David Garrard unsure who he’s competing with in Miami

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David Garrard said shortly after reaching an agreement with the Dolphins that he’ll be competing for the starting job in Miami. But he doesn’t know who the other entrants in the Dolphins’ quarterback derby are.

“They didn’t say for sure they were bringing another guy in, but they said it’s a possibility, whether in the draft or whatever,” Garrard told the Associated Press.

At the moment, Garrard would appear to be competing with Matt Moore, who started the Dolphins’ final 12 games last year, for the No. 1 quarterback job. But Garrard referencing the possibility of competing with a quarterback who is brought in via the draft raises the question of whether the Dolphins hope to select Texas A&M’s Ryan Tannehill and make it a three-man race. The signing of Garrard presumably means Alex Smith is no longer a candidate to sign in Miami.

The 34-year-old Garrard, who sat out the entire 2011 season after being cut by the Jaguars and having back surgery, said he’s ready to prove he deserves to be the starter no matter who else is part of the competition.

“It’s going to be a great competition, and I’m all about that,” Garrard said. “I’m going to do my best to make sure it’s me on opening day.”

Despite the talk that no one wants to play in Miami, Garrard said he had a great time visiting with the Dolphins and was eager to sign.

“I just love the vibe,” Garrard said. “I love everybody’s mission and goal, and the purpose they have and the direction they’re heading.”

In loving the Dolphins’ direction, Garrard is outside the norm in this NFL offseason.

59 responses to “David Garrard unsure who he’s competing with in Miami

  1. I am waiting for Jeff Ireland to take off his mask and we all find out that the GM is really Matt Millen. Never thought someone could be as bad or possibly worse of a GM

  2. If he’s not lucky then it will be Tim Tebow … and he’ll be hated by his fanatic followers.

  3. i believe he’s referring to the money. Same reason Manning chose the Broncos over the 49ers.

  4. That’s because when he heard the name Matt Moore he though they were talking about the pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays. He did not realize that the Dolphins have a QB with the exact same name.

  5. Lets make something clear, the issue about David Garrard in Miami is not actually about David Garrard! The real issue is how did the Dolphins get to this point where they had to turn to David Garrard!

    The Dolphins did not “LAND” a Quarterback… They infact “ENDED UP” with one. A QB who was their next-next-next-next-best option as one writer put it.

    Was this early off-season plan really Peyton Manning or Bust! Was that the summation of our front office plans really? Peyton Manning or rebuild? Within less than 14 days this front office has taken a roster that many believed to be on the verge of a playoff berth with the addition of a couple pieces, to a roster that is now multiple pieces away from cracking .500

    The front office prematurely gave up on this roster, and that’s why Fans are so outraged! Even without Peyton and Flynn, this roster with a few additions via draft and Free Agency would have been good enough to make a playoff run.

    The fact is, yes, we need a new GM. Mr. Ross needs to let Ireland go, for no simpler reason than the fact that the negative perception which has currently been built up league wide among potential employees and players is unrepairable. Thus Ireland’s current role places this franchise at a significant disadvantage when competing with other teams to acquire scarce services that are available. I can go on further to state my case with other points, but I truly believe this to be more than sufficient.

  6. I don’t know what they paid him, but I assume since it’s a one-year deal he’s basically just coming in as a back up. They will still either draft a qb in the 1st or trade for Timbow.

    In Jax Garrard was constantly reminded how the fans wanted Timbow, so it would be viciously cruel to put the two together in Miami. And my “viciously cruel” I mean, pretty damn funny.

  7. So many fins fans jumping ship and so disappointed, I still think there’s hope for the future, great teams build in the draft and Ireland has had some decent picks since parcels left, have hope fins fans

    scheduled today 1 pm at Davie Complex.
    Let’s take our team back from the idiots Ross & Ireland!
    We won’t quit till we get a new owner & GM!!!

  9. David Garrard …….. SERIOUSLY??????

    He was a better fit than Manning, Flynn, Smith, Tebow, six other NFL vets, and half a dozen college kids?????

    ““I love everybody’s mission and goal, and the purpose they have and the direction they’re heading.”

    They have a MISSION????? A “Purpose”?????


    The only directionthis team is headed is down. Racing the Colts for the bottom of the league.

  10. Hey Ross, prepare to lose a ton of money this year & enjoy your empty stadium with your idiot GM. Dolphin fans are going to make you just as miserable as you made us since you bought the team!

