL fullback who has become an analyst on ESPN’s Matchup show, has long been a harsh critic of Tim Tebow. And on the day that Peyton Manning’s arrival put Tebow on the trading block in Denver, Hoge didn’t hold back in kicking Tebow while he’s down.

ESPN’s PR department distributed a string of quotes from the Worldwide Leader’s army of NFL commentators on Monday, and for the most part the quotes were bland statements about Manning taking command of the Denver offense and making everyone around him better. But the last quote came from Hoge, and it was an evisceration of Tebow.

Plenty of analysts have questioned Tebow’s arm, but Hoge questions Tebow’s mind. According to Hoge, Tebow is clueless when it comes to understanding how to run an NFL offense, and lacks the brainpower to read an NFL defense.

“The more I studied him in an NFL setting, the more disturbed I was that he has no clue what he’s looking at,” Hoge said of Tebow. “His IQ as a football player is not very good. That is why they have to come down and make it some of a college-form system that he’s comfortable with in Florida. He can’t execute, from a cerebral aspect, a pro-style system.”

In other words, Hoge thinks that if the projections of the Broncos only getting a fifth-round pick for Tebow turn out to be true, the Broncos would be getting a steal.

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  1. Uncalled for slam. It’s a testament to his physical attributes (not a great passer, good runner) not his mind. This guy has a strange vendetta against a good person.

  2. Yeah, and Merril Hoge is a genius, after all. I’d take this a lot more seriously if he’d posted it yesterday, or last week, or at any other time than right now. As it is, it seems like this is his path to getting his voice heard over all of the other voices talking about the Broncos today. For shame.

  3. the only thing bigger than Hoge’s mouth is his neck ties. what did he ever do in his career? nothing!

  4. I don’t even like Tebow but I hope he plays well to shut up this clown. It is almost like it was Tim Tebow’s fault that he was drafted in the first round. Has the guy done anything else besides trying to improve ?

  5. considering all the tebow maniacs making death threats on merril, I don’t blame him for taking shots at the kid and his doofus fans.

  6. It’s like some sort of obsessive compulsion with Merril Hoge.

    Mention Tebow and Hoge just starts salivating like some Pavlovian dog.

  7. Tebow can certainly improve, but the two teams that played him twice last year (Chiefs, Patriots) completely shut him down the second time around. In the playoff game against the Patriots, he looked like he didn’t belong. And even when the Broncos were down huge, they couldn’t drop him back to pass each down because he was going to get seriously injured standing in the pocket.

  8. ……then it’s frightening to think how stupid all of those defensive players and coaches were (including the Steelers) who couldn’t stop someone of such limited intelligence who could only run a limited number of dumbed down plays.

    Hoge is a F****** idiot.

  9. I like hodge but his hate for tebow is beyond corny and weird ……. he read the D pretty good against hodge former team in the playoffs so idk

  10. There are a thousand better ways to say what he said, without putting it that way. W/e, Sean Salisbury has plenty of stories about ESPN.

  11. Merril kept making these dumb comments every week and every week Tebow would embarrass him as he won another game. You’d think he would learn from this but apparently not.

    I would pay top $ to see Merril’s (by the way, what a name!) reaction to Tebow beating his beloved Steelers.

  12. It’s funny when Tebow was winning we didn’t hear anything out of this moron, but now since it’s the offseason, he’s back.

    Also, learn how to wear a tie.

  13. Those who can do, and those who can’t commentate. What purpose did it serve for Hodge to even say this? Think it to himself or behind the scenes to fellow talking heads, but there was no need for this. Tebows playoff winning % is better then Foreheads.

  14. Why is everyone coming to Tim Tebow’s rescue? The dude is terrible and everyone knows this. And please stop with the “He is a winner”…Quincy Carter took the Cowboys to the Playoffs. Yes I am comparing Tebow to Carter…they both suck!

  15. He’s got more guts and heart than you do – Hoge, you should be ashamed of yourself. Like you had a really stellar career.

  16. jimmysee says: Mar 19, 2012 6:05 PM

    Easy to kick the dude — but he keeps winning.


    Really? He has the same W-L record as Tarvaris Jackson after their first two seasons in the league.

  17. Tebow could have entered the NFL has a fullback, but Tebow said that was too easy of a position to play. Tebow wanted to play a position that was going to be challenging, so Tebow chose to be a QB.

  18. ESPN’s strategy: Enlist countless former athletes and coaches to endlessly debate subjects. Do this until every possible aspect is covered

    Claim they were right predicting breaking news because at some point a talking head stumbled upon a true statement.

  19. What the hell is Hoge’s problem!?

    Is he like that kid in kindergarden that keeps beating up the girl he secretly has a crush on?

    Dude is prick.

  20. I Hate Hodge the Arrogant Pr**k But I agree 100% with him… Tebow Is Horrible… Hope Patsies Get Him.
    New Englanders will Tear Him to Pieces

  21. I hate all the fans that say “oh well, Tebow wins!” That’s such crap. The team won, not Tebow. If win/loss ratio is all you Tebow fans care about, why not be fans of Vince Young? His win/loss ratio beats Tebow’s, yet none of you are calling for him to play.

  22. Hoge, for the first time in a while, is correct. Tebow blows as an NFL QB. He got lucky that Denver’s D stepped up big time the 2nd half of the season. Anyone that feels otherwise needs to take off their Tebow/religious glasses.

  23. Why does Merrill Hoge even have a job as an Analyst? He is classless and half the time doesn’t know what he is talking about. What is wrong with ESPN? They can’t find anyone better to do his job? There are plenty of retired football players who could do a MUCH BETTER job then Hog. I can’t even stand hearing the guy talk, I just change the channel to NFL network when he is on because he is annoying.

  24. Hoge is an classless. He said he is disturbed and has no clue what he’s looking at. As a football fan, I think what Hoge says is disturbing and he has no clue what he is saying. I say fire the Jerk for being a Jerk

  25. How can it be? Isn’t Hoge a former player for the NFL’s self-styled “classy organization”?

  26. I know Tebow needs work, but Hoge is the same guy who said he couldn’t win as a quarterback in the league. My understanding, no matter how it went down, Tebow did things that allowed the Broncos to make that extra play and win games. Hoge is probably just upset that Timmy took his stealers to the shed in the first playoff overtime under the new rules.

  27. At least one guy over at ESPN has the balls to say something other than the company line…. Hodge has watched more coach tape than me and he has played in more NFL games than me, I tend to agree with him…

  28. Hoge can’t stand the fact Tebow is a tougher and stronger runner at QB than He (Hoge) was at FB when he played.

  29. A lot of Tebow-bashers do so not because of what he has done or not done on the field, but because of what he stands for — on and off the field (though they will deny that). Tebow has worked hard ever since he came into the league to try to get better. I have no doubt he will continue to do that. Even so, the guy is a natural-born leader who leaves EVERYTHING on the field when he plays. If you’re a sports fan, you have to respect that.

  30. To summarize: Tebow couldn’t play for the high school in his neighborhood so he went to a school across town that would remake its offense in his image. He only committed to UF when they hired a new coach who committed to remake the offense in his image. The NFL coach who drafted him never played him a single down in his rookie year and the coach who inherited him couldn’t play him until the offense was remade in Tebow’s image.

    Why would anyone dare think he can’t handle a regular offense?

    Sometimes the truth hurts.

  31. You also talk out both sides of your mouth Hoge back in December you admitted you were wrong about Tim Tebow, I guess that was a lie or is this a lie? Or is all your reporting a lie?

  32. Someone telling it like they see it doesn’t make them a dick. Not everyone appreciates honesty apparently. Is he really far off?

  33. If Tebow has “no clue” what he’s looking at, what happened to Dick LeBeau and Hoge’s beloved Steelers when Tebow was shredding them up and down the field in the playoffs for crying out loud.

    Tebow may very well be an idiot. But, Hoge is a bigger dope for trashing Tebow while singing the praises of LeBeau The Genius.

  34. There must be some Tebow family on here. Why do you people keep defending him? He is TERRIBLE! Ok he’s a good guy and blah blah. Couldn’t care less. Do you want a quarterback or a Mary mother Tebow?

