Green Bay floated as a Tim Tebow destination

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Florio has already listed ten off-radar destinations for Tim Tebow, who is on the trading block now that Peyton Manning is heading to Denver. But there’s been some chatter about a team that’s even further off the radar than any of Florio’s ten: The Green Bay Packers.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy gushed about Tebow two years ago, before Tebow was drafted by the Broncos.

I’d love the opportunity to develop him,” McCarthy said of Tebow in March of 2010. “He’s a winner, and I’m excited to see what he does in the National Football League. He wins games, he’s a tremendous competitor and he’s like a lot of young quarterbacks; there’s some things he can work on to improve on. But you can see his tremendous passion in the way he plays the game, and it will be interesting to see who has the opportunity to develop him.”

Two years later, the Packers have just lost their backup quarterback, Matt Flynn. Could Tebow be the Packers’ new backup? On ESPN Radio this morning, Chris Mortensen explored the possibility.

“The Green Bay Packers, that may sound strange to people, but Mike McCarthy and Tom Clements — Clements is their offensive coordinator, McCarthy their head coach — take great pride in their ability to develop quarterbacks, tweak their deliveries and do those things,” Mortensen said. “They had to do that with Aaron Rodgers coming out of Cal, and look what they did with Matt Flynn. I think they would embrace — maybe embrace — a Tim Tebow there.”

In Green Bay, Tebow would be strictly a backup. He’d obviously have no chance of unseating the league’s reigning MVP, Aaron Rodgers, as the starter, and the Packers’ offense with Rodgers running things is such a well-oiled machine that it wouldn’t make any sense to take Rodgers out and install Tebow for a few gadget plays a game either.

Perhaps that’s why the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran an item headlined, “Don’t hold your breath for Tebowmania,” noting that the possibility has been raised and then dismissing that possibility. And it’s doubtful that any Packers fans were holding their breath for Tebowmania anyway. Green Bay is not a place where Tebow is needed on the field or off.

But if McCarthy was sincere when he said two years ago that he’d love to develop Tebow, and if the reports that the price for Tebow is likely to be nothing more than a fifth-round pick are true, then Green Bay could be the home of Tebowmania after all. Although in Green Bay there wouldn’t be much “mania” involved with Tebow, unless his fans are really so enthusiastic that they’ll grow manic about watching him hold a clipboard.

78 responses to “Green Bay floated as a Tim Tebow destination

  1. Please, don’t take him!!!!

    I would rather have him developed to replace one of the running backs, but his 2010 draft selection and his profile are already somewhat of a distraction to the Packers.

  2. The Tebow Fanatics would get a real wake-up call seeing Tebow throwing as opposed to Rodgers while using the same personnel. Anyone who would think that Tebow is just as effective as Rodgers is just plain delusional. The only reason he looked good was that Denver created an offense that cannot be sustained long-term in order to suit their over-valued 25th overall pick.

  3. Tebow will probably end up in Jacksonville or Miami. But going to the packers or eagles to back up for a year or two would be the best thing for tebow. He would really help my eagles with his red zone running ability ( not to mention it would stop Vick from throwing his body at the goal line ) but I am not sure if I can stomach the out and out evangelical preaching and praying.

  4. Can we please end this “Tebowmania” crap. Its all media created to generate headlines that weak minded fans can follow.

  5. I am so sick of the media and fans dogging Tebow. If he were black then he’d get every benefit of the doubt and he’d be beyond reproach.

    Tebow has serious physical skills and some of the best leadership skills in the NFL. All he needs is some coaching on the technical aspects of being a QB and he’ll be a dual-threat QB.

    I’d rather have Tebow than Vick anyday yet Vick was given every benefit of the doubt and Tebow is not being extended that respect.

    Instead he is being ripped to shreds like every other white QB not named Brady or Manning.

  6. It’s gonna be the Patriots. BB praised Tebow nonstop before their two games against Denver last year. Throw in McDaniels and the “Patriot Way” mindset, which will surely have Tebow putting the team first to play FB, and you have a perfect fit.

  7. Please, no Tebowmania in GB!!

    I have the utmost faith that McCarthy would be able to turn Tebow into a legitimate QB, but the distraction of it all would be too much of a negative for the Packers.