  11. And Tannehill was initially graded out to be an early to mid second rounder… now his stock is rocketing up draft board’s… not because anything changed about his grade… but because of need!

    So from early second round grade to potential Top 10 pick based on a “need” driven market! I will pass!

  12. the sarcasm from pft writers is ridiculous. it occurs in pretty much every post.

    it condones and allows the stupidity of readers.

    funny how everyone thinks their qualified to be a GM.

    most men dont even know when their baby has taken a crap in a pamper.

    im sure pm#18 wasnt JI’s first choice, it was owners desire to sell season ticks.

    just write articles. it obvious the Profootballtalk.com doesnt have any pro football knowledge. just a bunch of rejects trying to project whats right & wrong

  13. David, you can slew Goliath (Dan Marino Memories/Matt Moore/Baby Jesus hopes) with your rocket arm and fedora hat!

    You did it once before to Fat Albert up in J-Ville!!!

    All the best to you David, you are a class act!
    (one of the several Jag season ticket owners!)

  14. I’m a Dolphin fan just as much as anybody else but how can fans be mad at this signing? Moore was solid last year and that was without any competition. the fins were a tough out all season and it seemed they lacked solid coaching and play calling more than anything. what fans should be calling for is another couple wr’s

  15. Like Washington last season, it seems like they simply don’t grasp the notion that you need a good quarterback to win in the NFL…

    As I’ve stated before, when you’re sitting in front of your television beer in hand, and these guys make MILLIONS to make decisions, and you can plainly see they’re way wrong and they don’t see it…….

  16. Miami went for Peyton Mannig, but probably not to the tune of $95 million over five years. They went after Matt Flynn and apparently didn’t think he was much of upgrade from Matt Moore afterall. They went after Alex Smith and didn’t think he was worth $8 million a year.

    They didn’t act in desperation and have opted to bring in a veteran back-up (or starter if he can beat-out Moore) and draft a quarterback in the April draft.

    Smart move. Matt Moore was the 12th highest rated quarterback last year. That’s not bad.

    Phin fans be patient, the final roster hasn’t been put together yet. There’s more to come.

    Go Phins.

  17. Camp fodder. What’s the big deal? Take a flier on a guy with a one year contract, if it works out..great, if not, you haven’t lost anything. Likely looking QB in the draft

    And Tim Ruskell was the owrst GM EVER, although Ireland is doing his best unseat him.

  18. So here is the Dolphin breakdown…

    No receivers
    A Checkdown QB
    Solid O Line

    This screams 9 in the box defense and last place in the AFC East

  19. andyo102 says:
    Mar 20, 2012 7:11 AM
    I am waiting for Jeff Ireland to take off his mask and we all find out that the GM is really Matt Millen. Never thought someone could be as bad or possibly worse of a GM


    Millen was the absolute worst he will never be matched. Vinny Cerrato still has a firm grip on #2 at the moment, but I can def see Ireland as #3.

  20. Please fans stop the bashing ( or atleast wait till after the draft) Truth be told, at least 70percent of posts from fans said that Moore deserved another shot. What happen? So we swung and missed on Manning, we have a coach who knows more about Flynn than any fan and didn’t think he was the answer. Garrard we wanted as a back up last year. He’s here and healthy. We added line depth and secondary help. Keep in mind our new DC has turned so rejects into good safeties. Let’s give them till after the draft or the minute they sign Tebow before we give up.
    I know everyone is hating on the Phibs but what did Seattle really do? They overpaid for Flynn (cause their QB really sucks) and flew to Denver and couldn’t even get Manning to walk across the street to meet with them!
    What hurts us is that the Fins open their big mouths saying we’ll spend what ever it takes. Take a page from the patriots and shut up management. Then at least it’ll sound like you have a secret plan.

  21. I seriously hope Miami doesn’t draft Tannehill. Talk about wasting your first round pick. Your better off giving that 1st rounder to pittsburg for Mike Wallace. Tannehill is not a franchise QB. Miami needs a WR this year. More specifically Justin Blackmon or Michael Floyd. Anyone from Miami knows about Michael Floyd and how he dominated against the Hurricanes in the bowl a couple years ago.

  22. You whining nancies need to pull your skirts off your faces. You are not professional GMs, so enough already with the handwringing. Garrard was signed as backup insurance. The QB the Phins are targeting is in the draft, and since he played for Sherman, he should already be ahead of the game in relation to other rookies. He is young, has never been cut by an NFL team, and (as far as we know) has never had a single with neck surgery. Is he franchise materiel? Time and the devil will tell.