    Come on fellas use your head a little bit here. Hodge is right. Forget he said it just take the statement for what it is. The truth. Sounds like a lot of people are mad only bacause Hodge is the one that said it.

  35. Hoge is a clown and a nobody. Not to mention that he backpedaled on his stance on Tebow over the season.

    A fool trying to see his name in bold. Nothing more.

  36. Wow!! That is pretty harsh… I would seriously question Merril Hoge’s logic. Emotion should never interfere with reason, & the lines are a little blurry for old Merril

  37. ko5k says: Mar 19, 2012 6:10 PM

    Merril kept making these dumb comments every week and every week Tebow would embarrass him as he won another game. You’d think he would learn from this but apparently not.


    Does that count when Tebow lost 4 of his last 5 games in 2011?

  38. I hate on Tebow as much as the next guy, unless that next guy is Meril Hoge.

    I mean really. These comments are uncalled for. Why is he so angry? Is it because his name is Meril?

  39. #1 Selling NFL Jersey, Tebow.

    now its over in a bink of an eye.

    All those Tebowmaniacs gotta sport #18 Manning jerseys next year and if he takes one hard hit and could be gone in the blink of an eye too.

    Elway is toying badly with the fanbase … can a Bronco legend re-write his legacy by nose-diving the franchise/fans over this Tebow-Manning thing? Maybe not, but he certainly is stacking 95million chips on a 36 yr old with serious multiple neck surgeries to play in cold weather.

  40. I’m not saying Tebow is all that, but coming from a never-was FULLBACK, this is hysterical. I have dirty socks with a higher football IQ than Hodge. C’mon ESPN, get an analyst who has some real football smarts. Maybe then your NFL coverage will be worth watching.

  41. I actually feel bad for Tebow. He’s done nothing to deserve this. All he has done is been a great teammate, an enthusiastic leader and a hard worker.

    I’m a Fins fan and I absolutely do not want him as my QB next year, but there is no reason to attack him like this.

    He should switch to Tight End or Full Back and have a hall of fame career.

  42. Im an Eagles fan and Tebows approach to the QB
    position is ugly and un orthodox but all that matters in this league are W’s . So you can hate the way he
    looks when he plays but any team should be happy to grab him.

  43. What has Merril Hoge accomplished in his life, let’s see:

    Made it to the NFL despite playing for a 1-AA school
    Rushed for over 100 yards in a playoff game
    Beat cancer
    Carved out a successful media career with the primary sports media outlet in America

    Yeah, what’s he ever done?

  44. hoge you were a running back, an average one, youve never been a coach or scout on any level, what the hell do you know about studying qb’s, guys espn tells these guys what to say, by talking nonsense it creates a story thus gives espn more exposure to outside tebow fans. hoge talking on espn is an insult to every viewer and a waste of good ad time for disney.

  45. This is the same guy who said that Tebow would ‘never’ be a Pro QB before the season began . . . then backpedalled said he’d never win a game . . . then said he’d never win a playoff game . . .

    I’m no Gator or evangelical, but Hoge has been proven wrong over and over again about Tebow.

    As for ‘cerebral style’, everyone can see that Hoge wears a poorly made toupee, yet he seems to think we won’t notice? Merrill, take it from us – your ‘cerebral style’ is a visual gag every time we see it.

  46. maybe this wasn’t the best time and place for brutal honesty but the facts are the facts and the truth aint always pretty.

  47. You can always count on them steelers to say great and classy comments like Big Ben “she followed me into the bathroom” or Retard Mendenhall “I can’t beleive everyone is so happy over someone dying they never knew”

  48. @schlongsnapperjones

    way to ride the Hoge-nuts! The funny part is that if Tebow ever DID decide to play fullback instead of quarterback, he’d be ten times better than Merril ever was.

  49. Have to agree with Hoge.

    Tim Tebow cannot play that two-second chess match in his head. He doesn’t see the strikes and counters and likely never will.

    Part of it is coaching (mostly Meyer) and part of it is obsession. Tebow will never be a football junkie the way that Brady, Manning, Brees, Rodgers, ect… are.

    Too many different things pulling at him to ever be a truly great professional QB.

  50. 1) Anyone who listens to NFL on ESPN from anyone not named Adam Schefter (bad career move BTW) needs to be cleansed by watching NFL Network.

    2) Tebow really needs to look in the mirror and realize he’s not a QB. His mechanics are like Leftwich’s (and he didn’t last long as a starter) and really looks lost when deciphering defenses (kind of like Rick Mirer). Bobby Douglass once said he would have had a great career if he was a TE instead of a QB. Tebow should take that advice and move to TE/H-Back.

  51. Next Up —Denver Fires Elway Goes After Bill Polian
    Dolphins fire Ireland
    Elway goes to the Dolphins
    Ireland Goes to the Jets and Fires Sparano
    Elway Hires Tebow

  52. sprest83 says:
    Why is everyone coming to Tim Tebow’s rescue? The dude is terrible and everyone knows this. And please stop with the “He is a winner”…Quincy Carter took the Cowboys to the Playoffs. Yes I am comparing Tebow to Carter…they both suck!


    Because kicking him when he is down with that direct of an insult is uncalled for from a media personality. That’s drunken bar talk.

    Also, in spite of your assessment, Tebow is coming off of a season where he turned the fortune of a team around and led them to a PLAYOFF win. Peyton Manning is fantastic, so it is instructive to remember how many one and done’s Manning had in the playoffs. My point is not that Tebow will ever approach Mannings ability or record, but that Tebow deserves some credit for last season.

    When he washes out of the league in a couple of years then you can get on your high horse and engage in your name calling. On the other hand if he takes some other team to some winning seasons, or is the heir to the QB position at Denver after Peyton, then you get to eat crow. Not that you will show your face for this topic.

  53. Meanwhile, back in mid December…

    “… I’ve been wrong on a lot of levels with (Tebow). I’ve lost the ability, or the opportunity, I should say … to shed light on what an amazing story (about) how he has worked, persevered, changed—his diligence—all those things that you try to teach young people … (what) sports are really about.”

    Since no one takes him seriously as an analyst and since change his opinion to whatever is popular at the time, perhaps Hoge should look into politics.

  54. Hodge is another of ESPN endless stable of washed up and washed out borderline NFL, Basketball, Hockey and Baseball former pros who regularly mumble, stutter, marble mouth or animatedly yell out usually pointless or substance free mean spirited or controversial comments in an effort to appear cutting edge, but more importantly keep their jobs for another few weeks.

  55. Hodge was avg at best. Hes just mad because Tebow beat his Steelers, it sounds like all those concussions he took has destroyed the last two brain cells he has.

  56. “All those Tebowmaniacs gotta sport #18 Manning jerseys next year and if he takes one hard hit and could be gone in the blink of an eye too.”

    18’s retired in Denver. Manning’s more likely to go with his college number (16).

  57. Who gave this clown a national stage? Send him back to pittsburgh to cover local sports action.

  58. Tebow was the product of running a system that no NFL team had seen in many years. That is what made the Broncos what they were last year, that and a stellar defense.

    Plus, look at TEbow’s performance at the end of the season, once teams started figuring out how to play college ball again… 2 TDs, 5 INTs, sub-50% completion percentage, 186 rushing yards and 3 rushing TDs… Not a good deal.

    Yeah, he beat a seriously depleted Steelers D in the wildcard, but needed OT to beat a lineup filled with 2nd and 3rd stringers.

  59. Hm, so lets insult an analyst when he says boring cliches about everything to avoid any conflict, but then also be “outraged” when an analyst actually comes out and says something interesting…

    You guys are the reason almost every sports interview (players, coaches, analysts) are boring as ****.

    The brain is a very important aspect of quarterback. Just as important as the arm, so what’s the matter with saying that a guy just doesn’t have what it takes?

  60. Next time you see Hoge on the Extreme Self-Promotion Network listen to his comments and count the number of positive comments vs the number of negative ones. You won’t be surprised to hear that the negative ones far outweigh the positives.

