Signing Peyton Manning makes Mike Wallace a possibility in Denver

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Now that the Broncos have won the Peyton Manning sweepstakes, they’re the newest entrants in the Mike Wallace sweepstakes.

With the dust settling in Denver after Manning told the Broncos today that he’ll be their quarterback, the next step in the Broncos’ offseason plan of action (in addition to trading Tim Tebow) will be assembling a roster of players that fits Manning’s strengths. And although bringing in Manning’s buddies like Jeff Saturday, Brandon Stokley, Dallas Clark or Joseph Addai might be nice, what would really help the offense is the addition of a big-play wide receiver.

Wallace, a restricted free agent, may just be that receiver. Any team that signs Wallace to an offer sheet that the Steelers don’t match would owe the Steelers their first-round draft pick, but on NFL Network Monday, Mike Mayock made the case that Wallace would help the Broncos more than whatever player they might take 25th overall.

“I would make an offer that Pittsburgh would have a lot of trouble matching for Mike Wallace,” Mayock said. “I’d be happy to give up my first-round pick, and I’d make that young man a rich, rich young man. And I’d have a vertical threat to go along with Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas — I might look at Dallas Clark. You’ve made a commitment to Peyton Manning. Now let’s go get him the weapons.”

Before the Broncos entered the Manning sweepstakes, no one mentioned Denver as a possible destination for Wallace because Tim Tebow doesn’t have the arm to take advantage of Wallace’s deep speed. But Manning, assuming he’s healthy and playing like Peyton Manning again, absolutely does have that arm.

And the Broncos, even after they pay Manning a boatload of money, will have plenty of cap space to make Wallace a good offer. The key to working out a deal that the Steelers won’t match is to front-load it with a high base salary for 2012. When we last reviewed the team-by-team salary cap space, the Broncos had $40.0 million and the Steelers had $5.8 million. Even after paying Manning, the Broncos will have plenty of room under the cap to offer Wallace the kind of contract that the Steelers simply can’t afford to match.

It’s also good for the Broncos that their pick is relatively low in the first round — thanks to beating the Steelers in the playoffs. There are no sure-thing players at No. 25, but the Broncos could be sure if they signed Wallace that they would upgrade their passing game.

And while the Steelers value Wallace and know his departure would hurt their offense, they may actually be glad if some team signs him to an offer sheet. There are worse things than getting an extra first-round draft pick, and it’s unlikely that Pittsburgh can keep both of its good young receivers, Wallace and Antonio Brown, in the long run. Letting Wallace go for a first-round pick now is better than keeping him on the restricted free agent tender and watching him go for nothing a year from now, when Brown also becomes a free agent and the Steelers probably won’t be able to keep both of them.

Add it all up, and Wallace in Denver makes a lot of sense. Manning would certainly like it.

91 responses to “Signing Peyton Manning makes Mike Wallace a possibility in Denver

  1. Mike Wallace seems to be a “possibility” in a dozen places today…. He stays in Pittsburgh.

  2. What an interesting offseason this has turned out to be (even for Saints fans like me)…plenty of “big stories” to last through the draft.

  3. Steelers need to keep Wallace. He’s what made Brown look so good.

    If I’m Denver, I’d make a run at him. I’d take a proven commodity over the late round pick. Front load that contract and the Steelers can’t match.

  4. $h!T
    STL, WTF ARE YOU DOING! Trade your #6 overall pick and take Wallace, who IMO would be a safer choice over Blackmon, who we most likely will miss out on anyways!

  5. It makes alot of since, Denver does not have any WR’s other then Decker and Thomas… Manning would prefer using 3 or 4 recievers when passing, so what does Denver got to lose?

  6. It makes sense for him to play on Mars or for Man U. See how easy it is to keep guessing when you’re working off pure speculation? Give it a rest until you have actual info.

  7. I still don’t think that Peyton is just going to waltz into Bronco land and start blowing out the opposition.

    Remember he had years to develop “his” offense with Dungy and they ran those teams at a very high level.

    I just don’t believe that this will be some automatic run to the Super Bowl and the possiblity of this turning to doodoo is more than people think……

  8. As a Steelers fan, I hope the Broncos do this. 23 and 25 are fantastic picks to have for a GM like Colbert. If Colbert drafts like he always has, Steelers will be set up for years!

  9. If Wallace is still around on April 21st, look for the Steelers to franchise him next year. A Brown is restricted next season.

  10. As a Raven’s fan I wouldn’t mind this at all.

    On the other hand this is one person’s idea being reported as news. It is not fact and there is no evidence. Let’s post more fact and less opinion.