  8. If anyone could convert Tebow from the guy who can’t throw well but scrambles a lot into a solid pocket QB it’s McCarthy and his staff.

    Having said that, let Tebow go to one of the FL teams where they already treat him as a god.

  9. Aw HELL no.

    Tim Tebow, as a quarterback, sucks. Yea, he’s a hard worker, he tries 100%, yada yada.

    There isn’t a single roster spot on GB’s team that isn’t already held by a player better at his position than Teblow. Plus, he couldn’t run the GB offense if his life depended on it, he just doesn’t have the mental oof to carry that load and make those quick decisions.

    It isn’t anything against Timmay. He just isn’t suited to this system. It’d be like me trying to get a job at hooters…it isn’t that I can’t serve food or put on a halter top, its that I simply lack the proper tools to do it right and bring in customers. You’re welcome for that mental image.

  10. Praise the Lord! and pass the ball. Oh, that’s right, it should have been pass the potato’s

  11. I still don’t believe Denver is going to trade him and they sure as hell aren’t going to release him as some in the media suggest. Someone in the Denver front office loves to screw with the media by telling them things like “TIM TEBOW WAS THE FOURTH STRING QUARTERBACK” , “TIM TEBOW MIGHT BE BENCHED FOR BRADY QUINN THERE WAS A SPECIAL PACKAGE IN PRACTICE!!!” , “TIM TEBOW ONLY GOT TO PLAY BECAUSE OF PUBLIC PRESSURE” , and now the latest one about how Tebowmania is somehow a distraction.

    Now, in all of these instances, the reality was simply different: -Tebow appeared on the official depth chart as the co-number 2 quarterback. -In the preseason, the Broncos gave Tebow time at #2 and Quinn time at #2. -There was NEVER a Quinn package. -Tebow got to play because Orton was awful and neither the Broncos passing attack or rushing attack were clicking. Inserting another quarterback who fit Orton’s mold made no sense when the team was not doing well with Orton.

    If someone wants him as their starting quarterback, they will call Denver and offer a 3rd round pick. Otherwise, Denver is better off keeping him as insurance for Manning and as a gadget player ala Kordell Stewart/Brad Smith. There is ZERO distraction from keeping Tebow on the roster. ZERO distraction. We’re talking about PEYTON MANNING here, not Kyle Orton. Do you honestly think that so-called “Broncos fans” whining for Peyton Manning to be benched for Tebow will be taken seriously by anyone? Hell, the reality of the Tebow pressure we saw at the season start was -NOT- Tebow fanatics. It was legitimate, life-time Broncos fans sick and tired of Kyle Orton and his losing record following the first 6 game win streak. It was fans tired of not being able to come back and win games in the fourth quarter. It was fans tired of losing. Tebowmania in Denver had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with fans who had no clue about the game of football, it had to do with fans who were sick to their stomach watching a 4-12 season and then a 1-4 start.

    My prediction is that Tebow remains in Denver and that the media needs to check who they are getting their info from in Denver because we have someone giving false info for giggles.

  12. I think JAX is the place for him. They would at least sell out the stadium. When Arthur Blank bought the Falcons, that was his first task.

  13. This actually makes a lot of sense… the Packers have a great FB package that Tebow could flourish in. If he’d be willing to forgot about ever being a QB.

  14. Why is it that every team who said anything nice about the guy are suddenly possible trade destinations?

  15. Is he better than Harrell? If he is the Packers should take a look. McCarthy would be a good judge of that. If the Packers pass on Tebow, I will be more comfortable having Harrell as a backup.
    Besides Tebow belongs on a team like the Jags, the NFL loves all the attention Tebow brings to the league.

  16. Any team that wants hordes of adoring Christians clamoring for this guy to get playing time should hire Tebow immediately.

    It’s like a diva wide receiver, except for the missing elite talent and the fact that the people whining for more plays are fans. How could that not appeal to a team?

  17. I don’t know if you guys follow the Ted Thompson and the Packers personnel strategy, but this is the exact opposite of anything that would actually happen.

    I love Ted because I don’t even have to worry about this being possible.