  61. Does anyone generate as much criticism as Tebow? Honestly, people complain about his press, but so much of it is negative towards him. It’s hard to fathom why somebody who does so many good things for so many people off the field is criticized so harshly for his play on it. The NFL is full of players who aren’t the best at their position. Nobody is criticized like Tebow. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

    “and you will be hated by all for my name’s sake. But the one who endures to the end will be saved.” Mat. 10:22

  62. Don’t know about his football IQ. I do know he can’t throw worth a sh*t tho. And if the media makes the Fins a favorite to land him, that will automatically keep Miami from signing him. If he does sign with Miami?… Well I guess his kind should fit right in with the South Beach crowd. Just sayin…

  63. he’s right…. Tebow has no idea what he’s doing and worse….. flaunts his faith to work the public and divert focus from his lack of ability….

  64. What a gutless frank he is. I recall listening to him praise Tebow after he took Broncos to the Playoff and beat the Steelers – he said, “I didn’t take into account his ability to lead” etc etc…so he’s played one game since then – and now you question his brain…what a chicken—nothing like jumping on a guy when he’s down to get your name out there Merril – COWARD!

  65. I honestly wonder how some of these people, such as Hoge, on ESPN have jobs. It is also uncalled for to call out someone else’s intelligence.

  66. Accurate from a technical stand point.

    Theirs a reason why Denver is so excited to move forward.

    Any one see Hoge on ESPN today when he said “cross-pollinate” about ten times to describe mannings chem w his new team?

  67. I’m a Steelers fan and liked Hoge for his grit back in the day. He definitely overachieved and gave everything he had…..but come on man, give Tebow a break. Why does everyone hate this guy so bad? He’s probably up the .1% of actual nice guys who are in the NFL.

  68. I watched Tebow in college, and benefited from having a team that was loaded and superior to the rest of the teams. When he had to face good defenses, he struggled, just like in the NFL. Nick Saban wrote the blueprint on how to stop Tebow, and the Chiefs used the same gameplan and destroyed Tebow.
    I hope this offseason Tebow focuses more on quarterback instead of out willing people because 11 will always beat 1.

  69. he is just saying what everyone else is to afraid to say.. they think that if they put him down or tell the truth about him not being smart or able to be a accomplished passer in this 2012 NFL, put the such a nice guy thing aside and call a turd a turd even if it looks like a rosary…. don’t hate because your balls are missing.. speak and be heard…. how many teabag lovers will jump to the Hodge wagon when the mighty doesn’t rise again “ya I never thought he could make it in the NFL… ” get bent…..

  70. Why the distain for Tebow from Hoge?
    Hoge is a mormon and Tebow is an evangelical Christian.

  71. Hoge let Tebow know that he had a man crush on him. Tebow let him know that the feeling was not mutual.

  72. The Broncos won games because of their D, their run game, and their o-line. Tebow’s completion % was like 46%. The dude sucks. He should go to the Browns. He would fit in there.

  73. Listening to Merril Hoge criticizing football players is a little like listening to Pauly Shore criticizing acting performances. Merril Hoge was a middle of the road running back who had a few concussions too many and dresses like an idiot.

  74. I have never seen someone get so butthurt over one player. Obviously Merril needs to see a therapist because this Vendetta against Tebow is unhealthy and probably stems from a lack of self worth. And seriously i can not believe that ESPN has not approached Merril on this, its just unprofessional.

  75. While not a fan of Tebow, or the Broncos, I still don’t think he’s a starting NFL qb, I have to admire his heart.

    167 – 353 2,383 Yards
    17 Touchdowns 9 Interceptions 75.1 QB Rating
    887 Rushing yards, with 12 Touchdowns.

    Doesn’t seem like too bad of stats to me… He’s only 2 years into the league? AND….. He’s been to the play offs.

    I am NOT a Tebow fan, but, that seems a little harsh. I hope he goes to Jacksonville and does well. Then maybe Hodge will lose his job.

  77. Well, he said the same thing about VY. Why can’t he make those comments about Tebow if he believes them to be true?

  78. Hoge who sactually thinks he is a big he-man football player BUT really was just a slow useless white running back who probably averaged a yard ans a half a carry. This piece of trash ESPN pays as they paid others such as Salisbury – has been knocking Tebow for years as Hoge is a Bill Maher lefty racist.

    Hoge couldn’t lick Tebow’s boots if it was based on NFL performance.

  79. Why are all QB subject to intense criticism, even being called “dumb”, but when someone says the same thing about Tebow, it is blasphemy. I’m sure Chad Henne and Tavaris Jackson are “nice guys”, but nobody seems to care when we say they suck,

    Tebow can’t even complete 50% of his passes and is 7-4 as a starter. What exactly is controversial about saying he is a bad QB?

  80. Harsh? Yes. True? From the looks of it, yes. Hoge is not questioning Tebow’s humanity and neither is anyone else. The Denver defense is getting little to no credit for having put Tebow in the position to win those games on last minutes drives. The fact is that over the course of an NFL season a team can’t rely on a QB whose best performances only come in the final minutes of close games. The formula to stop Tebow is too simple: shut down their run game, keep him in the pocket and make him beat you with his arm. Think about that for a second: Tebow’s weakness as a QB is the inability to play within the pocket. Case closed.

  81. Considering that Hoge’s necktie looks like something out of the ’70s, what with that knot wider than his neck, I’d have to question his analytical skills regarding someone else’s IQ, football or otherwise.

  82. If Tebow spent as much time learning football as he does talking about religion he “could” be a good QB. He makes it obvious that he is not dedicated to the sport, and that is what it takes to be great at it.

    Tebow is a great person however he is not a very good player…

  83. He’s just mad that Tebow has already made more money in the NFL than Hoge will in his entire life.

  84. Tebow is a better footall player than Hoge ever was…….

    Hoge was already proven wrong by Tim, hopefully he makes him eat his words AGAIN.

    Not a Tebow fan, but Hoge is a SCUMBAG

    Oh…..and they both slept with the same amount of women, but Tim hasn’t tried yet!!

  85. The Broncos had an incredible run of 6 games with Tebow at QB. How much was that Tebow, how much was that defence and how much was pure luck – who knows, but it was a combination of both.

    What was obvious is that the Broncos offence with Tebow at the helm was horrendous with the exception of a few games where teams gave up single coverage on the outside and got burned by some good deep plays by Tebow and their WRs. Teams that took that away essentially shut down the Bronco offence.

    The guy is a polarizing figure because he is out there with his religion and he plays the game differently than other QBs in the NFL. But I don’t see much evidence that he is any good.

  86. Whats with all the hatred for the kid? The Broncos definitely had to make the move to sign Manning. That doesnt change the fact that Tebow gave them a great season.

    Did anyone give them a shot to beat the Steelers? No not at all. They dont make the playoffs if they had Brady Quinn or Kyle Orton playing QB all year. Thats a fact.

    The kid says the right things and genuinely loved his teammates. these are the people I root for in life. To pile on the kid like some in the media do is ridiculous. No one compared him to Peyton Manning. That doesnt make him a lousy QB though either

  87. Some of you ppl don’t know a damn thing about football. Some saying “yea so what has he done” “how many games did he win” you don’t have to be a hall of famer to know the game you morons. Hoge was a beast when he was playing but concussions ended his career early…not that any of you no knowledge hacks would know that. other say. what hoge said is absolutely true, hence why fox had to change the donkeys offense to an idiot proof college system. The arguement “well he won games” doesn’t hold water either. Tebow was terrible. 45% completion percentage and converted 24% on third down conversions. The defense won games for them not tebow.

  88. Merrill Hoge was drafted in the tenth round of 1987 NFL Draft with the 261st pick overall. What a joke. Merrill in today’s NFL you would have been a free agent, if you would have even been signed at all.
    Dude you should grow up.

  89. I don’t care about Hoge’s opinion….I just wish he would stop trying to dress himself.

  90. Hodge is on to something. When Tebow was at FL one of his own coaches stated that they had to dumb down the O for him and even referred to him as “a meat”.

  91. The only reason tebow wins is because denvers defense is ridiculous, i could jump in their and come back from a seven point deficit literally any qb could, dont know why everyone is defending him. He is a horrible quarterback but he is a decent running back. Give up trying to defend tebow, he just is not an nfl qb

  92. Coming from a guy who had to re-learn how to read. Maybe hoge podge should go back to school and get a GED. What a douche.

