Hines Ward announces retirement: “I will remain a Steeler for life”

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A tearful Hines Ward announced his retirement from the NFL on Tuesday, saying that while he considered trying to sign on with another team after he was released by the Steelers, he decided he just couldn’t see himself ever putting on another team’s jersey.

“You guys meant the world to me,” Ward told Steelers fans. “This city and this organization means the world to me. So today I came back to Pittsburgh to grant Steeler Nation this one last request. Today I am officially retiring as a Pittsburgh Steeler. And as much as I will miss football, my teammates, coaches and everything about the game, I don’t want to play in any other uniform. The black and gold runs deep with me, and I will remain a Steeler for life.”

Ward said that after the Steelers told him they were cutting him, his initial reaction was to try to catch on somewhere else. But when he had time to consider what it would mean to play for another team, he decided he couldn’t do it.

“It is my love for the game that makes me want to continue playing,” Ward said. “I feel like I have a few good years left where I can make a difference and help a team. I am a competitor and I would love nothing more than to get back to another Super Bowl. But that’s the passion in me.”

Ward took the podium at the Steelers’ facilities and started by saying, “I’m not going to cry,” but moments later he stopped and wiped away tears for the first of several times.

The 2011 season was a tough one for Ward, who has slowed down in his mid-30s and isn’t the same player he once was. But Ward called the way his career ended the right way — starting as a Steelers rookie, becoming a Steelers star and going out as a Steeler until he couldn’t play anymore.

“There’s been some interest for other teams,” Ward said. “But I just couldn’t picture myself playing in another uniform.”

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  1. Please save the hate on this one…

    We love you Hines, awesome career and it would have been hard to watch you play anywhere else.

    I guess these hard goodbyes (A. Smith and Hines) tell you something about the culture in Pittsburgh.

  2. nothing but repect for this man.. he did things the right way throughout his career and even with this retirement.

    If you hate on Hines, you have no sort of respect for the game.. Even you Ravens fans gotta give him respect.. in fact, youre lucky he didnt end Ed Reeds career.

  3. Newton’s 3rd law of motion dictates that Ward has received as many clock-cleaners as he has dished. Time to sit down Mr. Cheap Shot.

  4. that last line is probably a blatant lie
    still, full respect to a guy who played the game the way it’s meant to be played

  5. When my best prospects were in the AFL with TO. I knew it was time to hang it up. Not even the Dolphins, wanted me… The Dolphins!!!!!!

  6. “There’s been some interest for other teams,” Ward said. “But I just couldn’t picture myself playing in another uniform.”


  7. Even as a Dolphin Fan I will say Good Luck Hines in all your future endeavors. I always liked HW, he was a very good receiver and a tough one at that. The game will miss you.

  8. i give him credit for being LOYAL, good for him he had a hell of a career for someone who never had blazing speed,just played the right way!!!

  9. And for old time’s sake, Ward put his forehead into the jaw of a reporter who was looking at something else as he left the podium. Cause he’s tough like that!

  10. I can’t believe people are here hating on Hines Ward. He’s a very nice guy, was a great receiver / team mate and a SB MVP for the Steelers… Whether other people wanted to sign him at the end of his career or not he was a great Steeler…

  11. I never hated the guy as much as my fellow Bengal fans did. He played hard, sometimes dirty, but hard and with passion, and you gotta respect this move.

    Later Heinz!

  12. Hines, down the road you’ll realize that this is the best decision you could make. You don’t want to be 2000’s equivalent of Franco Harris in a Seahawks uniform.

  13. Redskins fan here…that is one hell of an organization there in pittsburg…same defensive coordinator for 50 years…what 3 coaches in the past 60 years?…and now heins retiring a steeler..and I’m sure many more to retire a steeler…u writing this down snider?

  14. Say what you want to say about Hines. Dirty, cheap, whatever. Of the hundreds of hits he’s made on men 50 lbs heavier than him, how many times has he been fined or flagged? Not that many percentage wise.

    No one can deny his impact on the game – receiving, blocking, and making momentum shifting hits.

    Also, how can you hate a guy that plays the game we love, with all his heart and soul?

    We’ll miss you Hines.

  15. Hey Hines the team you love so much fired you and the only reason you are retiring is because no other team wanted you. I guarantee if a team offered you 7-8 mil to play you would have signed in a heartbeat.

  16. Translation – My agent has been on the phone for a month but nobody wants to sign me, even to a veteran minimum deal. I guess the market for trash talking, under sized WRs who can’t run anymore just isn’t what it use to be. I have already put my resume in with Fox Sports, the NFL Network, and CBS in hopes that I too can make a great salary as another talking head on a pre game show.

  17. “Not even the Stealers are willing to pay me the league minimum becuase they can’t afford the roster spot but I can’t imagine playing anywhere else even mainly because nobody else wants a giant passive-aggressive immature baby-man on their sideline whooping and hollaring at the opponents like a belligerent drunken child.”

  18. As a browns fan, i have never been able to stomach this guy. I hate his stupid smile and the dirty aspects of his game. BUT i respect him. He is one of the greatest to play the position and will for sure be sitting in the HOF someday.

  19. I have no love for Hines given his hit on Ed Reed that has affected Reed’s career ever since, but I’ll give him respect today. I don’t think he’s quite HOF material, but he’s definitely one of the most remembered Steelers of all time.

  20. Steeley McBeam says “Please save the hate on this one…”

    As if he’d do the same for any other team. HA.

    Don’t let the door hit ya, Hines. And remember: you’re no longer an NFL player, so getting out of DUIs won’t be so easy anymore.

  21. hahaha- couldn’t play in another uniform? more like NO ONE else wanted you. Steelers are the only organization who wanted a reciever who wasn’t above average in anything but blocking and cheap shots. so glad this chump is gone forever!

  22. I hate it when someone links my thoughts on Hines Ward to my views on the game of football.

    Now that Ward has retired, I will admit that he played the game the right way. Dirty or a cheapshot artist, he played hard and was an excellent teammate. He was a good WR, and I can’t question his blocking ability or toughness.

    I probably would have liked him if he played for the Bengals, but I’m glad I never had to make that decision.

    formerly, hineswardcriesafterfumbling.

  23. franktherat96 says:

    “its black & mustard. when I think of gold, I don’t think of mustard color.”

    Black and urine…not mustard. When I think of urine, I think of the three rivers.

  24. He’s old n slow n can’t make cheap shot like he used to so basically he is useless now

  25. electionconfidential says:
    Mar 20, 2012 12:22 PM
    I can’t believe people are here hating on Hines Ward. He’s a very nice guy, was a great receiver / team mate and a SB MVP for the Steelers… Whether other people wanted to sign him at the end of his career or not he was a great Steeler…

    Oh don’t be surprised… Half the people on here do nothing but hate. Just read any article…. 50 percent of the comments are from idiots trying to sound smart by criticizing whoever the article is about. Gets old fast…. To bad there aren’t more knowledgeable and classy fans on here, instead we just have a bunch of wannabe comedians.

  26. Ed Reed is happy he won’t get blown up by Ward anymore.

    Take care, Heinz!! We will miss you.