  23. What losers. They just can’t do anything right. Maybe they will trade for Tebow and do something right!

  24. Spoken by a guy who has always been a borderline journey and everyone’s second choice to lead their team, even though he has been fairly successful as a starter.

  25. Ireland will bring in Tebow to but to play another position, what this is who knows? He is not a fast runner and not sure if he can even catch a pass?
    I’m surprised Matt Moore is that bad. If Tebow comes Moore get cut.

  26. Garrard “loves the vibe” because Miami is the only team that gave him the time of day. At the rate Jeff Ireland is going, he’ll probably bring in Curtis FingerPainter in on a $67 million dollar deal to compete with Garrard.

  27. Even though Garrard does not set the world on fire, he will be a capable QB. I never understood the hate Garrard got. That being said, I can’t figure out what direction this team is going in? Are they rebuilding? Are they going for the present? (that would be a mistake). Who’s replacing Marshall? Yeremiah? Are we going to draft for all those needs? How about Tannehill?

    Like I’ve said, I am extremely confused and discouraged but let’s let this play out. Ireland hasn’t earned the benefit of the doubt form us fans but we really have no option (unless we continue to fly banners at Sun Life!). I will not go near the stadium or buy any Dolphin paraphernalia until they turn this debacle around.

    And then there’s always the Barkley….. And the cycle continues…..

  28. You would love the vibe in Miami too if they gave you a contract after a year of sitting out for back surgery and 5 miserable years of starts for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Fireland.

  29. Garrard is a 34 year old, overweight, fumbler (44 times & lost 21 of them) with a bad attitude. He used to scramble his way out of jams not pass his way out.

    We got this guy because he is a has been. Last year would have been year-10. In fact, he could have played for the Dolphins, late in the 2010 season but turned us down. Garrard has no upside! He is not very coachable and runs his mouth. Matt Moore is clearly a back up but at least has the promise of getting better. Garrard will not get better, he might get hurt and go on IR but he will not get better.

    Garrard should recognize that he is competing with father time as much as he is Matt Moore! Way to go Jeff Ireland! Another Miami First down!

  30. a couple yearsx ago, playing fantasy football, i needed a qb for 1 week…..i loooked at the waiver wire and saw garrard……i needed 1 freaking point to win for the week, 1…….he threw an int on first play and was taken out…..i will never like garrard…..

  31. @maxvain,
    Well said. I agree completely. The roster was set up for success and they have systematically weakened it. The negativity is a stigma that is difficult to overcome. The team has (had) playmakers. What they lacked was true leadership. Moore is capable but is not a guy that can carry the team when necessary. Going after Peyton was fine but the damage via negative perception was enhanced. Garrard is a bandaid and tells me that they will draft a QB. It is likely Tannehill at 8 (if there) but Ireland likes to gamble and boost his ego/value by getting a “steal” in the draft. He has not been as bad as his reputation. He has drafted fairly well and there are some good young players on the roster. That said, he needs to go. His reputation among players/coaches/personnel people league-wide cannot be overcome and is damaging the franchise’s ability to get better. That combined with Ross’ perception of being only concerned with “entertainment”, celebrity and ticket sales make it nearly impossible to get a decent FA. This once proud franchise has been reduced to the laughing stock of the league. It is very hard to be a Dolphins fan. The future does not look much better. Ireland needs to go and Ross needs to stay out of the spotlight. I hope Ross is smart enough to see that.

  32. The QB the Phins are targeting is in the draft, and since he played for Sherman, he should already be ahead of the game in relation to other rookies
    all true, but who’s Tannehill going to throw to??? if they reach for Tannehill and yes it’s a reach, then who’s going to be catching for Tannehill?? will Jeffery fall into their laps?? or will he end up in Indy or St Louis??

  33. David Garrard is a lot better than most people make him out to be. The only knock on him is he’s not a good long baller. He does have a strong arm, though. He will get the 3rd and shorts, too. Built like a fullback and hard to bring down. Real strong!
    Don’t worry Fins fans, you’ll like him a lot. He never had the weapons in Jax and still took them to the playoffs. I was hoping that the Jags would’ve resigned him to be the backup, but sometimes you just have to move on. Watch this video and you’ll feel better about.

