Pete Carroll says there will be an “open competition” at quarterback


When Tarvaris Jackson signed with the Seahawks as a free agent in 2011, Pete Carroll didn’t waste any time before installing him as the team’s starting quarterback.

Carroll is taking a different course of action this time. Carroll spoke to the media on a conference call Monday and said that he didn’t make Matt Flynn any promises about the starting job while courting him as a free agent. He’s not ready to make any promises at this point either.

“We now have the opportunity to make it an open competition,” Carroll said, via 710-AM in Seattle.

Flynn joined the conference call after Carroll and said nothing to dispute the notion that he came to town without any guarantee beyond his salary.

“Whatever happens, whatever my role is, I just want to make the Seattle Seahawks a better football team,” Flynn said.

Time will tell if Carroll is just engaging in coach-speak to keep from ruffling any feathers. Flynn’s deal isn’t massive, but $10 million in guaranteed money is still a fair amount for a player who might not be playing a regular role for the team. The rest of the roster looks strong, but the Seahawks won’t go as far as they hope if they have another year with just a partial fix at the quarterback spot.

74 responses to “Pete Carroll says there will be an “open competition” at quarterback

  1. Sure Pete…..and you didn’t know that Reggie Bush was getting paid under your watch either.

  2. So who is the best QB in that Division?



    49ers D is so dominant that they will win this division in a landslide, again.

    I think Harabaugh might groom Kapernick, but kid had got some loud mouth WR’s to make happy …. Moss, Crabtree, Vernon, Manningham …

    Harabaugh might be under center.

  3. Putting Matt Flynn in an ‘open competition’ with Tarveris Jackson is basically handing Flynn the job anyway.

  4. Why do head coaches lie? Then again there was an open competition between Rivers and Brees, and Brees won both years. …but hey, Jackson is no Brees. Not even remotely close.

  5. ravenspit, glad to see you won’t be visiting Seattle anytime soon. You must be a joy to be around when sober.

  6. This is the way it should be. A couple games of success shouldn’t warrant a blind handover of the keys. Makes these guys want it more. Can’t argue with that.

  7. bucrightoff says: Mar 19, 2012 4:50 PM

    Translation: Tavaris and Clipboard Jesus are fighting for a roster spot
    Charlie isn’t a Seahawk anymore. So it’s Portis, Jackson &/unknown draft pick competing with Flynn.

  8. Clipboard’s gone bucrightoff.
    I think PC has gone on from college, have you?
    Tebow! No thanks KIR.

    Do some of you even keep up with the NFL or do you hop over from soccer?

  9. Does Pete Carroll have some lingering white guilt? I don’t understand why he’s so cutthroat with everyone else on the roster but gives Tarvaris freaking Jackson more opportunities than he deserves.

  10. So how humilating would it be for Jackson to lose his job *twice* to ex-Packers.

    One on the way up.

    One on the way down.

  11. Seattle just won the Division ! !
    Harabaugh has a QB problem now ……
    Flynn will be a Top 10-12 QB……..
    Rice is now going to put up Jennings-type #s….

  12. In an unrelated story, Fox and Elway say “We’re gonna go ahead and give the job to pmann”

  13. Seattle-the mound (of sh*t) by the sound.??

    Really? Not over the ass wooping we gave your Ravens last season?? Your best QB is Ray Rice who we stuffed back in his suitcase and sent back to Nowhere’sville!! Thank you..

    Flynn will bring us back to the playoffs!

  14. When Flynn gets rid of the ball before the stopwatch hits 30 seconds, the gig is his.

  15. What I remember from T Jack’s signing last year was that he “hadn’t been given a fair chance,” and had been “jerked around” in MN.
    I guess he’s had his fair chance now and the QB mess of last season doesn’t count as jerking him around.
    Anyone that thinks that they didn’t bring Flynn in, luring him with that paycheck, specifically to have him under center on opening day is an idiot.

    Of course Pete Carroll has proven himself to be a man of integrity so we can trust whatever he says right…

  16. I know he says “open competition” just to keep TJack from flipping out, but lets be realistic…its Flynn’s job.

    Seattle signing Flynn also says a lot about how bad the situation is in Miami.

  17. Terrabilus Jackson can’t beat out anyone until he learns to throw the ball without jumping in the air. Plus he can’t stay in the pocket, he is lousy at finding a throwing lane, so he runs away from his protection gets in trouble and jumps in the air to throw the ball. He hasn’t gotten any better since yr 2 of his career. I think the seahags guanteed him more $$ than Flynn.

    At least Flynn is happy to be out of that dump GB.

  18. Maybe the Coach in miami didn’t want Matt Flynn. If he wanted him, he would have had him.
    he knows more about him than almost anyone else ‘out there”.

  19. I think T-Jack is guaranteed 4 million next year, so its not like Flynn is making so much more money than him that they must start him.

    I’d think that the Seahawks would have learned from the Charlie Whitehurst experiment that signing back-up QBs to be your starter is usually not a very good idea (but hey, it worked with HAsselback I suppose)

  20. Flynn has started 2 games as opposed to Jackson who has 2+ seasons. He also has a coach who is giving him a fair chance. It’s not that cut and dry that Flynn starts. He could turn into the next kolb who shouldn’t be starting on any team

  21. lol!!!