  11. I don’t think manning is known for his deep ball. I’d be nervous about his arm strength, it’s never been very good and in that climate he’ll need it more than ever.

  12. Wallace isn’t going anywhere, get over it.
    No one is giving up a first round pick and he’s gonna stay in Pittsburgh.

    First round picks have more value than gold even though half the teams in the league don’t know how to draft.

  13. If this happens….no worries – the steelers won’t be able to keep both Wallace and Brown…if they get a first round pick for Wallace – even at #25 – I wouldn’t complain and neither should steelers’ fans. This only would help the Steelers rebuild through the draft and 2 first round picks can’t hurt. In fact – I think Steeler fans should hope this happens….because Manning is one hit from being done and then signing Wallace doesn’t really help the broncos at all but still helps the steelers.

  14. Still won’t help…you can’t buy SuperBowls.

    It will take at least two years for the offense to gel…and Manning might not last that long.

    Keep dreaming Donkey fan…horse face is screwing over your franchise…you are all just too stupid to realize it.

  15. Brandon stokely? He was washed up when he was cut by denver like 5 years ago.

    Back to the point. If the deal is roughly 20 a year for peyton, the average would make the broncos go down to 20 mil in cap space (in aware they can backload it), then add in jeff saturday and dallas clark probably for 3-5 mil each, and theyre close to 12 mil left before they draft players or sign anyone else in house to an extension.

    And last i saw the steelers had about 13-15 in space so i dont think this is as likely as you put it…but wallace and thomas would be a good duo…not as good as wallace and brown, but whatever.

  16. I’m a Steeler Fan. I live in the real world. I want Denver to sign Wallace so we can get a extra 1st round pick. We can re-sign Jericho Cotchery. we have 3 major needs guard, nose tackle, inside linebacker. The extra pick will allow us to fill our needs. We might be able to sign a free agent inside linebacker. I prefer Hawthrone. The current market for the free agent inside linebackers is non existent. They might be able to get one of them for a reasonable price. Then draft a guard and nose guard. Would love to trade up and take David DeCastro, G, Stanford, second round take the nose tackle Josh Chapman, DT, Alabama.

  17. Wallace is better off in Pittsburgh, Poor Manning played it easy instead of heading to the Niners, took the money and ran. If he wanted superbowls he should be a Niner. Alex doesn’t want to be a dolphin any more than Manning or Flynn did; but let him walk and let the rookie shine throwing bombs to Moss. Kaep is a stud, start him…..

  18. If Peyton is normal Peyton, then mike Wallace can help him break Brady’s record of single season td passes. At worst, Wallace jumps into the conversation of best wrs in the league cuz of his size, speed, and hands with Peyton throwing to him.

  19. wow, im not even a broncos fan but this would be a coue for the broncos if they got this done. if they got wallace i would then trade thomas for a draft pick and pick up amendola (perfect slot receiver for peyton). and they still need a TE and another RB. im not a big mcgahee fan. and i would stick to my after season draft process with the broncos and goo all defense in the draft.

  20. Let me get this straight. Manning has a stronger arm than Tebow? Hardly. Fact is Skip Bayless was right, Elway never supported Tebow and did everything he could to prevent his success. From the abysmal play calling in first three quarters to trading away the number one receiver and now to signing Peyton. Poor guy never had a chance in Denver. I am not saying he is great but most young QBs drafted in the first round have teams building around him. He has his GM wishing for his failure and replacement. Can’t stand Elway. I hope Tebow gets a chance somewhere else with a team that doesn’t get in his way like Denver did.

  21. cannonballdookie says: Mar 19, 2012 7:47 PM

    Wallace isn’t going anywhere, get over it.
    No one is giving up a first round pick and he’s gonna stay in Pittsburgh.

    First round picks have more value than gold even though half the teams in the league don’t know how to draft.


    Not if you have 5 of them over the next 3 yrs. STL pull the trigger you sorry A$$ dumpster babies in the Front Office

  22. if this happens, it’s a win for both teams honestly because it’s likely that a WR will fall into the Steeler’s laps.

  23. According to this website Wallace has been a possiblity to go to every team including 2 CFL and an arena team. They don’t have a clue

  24. Sorry Steelers fans but you just cant afford to keep him. He isnt taking half of his market value just to stay in Pittsburgh.

  25. Anyone know who DEN plans to back up Manning with? (No that wasn’t a smart-ass comment but a real question). Someone tell Alex Smith, there’s a backup job opening in DEN with potential for playing time.