  27. Niner fan here – but great respect for Hines.
    I always liked the toughness he showed going over the middle, blocking for his RBs.
    Just an all round great player IMO.

  28. I am so sick of the HOF talk surrounding this guy. He was a good, but not great, WR. When was he ever considered one of the top WRs in a given year? Maybe 2002. That’s it. And then he had about three years where he was a “bubble player” on the Pro Bowl.

    Chris Carter, Andre Reed, Tim Brown, Marvin Harrison, Terrell Owens, and Jimmy Smith are all more deserving of the HOF than Ward is.

  29. The “Cheap Shot Artist” torch has officially been passed to James Harrison. Hope you fans are so proud of the legacy this d-bag is leaving.

  30. All you girly-boys whining about a little WR beating up on linebackers crack me up! Go get yourself a nice pedicure, and leave the football watching to the men.

    If Ward played for your team, I guarantee you’d be his biggest fan.


  31. Amani Toomer called it: When you are an old WR with long tenure, there are way too many cheaper alternatives available for anyone to go out of their way to sign you. This is especially true when said alternatives are younger, faster, healthier, and willing to sacrifice themselves on special teams, which the older players generally will not or can not do.

    Ward is still good enough to make a contribution somewhere, but the fact is, there are fourth-round picks who will match his production, and bang heads on special teams, because they’re younger, hungrier, and most importantly, cheaper. It’s the way the game works.

  32. I despise the Steelers and don’t have much of an opinion on Hines Ward, but I respect that he played the game hard and gave a human side to the business that is sports. Too often we forget that this is a game with, not just warriors, but actual people who want to play the game and to support their families. To see a player spend his entire career in one team is indeed rare these days. Heck, even Peyton is moving on from Indy. The Steelers organization and Pittsburgh have apparently meant a lot to Hines Ward so props to this classy move by Ward and the Steelers.

  33. Not a Steelers fan at all, but like with Tedy Bruschi, I respected Ward for how he played the game. He was tough, and a pro’s pro. Good move for him to retire with his dignity intact instead of squeezing out one more season in a strange uniform elsewhere. That rarely works out well, as Emmitt Smith, Franco Harris and countless others discovered.

  34. Ravens, when Ray and Ed retire, I’m going to have the grace to come on your threads and pay them proper respect. Too bad you have no grace and are just slobbering neanderthals. Get a life.

  35. This notion that Hines Ward is a Hall of Famer is laughable. He may have a lot of catches but it is due to the pass happy era he played in and years of service. Look at his YPC. It’s a joke compared to the great WRs of this era. Hines Ward may end up getting his number retired by the Steelers 10 years from now but the only way he is getting into the Hall of Fame is by purchasing a ticket like everyone else.

    Heck, Chris Carter, who was twice the WR Ward ever was has been passed up the last two years. Get real Steeler fans….

  36. Great, now we get to look forward to this smiling idiot being hired by either Fox, CBS, NBC, ESPN or NFL Network to act as a commentator. Easily one of the most annoying football players ever, and the big, dumb smile being plastered on my 60″ for years to come.

    Any catch = big dumb smile

    Fumble = big, dumb smile

    Dropped pass = big, dumb smile

  37. Respect him as a player, even though he was at times borderline dirty.

    That said, he’s not going into the hall unless he buys a ticket like the rest of us.

  38. Well it isn’t surprising that the haters and trolls climb out of their holes to post about this one. Love him or hate him, he was a great football player. Anyone of you “haters” would have loved to have had this guy playing for your team. But hey, keep the hate flowing if you want, because if you truly don’t like this guy, then I’m convinced that you don’t understand football and you don’t like the sport overall. Cheers to Ward. One of the all-time Steelers greats.

  39. I don’t care about any of the negative comments left on this because it just goes to show you people don’t have lives and they try to justify that by making other peoples lives worse. Do you honestly think wards doing this for attention? Whatever the point is goodbye Hines ward the league will miss you, and goodbye a piece of my childhood.

  40. Haters were beaten by this man…a reason to hate.
    But ya’ll cant deny, this man was great!

    “play-off choker”???Some of the hater comments on here are so funny, but thats ok. What are u watchin?!

    Thanks Hines!!!

  41. steelernationsparksjealousy says: Mar 20, 2012 12:23 PM

    To all the haters: 6 rings


    How do you people manage to pat yourselves on the back so thoroughly when your hands are weighted down by so many imaginary rings? Very impressive, what you and Hines accomplished in the 1970s.

  42. I don’t think he is first ballot HOF material. But I do think he deserves serious consideration for his overall play and not just his receptions. BTW, in a run first offense for most of his career , he notched some decent receiving numbers. Andre Reed played in a pass first offense. Also Hines won a SB MVP and has been clutch in almost every playoff game he has played in.

    Not surefire HOFer. But I prefer him over Bettis for HOF entry. Bettis was great, but was not great enough in the playoffs. Hines was clutch.

  43. Would have loved playing with the guy…made plays and blocked like a champ…people can cry all they want about the “cheap shots” but crack blocks are a part of the game. Keep your head on a swivel!

  44. I assure you, the guys who actually played the game consider Ward a Hall of Famer. Unlike you Internet warriors who don’t have a clue. Sorry, malignantsociety, but T.O. couldn’t carry Ward’s jock — call me when that guy becomes a Super Bowl MVP. Until then, stay clueless!

    I once saw Ward take out a LINEMAN, sacrificing the body to protect Roethlisberger on a scramble-run against Cleveland. All you haters really make me sick. Like I said, go watch tennis, and leave the football to the men.

    Not only that, but you losers can’t even be accurate — Ward never went at the knees or to the back of the head. When he planted Ed Reed, that was FACE TO FACE, man to man. He didn’t go at the head when he took out the Cincy linebacker. In fact, the only cheap shot I can remember with Ward was when Ray Lewis hit him in the helmet last season — but funny, Ravens fans don’t seem to talk about how cheap Ray Lewis is.

    If you can’t recognize Ward as a great football player, and if you’re on this board talking negatively about him — you are the definition of LOSER.

  45. I gotta say that I enjoyed reading these comments but I also have to say that as much as I hated him on the field I have much respect for him. I also want to know if he was smiling as he announced his retirement? Haha black & mustard

  46. dprouse – The difference is that at least one other team wanted and was willing to pay for Emmitt Smith, Franco Harris and the “countless others”. The fact is NOBODY wants Ward. Period.

    Less than a month ago he was talking about how he wasn’t done and would play else where. Now that nobody has even made an offer, now he claims to be “a Steeler for life”. BS! The Steelers did him a huge favor and showed him a lot of respect by even keeping him on last season. He couldn’t get open, wouldn’t play special teams, and basically wasted a roster spot that could have gone to someone that would have actually helped the team. Ward wanted to boast his career numbers and the Steelers felt they owed him for his years of service. That is it. Had he been cut last year, nobody would have signed him then either.

  47. Leave it to the Steelers to find a wide receiver who plays like a linebacker. Thanks for the memories, Hines. Thanks for ending it this way. Steeler Nation will never forget!

