Dolphins reportedly not interested in Tim Tebow

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There was a protest calling for Jeff Ireland’s dismissal in Miami on Tuesday, but the Dolphins General Manager claimed to know nothing about it.

Ireland called Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald and pleaded ignorance of the protest because he was too busy working in an office without a window providing a view of the gathering. Ireland also dismissed the notion that players are avoiding the Dolphins because of his presence.

“I absolutely think players and coaches want to be here,” Ireland said. “When we talk to people about the Dolphins, they still think highly of this franchise, its history, its direction. They have no problem coming here. And sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they make other decisions. But it’s a two-way street. We make our decisions also.”

That last point seemed aimed at those criticizing the Dolphins for not landing Matt Flynn as a free agent. Ireland said that these decisions usually come down to money and, not speaking specifically about Flynn, that he wasn’t going to make reckless moves that seriously impact the franchise. Ireland said that he’s done chasing free agent options at quarterback after signing David Garrard and that drafting one is still a possibility.

But what about a trade for Tim Tebow?

Ireland wouldn’t comment, but Salguero reports, via “several highly placed club sources,” that the team will not pursue a deal for Tebow. Per Salguero, the team is unwilling to revamp its offense for Tebow and they don’t think he’d fit into the West Coast scheme they want to run next season.

Here’s the place for all the caveats about not showing your cards at the poker table, especially when you’re talking about a team that is dealing with some serious fan unrest about their current direction. Tebow would put people in the seats, regardless of how well he fits the offense, and the call to make a move could come from a place even higher than the sources who spoke to Salguero.

73 responses to “Dolphins reportedly not interested in Tim Tebow

  1. Is the woman that’s in charge of Ops for the Dolphins the same one that was in charge of Ops for the Browns? Everywhere she goes its another debacle.

  2. This would make perfect sense for a team and Front Office that desperatly needs something… which is why they probably wont do it

  3. In their defense on Flynn, I don’t think he has shown significantly more potential than Matt Moore. And Josh, this was a well written article. Damn I’m in a good mood.

  4. Dolphins fans have been so downtrodden by losing over the years, a Tebow-led 4-12 team would by awesome by comparison.

  5. Like I stated last night I’m done and tired of complaining, crying, and being so negative. I’m a fan of the team and will be win or lose. I cannot focus on the negatives as the season has yet to start and draft has yet to come. Who knows what will happen? 49ers were supposed to go nowhere with Alex Smith last season..well they went pretty damn far. Like it or not as a fan it is what it is and I gotta just make the best of it as a Dolphin fan. I been a fan all my life and will continue to be a Dolphins fan.

  6. Winning puts people in the seats…and with Teblow there will be none of that.

  7. Posted by Josh Alper on March 20, 2012, 4:54 PM EDT….and the call to make a move could come from a place even higher than the sources who spoke to Salguero.


    A place higher than the sources who spoke to Salguero? Like…God? I hear Tebow and God are like brothers.

  8. I have been a Dolphins fan all my life however I realize that first and foremost I am a football fan. The Dolphins organization does not care for those of us you have been life long fans….especially that idiot Jeff Irelnd. He is in over his head. I will continue to football fan and cheer teams that have a clue about football until the Dolphins get their heads (or Ireland’s head) out of their rectum!

  9. The problem isn’t the GM it’s been the coach. I am a Dolphins fans and all those loser people outside the facility need to get some perspective. Fisher didn’t come here because the Rams have a established quarterback with a great amount of draft picks. We let flynn walk because he’s unproven and Matt Moore is just as good. Only Peyton knows why he didn’t come here. All is not lost you morons. Have you ever thought about this. Maybe you dolphins fans that don’t give anyone more than a year to establish themselves here before you want to run them out of town is the reason some may not want to come here. Negative negative people around this franchise will GET US NOTHING. STOP!

  10. Signing Matt Flynn to a fair market value 3 year $26 million dollar contract with only $10 million guaranteed is a “reckless move that seriously impact the franchise”? What an idiot! Fireland!

  11. To me this is proof that the Dolphins are going to make a fatal mistake – trust the word of Mike Sherman in an important drafting decision.

    With the 8th overall pick in the 2012 draft, the Miami Dolphins select: Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M.

  12. Ireland also dismissed the notion that players are avoiding the Dolphins because of his presence.

    Yeah, that attitude sure has been working for you, Jeff. You’re an incompetent holdover from a failed Bill Parcells scam. Add a preening, celebrity fan-boy owner and you have a recipe for professional disaster that no free agent (who wants to win) wants anything to do with.

    You have to be able to recognize your faults before you address them, and team ownership and management is incapable of that. I feel sorry for Philbin.

  13. Why would the Dolphins be interested in changing their philosophy? I mean Tebow doesn’t compare to Chad Henne or Chad Pennington or Joey Harrington or Jay Fielder right? They have a plan in their head, & the Patriots/Jets/Bills should be worried! Tebow would be better off somewheres else;) Perhaps a team that is more progressive than reactive… haha

  14. If this is true than I hope the franchise continues to lack the brain power to put a consistently competitive franchise on the field. Ireland might still be hungover from St. patty’s day which would explain why he’d turn away Tebow and “Flynn” but sign the very unsuccessful Garrard. Keep turning away winners, leaders and fans favorites for a good deal!!! What a D*CK!!!

