Report: Logan Mankins played Super Bowl through torn ACL


Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston reports Patriots All-Pro guard Logan Mankins is recovering from ACL surgery, after apparently tearing the knee ligament during New England’s Super Bowl XLVI loss to the New York Giants.

One source told Reiss that Mankins played through a torn ACL “without realizing it.”

In order to protect themselves against Mankins potentially missing the start of the 2012 season, the Patriots signed Robert Gallery on Monday.

It’s worth noting that Mankins was on the Patriots’ injury report throughout the playoffs after suffering what was then believed to be a sprained left MCL in Week Sixteen versus the Dolphins. Mankins sat out Week Seventeen, but he returned for the postseason.

Reiss’ report indicates that Mankins’ injury didn’t occur until an early hit in Super Bowl XLVI, but it doesn’t rule out the possibility that Mankins might have played all three of New England’s playoff games through an undiagnosed ACL tear.

Regardless, Mankins will miss all of the Patriots’ offseason program. While he “hopes” to be ready for training camp, the lateness of the injury and subsequent reconstructive surgery certainly jeopardizes that timeline.

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  1. Sad, he and all the other Patriots under Bellicheck will always be labeled as “cheaters”, the NFL’s team version of Barry Bonds.

  2. Speaking from experience, dude must have been on done serious pain killers before hand or shot up with way too much cortisone to not notice he tore his ACL. I could barely limp let alone play football when I tore mine.

  3. After blowing out my acl, I finished a wrestling match. I knew it was gone though. Snapped like a rubber band, and made a loud pop.

    That was 25 years ago, before reconstructive surgery was anything but a barbaric solution in it’s infancy stage. Basketball player Bernard king had been the first athlete to make a comeback from a torn acl. We had the same dr, Norman Scott. I wasn’t willing to go through that surgery then (they are VERY VERY different today). Anyway, I never had it and I still have an unstable knee that “dislocates/sublexes” once or twice a year. Very painful stuff.

  4. Well…that puts a different coat of paint on things. I thought he was horrendous in that super bowl game. Now perhaps I know why.

    One thing the man is, is tough as nails. While I think he’s way overpaid…he is one tough dude. Hope he recovers well.

  5. “… it doesn’t rule out the possibility that Mankins might have played all three of New England’s playoff games through an undiagnosed ACL tear ”

    So, they would have diagnosed a sprain without an MRI that would have revealed a tear?

  6. that explains his mixed SB performance – he was probably their weakest OL in that game. Obviously tough as hell though.

    Also means one of the first 4 picks gets used on OL I bet.

  7. wow that’s really unfortunate…hopefully his recovery goes well and he’ll have enough time to get into game shape and be ready for the season…does say a lot about how tough he is though to be able to play such a huge game on a torn acl whether or not he knew he had it

  8. my guess is he’ll be going to doctor welker for advice. – just go to the bahamas and suck down some HGH coladas for a few months.

  9. I have to say this is a weird time for this to come out. And it’s certainly an explanation for why he struggled in the SB.

  10. …”but it doesn’t rule out the possibility that Mankins might have played all three of New England’s playoff games through an undiagnosed ACL tear.”

    This is an honest question, can an NFL player (never mind an all-pro, playoff OL) miss a diagnosis for this? I believe his knee was at least acknowledged as being hurt, so I would think it would get the full MRI/X-Ray special, or whatever they do…. but I don’t even the slightest clue what goes on in there or how easily a slight tear can be detected….

    Compounding this, Patriots’ injury reporting is similar to asking Iran about their nuclear weapons intentions.

  11. Jay Cutler should take lessons from Mankins. Then again if you’re psyched up and have adrenaline surging through your body you can endure the most agonizing pain without even realizing it. It’s evident that pouty Cutler just doesn’t get psyched or emotional when he plays.

  12. When you think about how we ended up losing anyway, this was a costly non-diagnosis.

    Gallery might be a square peg for a square hole, but he’s no Mankins. Sad to hear this.