  48. My favorite Ward moment had to be when he took out Rod Woodson, who turned coat and became a (gag!) Raven. What a joy it was to see Ward plant him like a cheap tulip! Classic Ward.

    Because when you go from the Steelers to the Ravens, you deserve to get planted into the turf.

    Thank you, Hines Ward. Thank you.

  49. richardhurtz – Dude, your argument stinks. First off, you claim that like Emmit and Franco, teams wanted them after they were done with the Steelers. In today’s NFL, it’s now all about the speed burners and deep threats. Unfortunately for Ward, his style of player isn’t widely sought after anymore. It’s a speed league now so that’s why he didn’t draw interest, it’s not because he wasn’t talented enough to draw interest, it’s that the league and teams really don’t have any use for the type of player he is anymore.

  50. TSizzleBallSoHard says: Mar 20, 2012 12:21 PM

    Thank you Jarret Johnson for ending this guy’s career. LOL


    Have fun guzzling dirtball Natty Boh the rest of your life, homer. If it were Reed or Lewis announcing his retirement, you’d see Steeler fans putting out a lot more respect than you could expect from Ravens’ classless fan base. Case in point.

  51. Enough with the Hall of Fame nonsense! Ward will get in the same Hall of Fame class as Donovan McNabb….The 0000 class.

    PS- TO will get in the Hall as will Randy Moss. Like them or not, they were game breakers. Ward was a block first (cheap shot second) WR who racked up numbers simply by hanging around so long.

    Notice that Randy Moss had multiple teams via for his services yet nobody called Ward? That tells you all you need to know!

  52. 1 of My favorite Steeler of all time!!! God, am I gonna miss him making big bullies cry over a legal hit by a lil receiver!! Steeler for life!!

  53. Deb says: Mar 20, 2012 12:49 PM

    Ravens, when Ray and Ed retire, I’m going to have the grace to come on your threads and pay them proper respect. Too bad you have no grace and are just slobbering neanderthals. Get a life.
    Don’t let them bother you, for A-holes will be A-holes. They come in all different shapes and sizes(and teams) I’d say roughly 5% of the posters on PFT actually provide meaningful posts that don’t include showing how ignorant they can be. Take these comments for what they are worth.

  54. This Raider fan has a huge amount of respect for Hines. 100% effort 100% of the time and would have loved to have him on the Raiders. Dude was a beast on the field for a WR.

  55. Hines Ward was as tough as nails and played every play with the heart of a champion.

    He took on all comers and never backed down or ducked anybody. Ever.

    When as a Raven, Bart Scott was sadistically gushing in a Sports Illustrated article about how hard he hit and hurt Roethlisberger even though Roethlisberger was bigger than him and how he felt the air rush out of Roethlisberger and on and on about how he was such a tough guy for hitting a defenseless quarterback ….. well ….. the next season ….. Ward cleaned his clock for him and Scott cried like a little punk.

    I said right then and there that if I was Roethlisberger I would have gotten Ward’s kids some crazy nice Christmas presents that year.

    Hines Ward has earned his place as one of the best Steelers ever.

    Thanks for everything Hines and I’ll see you in the Hall of Fame.

  56. If his PC was a drinking game I would be trashed. How many times did you hear him mention the phrase “no one gave me a chance” or “i was here for 14 years” or “i helped the wr out” or “its not a about stats”

  57. Re: all commenters who refer to “pass happy era” or any other statement indicating that is something new:

    I started following the NFL in the 1940’s, days of Hutson, Baugh and others. The NFL has ALWAYS been a passing league. Accept that, or follow hockey or lacrosse or badminton, but just go.

  58. over rated….NO TEAM WANTED HIM thats the reason why he retired..This guy blows, he is only 35 and he has to retire! Jerry Rice and Tim Brown were still breaking records at that age..
    I hate Wards face

  59. Congratulations Hines on a wonderful career and huge amount of success. You should be proud.

    As a Ravens fan I mean that. I have not always agreed that is hits have been in the flow of the play, but nonetheless I agree, he is a guy that if he is on your team you love him. If he is on the other team you hate him.

    He does not get the credit he should for his clutch receiving (whoever called him a choker in the playoffs is an idiot).

    @Deb and those of you suprised by the hate. Come on. You all have been exposed enough to this site to expect that. Yes it is classless. But it never fails. And Deb when Ray and Ed retire you know the throngs of negative comments that will come out. This is a behavior hardly contained to just one fan base. While I appreciate that you will have class, there are so many more that just don’t. Sad.

  60. Just want to put the rivalry of our two teams aside and leave a word of respect for a great player that had an incredible career. The guy played that game hard – the way football was intended to be played. Even though I hated when the Ravens faced him, I always liked and respected the guy.

  61. @humbleminded85 …

    Thank you. You’re right 🙂

    ampatsisahypocrite says:

    My favorite Ward moment had to be when he took out Rod Woodson, who turned coat and became a (gag!) Raven. What a joy it was to see Ward plant him like a cheap tulip!

    Woodson didn’t turn anything. He wanted to remain a Steeler and would have if Tom Donahoe didn’t have his head up his backside. He’s the jerk who decided a guy that continued making Pro Bowls as a safety didn’t have anything left. You could have gone all day praising Ward without disrespecting Woodson–the only player we had fighting out there when the team was stinking up the joint in the 80s. The players aren’t to blame when the team execs are egomaniacal idiots. Now excuse me, the mention of Donahoe has me gagging. Love you, Rod. Always.

  62. As a Ravens fan, for years I passionately hated Hines Ward and that smarmy grin of his.

    That said, there isn’t one Ravens fan who wouldn’t have liked Ward to wear the Purple and Black.

    And if they say differently, they’re lying.

    I could not see him in another uniform, either. He deserves to retire as a Steeler.

  63. Steelers fans get your rebuttles ready, as a Ravens fan is about to put some truth out there (especially you Deb):

    Hines was a good/borderline great WR. Not elite by any means or HOF worthy (blocks, & pass v run O’s are hardly considered, sorry). I would never say I hate the guy other than his cheap hit on Reed. He was fodder for the Ravens and a true catalyst in the hatred this 2 teams have for one another, thus a huge contributing factor in the rivalry that we have, and for that, I respect him.

    That being said, I can never respect the guy for his style of play. He was notorious for taking the cheap shot. To say he put down some big guys is accurate, if you mention he put them down when they were looking downfield and he caught them offguard. One on one with any of his big hits, he would have lost about 80% of the battles. That being said, JJ did light him up last year, which put a big Ward-esque smile on my face.

    All in all, great career and I pray not to see that nasty mug in a broadcast booth anytime soon.

  64. Great player, lots of class! Doesn’t deserve to be bashed. Steelers appear to be headed in the wrong direction as well as many other teams, glad he quit while he’s ahead. Good luck!

  65. Great receiver…but a chump. Don’t come on here and say he played the game the “right” way. That is absurd. Unless there is a new right way that I am not familiar with. Good riddance…and oh by the way, this man clearly doesn’t understand the business aspect of the sport. Nice of him to make it seem as if he just couldn’t bring himself to put on another uni…the phone just wasn’t blowing up. In september, when injuries start creeping up on teams and he signs somewhere, he will then say he just couldn’t stay away.