  93. Wow the Tebow maniacs and the Tebow haters. Everything isn’t always black and white. Hoge is a tool not because of what he said about Tebow, it may be true. At the very best Tebow is a very unorthodox QB that has to run a special offense that suits his talents. He was also able to help a 1-4 team turn things around and get to the playoffs and beat a SB team from the year before. He’s not the off the shelf prototypical QB for sure, but to say he CAN’T throw? That toss in OT against the Steelers was right on the money! I’m not a Tebow fan or a hater, and it’s not that what Hoge said doesn’t possibly have some truth, it’s that he had no reason to say it. Since he’s such a QB expert, maybe he should take a crack at Gabbert, Bradford, Cassel, Henne, Ponder,McCoy and any other young QB that fell short of expectations last year, because Tebow exceeded his.

  94. Hoge is right on about this! Tebow is an overrated player and if you loom at his TD passes, the wr were WIDE OPEN! Denver’s def carried his overrated a$$ down the stretch!

  95. What really sucks is turning the channel when Hogs’s on and then having to listen to Sapp on NFL Network. That just plain sucks. BTW, can anyone understand a word Sapp says?

  96. tebow is horrible. hodge is stating the obvious. if you want your qb completing 46% of his passes. and say he is a winner. but he didn’t win when it mattered. did he?

  97. It’s amazing to me just how stupid NFL fans really are…99.9 percent of them know that what Merril said is nothing but the truth.

    But yet the Teblow cult followers trash the messenger because they are so sure that this guy will actually someday maybe, just maybe learn how to actually throw a football to the right spot after reading a defense.

    News flash: it’s not going to happen!!

  98. For all those who keep asking what has Hodge ever accomplished … The answer is simple: More than any of you on here ever have.

    I was watching an NFL show the other day and they were saying that there are kids that will be drafted in the 5th round and lower this year that are way better FB’s, H-Backs and TE’s than Tebow ever could be so it would make no sense for a team to trade for him. He is a gimmick QB who would only be effective if teams had a package of plays for him in goal line/short yardage situations.

    Any Tebow/Broncos fan has to see that luck X 1000 is why Denver squeaked into the playoffs at 8-8. They would be 4-12 if Tebow was the started in 2012. Elway and Co. saw it and that’s why they went after Manning and had the list out to SF or Tennessee I’m sure they would have pursued Hasselbeck or Alex Smith.

  99. Hoge sure has plenty of things to say for a guy that was pretty mediocre himself. And yes, if you consistently can’t get on the field due to injury and you can’t help your team, you were mediocre.

  100. First time the word “cerebral” has ever been associated with Merry Lil Hog, without being followed by the word “damage”.

    Why you bother to dignify the bleatings of this stupid pig by repeating them?

    Otherwise it’s just another piece of dead wood falling in the Forest Of Deadwood over ther, with no one around to hear or care.

  101. What has Merril Hoge done in his pro football career? The exact same amount that he’s contributed on ESPN-Nothing

  102. sportsmeccabi says:Mar 19, 2012 6:08 PM

    Tim Tebow has more football IQ than Merrill Hoge, that’s for sure.

    No, he doesn’t. Hoge is 100% correct. Tebow’s biggest problem isn’t his accuracy, though that is a HUGE problem. It’s the mental aspect of the game. And his capacity for doing so appears limited at best.

  103. I’m pretty sure Hoge came out and said he was flat out wrong about Tebow when him and the donkeys went on their little run and now just because he is getting replaced he acts as though he was right all along. What a tool.

  104. I have no real feelings one way or the other about Tebow.

    However, I’ve read articles about him that say he works extremely hard, takes film home with him to study, calls coaches at all hours, and is determined to succeed.

    I’ve read articles that say he broke down offenses not only of other college teams, but of NFL teams, including New England.

    As far as I can understand, his football intelligence is at the least, above average.

    I’m not sure who Hodge is basing his opinion on.

    My two cents – I think the Dolphins ought to give it a try. They’ve got a new staff and no qb. More people came out to cheer Tebow than did the Dolphins when he went there with the Broncos last year. No other qb seems too interested. The new coach helped along A. Rodgers and M. Flynn.

    Seems like a good match to me.

  105. Why would anyone even listen to Merril Hoge?? I’m sure most people turn the channel when he is on tv or at least press mute. I know i do

  106. Hey Meril did you ever do anything in football? Heck Tebow sold more jerseys in one year than any entire team you played! On by the way he still has $6million in the bank for guranteed money and here you sit behind a desk broke making $150k. Hmmm…so who is the real loser? I doubt Tebow really cares what you think and has a long career ahead of him with or without the NFL.

  107. Merrill Hoge took to many blows to the head back in the day cut the retard some

  108. how does he not have a good IQ, he did graduate from college did he not!!!!??? i hate it when people call him stupid or dumb, how is he this???

    his issue is clear to me and it’s his accuracy is bad and that motion, but if those are fixed, i think he will be a good QB, however, the motion will be REAL tough to fix.

  109. Wow! Harsh. There is some truth to the comments, but with the right coach and a dedication to improving his game he can fix those issues. IQ in any field is not just a matter of natural talent, but a propensity to learn.

    I think its good for Tebow to hear those comments, because I believe he is the type of guy that will try to prove you wrong. So let them call Tebow what they want, he’ll work through it, and get better.

    Not really a Tebow fan, but I hope he makes it somewhere else in the league.

  110. It is not about whether or not Hoge is right about Tebow, the problem is his classless way he delivers his opinion. I personally am not sold on Tebow as a QB, but I love the way he plays the game. My issue is with Hoge. He is an arrogant piece of garbage that shouldn’t be on TV. He is a bad analyst and is wrong about half of the stuff he says, as often his opinions are based on his own personal biasness. He was a garbage player and his only real accomplishment is getting a job as an analyst when there are so many more better qualified people out there to do the job.

  111. Hodge always struck me as the proverbial dumb jock, now we know for sure…..

  112. I really can’t stand you Hoge… but I got to respect you. Despite Tebow making you look dumb week after week and stealing all your credibility as an analyst, then beating your boy Ben in the playoffs you still stuck to your guns….you’re such a douche. If I see u in public I’d spit on you and I’m not a Tebow fan but you’re just an a##hole.

  113. sfraider says:
    Mar 19, 2012 6:52 PM
    In 1 average year Tim Tebow did more than Merril Hoge did his entire career.

    What did he do? He upset the Steelers, but was steamrolled by the Pats.

    Hoge was correct, and he may have been heavy handed in his criticism. Tebow captured the public fancy and juiced the ticket sales, but what did the Broncos do? Figured out any way possible to run him out, and Elway did just that by signing Manning.

    Next stop Miami. Lets see Stephen Ross and Jeff Ireland screw this up, too.

  114. It doesn’t matter that Hoge was only a half decent player. He is allowed to have an opinion. In this case, Hoge’s opinion is pretty similar to Elway’s. It was a brilliant move by Elway because is pretty much shields him from criticism by the Tebow fanboys. If you have a chance to get Manning, you do it. There are only six teams where that move would make no sense. The best thing that ever happened to Denver was getting crushed by the Patriots. Tom Brady actually did Peyton Manning a huge favor. Hopefully, he doesn’t live to regret it.

  115. mrdrewstone says:
    Mar 19, 2012 6:08 PM
    the only thing bigger than Hoge’s mouth is his neck ties. what did he ever do in his career? nothing!


    What did you do in YOUR career?

    I think we taking Tebow Mania too literally.

    The WAKE UP CALL CAME, when 18 came to Mile High.

    I agree the dude shouldn’t have came at it like this, but analysts hate unorthodox type offensive catalysts , like Tebow. Its like a concert pianist and Jerry Lee Lewis coming in playing “Move Over Beethoven” – its the purists that appreciate the game, and Tebow looks like a guy robbing a convenience store running from the cops on some plays – that sand lot stuff was only going so far.

    Elway knew it, applauded him, then went right after Peyton Manning.

  116. What’s with the “winner” crap? Doesn’t Matt Moore have more NFL victories than Tebow? Doesn’t Colt McCoy? JaMarcus Russell? Andy Dalton? Billy Volek? Don’t former Gator qb’s Shane Matthews, Danny Wuerffel, Jessie Palmer and Rex Grossman all have more? Are they all “winners” too?