  13. Oh, they knew. Bellichick demands players perform hurt or see ya later. That goes for Mankins as well as rookies and free agent vets. Sacrifice your body, (especially your brain in years past) or get your locker cleaned out. Pro coaches are a lying sort. Some more obvious than others, Some with more tact than others. Bellichick can still teach a Greg Williams how it’s done.

  14. Oh I see. So he sacrificed and put his health on the line for his team, but now he might miss some time or at least possbily training camp?

    They’ll probably cut him or ask him to take a pay cut. Seems to be the Patriot way

  15. He was terrible in that game, and now we know why. Can we have a do-over with a healthy Gronk and Mankins?

  16. First!!!!! and I have no comment on this topic, except for screw the Patsies and go JAGS!

  17. yeah, but it’s not like he played with a grade 1 ankle sprain while wearing an oversized yellow shoe. now that’s tough !

  18. mankins, shave off that filthy mustache. it looks stupid. who knows how many bugs are living in mankins handlebar mustache.

  19. he didnt realize it?? are you kidding me??

    well guess what.. now pressure got to tom brady forcing him to make a couple overthrows.. you cost them the superbowl.. amen

  20. he and all the other Patriots under Bellicheck will always be labeled as “cheaters”

    That’s one theory, as opposed to, say, Belichick understands the machinations of the salary cap to keep his team competitive every year.

    Opinions vary.

  21. I’m not really surprised, it was obvious that Mankins wasn’t himself in that game. He’s one of the top 2 or 3 guards in the game but he got blown up a couple times one-on-one with Tuck – that doesn’t happen with a healthy Mankins. This injury was more of an impact than Gronkowski’s ankle.

  22. maybe that’s why they lost. he couldn’t block long enough for marsha brady to throw that killer pick to what’s his name chase blackburn wow.

  23. How is this guy a stud? of course they knew the deal, and as the one commenter mentioned, he must have been shot to the moon with pain killers. This is not heroic, it is stupid. BB, coaching staff, training staff and the league itself gives 2 cents about the health of their players. Can’t wait until Manking is 52, retired, and can’t walk. What dollar value will he put on his lawsuit?

  24. I had two operations for two different tears with the Patirots doctor, Betram Zarins. He wouldn’t miss a tear. He not only read my MRIs, he twisted my knee to confirm the tears. When he did, I screamed out in pain. Zarins is getting up there in years and it may have been Dr. George Theodore of Mass General’s Sports Medicine group that diagnosed Mankins. I know Theodore did the surgery on Gronkowski’s ankle.

    I can’t imagine going up against JPP with a torn ACL. Mankins is as physically and mentally tough as they come.

  25. yes whilst a difficult thing to do, you’re all acting as if he completely tore his ACL. If this were the case he wouldnt be able to move laterally at all, especially with all his mass.

    Chances are that he had a minute tear of the ACL, and yes painful but not superhuman nor overly tough. I guarantee, that if we had this mans footballing ability that you and me could have managed the same feat.

  26. nannymcsack says:
    Mar 20, 2012 12:29 AM
    they replaced his acl using mustache stem cells
    Almost made me spit out my coffee. Nice.

  27. @istuppingyourwhiteewe

    Yes, no way it was completely popped. He would not be able to move laterally at all, never mind support his 300+ lbs and block Osi, Tuck, etc. They do at least wear those braces, though, so that’s got to help hold things in line if it’s partially torn.

    This explains Gallery signing. Waters and Light best stick around, too. Let’s not forget that while Mankins may be a tough mudda… getting back up to speed after an ACL injury can take a long time, and the Pats have been lucky to see Brady and Welker both come back strong.

  28. kelvinmchale says:
    Mar 20, 2012 5:20 AM
    He was terrible in that game, and now we know why. Can we have a do-over with a healthy Gronk and Mankins?

    Only if all of the teams that the Pats cheated during Spygate can have do-overs as well.

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