    “Open competition.”

    Accordig to Darrell Bevell and Brad Childress during theor time in Minnesota, ‘Open Competition’ meant: Start the guy we want in the preseason against the weakest competition with all of our starters. Then start the guy we don’t want against the toughest competition with only third string and practice squad guys.

    The message to Seahawk fans: Most of you will be frustrated watching TJoke throwing picks and/or making horrible decisions while the top two QB’s on your roster watch from the bench. Meanwhile, a few fans, who want TJoke to start only because he’s black, will be quite happy with that arraingement.

  22. seahawksbmx says:Mar 19, 2012 5:20 PM

    When Flynn gets rid of the ball before the stopwatch hits 30 seconds, the gig is his.

    The person who wrote this is a true Seahawks fan.

    So am I. This past season, patrons of the Buffalo Wild Wings near my home heard the phrase “Get rid of the ___ing ball!” multiple times on a weekly basis. I understand that QBs will get sacked, especially behind young offensive lines, but I can’t ever recall seeing a QB bring so much abuse upon himself as I did watching Jackson this past season.

  23. Neither Flynn or Jackson are receiving what is considered to be ‘franchise quarterback’ money. All the people who didn’t like Whitehurst (that includes me) should take a look at the deal he signed with San Diego to be their backup….it is for $4m for one year. This is the same amount TJack is making.

    Pete preaches competition and doesn’t like to hand any position to a player without competition. You might think he is too rah rah or is a hypocrite but he and Schneider have rebuilt this roster in a short time and are ready to compete.

  24. It’s too bad that Flynn is going to Seattle. I really liked the guy but he won’t be able to be a winner with Carroll as coach.

  25. Hahah you gave flynn 8mil a year to compete with tavaris?? lol if he cant beat him out in camp

  26. With the Seahawks’ “earn everything” motto, I was more surprised last year when Carroll handed over the reigns so easily to Jackson than I am now with him saying there will be a competition for the starting job. Apparently Jackson was a “tough” QB for that baby o-line to grow in front of. A sacrificial lamb, if you will.

    Regardless of what Pete’s saying right now – whether he’s just being political or there will be a legitimate competition for the starting job, Flynn will be the starter. I realize he’s unproven, but he was groomed under Aaron Rodgers…I can’t imagine he would lose out to T-Jack.

  27. The racism on this site..amazing. Tavaris Jackson was NOT the problem last year, and WILL be the solution this year..again. He was hurt half the year, was his first year in Seattle, and didn’t have his no 1 receiver. Why are yall sooo quick to can the black qbs???? When MOST of the time they are BETTER than anyone you want!!!!

    Tavaris will be the qb next year, he has more talent, knowledge of the system, stronger arm, and more athletic than Flynn. Flynn has been a backup for 4 years, and before that couldn’t beat out your BIGGEST scapegoat..Jamarcus Russel(now what)!

    Yall need to get a life, and quit fighting the fact the league is OURS now..thanks for coming, we’ll take it from here(finally).

  28. truthhurtstoo says:
    Mar 19, 2012 6:06 PM
    Time will tell if Miami or the Seahawks read Flynn correctly.

    To think that Phibin had doubts should be a warning sign.


    That is the problem, is many people think Philbin did not want him. If you had to pick a disfunctional team that sucked, or a young team on the rise with a great FO and Owner which would you pick? He promised Philbin he would visit, and he got there and said no thank you. We will see, but stop listening to the moron talking heads. Seattle was the right stop for him.

  29. Sorry, but the fact is, Pete Carroll is Lying through his teeth. They bring in Flynn and pay him all that money to have him sit on the bench ?… and Flynn would not have gone there without some assurance he would play.

    Carroll’s statement is purely about keeping Jackson motivated to be a good backup.

  30. Wait a minute, here. TJack got chance after chance to be the franchise QB in Minnesota… but according to Pete Carroll, he got jacked around there. Now, only a year after Carroll “got his guy” in TJack to lead the Seahawks, he brings on Flynn?

    I’m not saying he’s wrong to do so. TJack is terrible – just a serviceable backup. I just hate hypocrites, and everything that Carroll says and does is a contradiction. What a joke.

  31. I think portis is better than Jackson to be honest well i think anyone is better than Jackson honestly but i do give My props to Jackson he did ok just got confused on what to do when he said hike and jumped up like he was air Jordan and then went back down and then back up so majestically and threw that ball and into the air it went spiral and all as he is hit coming down and it goes 30 , 40 , 50 yards and it lands in the stanlgds for a incomplete pass oh sorry had to be creative last year to keep from crying

  32. I think portis is better than Jackson to be honest well i think anyone is better than Jackson honestly but i do give My props to Jackson he did ok just got confused on what to do when he said hike and jumped up like he was air Jordan and then went back down and then back up so majestically and threw that ball and into the air it went spiral and all as he is hit coming down and it goes 30 , 40 , 50 yards and it lands in the stands for a incomplete pass oh sorry had to be creative last year to keep from crying

  33. fran021 says:
    Mar 19, 2012 5:19 PM
    when are people going to realize that Pete Carroll is just a clown?
    It makes you wonder, that’s for sure.