  117. xpensivewinos says:
    Mar 19, 2012 6:10 PM
    ……then it’s frightening to think how stupid all of those defensive players and coaches were (including the Steelers) who couldn’t stop someone of such limited intelligence who could only run a limited number of dumbed down plays.

    Until he ran into the New England Patriot brick wall. They beat that dude into the ground, and possibly out of football. Dolphins have shown interest, but any team has to change his mechanics which mean the read-option gimmick wont be a part of it…I think the Jets could use him for that option they used to run with Brad Smith, but what’s Sanchez going to think? Will be interesting offseason…Tebow must be devastated.

    Brady Quinn, if Cassell falters, might just have hi chance to show everyone, he was the QB all along and should’ve got a chance.

  118. Tebow might be a good guy but will never be a successful NFL quarterback. Most ever expert agrees. Hoge just said it point blank.
    Also any NFL player if they want thier team to sign Tebow and they will say NO.
    The guy got lucky last season and also played in a very weak division.

  119. All Hoge is doing is pointing out the obvious. The last month of the regular season showed this – once Tebow’s first read was taken away he panicked and starting forcing things. He scored just 40 points the last three games – one fewer than the Patriots hung on him in one game.

    The biggest differences between Tim Tebow and Dan Marino are Marino is right-handed and had more arm strength; other than that they are closer to each other in subpar football IQ than they are different.

  120. I think all of the people here who dislike Hoge should Email the mothership to have him removed. There are enough people here that dislike him to make it work.

  121. Hoge is a joke. Funny part is, everytime he attacks Tebow, Tebow answers by proving Hoge wrong. So this pretty much seals it that Tim is going to succeed with whatever team he goes to.

  122. chrisvegas says:
    Mar 19, 2012 6:13 PM
    Why does Merrill Hoge even have a job as an Analyst? He is classless and half the time doesn’t know what he is talking about. What is wrong with ESPN? They can’t find anyone better to do his job? There are plenty of retired football players who could do a MUCH BETTER job then Hog. I can’t even stand hearing the guy talk, I just change the channel to NFL network when he is on because he is annoying.


    Because he gets people riled up, they react and yell at each other back and forth on blogs and “conversation” chats. Thats what he’s for, Sapp, Rodney Harrison, Gruden and ESPECIALLY, Skip Bayless and the rest of the “Opinionators”.

    And the emotional people fall for it, without seeing them as being correct.

  123. If John Elway was unimpressed with Tim Tebow after all of those glorious comebacks, then you know that Tim Tebow has been doing something wrong on and off the field.

    (In other words, Hoge, in spite of his obvious distaste for Tebow, is probably correct in his assessment of Tebow’s aptitude for the passing game.)

  124. Expert analysis, the seasons ahead will prove this. Of course, there will still be a Christian Backlash of whining for God’s chosen QB. The church should buy a team, they’re tax-free. Eventually, when he repeatedly fails, the bible thumpers will turn to the presidential election and focus on politics, to rid the US of Demon Obama!!! Then, of course, they’ll focus on the godlessness of Burning Man and Whole Foods, and medical pot!!

  125. Did Merrill Hoge ever do anything noteworthy while he was in the NFL? Didn’t think so… He needs to keep his big yap shut. Totally uncalled for…Tebow will be okay,no matter where he winds up.

  126. matthewcarlson1 says:
    Mar 19, 2012 6:10 PM
    Don’t doubt Tebow.. in the end you’ll be the fool.


    Yeah, the Patriots sure looked stupid, and so did the Lions. He’s a good story, a good guy, but he broadcast his faith, the media was all over this guy, and Brady was like “wait a minute” and showed him the door.

    Miami should sign him, and not Smith just to boost ticket sales until Matt Barkley comes out next year. The media used his popularity and everyone else did. Hoge was correct, Tebow proved him wrong, then the Patriots dropped a safe on him in the playoffs. Its ok, Tebow is a competitor, but an offense will have to change its concept to fit his skill set..unless he becomes a mechanics guru.

  127. It was a brilliant move by Elway because is pretty much shields him from criticism by the Tebow fanboys.
    What if Manning gets hurt and Tebow goes on and becomes great??? how would that shield criticism from Elway??? not saying it will happen, but it’s possible

  128. We all seem to want instant results in our rookie quarterbacks. It must be the microwave culture.
    John Elway had Denver fans in the stands wearing bags on their heads for 5 years! Alex Smith has taken 8 years to develop! So I am sure that Tim Tebow will land on his feet and will now have even more incentive to prove all his haters wrong. Oh, and I hope the Broncos have a solid back up quarterback when Mannings neck gives out again.

  129. Ok maybe Tebow cant do it but Merril Hoge who are you…you not the only one who watch type…real NFL players watch typed and didnt say its his mind it is throwing…let Steve Young or Difer say this then i’ll take stock but this nobody does this for attention he wasnt on ESPN until this…..btw Tebow suxs but let a real player tell me why

  130. Merril Hoge, 55W – 52L, 3.8 yards a carry.

    Tim Tebow, 8W – 6L, 75 passer rating.

    In Hoge’s first season as the starter he averaged 3.3 yards a carry. Tebow was tossed into a losing situation and got them to the playoffs and even beat Hoge’s team.

    Looks like people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  131. If Tebow was such a miserable failure, why the hell couldn’t the Steelers stop him when it mattered most? If Tebow was so incompetent, how did the Broncos manage to go 8-5 with him behind center, and knock out a legit Super Bowl contender?

    Has it occurred to Hoge that Peyton Manning would displace 75% of the current starters in the league right now?

    And here I thought Hoge was over his ‘Tebow derangement syndrome’. Hoge is a loser, and ESPN should fire him for such a classless display of arrogance.

  132. Why does ESPN keep keep hiring these clowns. A well respected quality sports network would keep idiots like this under control. I don’t recall Hoge being an a highly intellectual or physically gifted professional athelete.

  133. I think everyone who has watched Tebow in the NFL knows he is not a good QB … just like Travaris, VY, JaMarcus but I don’t recall any QB getting this much hate. If Tebow was black I can guarantee Merril Hodge would be out of a job today or he would not have made these comments.

  134. Hoge, your accomplishments in Pittsburgh were minimal at least. Analyze that. Please learn how to put a proper knot in a tie.

  135. Until he ran into the New England Patriot brick wall
    yeah, but in Tebow’s defense, did you see Denver’s defense that day!!?? Hernandez ran down their throats in that game! and WRs were flying wide open. Denver needs a safety or two, a cornerback and some Defensive tackles. the offense should now put up points (IF Fox keeps his nose out of the offense), but that defense better improve, they have the pass rush and the linebackers, but they need more.

  136. The only ones with less brain power then Saint Timmy Rah Rah are his fans that think he isn’t anything but a fullback trying to play QB…..

  137. Well if all else fails you use those guys winning percentage. Of coarse that might be to hard to figure out.

  138. Thanks to PFT for censoring nearly every comment i post!

    What a shame that every God-less loser in the world can hate on all things Christian, especially Tebow, but only a certain few Christians can make even slightly strong statements in both Tebow’s favor AND in favor of the Existence of God or Christ.

    Sad that “football discussions” can only criticize Tebow-lovers and Christians in general.

    So much for for un-biased conversation.

    And i think it’s perfect karma that Terrell Sugx said he didn’t need need God on his sideline. How’d that work out for him in the playoffs??

    Tebow is no better or worse than most QB’s are in their 2/3d year. The fact that he’s being used by the media as a tool to drum up publicity isn’t his fault or his choice. He’s doing pretty well so far for somebody who’d “never” be an NFL QB…cuz he already is.

    But it’s fun to hate, so game on, huh?

  139. Hoge is a complete tool!!! What did Hoge ever do in his career? I would put my money on Tebow as a better football player over Hoge anyday.
    Tebow could step in and do everything this tool ever did by playing fullback….Could Hoge ever even think about playing QB with his fumbling ass? NO!

  140. Can’t wait to read Hoge’s new book, “How to be a complete dick without trying hard.” when it comes out. Only 20 pages, all ghost written. You know how those fullback just set the Wonderlic bar!