  15. Go Phins!

    Ireland biggest mistake was with Dez Bryant. As far as players, he’s had more hits than misses. Bet nobody expected Matt Moore to unseat Chad Henne. But he is the better quarterback. The Phins are going in the right direction. I’d take Garrard over Tebow. I’m glad this trade never happened.

  16. Not a Tebow fan at all but what would the Dolphins have to lose? Wouldn’t have to give up much for him and at the very least, it would put butts in the seats.

    Hell, they once wasted a second round pick on Pat White…

  17. Dig the comment above – I’m in for life. How about some of the current players speaking out to defend Ireland – whether they know what he’s doing or not. He’s not a dummy. Matt Flynn is not the answer, obviously they didn’t want him that bad. Cheers to Seattle.

  18. They should wait on Barkley. That way they can have another 5 years of being bottom feeders.

  19. “a team that is dealing with some serious fan unrest?”

    unrest from 20-30 fat slobs making fools of themselves?

    “Tebow – a gayturd – would put people in the seats?”

    you got to be joking! most dolfans are fans of the u thus hating the gayturds!

    the writers imagination would be better used if he wrote science fiction novels!

  20. If the Dolphins do things to appease the fans they will be in an even worse position in the future than they are now.

    Last year the 9ers were expected to be in the Suck for Luck sweepstakes and now we all have Super Bowl aspirations. No one wanted to coach or play here, and with the exception of Manning, the 9ers haven’t had much trouble.

    Ireland still has to go. Ross has another few years of getting his teeth kicked in before he starts getting it right. Took the Yorks a decade so…

  21. 30 fans were at the protest. This is just a made up stories by beat writers who dont know anything, some angry ex players and pft. If they wanted flynn he would be a dolphin. I think philbin knows his limitations.

  22. I’m starting to feel bad for the guy. I’d like to see him in a Jets uniform and have him out play Sanchez.

  23. I do not know of any Dolphins fans (non Gator fans) that are interested or excited about the possibility of bringing Tebow in. Not sure why this site continually thinks he will fill up the seats. Will Gator fan attend a couple of games? Sure. You think Gator fans are buying season tickets? Get real.

  24. I think that the Dolphins like Tannehill/Weeden/Osweiler. That is why they brought in a stopgap like Garrard rather than a younger guy with long term starter aspirations.

  25. Good for Miami not caving into pressure, signing that dog Tebow and setting their franchise back another 10 years. Props also for not dumping a boat load on Flynn. Of all people, Philbin knew whether Flynn was the “answer” at QB. If he was, the Fins would have paid. Garrard is a good stop gap for now. Franchise QBs don’t grow on trees. 75% of the league doesn’t have one. One day, Miami will find their QB. It sure isn’t Tebow, it probably wasn’t Flynn and Manning for 3 years isn’t worth the money.

  26. The idea of Tebow going to the Eagles just makes sense! Reid knows how to coach a QB & Tebow needs a real coach.

    Tebow is also left handed & a package play maker Reid would be interested in.

    AWesome IDea, I would LOVE This move! TeeeBooowwww Ooooohh OH

  27. What else is there to say? The Dolphins will get beat up about this one no matter which way they go but after this offseason, they deserve every ounce of criticism. Cut YB? I don’t get it.

  28. Either Ross has grown a brain, or Philbin and/or Ireland have grown a pair of balls and told Ross to forget Tebow. My guess is Philbin nixed the idea.

  29. In spite of how ‘delusional Armando’ was thinking Tebow is the answer….

    the Phins were never going to get Tebow because they know he’s a terrible QB and simply a 2 year distraction from finding a franchise passer…

    Flynn was unlikely to go there also because they already have a good QB that isn’t a proven franchise guy: Moore…. Flynn with his 2 starts was not worth the money to upgrade and basically have two unproven guys….

    but none of that changes the reality that Ireland isn’t getting it done…..

  30. Why does everyone say, “he’ll put people in the seats”….the guy sucks and will make any team worse. Why would attendance go up when the quality of the team goes down??

  31. Honestly, I think Cam Newton’s dad could do a better job of running the Dolphins. They don’t know what they want to be. Think how they have morphed and tried and failed so many different things, power run, west coast, wildcat, etc. And that is not even mentioning the personnel issues. It is really bad. They don’t know what they want to be. how many coaches, coordinators, etc. A real mess.
    Those protesters need to push harder maybe PR pressure will finally get through to Ross.?

  32. I went to the Wikipedia page for Stephen Ross. I wanted to figure out whether he lived in Miami (he doesn’t, he lives in New York City) because I think non-resident owners are what’s wrong with the League today. See Browns, Vikings, etc.

    Anyway, I love the open editing of Wikipedia. Sounds like some Wikipedia editor has the same warm feelings for Ross like they do for Ireland (and warm diapers). The part about the Dolphins in the Wikipedia entry is hilarious.

