Report: Titans, Wimbley close to five-year agreement

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Adam Caplan is reporting that free agent defensive end Kamerion Wimbley will spend Monday night in Nashville after today’s visit with Titans officials.

And per Caplan, Wimbley is “close” to agreeing on a five-year contract to take his talents to Tennessee.

Wimbley played strong-side linebacker on base downs for the Raiders in 2011. He would be a full-time defensive end in Tennessee, where the organization is looking to rebound from misses on Mario Williams and Peyton Manning.

Caplan reports that negotiations will resume in the morning.

So it sounds like there’s a good chance Wimbley will be a Tennessee Titan by noon on Tuesday.

20 responses to “Report: Titans, Wimbley close to five-year agreement

  1. Chances that he’s overpaid? Rather weak pass rusher class outside of Williams. Raiders definitely overpaid him, but I wouldn’t be shocked if he was commanding approx. $8m a year in Tenn. I wish the Raiders kept him, but business is business. I believe Wimbley can be an elite pass rusher, but too much money paid to potential and not to production.

  2. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that people are equating his previous salary with superstardom, rather than his production.

    I mean, this is a guy who averages 7.08 sacks per year with a standard deviation of 2.57 sacks. If we assume a normal distribution, we’re expecting his season statistics to result in producing 1.93 and 12.23 sacks per season 95% of the time.

    By comparison, Jared Allen is averages 13.13 sacks per year with a standard deviation of 4.57 sacks, giving him a 95% range of between 3.99 and 22.26 sacks. That’s what you want to see.

    Wimbley is going to be paid like an elite player when the fact of the matter is that he’s just fairly solid.

  3. The Colts have a DE in Dwight Freeney in a trade if any team wants a one diminisional pass rusher for 19 million

  4. This is what DA and Tarver would have done w/Kam. He’s better off w/his hand in the dirt.

    Obviously he was given the boot and w/good reason. He was owed a Kings ransom thanks to the NFL citing his Original contract offer from Oakland was illegal. Thus forcing Al to overpay.

    Step Up Raiders – 2012

  5. You titan fans better hope the opposing starting tackles get knocked out the first quarter of each game, or else you ain’t gonna see much!

  6. His body frame is nice for a end he is also very talented.But wants too much if he takes a small pay cut it makes building this franchise a lot easier supposing he stays healthy his a good 10 to 11 sacks a year player and mabey can patch the lost of Jason Jones.

  7. First. And wonder how fast Bud Adams will screw this one up for the Tenn Titties!

  8. He had one game where he had 4 sacks after the starting tackle got hurt. Other than that he was average to below average.

  9. Sign him up. Don’t flub it.

    Then offer Mark Anderson a contract & the pass rush should be fixed.

  10. Good luck Kamerion. Hopefully now you will play up to the level of your contract.

  11. okeedokeesmokee says:
    Mar 20, 2012 5:38 AM
    First. And wonder how fast Bud Adams will screw this one up for the Tenn Titties!

    Unless you are a 49’er or a Bronco fan, I am not sure how Bud going out to get the best QB in the NFL screwed things up. Or maybe you were turned off by the DOUBLE BIRDS and your a Buffalo fan. I’ll take Bud, at least he gave our team a chance at Manning.

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