  141. I’m sorry… I’m not a big Tebow fan but Hoge’s a meat-head trying to stir up some controversy. When he talks, all I hear is a larger, albeit, opaque version of Tiki Barber.

  142. The only ones with less brain power then Saint Timmy Rah Rah are his fans that think he isn’t anything but a fullback trying to play QB
    do you know what the ROLE of a fullback is?? i wish people would think about that before saying it. a fullback does NOT run the ball most of the time, they block for the Running back. Can Tim Tebow block???? i think he’s a worse blocker than he is a passer, so put him at fullback and he is worse then he was at QB and the running back you have will get 30 yards a game because his fullback missed a ton of blocks and another thing a fullback does is catch, has Tebow ever been a good pass catcher???

  143. I want to see how Tebow moves on from this. Its possible he can actually improve his mechanics, lets stop declaring his career over after a couple years in the league. I think he will have a career like Flutie. Bounce around, get some starting gigs, help a team to a hot playoff run here or there.

  144. Stop it folks Tebow is no good and yall know it . He can shred a defense look what he did to Pittsburgh yeah running the same dam plays most of the game . Then what happened tried the same stuff on New England and they punished him. Football is a game of skills it has nothing to do with him being a man of God . People see with their on eyes he can’t play that position if he sit back and learn then maybe one day he will . That defense played good in those games and made up for his mistakes don’t take that away from them.

  145. Denver doesnt owe Tebow anything. The guy cant play quarterback in the NFL….Point to a playoff appearance all you want, he was no good. I cant believe how oblivious all you Tebow supporters are. He gets all the credit when they win and none of the criticism when they lose. He should be kissing his defensive players feet because they are the only reason games were even close enough for them to win. When it came down to it, he couldnt do anything against a weak New England defense. Lets see how he does on a team like jacksonville.

  146. Tebow to the worst team in the nfl the miami dolphins. Just makes sense tebow and bush might be a nasty duo

  147. Denver doesnt owe Tebow anything. The guy cant play quarterback in the NFL….Point to a playoff appearance all you want, he was no good. I cant believe how oblivious all you Tebow supporters are. He gets all the credit when they win and none of the criticism when they lose. He should be kissing his defensive players feet because they are the only reason games were even close enough for them to win. When it came down to it, he couldnt do anything against a weak New England defense. Lets see how he does on a team like jacksonville.—————–How many games do you think Pedyton Manning will win in his 1st 11 games started in Denver? Tebow won 7.

  148. @Eleventyeight- don’t take PFT network problems as censorship… Their blogging app also intermittently drops or prevents some thumbs-up and thumbs-downs and many others’ posts too. It’s not conspiracy against the good Christians like you and Tebow.

  149. where does ESPN drudge up these ass wipes? You got Hodge….Steven A. Smith, and that other moron he argues with every morning, the list just keeps growing.

  150. How many games did the kid win down the stretch, limped into the playoffs, beat an overrated steelers squad, and got killed by the pats. I think NFL defenses have him figured it out now

  151. This from the guy who was run out of the NFL due to head injuries.

    Just listen to him speak for 10 seconds and you realize he’s not smart.

    Throw in his whining over his talentless kid and you know he’s also an A-Hole.

  152. Hodge is a sharp NFL commentator, one of the best. Of course the mouth-breathing Teblow fans here are going to bash him, they’re jealous that he’s extremely successful and their boy Teblow is something from the Twilight Zone: a massively hyped-up, talent-less bust.

  153. Agree with him or not, Hoge is simply making a football analysis. Guess he didn’t get the memo that when it involves Tim Tebow, it has somehow ceased to be about football and we can’t talk about his football skills but have to pretend he’s better than he is because he’s a nice guy 🙄

  154. Wow. The majority of this thread reeks of complete IGNORANCE. Hoge is telling it like it is and he’s completely right. Take a look at his “big” wins. He can’t read coverages and his entire game is based upon capitalizing on a glaring mistake in coverage. Coincidence that he couldn’t move the ball in those wins until late game, when safeties are playing too tight and bite on the run fake? If any of you are worth your salt on how to break down film, it’s obvious that defenses that played assignment sure football against him DOMINATED him. By definition, Hoge is dead on in this assessment, as this proves an inability to mentally break down a defense on each snap. Truth hurts, no matter how much the Feelgoods want to harp and proclaim of his talents (of which there’s none). Now the farcical circus of who is interested enough to strip their offenses down to bare bones and install a simplified, “brain-dead” system like Meyer’s spread option in order for this joke to move the football slowly and in incrementally small amounts?

    Good riddance, Timmy Te-Blow. The media made you a much bigger deal than you needed to be. Maybe Robertson will ask you to host the 500 Club with him. But will you be as religious when the cameras no longer care? My bet is no.

  155. Hahahaha well take a look at all the butthurt Tebow fans… whats the matter, truth hurt?

    Hoge may be a lot of things, but he’s not wrong about Tebow. He’s one of the only few talking heads that has no problem telling the harsh truth about Tebow (the Simon Cowell of football, if you will).

  156. Don’t underestimate Hoge.

    He knows that if it weren’t for the fact he was saying something bad about Tebow….NO ONE WOULD GIVE A EFFIN CRAP ABOUT WHAT HE THINKS !

    Merril Hoge = Human Debris

  157. Hoge is so smart he continued to player while suffering memory loss. It took him getting knocked silly and forgeting who the hell he was too retire….real smart. As a analyst this guy is a joke before ronnie brown and carnell williams were drafted all he kept saying was how great these two would be. He knows running backs apparently brown is known for the wildcat and williams had 4 good games as a rookie a bunch of injuries and is somewhere on the rams depth chart. Hoge, chris carter, trent dilfer and faulk are such clowns when they analyze football its a good time to use the bathroom or channel surf.

  158. Hoge sure didn’t have a problem posing and doing his Tebow-ing for ESPN in studio this past season as they went to commercial during the hype did he?

    What an ass!

  159. Typical Steeler Classless Shat talking! Hoge has always been insignificant puke on and off the field.

  160. Did get this much comments when Merrill was bashing Vince Young?
    What he said about Tebow, is nothing compared to what he said about Vince Young…

  161. The guy turned around a horrendous team and made for one of top 3 or 4 most memorable seasons in Bronco history. Hoge makes himself sounds more and more ignorant every time he bashes Tebow. It’s one thing to bash his throwing motion, but this guy goes the extra mile. Get a life Merril. You are jealous that Tebow will finish his career with more rushing yards then you did. Hoge averaged under 400 yards a season. That doesn’t qualify you to mercilessly belittle a man’s career. Ive never seen a kid face so much scrutiny for living life correctly. He apparently would fit in better if he was punching strippers in the face at 3am while “making it rain”.

  162. Funny how many of you guys are offended by the supposedly personal nature of Hoge’s Tebow criticism… and responding with personal insults about Hoge – his hair, his clothes, his name, his intelligence, his success, his brain, etc.

    You guys don’t even see it, do you?

    The people in the league who know more about Tebow than any of you just kicked him to the curb.

  163. Hoge may be a lot of things, but he’s not wrong about Tebow.
    actually he is, Tim Tebow is not stupid, if he was stupid, he would not have graduated college would he??

  164. My family had a cabin by Hoge when I was a teenager, he used to come yell at my buddies and I for riding jetskis too close to his place and making waves on the lake. Dude was an A-hole then and is still one now. What does he know about being a great football player? Besides, dude played at Idaho State University, what room does he have to talk about college translating to the NFL. Huge Broncos fan here, and I wish we could find a way to keep Tebow because he is as classy as it gets and has a lot of potential. That said, we welcome Peyton with open arms.

  165. Go read Hoges’ twitter feed. Its like a 5 year old is writing it. Here is a sample:

    Merril Hoge‏@merrilhoge

    Our goal is to educate and change the culture of how we handle head trauma! Stop the which hunts and be pioneers not historians

    Hey Merril its not “which” its “witch”.

    Merril Hoge‏@merrilhoge

    Problem with Tebow as back up to manning, hey cannot come close to executing the offensive system manning will run!!

    Its not “hey cannot” its “he cannot” Merril, do some friggin spell check.

