Titans to host top free agent pass rusher Kam Wimbley

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Former Raiders linebacker/defensive end Kamerion Wimbley was released on Friday. He took the weekend to gather his thoughts, and is now making the free agent rounds.

Jim Wyatt of the Nashville Tennessean reports that Wimbley is visiting the Titans on Monday.

It’s no secret that the Titans planned to make an aggressive run at Mario Williams entering free agency. Florio heard during the course of Williams’ negotiations in Buffalo that the Titans were “waiting” on Mario to leave Buffalo. But the front office had to scrap those plans once owner Bud Adams forced the organization’s focus toward Peyton Manning.

The Titans have lost out on Manning to the Broncos, and it’s fair to argue that Adams’ meddling cost them Williams, too.

But Wimbley would be an awfully nice consolation prize.

18 responses to “Titans to host top free agent pass rusher Kam Wimbley

  1. good for the phins however you guys are slacking Tolbert signed a 4 year deal with Carolina reported close to a half hour ago by AP

  2. Sorry, if you’re comparing Wimbley to Mario Williams in any way, then you are off your rocker. As a Raider fan who has watched every game he’s played the last two years, I can tell you he is nothing more than a situational pass rusher that can be effective against the lower tier tackles in the league. He disappears against the top tackles, and is a liability in the run game by overpursuing and not maintaining his gaps. Good luck to whatever team lands him. You will NOT be getting one of the better pass rushers in the league.

  3. well, no Manning, but they can get a guy who can rush the passer. i think this makes sense. as for them losing out on Manning (most likley), i wouldnt fear, i am a HUGE Locker fan and wanted him in Washington last year. i think he has a great future.

  4. Situation player only, too small to be full time DE, cannot cover the pass, so pass rusher only. And with that you only get 7 sacks (4 in 1 game). Gaither man handled him in Oaklands last game.

  5. the Titans weren’t going to pay Mario that kind of money, and i’m glad they didn’t. Look at what he did in TX. they won without him last year. he’s not worth that kind of chain. Glad they went for Peyton instead, but they did lose on some offensive line help, for sure. But the Titans didn’t lose on Mario b/c of the Peyton wait, so stop saying that.

  6. “Top Pass Rusher” ??

    Guy had 7 sacks last year and 3 of them were in the same game against a 3rd stringer. This is what passes for a top pass rusher. Go ahead Titans. Pay him millions and watch him dissapear.

  7. AJ get in there and bring us a pass ruching threat. You need to make up for the Tolbert loss and the inexplicable move of giving up Stever Gregory for Bigby.

    Bring us home a pass rucher damn it!

  8. Villa41 said it…I’ve been a Raider fan for 30 years…. Love Wimbley….but he was only effective in Raider Defense because of the effectiveness the Raider D Line has with Houston/Seymour/Kelly. When you have those 3 guys pushing the Line….DE’s rack up sacks. Now if he goes to a D Line where he becomes a 1 scheme/move DE….he’s a mediocre player at best. If Wimbley is smart and wants more stats…he’ll re-sign with the Raiders. If the Titans are smart, they won’t over pay.

  9. Big Reg made the right move in letting Wimbley go- Wimbley made the right move in going and not accepting a pay cut. $6 Mil guaranteed, plus whatever he picks up in free agency. It was a no- brainer for Wimbley.

  10. evan isn’t this the same “KAM” that you said was a bust when he signed with the raiders?

  11. I like Wimbley in TN. The front office should be able to entertain more than one FA at a time. What is this, exclusive dating?

    Let’s face it, Manning’s risk >>> reward, especially at his price. The Titans will be fine with a situational pass rusher and doing well in the draft to fill the other needs.

  12. If they are wise, Tennessee will sign both Wibley and Anderson.

    That should fix the pass rushing problem they have…

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