  26. As a Steeler fan I will miss him, but I won’t be heartbroken. I would rather keep Antonio next year. Better hands, better routes. I’ll take their first rounder and shore up the OL and DL with our two picks. The Steelers will be fine. Not worried at all.

  27. As a Steelers fan, I honestly hope that someone does sign Wallace. I would rather receive a 1st rounder (which the Steelers never miss on) than keep him for 1 year and (most likely) lose him to free agency. The kid already said he wants his money, so I see no hometown discount. Besides, Antonio Brown is the far superior and polished WR of the two.

  28. The football “pundits” really seem anxious to find Wallace a home away from Pittsburgh. One day, he’s headed to San Francisco. The next it’s Denver. Then they say New England might still be a possibility. Cincinnati has two first rounders. Wallace doesn’t even need a agent.

  29. Manning’s new noodle arm might not be able to take advantage of Wallace’s deep threat.

    But seriously, Mike Wallace is a “possibility” for any team right now. Is this article based on anything other than pure speculation?? No, it is not.

  30. Steelers will be ok. Colbert is a master in finding gems in the later rounds of the draft. Two first rounders would enable the Steelers to shore up the lines.

  31. Headline indicates this is based on reports when it’s purely opinion of MDS. I’m sure any team would like Wallace. I’m a Steeler fan and could care less either way. Last I checked number of Super Bowls with Wallace..0. Without Wallace…6. I want to keep him but team comes first.

  32. Wallace would have been great with Tebow. The deep throw is the one throw he can hit consistently. With Wallace and that running game, that would have opened up the passing game big time. Guess we’ll never find out though.

  33. Getting really tired of the climate comments about Denver. I can guarantee that Denver has a better climate than 90% of this country (300 days of sunshine a year). Part of the reason, I believe, that Manning signed here is he was able to go to a park and play catch with Brandon Stokley on a sunny 72 degree early March Saturday completely unnoticed. People are active here which is more than I can say about some of the losers on this thread. Keep on thinking we are a snowed in cow town idiots and we will keep on enticing your free agents to come play in the best place to live in this country. Smile High!

  34. I say pick Stephen Hill from Georgia with the 25th pick and have a player that will not cost you your 1st rd pick and last beyond Manning. Just like Thomas, you have a soft handed receiver with blazing speed and will benefit by Manning’s tutelage. Wallace is great, but no single addition will assure success, especially at that cost.

  35. Gee, just a few hours ago he was a likely possibility for the 49ers. Wonder where he’ll be a likely possibility a few hours from now?

    I’ll say my good-byes when Mike’s actually inked a contract with another team. Until then, he’s still a Steeler.

  36. I hate those of u claiming Tebow was set up and unsupported. McCoy did an amazing job tailoring that offense to his skill set. There is talent on both sides of the ball, thanks GM and he started, thank Mr. Fox. The problem is that the style of offense is not sustainable, teams will figure it out and watch the damn tape, how many balls did the kid throw in the dirt to wide open receivers? Seriously, he’s a great kid, awesome competitor and athlete, but to be successful in this league, u have to be able to thread a needle, accuracy and timing are everything. He ain’t got that right now, may never. Stop saying he was set up.

  37. bearsstillsuck says: Mar 19, 2012 7:46 PM

    I don’t think manning is known for his deep ball. I’d be nervous about his arm strength, it’s never been very good and in that climate he’ll need it more than ever.
    He went to Denver for the thin air atmosphere cause his arm strength will never be what it once was…
    Make no mistake, he will dominate again if he’s even 75% of what he used to be…

  38. This is silly. Manning has never really been a vertical passer. He picks you arpart like a surgeon. With his arm strength in question it makes even less sense. This is also why I personally saw SF as a not so great fit as well. Loading up with guys like Moss and Manningham who are vertical receivers isn’t playing to peyton’s strengths

  39. not gonna happen. its great to see everyone and their front office know it all. so let me get this right they’re gonna throw 150 million at manning and wallace for 10 -12 tds a year yeah ok. he wont go over the middle he doesn’t catch almost though just biggest games he’s a no sho see afc champ against jets super loss to pack and would be 50 plus yard drop against said broncos and you can have him for that pick colbert will turn into gold. black and gold baby

  40. Mike Wallace deserved to get paid. The Steelers need to do what makes sense for the team. I am sure that each will be accomplished, one way or the other. There is no better front office in the NFL than the what happens on the Northside of Pittsburgh, and no better pure speed receiver in the NFL.

