Cromartie wanted no part of Tebow in November, or now

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On a Thursday night in November, quarterback Tim Tebow engineered an Elwayesque late-game drive against the supposedly vaunted Jets defense, punctuating the come-from-behind win with a bull rush toward the end zone.

Playing the role of willing matador was cornerback Antonio Cromartie.

It wasn’t a full-blown Shonn Greene red-cape routine.  Instead, Cromartie made no effort to get away from Broncos receiver Eric Decker.  In fact, it looked like Cromartie held onto Decker in order to ensure Cromartie would be able to avoid throwing his body in front of the runaway “T” train.

And so it’s fitting, we suppose, that if Cromartie wanted no part of Tebow then, Cromartie also wants no part of Tebow now.

The Jets reportedly are interested in Tebow.  Cromartie isn’t.

We don’t need Tebow,” Cromartie wrote on Twitter.  “We sell out every home game let him go to Jacksonville Tampa or Miami.  Our wildcat offense can b ran by J. Kerley or Joe McKnight we straight.”

While G.M. Mike Tannenbaum and coach Rex Ryan surely appreciate Cromartie’s personnel advice, it’s not Cromartie’s call.  But if other players feel the same way, adding Tebow to an already dysfunctional locker room will serve only to make things even more fun in 2012.

Or, for Jets plans, completely depressing.

108 responses to “Cromartie wanted no part of Tebow in November, or now

  1. Cro wants no part of anybody he can’t turn into a baby mama. Or that he would have to tackle

  2. Oh my God…would this be awesome or what?

    Please, for all that is Holy…just do it Tannenbaum! Get the Messiah!!

    Dysfunction Jet Junction!!

  3. I don’t like Tebow’s game but this is coming from a dude whose quarterback is Mark Sanchez.

    A team that just extended him no less!

    C’mon man!

  4. I don’t fully know Tebow’s football capabilities but I do know if Cromartie maybe surrounded himself with a few more “Tim Tebows” he wouldn’t have an uncountable number of kids.

  5. I want him to go to Green Bay and his name will be CheeseUS instead of JesUS. Please go to the Packers!

  6. The Jets would probably be a little better if they did not have Cromartie on their team….

  7. Seems more and more players are “tweeting” opinions that seem misplaced or inappropriate. The Owner/FO’s make the decisions on who is on the team and plays……speculating both positive and surely negatively does nothing to help the team move forward.

    It isn’t limited to just this circumstance, nor this team.

  8. Probably because Cromartie wont be able to use the Lords name in vain when he swears. Tebow is the best thing in the NFL for a long time back.

  9. The Jets taking Teblow could edge them past the Dolphins in the “dysfunctional team” category.

  10. What a d-bag! Perhaps he won’t even be on the team next season. Obviously, he still hasn’t changed a whole lot from his days in San Diego. After watching press conferences today for Peyton Manning and Hines Ward, it makes Cromartie look like an even bigger douche bag!

  11. “I’m going to wear No. 12 for the Jets,” Tebow said. ”I had the privilege of speaking with Joe Namath this morning. It really goes against everything I believe in being a guy who appreciates the history of football and I believe when a number is retired it should stay retired; but in talking to Joe Namath, I feel he really wants me to wear his number. It was a very humbling conversation and I am honored to wear his number, being another quarterback for the New York Jets as Mr. Namath was back years ago as one of the first quarterbacks to play here. It truly is an honor for me and I’m really following his wishes to wear it because that’s what he wants me to do and I’m honored to do that.”

    – Tim Tebow

  12. Wow! With regard to Tim Tebow Cromartie is now saying “f*** him!!! He’s an a**hole!!!”

  13. Cromartie may just be the worst ever lol. That Shonn Greene play was a disgrace!

  14. Cromartie also said that Sanchez got us to “2 AFC Championship Games”. Will someone please tell the Jets and their fans that “getting to” back to back AFC Championship Games and LOSING them both does not come with a trophy.

    The Patriots have lost their last two Super Bowls, but at least they have another two Lamar Hunt Trophies. Losing the AFCCG is just another playoff loss no one will ever remember in a few years time.

  15. The entire Jets organization is one dysfunctional group of unqualified, egotistical, and underachieving personnel and players.

    They deserve their own reality television show.