  66. ampatsisahypocrite says:
    Mar 20, 2012 12:44 PM
    All you girly-boys whining about a little WR beating up on linebackers crack me up! Go get yourself a nice pedicure, and leave the football watching to the men.

    If Ward played for your team, I guarantee you’d be his biggest fan.

    If Ward had been a Raven, you’d be whining for a flag with every crack back, per usual.

    And when did Hines ever go after a linebacker?

  67. Deb says:Mar 20, 2012 12:49 PM

    “Ravens, when Ray and Ed retire, I’m going to have the grace to come on your threads and pay them proper respect. Too bad you have no grace and are just slobbering neanderthals. Get a life.”

    Great! It would probably be easier for you to do that, of course, considering that Ray and Reed have never been universally recognized by their peers as being the dirtiest player in the game.

    It wouldn’t be a true Steelers thread without the self-righteous, grizzled twits blathering on about their “classy” franchise and “classy” players. Who are you trying to convince, after all?

  68. I’ll say it again. Randy Moss has a job, Hines Ward does not. That is the difference between a Hall of Famer and a blocking WR that was FORCED into “retirement”.

    Now go get your funking shine box Steelers fans.


  69. I am by no means Steelers fan but I always liked Ward. I felt he was an under rated player. He never took plays off and even when he got popped he’d get up smiling. Dirty player or not you have to respect his toughness

  70. Dear Hines,

    Thank you for your humiliating all of those defensive players who apparently can dish it out but can’t take it. It is a comfort to know that your work is now forever preserved on videotape, so Ravens fans can be faced with the fact that in your career you got the best of them and not the other way around.

  71. Dude, are you a funking retard or what? Sending me personal messages about Hines Ward? Please. The guy was forced out of the league at 35, Meanwhile Randy Moss had teams lining up for him at the same age. Why? Because one is a game breaker, the other is a blocking WR who cant play anymore.

    PS- Why the funk do you care so much about Hines Ward? DO you think that guy would piss on you if you were on fire in front of his house? Unless you are directly related to Ward, you are a goofy jock sniffer who needs to get a life.

  72. This reminds me of when John Elect retired. It was the 1 and only time, that I ever cried about a retirement! And honestly, football has never meant the same to me, and that’s the God’s honest truth. Something in me died that day. So to all you Steelers fans, I wouldn’t dream of insulting or trying to take away from this moment. I k ow how it feels. All I can say is I wish u well Hines..

  73. The no knowledge hacks calling this guy dirty are pathetic. He made a career of knocking defensive players on their ass…doesn’t make him dirty. ALL of of hits were clean just because you didn’t like him putting your teams guy on the carpet you hate him? Great receiver and the best run blocking WR ever…some ppl are just to stupid or ignorant to realize it.

  74. It’s easy to say just a bunch of commenters here think Hines is dirty (because true, there are TONS of them who do) but you would also have to include the players who voted him the 5th dirtiest player in the league in 2011. Yep, the actual players in the NFL who play with him agree that there are only 4 dirtier players in the entire league. Weird how so many sissies and haters are playing in the NFL huh?

    As far as talent goes, Randy Moss, a consistent locker room cancer sits out a year and is still snatched up immediately, by contrast not even one team with terrible receivers bothered to give Hines a one year offer.

  75. The steelers didn’t even want this loser. And he IS a loser. A drunk driving loser. Maybe when Ben retires, Hines can be the getaway driver when Ben is trolling for young chicks. And maybe Harrison can be the “heavy”. Losers. And maybe lebeau can be the old man who sits in the corner and watches.

  76. Hines Ward. Not only a great receiver, but hard hitting blocker. A real team player. I will miss that smile he always got up with when he was knocked down hard. Going to miss him, but I am glad he retired. I just couldn’t see him in a uniform that wasn’t black & gold.
    Thanks Hines for some great years!

  77. Yes, if you are not a Steeler fan, then you HATED Hines. But if he was on your team and you have any knowledge of football, you would have LOVED him and appreciated his contributions. So all the hating above are merely tributes to a fantastic all-around football player from people that are upset he wasn’t on their team. Great job, folks. In the end if you can’t at least respect a player like Hines, it is your problem.

    So glad he was on the Steelers. He was a helluva football player, right in the spirit of the Steelers. Tough, hard-nosed, dedicated and successful.

    Thanks for memories Hines, and best of luck to you!


  78. These posts are so ridiculous it’s almost comical. I swear that the vast majority of these posters are from cities who wish that they had at least half of the class and success as Hines and the Steelers.

    I’m not talking about the 70’s. In Hines career of 14 years, there have been, let see ( for most of these posters) oh yes 14 SB’s.

    Hines and the Steelers have been in 3 and won 2 of the last 14 – with Hines being MVP in one. Please tell me who of these brilliant posters have any opinion worth hearing other than those in NE – and the NE posters also have class and success.

    Get a life, you unsuccessful and uninformed haters!

  79. that’s wassup only thing ill miss is those devastating blocks like on ed dead bro reed and bitch keiff rivers yea j johnson and killer ray got him back he got out on alooot more ppl than ppl got him. hines might not be a first ballot hall of famer he didn’t hav to pull stunts like some clowns by scorin and puttin on a gold hof jacket like ohno istinko and ya mans n em.

  80. Hines is a terd.

    JTHolmes, I don’t want him on my team. And I’m not lying. I like sober players, not drunk ones. And I like my receivers to catch, run, and score….not cheapshot.

  81. @ emmettotter,

    See tape from week 1 in 2011, and please let me know who got the better end of who….Hines or the Baltimore D.

    The guy is an overrated chump.

  82. Hines will always be a top player in Steeler history and fit into their style player. He will be missed but always remembered in Pittsburgh.

  83. Deb – first of all, in 30 years….nobody is going to remember who Hines Ward was…they will remember Ed and Ray. Also, I love it when every Steelers fan gets in here and professes how successful they are conveniently forgetting that the Steelers got to the playoffs twice in a forty (40) year period.

  84. I don’t understand the criticism…

    He was solid his whole career, went across the middle all the time, and might be the best tackling WR of all time… It was just fun to watch this guy week in and week out.

    let the guy retire…

    Good luck in all future endeavours…
    From a Dolphins fan…

  85. I have to say, as a Ravens fan, some of these comments are embarassing. Just to hate and see your name on a web page must be a real kick for some people.

    Pretty bad when I almost feel the urge to defend a Steelers player. Don’t get me wrong, I did not like Ward. But the dude could ball. And who said he never took on a LB? Ask Keith Rivers that question. And he took shots at my Ravens guys and got a few too. But it was who he was. Once players learned that Hines at times would block no where near the flow of the play just to light a guy up (which in my mind was cheap), his highlight hits diminished. But I am able to look past those questionable hits to the many that were not questionable and for the many other plays he made.

    HOF discussions don’t even matter. That process makes no sense anyway. Good career and high acheivement. While I don’t like him, it doesn’t get any better than that. Steelers fans have good cause to honor him.

  86. golonger says:
    Mar 20, 2012 1:51 PM
    johntonioholmes – you’re lying if you claim to have an IQ over 40

    That would still make him smarter than you, idiot Pats chump. Also smarter than the vast majority of native New Englanders.