  18. Green Bay would be a perfect spot because the starter would not feel threatened in the least. Rodgers has won a Super Bowl just two years ago and is playing at a level so high that every Packer Fan is firmly entrenched at his side with no leaning or wavering in the other direction. Tebow could come there, learn how to be a passer playing only in the Preseason for a couple years and maybe become something. Almost anywhere else he goes there are going to be billboards and whomever is the starter is going to hear it from the crowd with every incompletion. “Tebow! Tebow!”

  19. The Packers lost Flynn. Their roster shows Graham Harrell as the top backup right now.

    The Packers are likely to get 4 comp picks for the 2012 daft.

    McCarthy’s QB school has worked wonders for Flynn and Rodgers.

    No matter what you say about Tebow’s QB ability (and I agree it isn’t very good), you cannot deny his ability to respond to the moment. And that’s a very big deal for a QB.

    For those reasons, it makes a lot of sense.

    Having said that, the Packers generally like things sans media circus. 2008 may have made that into an obsession. So I really doubt it will happen. But it would be fun to watch it play out if it did.

  20. Tebow should be praying he goes to a place like this. He needs to be on a team with a well established QB and a staff that knows how to develop QBs over several years. The fan base would also be smart enough to tell the fanatics to sit down and shut up, which would also be a plus.

  21. Oh hell no. Rather see TT draft kellen Moore in the 5th round and use the rest of our picks for defense

  22. Can’t wait to see what happens the first time Tebow trots out to the huddle and tells Aaron Rodgers to take a seat. That will be fun.

  23. Yessss,God would certainly approve since HE wears green and gold,it would be the perfect place for Tebow,no pressure while he is learning to play the position by a great teacher,why would any other team want him as their starting quarterback when he isnt any better than what they have now,get him,train him properly and who knows,maybe another very good backup they can get a decent draft pick for in the future.

  24. Ted Thompson and McCarthy will not want the circus that Tebow would bring. Also, if you’ve followed McCarthy’s interviews over the years, you know that quote is not anywhere near gushing. He was just being his usual classy self, finding moderately positive things to say and avoiding the negative.

  25. Bears fan with a healthy respect for the Packers and the Rivalry.

    Please, please, please don’t combine the Tebow fandom with the Packer fandom. My head may explode.

  26. I believe there is an angle to Tebow’s value that isn’t discussed much; game day roster management. Guys like Belichick and McCarthy tend to think outside the box on who is active for each game and greatly value each roster spot (like all coaches do).

    But suppose Tebow can add SOME value in a non-QB position; H-Back, TE, etc. If that is true you only have to have 1 “QB” taking up an active roster spot, with Tebow as the back-up in case of injury. Now I understand that you then have to have a different offense with Tebow as your backup, but the point isn’t necessarily to win the games Brady or Rodgers get hurt, the point is to maximum your chance of winning the games the don’t get hurt. The extra roster spot for say a special teams specialist can help you do just that.

  27. Shhh. Timmy Tebone is in hiding and won’t surface until he joins a British Rugby Team or Arena Football. A WWF gig is also a possibility.

  28. ONe huge problem with this story. The Pack would have to give up draft choices it doesn’t have for a player who can’t play in the west coast offense.
    The Pack needs all its picks for a defensive backs and Defensive Ends. Else, you can kiss them going back to the SB anytime soon.
    I for one do not see them anywhere near the team they were last year. They will be 8-8 at best. Why?
    Easy, the first 13 games teams played zone defense and Rogers had a field day. Kansas goes to man and Rogers is less than spectacular. Giants do same and same result.
    Teams now know how to stop Rogers: play man coverage and rush him hard. The team is average next year. A long with a lot of other teams.

  29. The ONLY way this could even remotly be interesting is because what they could do is give up a 5 and hope that in 1-2 years under McCarthy and Clements tutelage they could maybe get a 2-3 for him. Hoping he chould show his refined skills in the next 2 pre seasons and in any mop ups.

  30. as JJ circles his office at Valley Ranch… Won’t happen with or without Orton there as the backup… But you know damn well he’s thought about it. Dallas fan or no… you KNOW he’s thinking about it over a single malt scotch as I type this 😉

  31. It would be hilarious to see the pure passer rodgers come out ofthe game and the flopping fish passes start flyin and the offense just sputters.