  16. Maybe I’m wrong (I’m sure I’ll be corrected if so), but wasn’t it, All world, best player to play the game ever, Darelle Revis who b!+ched out when Tebow came barreling around the corner during that game?

  17. No body wants Tebow I guess no one likes winning.

    With that said watch Tebow become the starter for a new team the the idiots at ESPN, NFL Network, PFT and all other pro football sites and forums become surprised hes winning again goes to show there is no football expert just players who want to win, then players who just want a paycheck and finally there is Tebow a guy who has been told he can’t do this or that but yet he does it better then most.

  18. CROWINGMARTIE.. giant head EGO that couldn’t deal with someone that is actually liked and cheered by the fans.

  19. Seems like the purpose of this article is to take a dump on Cromartie. I’m not the one to cry “haters!” but jeez Flo, this is like the second or third mention today.

  20. Hmmm…18 teams gave up fewer points than the J e t s last season and yet Sanchez and the J e t s O are the prob?

    Hey Cromartie…here’s an idea…shut your face until you play some elite D kk>?

    Honestly I’d be begging for t-bow to play strong safety on your quitting secondary if I was you.

    J e t s spells quit that’s right.

  21. This guy can remember how many different plays for his team but can’t name his children. That should tell you all you need to know about him.

  22. I’m sensing that Cromartie is being a bigot. Whether it is the skin color or Christian issue, Cromartie just showed his true colors.

  23. Tebow playing for Rex Ryan?… Coach…thou shall not take the word thy god in vain after every incompletion/interception I throw!

  24. Sorry Jets fans…I think it would be a hoot for Tebow to join the team, just for the entertainment it would provide for the rest of us. Yes, yes, I know the Vikings organization is dysfunctional, but we don’t have nearly the characters that the Jets have — both players and coaches. And just when Sanchez was feeling comfortable in getting his new contract and being crowned the “leader” of his team. First Manning and now Tebow. If Sanchez wasn’t a head case before, he’ll be one by the time the season starts.

  25. I never bought into the whole Tebowmania nonsense, and don’t care for Tebow all that much, but Cromartie’s way out of line here. If anything, maybe Tebow can teach him a little humility, and planned parenthood.

    What a total arse.

  26. The fact that the Jets would even consider trading for Tebow shows how disfynctional this franchise really is. You’ve already got one mediocre QB on your roster and now you want to trade for another one. Quit making NY look bad guys, even though I’m a Giant fan I would like to see this team win a Superbowl at some point, if it’s not going to be the Giants of course.

  27. Cromartie is a straight up racist. He doesn’t like the fact that the white boy has moves and beat his team last season. If this was a white player saying this about a black player, the media would be all over it. Get some class, Cromartie. And stop giving up on plays, you selfish arrogant millionare dick.

  28. What this article didnt mention is that he tweeted right after that they didn’t need another QB because they have Mark and he is confident in him. For all the stupid things he says, he is actually backing Sanchez up in his tweet. Nothing wrong with that…
    but please proceed with the same tired old joke about his kids, and while you are at it, mention that Rex is fat and that he likes feet. If you write that, you will be so original and everyone will think you are witty and funny.

  29. Hopefully Cromartie’s little league team…errrr… Family has a better grasp on the english language than they’re absentee father.

    Cromartie just needs to go away, he and people like him are the reason that men have little to no chance of gaining custody of their kids. Responsible men should take exception to dead beat dads for all the aggravation they cause us.

  30. He said something similar about LaRon Landry when he wanted his buddy Reggie Nelson to sign, but did a 180 when Landry came on board. It would be the same with Tebow.

    The bi-polar Jets fan base both love and hate the prospect of Tebow, the same as they both loved and hated the idea of adding Peyton Manning. The truth is that the knives will be out for Sanchez as soon as he looks shaky whether Tebow is on the team or not. The media will stir up a frenzy around the team whether Tebow is here or not. All he brings is a new angle – and the skillet to run a complementary sub package (call it Wildcat if you insist) that diversifies and enhances our offense.

    It sounds like the Jets are getting ready to make a deal and if we can persuade Denver to take Bart Scott (perhaps by changing part of his guaranteed salary to bonus and swallowing it) as part of the deal, it’s a huge win for Mike Tannenbaum and his team.