    Happy retirement, Hines!

  87. Good luck with your future endeviors, Hines. You will be missed.

    To the Hines Ward haters, you would love him on your team. Takes out a prime defender that springs your RB for a long run or TD. The next time that defender hears footsteps when trying to make a tackle.

    Funny how these defensivc players are complaining how soft the NFL is getting, yet they are the ones who first whine when an offensive player hits them. Hynocrits.

  88. @stew48 … You were around to see Slingin’ Sammy Baugh play??? I am sooo jealous!!! Wow!!

    @bunkmcnulty, ravensman, ravensrooster94 … Thanks, fellas. It’s fans like you that make our rivalry the best in football!

    @rockthered1286 … I don’t agree with you on everything, but don’t have a problem with your post. I respect people who make actual football comments, even if I disagree. It’s the mindless trashtalk that gets old.

    @kuantang97 … Honey, I didn’t say anything about our classy franchise or classy fans. Just said I’d have the grace to behave better.

    @golonger … Wasn’t there to witness them personally, but I think the 40 years of losing before we turned the tide is the best part of the Steelers story.

    Hi, dickroy 😉

  89. For as much frustration you provided me over the years in those close Ravens/Steelers games, I give a lot of respect for remaining true to your team. Happy retirement, Mr. Ward.

  90. “There’s been some interest for other teams,” Ward said.

    So the Dolphins missed out on another one?

  91. sergiofromdade says

    I don’t sergiofromdade saysunderstand the criticism…

    He was solid his whole career, went across the middle all the time, and might be the best tackling WR of all time… It was just fun to watch this guy week in and week out.

    let the guy retire…
    I do. It comes from a bunch of jealous boneheads.

    Anyway I agree with you 100% on Hines. He took some hard hits going over the middle and always got up smiling.

  92. Bottom line is nobody wanted you. All you did was run your mouth. I for one am glad my steelers cut your ass. You sucked. Now atleast I dont have to listen to you run your stupid mouth anymore. and by the way most of us true steeler fans hated you.

  93. dawhorsefeathers says:
    Mar 20, 2012 1:23 PM

    If Ward had been a Raven, you’d be whining for a flag with every crack back, per usual.

    And when did Hines ever go after a linebacker?

    1. Keith Rivers. Go do a little net search of him along with Ward’s name and see what all the Bengals fans are still — like you — whining about.

    2. And not only did he go after linebackers — he’s blocked LINEMEN. As I mentioned, I recall a key block which kept Roethlisberger from getting flattened on a scramble-run vs. Cleveland some years ago.

    See, you haters are always SO under informed. Always so clueless.

    Your lesson is over. You’re welcome.

  94. And for all the rest of you steeler fans, If the browns or ravens would have wanted this guy he would be sitting there running his mouth about our steelers and you know it. He is a coward and a bum. Im glad he is gone.

  95. Hines,

    You’re not just a Steeler for life, you’re a Pittsburgher for life. We love you, and thanks for everything you did for our city.

  96. Top player in steeler history lol Who are you talking about. because ward isnt in the top 1000 let alone the best you idiot

  97. How is it that all you Ravens fans pile on Hines for supposedly being a dirty player in their opinion and such a rotten person, but never seem to remember that Ray Lewis got away with murdering two people?

  98. Wow someone has anger issues. Haven’t gotten laid in awhile I take it? Why do you care so much to respond personally to my post and why care so much that you “funking” post on this article anyways? You think anyone cares what you have to say? Think again. Hypocrite. Have fun hating on everything and everyone.

  99. bunkmcnulty- you among others suffer from the syndrome of “recent memory players are the best syndrome”. I see it all the time. Neither Manning nor Brady are top 3 QBs in history. Bettis doesnt deserve to be in the HOF and neither does Ward. Ward was an above-average receiver..that’s it…sorry. There are much better receivers out there waiting to get their shot to be in the Hall. Ward will never be there!

  100. @nooittall (Deb, I’m sorry. I took his bait!)

    You expect to be taken seriously with that comment? Look above. I am a Ravens fan that has defended Ward’s career. But your comment is false. Comments about a player being dirty, whether it be Ward or anyone else, are matters of opinion for anyone to debate. And I enjoy that debate as much as the next guy.

    But the Ray Lewis murder comments ranks up there with Ben being a rapist. Ray, just like Ben, at a young age with plenty of money, made some terrible decisions. I believe both men thought rules did not apply to them. Ray hung with the wrong group and then (admittedly) obstructed justice. I understand holding Ray accountable. And if that would have happened during Goddell’s tenure he would have paid a higher price for his errors. But don’t look stupid and make accusations that are just factually wrong. There is no opinion to debate who is right and who is wrong. You are just wrong making that comment.

    I understand being mad at people for making stupid comments about Ward. But you don’t have to up the ante but making even “stupider” ones.

  101. golonger

    You suffer from “clueless homer syndrome.”

    Jerome Bettis was a top 3 rusher more times than Ladanian Tomlinson ever was. Retired as the 5th all-time leading rusher. Yeah, that’s usually enough to be considered great, by anyone with a functioning brain.

    Hines Ward was a better tight end than Tony Gonzalez was. Don’t get me wrong; Gonzalez was a better receiver. But Ward actually played tight on the line, something Gonzalez rarely did.

    He’s the only receiver who was ever asked to blocked DE’s.

    See, this means he was MORE than a receiver. His numbers are solid, too considering that he didn’t play on a pass-first offense UNTIL 2007!

    Guys like Carter should get in before Ward.

    But Ward was literally the best at what he did. He was small and slow and but STILL got 1,000 career receptions and a SB MVP.

    How does a slow, small, player in a run first offense record more career receptions than guys like Michael Irvin or Art Monk? By being a great route-runner.

    Wes Welker may be the only other receiver who utilized his average physical attributes better. Welker also has the benefit of playing with Brady.

    So, no, you are wrong. Ward and Bettis should make the Hall.

    Next you’re going to try to argue that Ray Lewis shouldn’t make the Hall because he averages 2 sacks and 2 ints per season, and was never the leading tackler on the #1 defense in the league.

    You’re perception is insanely skewed.

  102. It amazes me how many posters here claim that Hines garnered zero interest from other teams. They must have a lot more inside information than most fans. Or maybe they just like to run their mouth.

  103. My favorite player of all time. I was having a hard time picturing him playing for another team. I am sad to see him go but it is time. He played the game the right way and I am happy that he is going out in the balck and gold. You idiots that are criticizing him don’t understand football apparently. He was great!! He wasn’t great because he was ever the best athlete on the field, he was great because he played with more heart and courage than anyone else.
    Unlike a few of the people he hit from time to time you never heard Hines crying about a cheap shot when he got hit. He got up with a smile on his face no matter how hard he got hit because that is the way the game is played and he loved the game. I guess linebackers had to say he was dirty. they had to have some excuse for being afraid of and getting leveled by a WR they outweighed by 50 pounds.
    Hines did a lot for the steelers on the field and also was a great role model for their other players. He made the others around him better by leading by example. He NEVER took a play off and he gave everything that he had every moment that he was on the field. If you don’t appreciate that and respect him for it do those of us who have brains a favor and don’t waste our time showing us just how stupid you are by posting something negative about him. He played the game the right way and if he had been on your team you would have loved him just as much as steelers fans do.