  41. Silly Steeler fans, I love these comments…”We can re-sign Cotchery”-REALLY? Im sure Cotchery will make up the loss of Wallace or “Last time I checked Super Bowls without Wallace 6, with Wallace 0” If thats the case maybe NE should let go Gronk, Welker and Hernandez. Get a clue, I know Steelers draft well but Wallace is a top 3 big play receiver. Only Roddy White, Calvin Johnson and Fitzgerald have more yards the last 2 years and 20 tds (including playoffs) isnt bad either. Steeler Fans, dont act like its not a big deal if they lose Wallace because it is

  42. Here is the deal. The Steelers don’t have to pay both Wallace this year or next year if nobody makes an offer.

    They can pay him the restricted free agent contract amount this year, 2012, and franchise him in 2013 assuming they work out a new deal with Brown.

    Worst case, they get two first rounders and they will hit on both rest assured. The Steelers don’t get bothered by free agency. They just keep rolling. Lose one, next one up.

  43. “…on NFL Network Monday, Mike Mayock made the case that Wallace would help the Broncos more than whatever player they might take 25th overall.” Like Tebow, who was 25th overall in 2010.

  44. One other note, Steelers first rounders of late include:

    Maurkice Pouncy
    Heath Miller
    Ziggy Hood
    Cameron Heyward
    Lawrence Timmons
    Santonio Holmes

    I think they’ll manage if Denver gives em an extra first rounder.

  45. Was it a big deal when we lost Burress? Was it a big deal when we let Holmes walk? We have an elite QB who makes everyone around him better. We will be fine. I’m not that insecure that I come on message board making stuff up to make myself feel better. It’s the truth. I would rather hang on to Brown in the long run, like I said. We have saud bye bye to good players before. Won’t be the last time. I will miss him, but I would miss Brown more.

  46. Has anyone considered the advantage Peyton MAY enjoy by playing @ Mile High? Could the Manning “team” have considered this factor with respect to mitigating possible issues with his arm strength, velocity, resistance and the like?

    Think of it this way: Atmospheric pressure at sea level is 14.696 pounds per square inch (PSI). At an altitude of 5,280 feet it is about 12.1 PSI, over 15% less. 15% less air resistance will make a LOT of difference…

    In addition to the contract, cash, possible player reunions, and MAYBE the addition of Mike Wallace, one has to wonder if this hypothesis played any part in the decision making process. Science plays a key role in professional sports these days and players like Peyton are very aware of the data and advantages.

    Just sayin’ it could explain a part of why Denver and not SF.

  47. goldrush36 If Denver wants him, the Steelers can’t do a thing about it. Look at the cap numbers. They gonna trade Big Ben to make oom?

  48. bikeman99
    “NFL owners don’t sign each others RFA’s it’s against
    the rules”.
    Were you dropped down a flight of stairs as a child or was you mom pregnant with you when it happened? I’ll type this slowly so you can move your lips while you read. Restricted Free Agent. Got that ElTardo? That means free agent with restrictions. Follow so far mouth breather? Someone makes an offer, players team can match said offer. Going too fast Gomer? If they don’t match the offer the receive a draft pick according to the round the player was drafted. OK Forrest, go to sleep, the grown ups are talking. Who gives these special needs kid internet access anyway?
    Go play on

  49. chazzmichaelmichaels Exactly, No one set Tim up besides maybe Mcdouche for drafting him so high. McCoy and co. did a bend over backward bang up job of changing everything to suit his assets. And as far as these idiots that “Manning is one hit away from paralysis” I gotta think that every MEDICAL expert on record states that he is at no more risk than anyone else on the field, refs included. Denver could still keep him if they can’t get enough value. He already got a 6mil roster bonus and is only due a little more than a Mil in base pay so all you Tebow garglers relax and let the process sort itself out.

  50. It’s a no brainier for Wallace if given the chance he should go to Denver.

    Denver is going to win, as of today without Wallace they are the second best team in the AFC, with Wallace they are inching closer to New England .

    Pittsburgh at best will be the 3rd best team in the AFC north.

    When healthy Manning is still the 3rd or 4th best QB in the game. I would rate Rodgers, and Eli 1a and 1b.

    Art RooneyII has stated he wants a running team.

    Quality of life is so much better in Denver than dreary Pittsburgh.

  51. @deb, you are a female and while we value your input on which beer is on sale, we’re talking football sweety OK? They can’t afford Wallace if someone makes a move, sad but true. Now be a dear andgo get some pretzels, I hear your old man coming out of the bathroom.