  166. Who is Merril Hoge?

    Evidently not a Hall of Fame caliber player.

    Not good enough and recognizable enough to be a male pleasure enhancer spokesperson.

    Just wondering. He does sound like that stupid dog that grabs a hold of your leg trying to rub off a good one.

  167. All you tebow lovers need to wake the heck up, they win inspite of him, and his 46% completion %. was worse in the league, vs KC i remember watching that game and literally said i think we just watched an hr and half of this game and have yet to see a completed pass… he is an Hback/tightend at best, option football is for college not the pros, ie miami dolphins 3 years ago that was a flash in the pan, as a man Tebow is a great role model, but as a football player when your peers say he is not a nfl ready QB after three years its time to end the expierment. they can not say it because he hasnt played enough bc aaron rodgers sat for 4 years came in and put up huge numbers as did big ben, matt ryan , and this year cam, and daulton .

  168. Wow Merrill. I’m a 9er fan and I’ve no horse in this race. Tebow will show class and you now either have to eat crow back peddle and have thoughtless words uttered by you, define you.

  169. Merril Hoge, the original, unedited tweet:
    “Ahem”. producer: you don’t need to type the word ahem.
    “Tim Tebow is so ugly that my mom..” producer: you were the one that wanted to keep mom out of this remember Merril?
    “Tim Tebow has exaxperb… exsaprb….”. producer: what’s wrong Merril?
    “Sompun wrong wit my spell check”. producer: that’s a “see and say” Merril. Put your helmet back on or you can’t have this happy meal.
    “Cow say Mooooo! OOPS, I made hard gas”. producer: cut, take 10.

  170. 13forgbp says: Mar 19, 2012 6:08 PM

    Wow. Imagine the outrage if Tebow were black.

    140 18


  171. Merril Hoge should get throat cancer. Let it spread to his stomach. A painful way to die. And I’ll bet you that Tim Tebow would still have enough class to read him his last rights.

  172. Fire Hoge, fire Hoge!!! Really, this is exactly what ESPN wantedwhen they hire their analysts-controversy. They’ll probably give him more air time, knowing everyone will tune in to watch what this guy will say next. Controversy equals ratings, they should have a round table discussion with him, Skip Bayless, and Warren Sapp and we can vote in to decide who the biggest tool is.

  173. he is an Hback/tightend at best
    again i say, what’s the role of an HBack or TE, can Tebow catch??? can he block??? as an Hback, he would have to block so tell me, how would the lead running back look when his hback is missing blocks or being pushed back because he’s never blocked in his life. as for TE, he would have to run routes and catch, no matter what, it’s going to be a transition, QB, RB, FB, TE, WR, it will be a project, but at least he has thrown a football, has it been great, no, but he’s done that.

  174. @scottyefl

    You obviously don’t read very many twitter feeds as the examples you cited are actually quite “good” compared to the average tweet

  175. Hoge has always had a big mouth.

    Just another typical ex-Steeler talking out of his arse. But yet if Timmy was playing on Pittsburgh, Hoge would be kissing Tebow’s tush.

  176. Don’t know if he’s right or wrong. Don’t care. Not a Tebow fan. But Merill’s comments were mean spirited and classless. Way to go ESPN! Merill let me know when you build a hospital and sponsor an orphanage. Football is just a game. There are more important things in life.

  177. Merril Hoge over 8 seasons gained 392 yards rushing and 266 yards passing per season. How is this guy handed a microphone and is allowed to speak about football?

  178. “Merril Hoge on Tebow: “He has no clue””


    Takes one to know one.

    Hoge is nothing but a big blowhard.

    He’s jealous of the fact that Tebow is already
    way more popular than Hoge ever was.

    Like eggersthejerk said, if Tebow was a Steeler,
    Hoge would be his lapdog instead of his critic…

  179. Hoge is a moron and always has been. His goal is to be one of the fake controversial talking heads. While I agree that Tebow is not a great NFL QB, it doesn’t change the fact that Hoge continuously proves himself a jerk.

    As for Tebow, I truly feel that he just wants to play football. He didn’t ask for all the hype and attention that he got. Blame the media for endless hype and dogma. For all the “clever” headlines that mocked his faith every opportunity they could.

    But hey, I guess that’s just the way it goes in these days. News is entertainment. If you’re not saying something controversial or trying to “create” stories, you’re not making your company any money. Looks like Hoge did his job.

  180. phatbuddha,

    How can you say Tebow didn’t ask for any of the attention when HE TOOK OUT A SUPER BOWL AD AGAINST ABORTION. He’s asking for every bit of attention he’s getting. Don’t kid yourself.

  181. I love how Mr Loge is coming in for a verbal kicking about his own IQ when only one in five of you can actually spell his name correctly.

    If you’re unsure, just look up, it’s written in the article title and everything.

    As for Tebow…..well he makes good television.

    I am convinced without his pronounced pious outlook on life that he would not half as many fans and the reality would be that he is just not first string QB material.

    He’s good to watch though, I enjoyed Denver’s games just to see what he would do next…really didn’t enjoy the pointing at the sky bit though.

    If there is a God (ooh religious hot potato dropped….) then I doubt he would be a Bronco’s fan.

    Everyone knows God follows the Eagles….. 😉

  182. cjdobs:

    “Mr Loge”, really? Don’t throw stones if you’re going to act like a moron.

    By the way, you probably meant “have” instead of “half” in your fourth point.

    And you were comment 262’ish, I’m sure the “religious hot potato”, as you call it, has already been dropped.

  183. Really?

    What else did the concussion-addled squat fullback say about the super star playoff-winning QB?

    It’s so clear he is acting out a vendetta. If anyone thought these things about Tebow, what motivation would they have to express the observations, or at least to express them with such vile and insulting language? No self-respecting professional would do so. Even if they wanted to express those points, they would do it in a way that did not inadvertently (let alone directly seek to) make Tebow look or sound like a moron. They would assemble their analysis in a professional and respectful manner.

    The guy is a bitter jealous little grunt blocker who spent his whole career thinking he should be treated like a star but constantly being reminded he was nothing but a blocking dummy by the fact that nobody knew or cared who the hell he was his entire career. And this little man is terribly jealous that Tebow has become the most popular athlete in the world….and he has to constantly attack him like a juvenile on the playground.

    What a sad, pathetic little troll…

  184. Get your facts straight, cmacky12.

    Tebow didn’t “TAKE OUT A SUPER BOWL AD AGAINST ABORTION”. He agreed to appear on an anti-abortion ad that was “taken out” by Focus on the Family. Now as detestable as that organization is, Tebow’s interest in it is not to make abortion illegal but to encourage people to adopt – as he himself would have been aborted as a fetus if his mother would have followed her MD’s medical advice.

    Whether you are pro-choice or anti-choice, there is no way that any rational, reasonable person would be against advocating for adoption instead of abortion. NOT in making abortion illegal, but simply advocating the CHOICE to deliver & put up for adoption as an alternative to abortion.

    Tim’s a Christian, not a Christian Supremacist. You are however correct that he DOES WANT the attention because it allows him to spread awareness for his causes, like missions, helping sick children, turning away from crime or drugs, etc. But he is not the world’s most popular athlete because he wants the fame – he’s this famous and popular because of who he is and what he does and the fact that the vast majority of the people on Earth support the concept of being a great person and a great role model.

  185. Oh the sweet irony of a bunch of Monday morning quarterbacks on a forum calling out the credibility of someone who played the game. He knows more than us. Let’s put it that way

  186. mightymike1250 says:
    Mar 19, 2012 6:16 PM
    A lot of Tebow-bashers do so not because of what he has done or not done on the field, but because of what he stands for — on and off the field (though they will deny that). Tebow has worked hard ever since he came into the league to try to get better. I have no doubt he will continue to do that. Even so, the guy is a natural-born leader who leaves EVERYTHING on the field when he plays. If you’re a sports fan, you have to respect that.

    Yeah and alot of you tebow lovers are not looking at what he is doing on the field either. Nice guy, has the potential to be a good football player but not a good QB. Stop giving him credit for games that Denver’s defense and kicker won in spite of a qb who couldn’t pass. Any team that scores more than 21 points against a team with tebow at QB is going to win. I don’t hate the guy but am tired of all the people who act like he is a great QB. You are blinded by your tebow love. He sucks as a qb and should be a fullback.