  104. “Hines Ward: “I will remain a Steeler for life””


    Of course he will.

    He has no other choice because no other
    team wants his washed-up old ass…

  105. @golonger,

    Thanks for making the wrong conclusions about me. All I said was HOF discussions are fruitless. The present process makes no sense.

    I think Ward was a very good player. And a better player in the clutch. That said, I am not sure he is an HOF’r. I would have him as bordeline HOF. I agree there are better receivers ahead of him not in there.

    Dude, relax. I was only supporting Ward as a player meriting strong accolades with a very strong to great career.

    But even if I was supporting Ward as an HOF’r, that would be my opinion. Just like you have yours, I have mine. And I am too old to suffer from “recency” disease. I actually remember when the Steelers sucked (as a team, rather than as just a hated rival).

  106. golonger

    Oh and by the way, I’d bet your life that I’m smarter than you.

    Not only do I know how to do research to verify my claims, but I also understand how to argue.

    You just say “Sorry, but it’s not true.” I understand, however; I used to work with people who suffered severe brain damage.

    I know what your family is going through, and I respect that you took the time to pound out an incoherent message on this site.

  107. golonger says:
    Mar 20, 2012 12:29 PM
    R-I-G-H-T……if they paid you, you would play. You are over-rated and a choker in the playoffs….

    thanks for letting us all know you are a D.B.: Superbowl MVP, Yeah you are right choker. Here is a though for you, actually have some idea what the hell you are talking about before you post next time and maybe you won’t sound like such a tool.

  108. Give me a break. You’re retiring because NO ONE showed any interest in picking you up. If you wanted to retire as a steeler, you would have when you were cut. Please don’t get into broadcasting too because no one wants to see that stupid smirk like you just found a piece of cheese ratboy. Stay away from the world and run through the hills of incestburgh with your boyfriend instead and bleed black & yellow

  109. touchdowndances

    So you’re not lying; you just know nothing about football.

    Brady and Manning would have killed for a receiver that reliable.

    Marvin Harrison got injured while blocking. Ward injured while blocking.

  110. dawgtown86

    Ward is old an slow. He was always slow.

    Moss was big and fast. He was always fast.

    By why did Moss play on 6 teams and Ward only play on one?

    Because Ward was a team leader.

    I’m sorry, but 32 coaches would kill to have a player who does what he is asked to do.

    T.O. cried when he wasn’t getting the ball. He flipped if he was asked to block.

    Ward only cared if the team won.

    And go ahead and call him dirty. I don’t care. That’s the only bad thing you can say, so go for it.

    What does that mean for Fujita?

  111. golonger says:Mar 20, 2012 12:29 PM

    R-I-G-H-T……if they paid you, you would play. You are over-rated and a choker in the playoffs….

    I get that some fans are biased and others just stupid….

    But a choker in the playoffs?
    Super Bowl XL – 5 catches, 123 yards, TD & Super Bowl MVP
    Super Bowl XLIII – 2 catches, 43 yards (played on a sprained knee, which forced Cardinals to respect him in coverage and kept field open)
    Super Bowl XLV – 7 catches, 78 yards, TD

    His postseason stats:
    18 games- 88 catches, 1181 yards, 10 TDs

    Yeah, that’s a real choke artist.

  112. bunkmcnulty

    Golonger’s problem with you is that you know something about football…and you’re honest.

    See, he’s just a bitter moron, so it kills him that anyone is defending a player whom he hates.

  113. johntonioholmes…just to educate you.

    1) “Hines Ward was a better tight end than Tony Gonzalez was”…this pretty much says it all. Any moron that would compare a receiver to a TE is a total tool…Ward can’t hold a candle to Gonzalez in ANY respect, sorry.
    2) Gee, E James is higher on the list than Franco Harris, does that make him BETTER????
    3) No, YOUR perception is skewed….Ray Lewis is higher on ANYONE’s list at LB than Ward is at WR…is Ward a top 3 WR in history….clearly NO!

  114. richardhurtz says:Mar 20, 2012 1:00 PM

    Enough with the Hall of Fame nonsense! Ward will get in the same Hall of Fame class as Donovan McNabb….The 0000 class.

    PS- TO will get in the Hall as will Randy Moss. Like them or not, they were game breakers. Ward was a block first (cheap shot second) WR who racked up numbers simply by hanging around so long.

    Notice that Randy Moss had multiple teams via for his services yet nobody called Ward? That tells you all you need to know!


    Randy Moss and Terrell Owens went through multiple teams and left a wake of disaster with each one.

    Moss went through 3 teams in 2010 and admitted to playing when he wanted to – he wouldn’t run hard when his # wasn’t called and he only wanted to run deep, never across the middle.

    Owens destroyed lockerooms and even screwed a team he didn’t play for (Ravens) by reneging on a legitamate trade. He destroyed the Eagles by himself.

    If you would take either of those selfish guys over what Ward brought, than you are an ignorant moron who should relegate himself to playing Madden and stay far away from real football.

  115. The NFL just gained class points now that this joker is done. He will make the HOF when they open a wing for the greatest cheapshot artists in the game. Good riddance, dance off into the sunset with your sequined fancy pants.

  116. johntonioholmes – hate to break the news to you…….you arent smarter than the average 10 year old…..you’re arguement comparing Ward to Gonzalez is a total joke….also, arguing that Ward is slow and small but still produced isn’t a reason for HOF contention. Achieving is based on production and circumstance, NOT simply overachieving. Gee,based on your logic, Vinni T should be in the HOF! LOL

  117. @richardhurtz

    Are you saying that Randy Moss is the standard for HOF wide receivers? If that’s the case then there should only be about five wide receivers in the HOF. If you look at yardage and touchdowns, only Jerry Rice and T.O. really compare to Moss’s statistics.

    Saying Hines Ward isn’t Hall of Fame worthy because of what Randy Moss has done is like saying Eli Manning will never make the Hall because he’s not close to Dan Marino statistically.

    For those of you complaining about Cris Carter not making the HOF – no argument here. That’s a travesty. He’s definitely a Hall of Famer.

    Ward has the stats, plus he was one of the faces of a Steelers team that one of the elite franchises of the 2000-current era (2 Lombardi’s, 3 AFC championships, 9 playoff trips)

  118. @deb I couldn’t stir the pot like I normally would on this topic. Just don’t feel justified in destroying him like some of my fellow Ravens fans. I’ll save my aggressions for the season to start!

    I’m glad that some of the Ravens/Steelers fans are truly understanding of a rivalry and that it’s all about pride in your team. I have NO problem with Pitt fans lovin’ on their WR, and understandably so. The Pitt/Bal rivalry is like a bad relationship: you always think you’re in the right and your spouse is in the wrong. Ravens fans think Ward is dirty, Steelers fans think Ray is. Neither will ever concede. But to me, I’d rather see that than someone talking sh*t on their own team. Fairweather fans are just weak.