  52. I’m wondering how Eddie Royal feels today. Kick returner in SD or slot receiver for Peyton……you make the call.

  53. Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas and Mike Wallace??? Wow!!! If Denver could get him that would make them the most deadliest passing offense in the AFC West.

  54. Come to Denver Wallace. Bowlen has lost his mind and the kids have swiped his wallet and credit cards. You can get anything you want – just tell ’em, “Peyton sent me”.

    P.S. – Bring a chick for Elway, he hasn’t scored in years.

  55. As a Steeler fan i would be very upset to see wallace go to denver…Come on mike stay in pitt please…

  56. @denverscott …

    I’ve been commenting on this Web site and its sister college site since long before anyone heard of you and will match my football knowledge against yours any day.

    Apparently, in addition to your other likely shortcomings, you’re unable to read. I said I’ll wave good-bye to Mike when he inks a new contract and not before. That simply means I’m not biting on every rumor about potential teams; it says nothing about whether the Steelers can or will keep him.

    We’d have to meet a potential offer, which we’ll do–within reason. But when Randle El’s rookie contract expired, Dan Snyder offered him $31 million with more nearly $12 million in signing bonuses. It was a ridiculous overpayment, and the Steelers don’t do ridiculous when it comes to money. The Rooneys have a longstanding policy of not overpaying for receivers that only touch the ball a few times a game.

    I’d like to keep Wallace, but he wasn’t our top receiver last season, so we’ll survive if we don’t … just as we survived after losing Plaxico Burress, Nate Washington, and Santonio Holmes.

    Best run along now. Your mom wants her computer. 🙄

  57. Here’s the issue that everyone has overlooked. Wallace is still — though not as much as his rookie year — a one-trick pony. He gets pretty much lost when the D shifts his direction, as he does not understand enough about zone coverage to find the soft spot, which is what made Hines Ward so great even without speed.

    Antonio Brown certainly may not have the same skill set as Wallace, but the guy can find the soft spot and is much better after the catch. But, A.B. needs a complement, and Sanders isn’t a No. 2 guy yet.

    Regardless, no team is going to give up a 1st rounder for Wallace, as he is one knee injury away from being out of the NFL, as he depends almost solely on his speed still. If someone is crazy enough to take that gamble and offers a crazy amount, the Steelers would simply let him go. If it is a fair offer for the short-term (3 years or less) the Steelers would likely match it.

    But anywho, I don’t see any team making a run at Wallace after only two good seasons and falling off of the radar in the last third of last season. But you never know, if Dever is crazy enough to offer old-man Manning $95 million over five years, then they may just be crazy enough to gamble their future on Wallace.

    Wallace really reminds me of Randle El right before he left the Steelers the first time. He was raw, yet talented, but was not ready to be a No. 1 or No. 2. That ruined him in Washington.

    TL;DR: No team is crazy enough to sign Wallace. He still has just one trick and isn’t good at adjusting to coverages.

  58. there is 1 question are they willing to give that first rounder up?It would be a nice duel threat like Manning had with Marvin Harrison.But don’t be the Eagles here it would take a while for the chemistry to develop if you did what they did last year.If they think they can make a title with Manning that”s cool but get Clark with Manning they have lots of Chemistry it would finally give the Broncos a good but old TE.2 Improve the line a bit otherwise Manning how might not even take a snap without getting hurt.If they can do this not saying this year but in the future they prepared for a run at the super bowl if Manning not there when there ready that”s not a problem they have a team you will have a good chance at a QB through the draft or free agency.

  59. First is was the Ravens that were going to steal Wallace away from the Steelers … despite the fact that the Ravens are in worse cap shape than we are and have now gotten raided for several starters … then it was the Patriots, then the Bengals, then the 49ers, and now it’s the Broncos. At some point you’d figure that you pft guys would get tired of embarrassing yourselves with this nonsense, but apparently looking stupid is the goal around here.

    Mike Wallace isn’t going anywhere, and there’s no amount of front loading that is going to change that. Not only will Wallace not get an offer we can’t match, but he will not get any offers at all.

  60. I’m gonna laugh my arse off if the 49ers screw the Steelers again, especially after kicking their butts in the playoffs last season.

  61. I was hoping to wake up and see the stinkies with two first rounders for wally herbs but nooooo. nothing this talk show is a fargin prison. truly yours roman moroni got that icehole

  62. eggersthejerk says:
    Mar 20, 2012 7:17 AM
    I’m gonna laugh my arse off if the 49ers screw the Steelers again, especially after kicking their butts in the playoffs last season.


    I forgot we lost to the Niners in the playoffs last year. When did the NFL start interleague play? Mo-ron.

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