  187. All the people who actually played the game agree that this idiot is NOT an NFL QB…Hoge was just telling the truth..meanwhile Skip Bayless continues to let Timmy Tebag nut in his mouth

  188. I’d have to agree with the majority, watching/listening to Hodge is painful. I am no ESPN junky but when I do watch and he is on, I just cringe.

    A while back, before Tebow even, I wondered how this guy had the credentials to be an analyst on ESPN. He sure wasnt near a superstar as he perhaps thinks he is. He is definitely an expert on football related injuries and unfortunately I think he had his bell rung one to many times.

    Tebow may never be the great QB but to his credit, save for all the God talk, he is one heck of an athlete. Probably more so than many current players. He is a gamer and gives it his all when on the field.

    I for one would like to see him switch positions, perhaps a wide out or tight end, maybe even a d-back.

    Anyway, Hodge has no place to criticize Tebow to the level he has. But then again, I think Merril likes to hear himself talk and think of himself as something more than he is, which he is not.

    Perhaps Hodge needs to find God or get on a knee and humble himself before the Lord!

  189. Hoge should be wearing a Tebow jersey. Who
    even knew who Hoge was until Tebow. Jealous
    of him, doesn’t like him, but riding that gravy
    train to get his name in the headlines.

  190. Hey, I’ve got an idea and a bet….turn Tebow into
    a running back and I’ll bet he has better stats
    than Hoge did in his career!

  191. Did Tim Tebow run over Merrill Hoge’s dog with his car or something? I don’t get the personal attacks that Hoge has consistently levied against him. It’s one thing to say Tebow needs to improve his quarterbacking skills in the NFL; it’s another to attack a player’s NFL intelligence level. What’s Hoge trying to prove here? Is he going to laugh in the public’s collective faces if he’s ultimately proven right about Tebow? It sure sounds like he wants to do that based on these and other comments he’s made.

  192. Seriously people, look at this article.

    After the headline, it dedicates 3 paragraphs towards influencing the readers opinion, by the time it reaches any quote – most of you have had your opinion already formulated for you and you’re not even realizing it.

    Take Hoge’s same statement, put it in a completely nuetral context, and 90% of the opinion/response on this article is different. But with it as it is, it succeeded on being the most commented article.

    Anyone smart enough to realize this?

  193. Who actually cares what Hoge says when he is not talking about Tebow. He is using Tebow to get himself some undeserved attention.
    I never care what he says either way.

  194. I find it interesting to read Hoge’s comment that Tebow’s football “IQ” is terrible.

    If that is the problem, then I question on why so many people are willing to throw the kid in the trash can, and are not willing to say “look, he’s a project, but with time and patience, we’ll work on his mechanics and how to see the field, pick up coverages, etc.”

    The NFL is a league that, to me, has no patience, from owners to fans: win now or we’ll get someone else to win now for us.

    Elway never wanted him and wasn’t willing to spend time on a project.

  195. Wasn’t hard to see that one coming. Hoge has a man crush on Tebow, who turned him down. Hoge still has a hard on for Tebow but he resorts to school age tactics to try to win him over.

    BTW – HOge your toupee is horrible.

  196. So let me get this straight, Merrill Hoge is “using Tim Tebow” to get on the air??/Really?? Hoge has been on Espn for what, 15 years now? And how he is personally attaking Tebag? He was asked his opinion about him as a QB, and he answered…please explain..of course it’s Tim Tebow, so that means if someone’s opinion of him isn’t favorable, they must be personally attacking him

  197. This is what keeps him relevant. He feels he is lost at the cesspool that is ESPN. He is dwarfed by guys like, Steve Young, Tom Jackson, Ditka, Keyshawn Johnson, Jaworski and then you have -Merril Hodge. I am sure 95% of the viewers couldn’t tell you what teams or position he played and he knows it. So this keeps him in the news. Some day he will blame all his Tebow hating (if you think the guy is not good enough fine but Hodge sounds like it’s personal) on post concussion syndrome.

  198. R.H. – because Tebow’s failings in his mechanics and football IQ are problems that can’t be fixed.

    The Jets getting him is so typical of the Jets and why they are a joke – a Name, not a player.

  199. I had to look up who this Hoge guy was on Wikipedia. Had never heard of him. Tebow has a life outside of football, so that in itself will elicit insults to blogs as such from guys like Hoge. That being said, Hoge has had too many head injuries and has the REAL IQ problem; from documented post-concussive syndrome. How else do you explain his demeaning of a great player, role model, and overall (and rare) fine human being. It’s great that Hoge has survived brain injury and the effects of chemo on the brain, but it does explain his IQ or lack thereof.

  200. Its easy to understand where Hoge and his midget mind is coming from. Hoge hates God because he knows God will one day judge him. Thereofore, he hates Christians who belong to God and has an escape from God’s punishment. Hoge hates Tebow for being a Christian and for reminding him that he, Hoge, will one day have to face God and give an accounting of the hundreds of thousand times Hoge broke God’s Laws. Hoge knows that on that day, he will have no defense for his life of rebellion against God. Now, that is why Hoge will always take cheap shots at Tebow. BTW Hoge, why have you never excelled in college ball or pro ball? And how does your undistinguished and ho-hum pro career make you such expert when you never did anything except be a reserve role player?

  201. Merrill Hoge is definitely an IDIOT!!!!
    He doesn’t deserve to be with ESPN.

  202. Bash Hoge all you want because you’re a 1) Gator fan, 2) extreme Conservative, 3) religious fanatic, 4) a Bronco fan. However, Hoge is mostly right about Tebow given completion percentage. However, there’s no denying he seems to have a positive influence on his team. His supporters, however, are so annoyingly zealous that they have really turned a lot of people off of Tebow.

  203. @granadafan:

    I am a Christian man who loves football.

    Having said that: Tim Tebow is not a good NFL QB and the blasted Donkeys were blessed by Peyton “Manna” Manning from heaven, because #18 was the only way for King Jackass John Elway to get rid of the kid.

    Additionally: Hoge’s words might have more of an impact were they not constantly undermined by his hairpiece and obvious vendettas.

    I wish the best for both Manning and Tebow, but sincerely hope that my beloved Oakland Raiders can once again become a professional football team, capable of beating both players to a pulp when appropriate.

  204. This is the same guy who said Andrew Luck had questionable arm-strength and then Luck went out and threw the ball 70+ yards into the wind at his pro day. A complete tool.

  205. Okay calm down everyone, Hoge must be right because he is an expert at “having no clue”. So if anyone knows what “having no clue” looks like, it is definitely Merril Hoge.
    You know the sad part is Tebow is a better running back than Hoge and he doesn’t even play the position.

  206. actually MY problem is that Hoge practically called Tim Tebow stupid and a guy with a college degree in my book isnt stupid. i think Tebow’s a real smart guy.

  207. Merril Hoge has regularly questioned the toughness of players, the actions of players, and now the minds of players.
    Didn’t Merril Hoge retire because he got hurt. Wow, what a tough guy.
    Doesn’t Merril Hoge regularly take action and speak out about what players do?
    Wow, what a man of action.
    Doesn’t Merril Hoge paint himself as a poster boy for the long term effects of head injuries in sports?
    Wow, what a perfect guy to speak on the soundness of someone else’s mind.
    Hoge is jealous the Tebow has had more press and more success in 2 seasons than Hoge has in his entire professional life.
    Hoge was a mediocre player on mediocre teams. Now he is a brain damaged commentator on a mediocre sports reporting team.

  208. I can’t seem to get of of this post. ernest you are soooo right. Hoge is just a wanna be loser who is so jealous he can’t stand it. After a while you really start to feel sorry for such a pitiful little man with SHORT MANS DISEASE!!

  209. Hoge also called Haloti Ngata the worst pick of that draft, said he was not an athlete, just a fat guy who took up space, who didn’t have the heart to play on a team with Ray Lewis.
    One too many headshots for ranting raging Merril, which of course is not a cheap shot, but the sad truth… and the symptoms are getting worse, the man is flat out delirious, someone needs to intervene, seriously.

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