    Sidebar: I’ll be the 1st to say the Ray Lewis being a murderer and Ben being a rapist comments are overplayed and could probably cease at this point. You all sound like absolute morons.

  119. I’m still giggling about the poster who feels the Steelers aren’t that good of a franchise because they “only made the playoffs twice” back in the days when they wore leather helmets and didn’t pass the ball.

    Personally, I have no memory of those games, so I can’t hold it against them. But to all the teams that did do really well back in the days before television, I give you my respect.

  120. How come every time there is a Steelers article, it turns into a Ray Lewis/Ed Reed thread?

    Yes, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are fantastic players and they will be in the HOF some day. You can stop pinching yourself. It’s real. They are good and someday you will see 2 Ravens players enshrined. Take a deep breath and smile. People outside of Maryland do recognize this.

  121. I’ve watched every single Steeler game during Ward’s career and I never saw a late hit. How come everyone keeps saying he makes late hits? If this is true, I would like someone to make a youtube video that shows these hits.

    You hate someone because he is good at blocking. It’s an integral part of the game. Steelers utilized his skill at this.

    Once again, where are these late hits? Where did you ever see this? You didn’t. If you find a youtube link of a late hit, please post it on here for me.

  122. tluke25 – of course you are too stupid to understand my comment. Doesn’t matter if they were leather helmets or not,the fact is OTHER franchises were winning championships before anyone even knew who the Steelers were. So, to all the Steeler idiot fans who want to profess your championships…you might want to keep it in perspective. 6 championships in 80 years isn’t all that impressive.

  123. …and “how come” everytime there is an article on the Ravens, there are always a few Squealer fans infiltrating the post and lowering the overall IQ?

  124. Golanger, this is an article that announces the retirement of Hines Ward. It’s not an article that says Steelers aren’t a good franchise cause they won only 6 championships. It’s not an article about how the Ravens are better because they have Ray Lewis and Ed Reed.

    Hines Ward had a great career. Either tip your hat or don’t tip your hat. Your comments were mean spirited. Going around calling different posters “idiot”, “stupid” or “tool” just because they think a player or team is good doesn’t mean you win an argument, nor does it make you intelligent.

  125. only d-dag steeler fans like this clown. good luck getting into canton or any other city that accepts twinkle toe dancing cheap shot fairies.

  126. several years ago Hines Ward was covered by the then fastest man in football – it may have been DeAngelo Hall. He caught a pass with about 40 yards to the end zone and cutback and faked his into the end zone and BEAT the fastest man in the NFL TO the endzone. The guy did more with less than any player I have ever seen.

  127. And you can knock his numbers but keep in mind, he did this on a team that when they got a lead they didn’t even throw the ball in the second half of games. Not once. So how many times did he essentially achieve these numbers playing only half a game?

  128. LOL — Jealous wanna be’s make me laugh — Only 7 Players in the HISTORY of the NFL have more receptions than Hines Ward has — That is something impressive by itself — BUT to think he did it on a team that for much of his playing career was a RUN FIRST through second team (With Bettis it made a lot of sense back then too). The Steelers were NOT a pass happy team. Not only that he “DEFINED” the term “blocking wide receiver”– While other twinkle toes afraid to get touched “Prima Donna” were running out of bounds Hines was playing football a MAN’s Way !…… Nobody even cares was a jealous hater like you thinks — (Thank GOD idiots on the internet or in front of their TV’s don’t vote for people in the HOF) I’d rather listen to the opinions of REAL men and REAL ICONIC FOOTBALL PLAYERS & LEGENDS of the game that voted Hines Ward #8 on the NFL ALL ERA TEAM (people like Larry Csonka, James Lofton and John Randle )- Suck on that all you haters…..LOL…LMFAO

  129. True Class= Hines Ward. There are some laughable post on this site. Those of you who think Hines can’t play for another NFL Team are idiots. He chose not to go to another NFL team not the other way around. You have to respect a man who stays with a one of the top organizations in Pro Football his entire career with the Steelers. 2 superbowl rings and Canton on the way. Not bad for a 3rd round pick from Georgia. Hines Ward Steeler for Life!!!!!U Can’t say the same for some of the other greats who CHOSE to put on another uniform. Steeler Nation Salutes you, Hines!!!!!

  130. It’s great that my wish for Hinesy to be a Steeler for life has come true. When I first saw him play as a rookie receiver, I knew that he was the real thing and he didn’t disappoint. What a career!

    It would be very interesting to know how many down field blocks and extra yards were made due to Hines’ “blue collar” playing to whistle on every down. And that’s why he’s my favorite Steeler after sixty years as a B&G fan.

    Ward will be selected for HOF because he led the rebirth of efficient down field blocking by receivers while racking up 1000 receptions for 12,ooo+ yds.

    How many players have had a NFL rule created due to his perfect execution of legal football plays?

    But now I’m waiting to hear from Coach Tomlin that Ward will be hired as receivers coach so that he can pass on his mad knowledge and skills to present and future Steelers just as long as Coach Lebeau has. I’ve no doubt that he’d do a great job.

  131. As a Steelers fan for 37 seasons Slimes Ward was one player I truly didnt care for ever since his stupid remark about Tommy Maddox” couldnt take a hit” in week 11 of the 2002 season that resulted in Tommy being carted off the field in Tennessee that afternoon with a Spinal Cord Concussion.

  132. tluke25 – doesn’t matter what this article is about…looks like there is a comment area and last time I checked, it is a free country. But yes, calling people an idiot or whatever does make me smart…smart enough at least to make the distinction….and most Steeler fans apply. and to the joker who said only 7 other players had more receptions…great. 1) Vinnie Testeverde had a lot of completions as well…doesn’t make him HOF material and 2) This is a pass happy league…saying a receiver deserves to go in because he has more yards than players 20 years ago is meaningless.

  133. Cheap shot artist? Is that supposed to be an insult?

    Goodell has turned most of PFT planet of pansy fans that want to watch men wear lingerie. Seriously, you should consider watching soccer if you think a 200 lb wide receiver’s blocks are too violent for TV.

  134. golonger — LOL — what a name – obviously used to make up for your short comings as anyone who feels the need to use such pseudonyms dictate that you are hung like a gerbil. Must suck to be such a loser that you feel the need in whatever way possible to try and ~dream~ up . Must be a Browns or other loser team with HUGE inadequacies (must suck to cheer for a team thats a perrenial loser… BWAHAHAHA)— Other than that its obvious you ride the short yellow bus to school — so go hurry up now, because its outside waiting. You are obviously in a fantasy play land ….

  135. golonger says:Mar 21, 2012 4:15 AM

    tluke25 – doesn’t matter what this article is about…looks like there is a comment area and last time I checked, it is a free country. But yes, calling people an idiot or whatever does make me smart…smart enough at least to make the distinction….and most Steeler fans apply. and to the joker who said only 7 other players had more receptions…great. 1) Vinnie Testeverde had a lot of completions as well…doesn’t make him HOF material and 2) This is a pass happy league…saying a receiver deserves to go in because he has more yards than players 20 years ago is meaningless.