  32. Bears fan with a healthy respect for the Packers and the Rivalry.

    Please, please, please don’t combine the Tebow fandom with the Packer fandom. My head may explode.

    Packer fan here – I couldn’t agree more.

  33. Greenbay, don’t do it…don’t even think about Tebow for one moment.

    Aaron Rodgers already had to endure one diva, he doesn’t need another one.

    Does the GB front office really want to tank their brand and alienate their fanbase??? DON’T EVER GO THERE. Forget the name, Tim Tebow and just look to the draft.

  34. It’s not the fifth round pick — it’s the first round contract that Tebow carries with him.

    Too big a salary cap hit for a back-up with little chance to see the field.

  35. while Tebowmania makes me nauseous, I don’t mind the idea of trading a 5th for the guy and turning it into a 2nd after developing him.

    That said:

    1. I don’t think he’s a developable QB. McCarthy is good, but he’s not a wizard, and Tebow is beyond help.

    2. I have a hard time believing Denver only wants a 5th for him. They gave up a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th to move up into the 1st round and draft the guy, and he’s a golden goose in terms of commercial appeal. Some greedy owner who cares more about jersey and ticket sales than fielding a winning team will give up a 2nd rounder for Tebow. Also — the source of the “5th rounder” prediction was Casserley. So you can basically count on that being wrong.

    3. The Packers have so many needs. If they’re making any trades, they should be addressing those needs, not experimenting in QBs with terrible form.

  36. Well, he’s done all the missionary work in the 3rd world, so Wisconsin would be that shocking to him…

  37. I think he should go to a place where they have a coach who can develop QBs and I can think of 3 places 1Philadelphia with Andy Reid 2San Francisco with Harbaugh 3 Green Bay with McCarthy.

  38. I remember how worried Packer fans were about Vick being a circus if we got him as a backup. He wasn’t a circus with the Eagles, he was a good football player. Same thing with Tebow. From everything I could see he’s a good player and is worth a look.

  39. I like Tebow. Dude knows how to win, and if anyone can make him a legit passer in this league, it’s Clements and Mac.

    But with Tebow comes Tebowmaniacs. Rodgers could have 7000 yards, 80 TD’s and the Pack could go 19-0 and they’d be putting up billboards about getting that Yankee out of there and puttin’ in Tim.

    So my vote is no. I’m sure Ted Thompson reads this every day and now knows that that Ruvell guy votes no, so he won’t do it.

  40. Interesting idea. McCarthy very well may be able to develop Tenow, but then what. Can’t see Thompson spending much to get him.

  41. This story is a huge waste of virtual ink. Why would a team with one of the best quarterbacks in the league and one of the deepest receiving corps in the league even consider this? Tebow can’t run the same offense as Rodgers so you would need a Rodgers offense and a separate offense in case Rodgers gets hurt. Why bother? You could run gadget plays with him, but the teams that run gadget plays do so because they don’t have the talent to consistently run regular plays. What, are they going to take Rodgers off the field to run the wildcat? Why rearrange everything for an outside chance at a big play when you already have an offense that can consistently put up big plays.

  42. theodorethompson says:
    Mar 20, 2012 9:53 AM
    That’s right, Clements and McCarthy work their magic with any and all QB’s, just ask Brian Brohm how that worked out for him….

    I second that. I watched the game Brian Brohm started for Buffalo a couple of years ago…

    If Clements and McCarthy did spend time with Brohm, A. either he just forgot what they taught him or B. They are just terrible with QB’s. They got lucky landing Rodgers, he needed very little in the Quarterbacking department.

  43. Tebow happens to be a MUCH MUCH better runner than anyone on the Packers’ roster. well, perhaps rodgers himself…


  44. It is funny how everybody talks about the ‘Tebow maniacs’ and the circus. I really doubt that will be much of a problem for the right team.

    The fans in Denver screamed for Tebow because he was a college champ when Orton was doing horribly. Not surprisingly fans felt they had a much better chance with him on the field. It worked out rather well for that one season. The fact that Manning ended it rather quickly shows that most fans (excluding ESPN) were looking for a winner .

    I don’t think any team with an established QB would run into that problem. Reality in Denver just aligned pretty well for Tebow last year.

    If some team picks him up cheap, develops him at another position (LB, RB or something similar) and just trots him out for special 4-1 or somesuch, I bet it would work out well for them.