  33. Tebow’s ranks for 2011 (14 games):

    passer rating – 40th
    completion % – 60th
    completions – 35th
    attempts – 33rd
    yards – 31st

    Is that the worst season in the history of quarterbacking?

  34. No wonder Ryan Clark said nobody wants to go to Miami. These guys could f$%k up a cup a coffee.

    Unbelievable. Alex Smith will run back to S.F. with his tail between his legs rather than sign here.

  35. cuda1234 says:
    Mar 20, 2012 5:48 PM
    Tebow’s ranks for 2011 (14 games):

    passer rating – 40th
    completion % – 60th
    completions – 35th
    attempts – 33rd
    yards – 31st

    Is that the worst season in the history of quarterbacking?


    bounced defending AFC Champion in the first round, on first play in OT

    “Thats why they play the games”
    -Chris Berman

    that being said, he’s right, but you just keep wanting to root for the guy to shut the experts up.

  36. Denver should trade him to some under-developed country so he could do what he does best.

  37. @aaroncurryisbust

    I wish everyone would get over this Flynn bandwagon. Rogers talks him up, the Packers org talked him up and yet only two teams had him come in! There is a reason we didnt pay him and that no other teams that need a QB even invited him for a tryout. Not Cle, Min, Jac, KC, TB, 9ers, not even the Jets to push Sanchez. The packers knew not to franchise him cause there was no market for him at his demands. Truth is only one other team invited him in. Sound like a 6-8 million dollar a year QB to you?

  38. We are always sold out here in PHILA. so, we don’t to put people in seats but, I always critize Reid. In this case, Id love to see what he could do with TEBOW… Trade for himAndy

  39. Here is why Tebow would put people in the seats.

    I went to the dentist yesterday and asked the dentist (female) and assistant (female) if they were football fans. They both said not really and then asked if something happened with Peyton. I said yes, it looks like he is going to Denver. The assistant asked “what about Tim Tebow?”

    Tebow would put butts in the seats because non football fans are Tebow fans. Big picture.

    Not saying it is smart move just saying that it is what it is and people will come to see Tebow.

  40. Thank God Manning signed so we can get back the the effects of his signing: Tebow. Sheesh.

  41. On 790 they said one guy was dressed as a clown, can somebody confirm it, that would be awesome, cause that sum up the state of our fins.

  42. I can’t believe how may commentators and sport writers have jumped on the Ryan Clark bandwagon. I don’t think for a minute that Dolphin players are telling other players to avoid the organization like the plague. Total BS.

  43. I’m sayin this now if tebow is our QB it will put one less seat in the house that’s for sure cause they won’t get my money

  44. Maybe the Dolphins are learning.

    Stay with me here, if they don’t announce their interest in Tebow, they can’t be held accountable for their inevitable failure to get him.

    Otherwise, if/when the Broncos realize how high any picks they get from the Dolphins are going to be next year, they will do a deal, and it’s going to go something like this: “We want a third.” Ireland:”But you said a fifth…y’know…before.” Elway: “Third!” Ireland: “Yeah, ok, whatever.” Elway: “What?” Ireland: “I mean Yes sir, Mr. Elway sir. A third it is.”

    The faithful will fill the pews on Sunday, Ross and his celebrities make their vig, everybody’s happy.

    Even Philbin, when he finds out he’s running the option now, can throw his complicated “west coast offense” right out the window. yay!

    It’s a win-win. Just not in the W-L column. Whatever, details.

  45. Tebow would make the dolphins wanna win because there would be so much eyes on mami and all we did was lose….so I say get tebow and trade 1st pick for wallace or trade down for blackmon

  46. There’s alot of good receivers comming this draft….out of qbs tannehill might as well stick to reveiver cuz he is not an accurate qb and an ok w.r. we need weeden before someone else grabs him up….he’s really good the best in the draft, yup I said it the best right under rg3 that is than luck after him…..luck will be alex smith, and tannehill is ummmm let’s say not as good as cassel so there that is…..but in this draft we can become a good team….I know what the dolphins are doing…cutting players saving money, this is a good draft yr. …………WE BELIEVE IN WEEDEN

  47. I hate to see what this team would look like if all these people bashing ireland ran it. Most of these people were pumped about the parcels hiring and then when it went badly ran their mouth that it was a bad decision and ross is a idiot even though he didn’t hire him. Jeff has been running the show for a year and a half now and is easy to pile on. Peyton didn’t want to play here get over it and frankly you can’t pay a qb 8 million a year who started 2 games. Im so sick of hearing people whine we are all annoyed that the team isn’t very good but whining isn’t going to get us anywhere. And as far as some comments go for not going to games last I checked the games dont sell out unless the team is winning. all the negativity on here sounds like a bunch of teenage girls whos boyfriend just dumped them.

  48. The idiots running the Dolphins have no interest in Tebow as most quality free agents have no interest in going to the Dolphins.

  49. The idiots running the Dolphins have no interest in Tebow as most quality free agents have no interest in going to the Dolphins.


    tebow is a quality free agent? hey dude, i’m selling a bridge in brooklyn!

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