  31. Denver would live to regret getting rid of Tebow….they are crazy beyond repair paying Manning that kind of money!! Looks like they will be playing dual quarterbacks while they hone Tebow to Manning status, & should Manning get the coup-de-grace (in the neck) while on the field, Denver can always fall back on da “T”. They well know that Manning is playing on borrowed time, and they are willing to take that gamble knowing full well that 2 QB’s each playing at 80% potential, (or whatever Manning will be playing at come September), makes for 160% on the field! They still may live to regret it….but hey………it’s only money!! OH…and for justentertainingstupid…..remember Ron White’s words…”You can’t fix stupid!”
    Here’s his sign………

  32. @patriotinvasion says:

    “The Patriots have lost their last two Super Bowls, but at least they have another two Lamar Hunt Trophies.”

    Wow. I never thought I’d see someone play the “ha ha! We lost two Super Bowls” card.

  33. patriotinvasion says:
    Mar 20, 2012 11:56 PM
    someone please tell the Jets and their fans that “getting to” back to back AFC Championship Games and LOSING them both does not come with a trophy.


    Someone please tell Patriot fan that “getting to” Super Bowls and LOSING both of them (post SpyGate) does not come with a trophy.


  34. patriotinvasion says:
    Losing the AFCCG is just another playoff loss no one will ever remember in a few years time.
    Well you remembered, and still waiting to forget???

  35. The shocking part is that his tweet is surprisingly legible and doesn’t sound like a fourth grader with crayons wrote it. Considering that compared to the average football player, he’s dumb as bricks

  36. Tebow would quote the Bible “Be fruitful and multiply”. Cromartie would actually listen to Tebow.

  37. And on today’s edition of Days of Our Jets…

    You know, it’d almost be too perfect for Tebow to land in New York. He’d add to the perfect storm that is the Jets, and he’d be playing in a major TV market for the NFL to cash in on. It’s practically a win-win all around. He actually might turn out to be the leader the Jets need to fix themselves, but who wants that to happen?

  38. Jet fan here and I have to say that after last year’s performance by the “entire” team you’d think these players would just humble themselves and be quiet, at least until they start winning some games.

    We lost our last three games last year. Show some humility instead of embarrasing yourself

  39. thenmoveback says:
    Mar 20, 2012 11:42 PM
    J E T S suck suck suck

    179 24

    That something as genius as the above message gets 179 likes just betrays that most of the anti-Jets responses here are ignorant hate.

  40. Thanks for finally pointing it out. I’d be bitter about Tebow, too– if he exposed me on national TV and all that.

  41. Wow. I never thought I’d see someone play the “ha ha! We lost two Super Bowls” card.”

    That’s because not one remembers the jets lone (one) trip to the SB in 4 BC.

  42. The “Golden Age” of Jets football is over. Back-to-back AFC title games losses…and that’s it. That’s the greatest run in Jets history.
    A flat-out joke of a franchise.

  43. yea triple chin rax can def. use tim tblows I kno I kno 3:16 beat the stinkies 7 of 8 80 yarder in ot. but that wasn’t tebows mashin flake taylor for the td It was d.thomas

  44. boilerup1869 says: Mar 21, 2012 1:42 AM

    I hope cromartie reads
    Fixed it for you.
    We know he did well in one thing in school though, he can multiply.

  45. Cromartie has alot of nerve to talk about another player. He needs to worry about not getting beat each play like he stole something. When they played the Raiders, they made him look like an absolute joke. What the Jets ” DO NEED” is another CB to compliment Revis bc he is a bum.

  46. One thing they can agree on, is neither believes in contraception. So they’ve got that going for them.

  47. I can pinpoint cromarties on field downfall to one specific play. Got to YouTube and type in Ronnie brown Antonio cromartie and watch the first video

  48. tatum064 says:
    Mar 21, 2012 6:31 AM
    patriotinvasion says:
    Mar 20, 2012 11:56 PM
    someone please tell the Jets and their fans that “getting to” back to back AFC Championship Games and LOSING them both does not come with a trophy.


    Someone please tell Patriot fan that “getting to” Super Bowls and LOSING both of them (post SpyGate) does not come with a trophy.


    Actually, it does. You see, when you actually WIN the AFC, you earn the AFC CHAMPIONSHIP trophy. But apparently for jets fans, getting to-and LOSING-the AFC Championship is good enough for bragging rights.

     6 3 

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