Seahawks cut Jarriel King

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Many football fans learned that Jarriel King was a member of the Seahawks when reports of his arrest surfaced on Monday.

He’s no longer a member of the team. Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times brings word that Seattle has released the offensive lineman.

King was arrested in South Carolina last month and charged with having forcible sex with a highly-intoxicated woman. Another man was also charged by the police with disrobing and having sex with the woman after she told them to stop.

King played one game with the team in 2011 after he was claimed off waivers from the Giants. The Giants signed him as an undrafted free agent after he completed his collegiate career at the University of South Carolina.

27 responses to “Seahawks cut Jarriel King

  1. “King was arrested in South Carolina last month and charged with having forcible sex with a highly-intoxicated woman”

    In my day we just called that Rape

  2. I’d like to know…how many professional athletes have been accused of rape in the last 5 years…versus how many of them have actually been convicted.

    I don’t think this is an athlete problem. I think, with the epidemic of “Basketball Wives,” there are too many women looking for a payday with these athletes.

    It looks like athletes need to have consent forms on their nightstands. To prove that it wasn’t rape. Not to say that they aren’t idiots for putting themselves in the situation, I’m just saying it goes both ways. Why would you go out with two men that clearly are bigger than you and get drunk and high and go back to their apartment?!

  3. detroitrollin22 says:Mar 19, 2012 2:15 PM

    On the brightside, he can always join the Steelers and block for Big Ben

    How original.

  4. trollhammer20 says: Mar 19, 2012 2:18 PM

    If he’s acquited, he can sign with the Niners, just like Cox.
    Under normal circumstances yes, but he simply isn’t good enough. A dangerous duo indeed though; I like your thinking.

  5. don’t even mind the jabs at big bum rot. u kno but what kills me is all these retarded ohio morons that kill ben and harrison they are your own they are both from ohio they come here and destroy the steel image that the chief has built since 1933. so ohioans please take your scum back and we will take back jabaal sheard and mcglynn

  6. Way to circumvent the bullchit, Coach Carroll. Axe that no-name, no-good, practice squad fodder worm!

    Cut me, and I bleed blue & green. However, I had NEVER heard of this BUM before now. I mean, when we re-signed obscure Paul McQuistan at guard, I immediately knew, “versatile offensive lineman – can play both guard & tackle relatively well, potential to start, or fantastic O-line depth, etc..”

    I saw this clown’s name & thought: “Who? That maggot isn’t a Seahawk!” Thank you, though, for establishing yourself as a man not worthy of remembering one bloody thing about… “And, it turns out I was right about you anyway.. you’re NOT a Seahawk!”

  7. yea steelers could use him to help block the door for big ben so this time no one walks in on him

  8. trollhammer20 says:
    Mar 19, 2012 2:18 PM
    If he’s acquited, he can sign with the Niners, just like Cox.
    Interesting comment you had. Are you overlooking the fact that the Marshawn Lynch was charged with sexual assault and hit and run, yet is still on the Seahawks? Or that LeRoy Hill was caught smoking weed numerous times but was brought back by the Seahawks? Or how about the Seahawks drafting Jerramy Stevans after he was charged with assault after beating a kid with a baseball bat? Or Raheem Brock who was on the Seahawks after speeding and driving under the influence. Shall I go on?

    I guess its ok when your team does it.
    Thumbs up if you know I am right. Thumbs down, your a bias fan. All teams have good humans and bad.

  9. toddm6d says:
    Mar 19, 2012 2:10 PM
    Bet Rick Spielman has this guy on his radar.
    No but the Packers do. Afterall, they let Erik Walden start after his brush with the law last year.

  10. My initial reaction was to say “Yeah, cut the guy who wouldn’t make the team anyway. Only good players get free passes.”

    But then I started wondering whether it’s just more likely to be true for claims against marginal players to be accurate. It goes back to the whole “If you got raped in a club, and Tom Brady was also in that club, then Tom Brady raped you” mentality in terms of money-grubbing a bad situation.

    But there’s only so much to take from the Jarriel Kings of the world.

  11. Seattle drafted Jerramy Stevens.

    I’m shocked they’d cut anyone for character issues/arrests after giving that scum bag a 9 year NFL career…

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