49ers, Redskins have contacted free agent Josh Johnson

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In a Tuesday phone interview with Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News, free agent quarterback Josh Johnson revealed that he has received interest from the 49ers and Redskins since the signing period began last Tuesday.

Johnson anticipates making a free agent visit to the Niners’ facilities as soon as this week, and one with the Redskins may also be in the offing.

49ers coach Jim Harbaugh was Johnson’s college coach at the University of San Diego, and Johnson would welcome a reunion.

“It’s a great organization and they were a great team last year, so most definitely I would,” said Johnson, 25. “… The 49ers, they came within a quarter of the Super Bowl.”

Johnson is one of the better quarterback prospects left on the market, and he ranked No. 1 on our top-ten list of intriguing free-agent fliers. With a skill set similar to Robert Griffin III, Johnson could potentially be an upgrade on Rex Grossman as the Redskins’ backup. Johnson’s familiarity with Harbaugh also makes San Francisco a logical fit.

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  1. alex you think you are going to play the 9ers but,you are only playing yourself rite out the league,and keep taking advice from the same agent that led you along the whole time & see how far that gets you, remember thats one of the reasons why you are in this postion!!!

  2. Alex just needs to resign. He is playing with fire and very well could burn himself. He has no leverage, but I feel for him. He did a lot for the team last offseason with no contract and they turn around and give him an “until Kaep is ready” contract.

    I get it, but it feels like he went from blue-collar to diva.

    When/if he resigns, we will never see that shirt again, huh?

    I liked the locker room we had last year and it’s toast now…

  3. Liked this kid since college.

    I’m not saying he’s the answer, but it would be interesting to re-unite him with Harbaugh and see what happens.

  4. Josh is a slightly smaller version of Nearly Normal Newton, who plays for the Panthers. Teams can sign Johnson now, or wait a couple of years for Newt to become available.

  5. Johnson could potentially be an upgrade on Rex Grossman as the Redskins’ backup.

    But wouldn’t Grossman be the better backup since he knows the offense cold and can help teach it to RGIII?

  6. Always thought he was pretty good too, even playing for a bad bucs team a couple years ago. He’s only 25 too? Someone snag this dude as a backup on the cheap, now. A couple teams could start him (ahem, dolphins.)

  7. Hairbow’s coming out with his kneepads on. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy. He may have to play quarterback humself, the cry baby a$$ clown.

  8. Yeah, and they came within minutes of not even making it into the NFC Championship game. Lots of luck, and a good defense.

  9. Coming off a meeting yesterday (20th) between Coach and Alex Smith, and now this news of my Niners reaching out to Josh Johnson has me more convinced than ever that Alex Smith will not be our QB going forward. His over-inflated sense of his own worth caused him to not sign a contract he’s had nearly 3 weeks now. Then he flies to the armpit of the NFL – Dolphins – gets rejected, is cut out of the picture with the Seahawks, has a face-to-face yesterday with Coach who undoubtily pointed out his weak position, and still he won’t sign his contract. Weeks from now when he’s sitting at home with Mrs. Smith and his baby mumbling, “… I woulda, coulda, should’ve…” the light will finally go on. And to me, that is sad. I will always believe he could have been up there with the really good ones. Not great mind you, but very respectible. Oh, well!

  10. Jim….you’re killing us with the QB circus in San Fran…..first it was Smith….then Manning….back to Smith or Kaepernick…and now Johnson?

  11. Best case scenario for the Niners – let Smith walk and sign JJ. With the weapons they have and the offensive philosophy, a better value play.

  12. As a Buccaneers fan for the last 20 years, I was intrigued when Gruden drafted JJ a few years back.

    Gruden planned on molding him and working with him. Then 1 year later, Gruden got canned.

    Josh Johnson has never had the chance to really show what he can do. His college numbers are completely amazing. He reminds me of a Michael Vick type quaterback… He has speed, breaks tackles, but, where he trumps Vick is the Accuracy. He is Very good, and I hope that he goes to a team that will give this guy a chance.

  13. San fran…. They are getting a little antsy and he would love to be there for obvious reasons. The team is set up to make a qb look decent without doing much.

  14. If Alex Smith thinks Harbaugh isn’t perfectly poised to go with his old protege and work towards Kaep’s future, he’s sadly mistaken.

    If Harbaugh can mold a QB as broken as Smith (with no offseason even), he could make Josh Johnson/Kaepernick’s the next Cam Newtons.

    Alex’s chances are getting slim.

  15. I find it funny that the last 4 or 5 years I wanted to see Alex Smith leave. He had a great season last year so I had a little more faith in him and wanted him to stay. Now he wants to leave. I say let him go so we can start fresh. He’s like the kwame brownof QBs.

  16. sorry Josh is not that great…He has never won a game in the pro’s and I think he is 0-5 as a starter…

  17. If the niners part ways with Alex and don’t go to the big dance ______________ ? You can fill in the blank . If your niner brass you get Smith signed for a reasonable figure. You aren’t doing your job if you don’t. Smith followed the coaching orders and the 49ers lost the N.F.C. Championship Game,it was not his fault. There seemed to be a breakdown in the O.T. on some play calling. I would have had Alex run an option or two,maybe a bootleg. Alex didn’t fumble the punt Alex followed orders and the team lost. It’s easy to arm chair all this but I don’t think you can just plug in another Q.B. and dominate. All of this drama will be over soon as soon as Smith signs and is a 49er. If he doesn’t, prepare for more drama and plenty of it.

  18. Makes you realize how fast Jim Harbaugh has move through the coaching ranks. Johnson wouldn’t revive his career here, he’d be the most legit 3rd string QB in the league, competing with the Bears of course.

  19. babyhorsemorgan says: Mar 20, 2012 6:21 PM

    Josh is a slightly smaller version of Nearly Normal Newton, who plays for the Panthers. Teams can sign Johnson now, or wait a couple of years for Newt to become available.

    Nearly Normal Newton of course being a larger version of Very Vigorous Vick, who plays for the Eagles, who is a more athletic and less accurate version of Blindingly Bold Brady, who plays for the Patriots, and has more super bowl rings than Meticulously Melancholy Manning, who plays for the Giants, and Really Rapacious Roethlisberger, who plays for the Steelers.

    What is wrong with you bro? I hope the answer is that your five year old daughter wrote this, because that would go a long way towards explaining why this post is so bizarre: why you think Josh Johnson will ever be comparable to Cam Newton, why you needed to explain who Cam Newton was, and why you think the Panthers will ever give Newton a chance to walk. Nearly Normal Newton, who plays for the Panthers, has as much chance of hitting free agency as Rarely Retreating Rodgers, who play for the Packers.

  20. He’s going to the Niners. Much better chance of overtaking Alex Smith (assuming he comes back) then he does replacing Griffin, who the Redskins just gambled their future on.

  21. Josh Johnson sucks, I don’t know why either of these team would sign him.
    He’s completed a meager 54% of his passes and has thrown twice as many INTs as TDs.
    He is definitely not a legit NFL QB and neither of these teams should be considereing him.

    Other QBs still out there are much better, have more experience, and much better ability to read defenses such as:

    David Carr
    Kyle Boller – has a cannon for an arm
    Jake Delhomme
    Luke McCown
    Vince Young

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