    Good luck Dave, you are real class act! GO Jags!!!

  34. mwcarolina says:Mar 20, 2012 10:37 AM

    The QB the Phins are targeting is in the draft, and since he played for Sherman, he should already be ahead of the game in relation to other rookies
    all true, but who’s Tannehill going to throw to??? if they reach for Tannehill and yes it’s a reach, then who’s going to be catching for Tannehill?? will Jeffery fall into their laps?? or will he end up in Indy or St Louis??


    Name a college QB that didn’t win in college, that succeded in the NFL…Closest one was Trent Edwards,,,and where is he today???

    Tannehill not the or even an answer..Hell, he got Sherman fired from college, and will do same in pros.

    Dolphins should consider biting bullet, and trading # 8 pick in 1st round to NE…for Ryan Mallett..and yes, he can play…and yes, he’s been coached well.

  35. Drafting Tannehill in the first round would be ten times dumber than signing Garrard was.

    You can’t put a top ten grade on a second round talent just because you have a need at the position! Or because the guy who failed while coaching him in college happened to land on your staff!

    This kind of stupid pretzel logic is what got the Dolphins in this position in the first place.

    Garrard is a serviceable one year band aid who actually had a pretty good season in 2010 (64.5 completion percentage, 23/15 td/int, 90.8 rating).

    Don’t compound the disaster of not getting the QBs you wanted to by squandering a top 10 pick on a reach like Tannehill.

    You screwed up the QB search this year- deal with it. Take a deep breath. Don’t make a panic move that sets your team back another 5 years by drafting a QB who was only the 5th best IN HIS CONFERENCE last season.

  36. Knock it off you big bunch of “know it alls”. According to this verbage the Dolphins are so stupid when they signed Larry Johnson as a RB and Reggie Bush can’t be a between the tackles, every down back,, need I go on. Oh yeah, the Bills and the Bucs are going to win the SuperBowl because some hack Blogger titled them Winners in FA.

    So, Larry Johnson was an experiment at pennies on the dollar, Bush shoved crow in everyones mouth and the Bills might more games, but we professional Opinionators forget ( purposefully or not) they still have to PLAY the damn Season. We shall see. I dont expect much from the Dolphins, but atleast we were fiscally responsible. Which got us in this situation . Players did not choose Miami because they could not compete financially. Case Closed. And YES get rid of Ireland because he does suck and it has nothing to do with his Dez Bryant – Prostitute comment, which again for the record is not as most of you keep repeating like a flock of unresearched followers. As for Joey Porter, he sucks and robbed the Fins. He was an underperforming overpaid player. He is the reason, we are here and gunshy to sign big name overpriced players.. , more than Ross/Ireland ! Sins of the past always catch up with you. Go pick on the Bengals? They have more money than any team and signed no one. Educate yourselves, then speak. I mean that more to the players speaking out than I do all of you, but it wouldnt hurt to learn something yourselves either. I wish I could badmouth my employer who gave me $millions and then tried to play the race-card (dBryant) as justification. Go run your drills, not your mouth.

  37. QB/Coaching combo’s are about the biggest indicator of success in the NFL. Here’s how the AFC East stacks up:


    Any questions about who’s finishing on top in 2012?
    (It doesn’t seem fair, does it)

  38. I just love the Dolphin fans who say Miami and Philbin had no interest in Flynn. If that was really the case then why even bring him to town.

    No the truth is Joe Philbin doesn’t negotiate contracts, Ireland does and Ireland thought Flynn would choose the Dolphins over the Seahawks because of his connection with Philbin.

    He might not have been as sold on Flynn as Philbin was but to say they somehow passed on Flynn with the lowball offer, your just lying to yourself.

    As a Packer fan, I know what its like to have a GM that many people hate. Ted Thompson won a SB and his team just went 15-2 and you wouldn’t have to look far to find Packer fans who would still like to fire his ass.

    Im not one of them.

  39. Dolphins always wanted Gerrard. They were not really interested in Manning,. Flynn, RGIII, Alex Smith,Tannehill.

    As a Dolphin fan, I can stop going to games, burn mine and all my childrens jersey, but better yet I think I’ll just shoot myself

  40. Tannehill is too much a reach at #8. They can’t count on Weeden as a 4th or 5th (which is what he’s worth with the risk of age — ‘though I think he’s ready to play)… So I hope they are content with Moore & Garrand as backup.

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