  45. I would love the Tebowmania ascend in the armpit of America-gbay-it would be worse than the Favrepalooza…….

    Make it happen Teddy!!

    It would be enough to piss off Erin!

    Erin would be thinking…..”I just got over the Favre thing……now we got Tebow? What the eff?””””

  46. Please, please, please don’t combine the Tebow fandom with the Packer fandom. My head may explode.

    Right? As if they need any more divine intervention.

  47. Well, he’s done all the missionary work in the 3rd world, so Wisconsin would be that shocking to him…

    Um..excuse me ma’am, but I’ve been to Minnesota..get over yourselves.

  48. If Denver lets him go for a 5th rounder, he’s in New England.

    I’m a Tebow fan but not in favor of him coming the Pats, they’re stacked already on offense, but Bill won’t pass it up for that price tag.

  49. As much as I’ve questioned Tebow and his prospects, and mocked the instant adoration he’s drawn among a certain enfeebled demographic, it would be interesting to see what would happen if a team picks him up and really develops the heck out of him. It would be an interesting look at what’s really possible in pro sports – nurture vs. nature, etc. If he succeeded, then everyone would win.

    It would also be interesting to see what would happen if he would go for one of those other positions that he perceives as “easy” – say, tight end – and really try to excel at it, to the point of being best in the league at it. Hard to believe that if he is really humble and committed to service, he wouldn’t go for some other form of playing than the QB position.

  50. I am a Tebow hater. I think he sucks. I’m excited that he’s on his way out of my town. Ever since he came out of UF, I didn’t like him because I see him as a long-term project just to make him competent.

    With all of that said, if McCarthy and Clements get 4-5 years to develop Tebow as a situational player/a backup to A-rod, Tebow could turn into a pretty good player. There are not better coaches in the NFL for developing QBs into solid west coast guys.

    Unfortunately, TRT’s ego will get in the way. He’ll want to be a starter somewhere before he’s ready. Go back to the south, TRT. Thankfully, they won’t be rising again.

  51. For a franchise that does not like drama — and having gone through Favre-hell — I can not see Green Bay becoming home to Tebowmania.

  52. I’ve been a Packers fan my entire life. Watch every game. Travis Jervey was my favorite player growing up. Travis Freakin’ Jervey.

    I would be shocked if TT did this. It isn’t his character.

    Ted, don’t bring the circus to town.

  53. ANY team that doesn’t have interest in Tim Tebow is stupid beyond belief. Tim Tebow is a winner and finds a way to get to that main objective. I would instantly make him my goal line guy and 3rd & short guy in a crunch. If the Jaguars get him they will instantly be relevant in the NFL.

  54. This Tebowmania garbage will eventually cease. The only reason it was a story is Denver’s stout defense and the ineptitude of their opponent, depending on the week. He will not win games for the team but be a contributor to the overall outcome. And if the team is lousy, the Tebowmania craze will diminish even further.

  55. EJ says:
    Mar 20, 2012 10:33 AM
    theodorethompson says:
    Mar 20, 2012 9:53 AM
    That’s right, Clements and McCarthy work their magic with any and all QB’s, just ask Brian Brohm how that worked out for him….

    I second that. I watched the game Brian Brohm started for Buffalo a couple of years ago…

    If Clements and McCarthy did spend time with Brohm, A. either he just forgot what they taught him or B. They are just terrible with QB’s. They got lucky landing Rodgers, he needed very little in the Quarterbacking department.

    For the most part McCarthy has done a solid job in developing QB’s, but this article makes it sound like they can take anyone and make them an All Pro… Brohm was terrible and no matter how much coaching he received was not going to make him NFL ready at that time. I think there was part luck with Rodgers and part of it was their development of him. In his first few years, Rodgers was not very good in the spot duty play he had. It was not until the Cowboys game in 2007 where everyone saw the spark of greatness that was to come. All that said, do NOT go after Tebow. He will be best suited for Jacksonville or Miami.

  56. sakatak says:
    Mar 20, 2012 5:37 PM
    Where have you been?
    Drowning your sorrow in cheap beer?————– Never,,,was on a journey of self discovery after the Vikings lost to the Saints. In Papa New Guinea

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