  34. Seattle Fans are all fairweather fans, hardly understand the game of football. Over here they truly believe they are going to the superbowl every year, lets be real…..they’ll never win one

  35. seahana12 says:Mar 19, 2012 6:11 PM

    With the Seahawks’ “earn everything” motto, I was more surprised last year when Carroll handed over the reigns so easily to Jackson than I am now with him saying there will be a competition for the starting job.

    I felt the same way, until I saw Charlie Whitehurst try to play QB against Cleveland. That game induced flashbacks to the Kelly Stouffer/Dan McGwire/Stan Gelbaugh/Jeff Kemp era. Whitehurst started four games in his career in Seattle. One got us a playoff berth – we scored 16 points. Two of the others, the offense averaged 4.5 points per game. The fourth one, he was pulled from in favor of Jackson.

    Getting Whitehurst was the first “big move” I saw the new managment make. It has also been the biggest failure. Can’t really complain, since there have been a lot more “hits” than “misses” as they’ve rebuilt the team, but I don’t think Whitehurst ever did much to impress the staff, which is why Jackson was basically handed the job last July.

  36. @ravenspit:

    Just curious… how many yards did Ray Rice put up on us lowly Seahawks? You know, when Seattle throttled the living he11 out of you guys last year?

    The mythology of “The Ravens’ Defense” is as dead as Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are ancient. We proved that with Tevaris Jackson under center, too!

    Meet the present-tense, ravenspit. Meet the Seattle Seahawks.

    Unfortunately for you, that will involve facing certain truths.. one of those inherent truths is the highly skilled, ravenously hungry (pun very intended,) talented, beastly, young defense in the Pacific NW.

    Oh, and because you’re obviously not very bright: 16 yards. Ray Rice struggled all game long for 16 yards against a real defense in this “sh!t town by the sound.”

  37. There definitely should be an open audition for the starter’s job and I believe Tarvaris wins that competition. He came on strong at the end of the year and I fully believe he’ll continue right where he left off, doing his part to help the team win 5 of 8 games down the stretch. Glad Flynn was signed as the best backup in the game.

  38. In a REAL fair and “open” competition it will go like this…

    1.) Matt Flynn
    2.) Josh Portis
    3.) Undrafted QB

    4.) T-Joke

  39. Being a Packer fan and having seen Fynn play (in the preseason mostly) for the last few years, I can say without a doubt that he will end up winning the competition with TJack.

    I do know Jackson pretty well and while Bn2n2me is right Jackson has more talent, is a better athlete, may have a stronger arm and does know the system better, Flynn is a better QB than him.

    Flynn is more composed, more accurate with his passes and knows how to read defenses. Hell you don’t have to take my word for it, you will see soon enough.

    Sure Flynn couldn’t beat out JaMarcus Russell but the first year that he took over the team from him he wins a national championship. Did Russell ever win one in his 3 years as a starter? Nope.

    As far as race goes, well I hate everyone equally intially. I really don’t give a crap about skin color in life or in sports. If your a good person or player I will like ya but if I don’t like someone, you can be damn sure it has nothing to do with the color of ones skin.

    Peace, out.

  40. Last season, TJack got boo’d; right or wrong, after the first play of the game and series when he had to throw the ball away due to coverage… Century-Link ……

    Does anyone really think that Pete will make this “open” in a true sense of the word? Flynn will start the very first game of the season, unless he gets injured during pre-season/training, somehow.

    TJack will be a very good backup this year and allows Portis to further develop into the next season’s backup or even starter down the road.

  41. @bn2n2me…Only racism I see on this blog came from your BS post. Please go away.

  42. @tangysizzl…Great post, for what it’s worth coming from me (I’m a Bears fan, but something tells me we’d get along.) My opinion on Jackson has nothing to do with race, it comes from watching him suck twice a year with MN…Heck, if I were a racist, I wouldn’t be so thrilled that the Bears dumped Caleb Hanie for Jason Campbell, or with their signing of Brandon Marshall.

    Here’s hoping we meet again in an NFC championship game again soon.

  43. Given a chance, havin somebody work with him on their style of playin, and seen as the caliber player that he is Matt will fit in just about anywhere. But for Gawd’s sake don’t put him near the Drama Queen Jr a/k/a Peyton Manning. Matt’s got a lot of attributes that make him a good QB and he’s definitly a team player. He knows what it is to be a winner and appreciates the help he has around him. So guys before you go and bash him why not give him a chance to show you what he’s all about,hmmm?

  44. I believe Pete when he said it would be a “open competition”. Jackson is familiar with the offense. His teammates seem to like him, he was voted captain by the players. He has a stronger arm and seems to be more elusive than Flynn. Flynn on the flip side, seems to be better at dissecting defenses and in the limited (i mean limited) film I’ve seen, he has the ability to audible, which Jackson rarely has done. Pete has to make the right choice or that seat is going to start getting warm. May the best man win.

  45. To bn2n2me: As was true last night, the only racist comments I hear on this site are coming from your mouth.

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