    “Calling people an idiot does make me smart”

    You go right ahead thinking that, but real intelligence is a combination of experience, education and the ability to process factual information in order to reach a conclusion.

    Your posts are highly opinionated, have no factual basis and when you do make a reference for comparison (i.e. Vinny Testeverde) you make sure that you find one that ignores a number of other more accurate references for comparison.

    Ward and Testeverde have no basis for comparison. Testeverde was the #1 overall pick but didn’t experience anything remotely close to successful for his first 7 years, and made his 1st Pro Bowl appearance after 10 years – at 33 years old. He had a stretch of 5 years where he was a quality QB ovr a career that spanned 20 years – till he was 44 years old.

    Ward led the Steelers in receiving in his 2nd season, reached the Pro Bowl in his 4th and went to 4 straight Pro Bowls (2001-2004) where he was as good as any WR in the league. In 2005, he won a Super Bowl MVP despite being double covered as the Steelers most dangerous receiving option. He averaged 85 catches and 1000 yards during the decade of the 2000s (10 years of consistency) and has the 3rd longest record of consecutive games with a catch at 186.

    The NFL being a “passing league” is something that has been more prevalent since 2007 and in particular over the last 2 years. A simple look at the Super Bowl champions from the first half of the decade vs. the second half clearly shows the move away from running to passing. The only RB to play in a Super Bowl with over 1200 yards since 2005 is Rashard Mendenhall.

    It’s impossible for you to be taken seriously, much less with a shred of credibility, when you cannot even support your opinion without a shred of viable factual support, but instead rely on a biased outlook and generalizations.

  136. fsf7 – and you go ahead with YOUR perception of what facts are. If someone says the Sun is hot because Hines Ward is a WR,both might be facts but the two aren’t related. Unfortunately,many people in here do exactly that….if people are idiots, they are idiots. Not my fault, it is what it is. Another things is people making comments who have never even stepped on a football field. Like Parcels said…”you THINK you know,but you DONT know!”

    The point of using Vinnie was to make a point,not prove a blanket theory. Just because Bettis ran for a lot of yards doesn’t make him a HOFer…just as just because Hines Ward caught a lot of passes,doesn’t mean HE is a HOFer. Also, just because Ward was the best receiver on the Steelers doesn’t mean much either. Hines Ward was a solid receiver, a tough receiver.That is about it. He was never one of the top 3 feared receivers in the league.

  137. goshortdick “just as just because Hines Ward caught a lot of passes,doesn’t mean HE is a HOFer” LOL You’re freaking idiot nobody claims THAT is the only reason he’s HOF worthy — get you head out of your boyfriends lap. Many REAL FOOTBAL PLAYS AND LEGENDS of the game have openly said the Hines is very deserving of the HOF — Some loser on the internet like you are irrelevant (and so many people like them laugh at jokers like you……LMAO !)…. There are a LOT of reasons, tangible and intangible that make Hines Ward a very strong candidate for the HOF. I would never say he was first round worthy and yes there are a few other very worthy WR’s waiting Chris Carter and Andre Reid two that come to mind. But Hines brings an intangibility and quality in the NFL that stats alone don’t show . He was consistently for most every year of his career someone that a team could turn to and he would come through and make a tough 3rd down, a big block down field or whatever else was needed to make his team win.

    A great article by a sports writer that was very balanced and fair is here — http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nfl-shutdown-corner/hines-ward-block-way-hall-fame-222935511.html

    Some important excerpts

    “As a wide receiver, Hines Ward was very good. As a blocker at the wide receiver position, Ward was the best and most dangerous in the history of the NFL. Figuring out how to balance those two things will be at the heart of the “Is Hines Ward a Hall of Famer?” debate five years from now. Let’s get a jump on it……”

    “The blocking is the thing. If you can be a top-10 receiver in the league and add so much to your team’s running game, that’s a difference maker. That’s what separates Hines Ward from other guys with big numbers who are on the outside looking in. It’s a perfectly legitimate argument. He added something to his team that other receivers just did not.”

    “It’s going to be a really tough call when the time comes ‒ especially considering some of the receivers, like Cris Carter, who have been left out in the cold recently. Ultimately, though, I think Ward will get in ‒ not on the first ballot, but at some point. ………… He’ll be held up as an example of how the game was played before we put all the sissified new rules into it.

    Below is just something someone compiled – taken as a whole, and with the knowledge of his toughness in a position where most are babies wearing skirts, its pretty impressive

    A look at the final numbers for Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward, who retired today:

    1 — Super Bowl Most Valuable Player award (February 2006 against Seattle)

    2 — Players in NFL history with at least 1,000 receptions and two Super Bowl rings (Ward and Jerry Rice)

    3 — Steelers MVP awards (2002, 2003 and 2005)

    4 — Pro Bowls (2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004)

    11 — Consecutive seasons as the team’s leading receiver

    14 — Seasons in the NFL (two more than any Steelers wide receiver)

    29 — 100-yard receiving games (most by a Steelers player)

    85 — Touchdown catches (22 more than any other Steelers player)

    186 — Consecutive games with at least one catch

    428 — Career rushing yards (most by a Steelers wide receiver)

    526 — Points scored (fifth most in team history)

    1,000 — Career catches (ranks 8th all time)

    12,083 — Receiving yards (18th in NFL history)

    25,924 — Hits on opposing players (OK, this was my best estimate)

  138. tsenator – LOL…it would appear YOU are the loser as you have plenty of time to write paragraph after paragraph….go get a job!!! LOL

    Also, many have openly said he is NOT HOF worthy, sorry……..get your mouth off his jock! LOL

  139. LOL – goshorter – I have a GREAT Job ! I’m working right now – Actually my job is so great I can break away and post comments when I want and I do ~extremely~ well….. better than 98% out there so it must suck to be you…LOL ….(you mad bro… ;-)– and in the HISTORY of the NFL name ONE (just ONE) Wide Receiver that’s been tougher than Hines Ward for 14 Years —- Its called the Hall of Fame – not “Hall of Stats” He’s so Famous the NFL even changed the rules because he LEGALLY “lit up” so many defenders over the years they had to make it easier for defenses…. (LOL how embarrassing for a defensive player to know you got knocked on your behind by an offensive WR….LOL)- whats your team ….LOL?

  140. tsenator – That’s great Wal-mart gives you breaks as a greeter and allows you to go over to the electronics section and logon….fanatastic. That is a pretty good job for a squealer fan…..at least you are on the manager track..congrats.

    …and TOUGH isn’t a requirement for the Hall-of-Fame..sorry…oh,..he changed the rules?….oh really……you are as delusional as you are stupid. Only an absolute buffoon would think a WR is great because they had to change the rules because of his dirty play….LOL….priceless.

  141. steelcurtainn – of course you would….you are an idiot Squealers fan that cannot think for himself……obviously! LOL……The people in here with any degree of intelligence can read between the lines!

  142. Golanger … you might hate Hines Ward. Maybe cause he smiles after he catches the ball, maybe because you think he does so called “cheap shots”, or maybe just because he is a Steeler, but the thing is I’m certain you don’t honestly believe that Hines Ward isn’t going to get into the hall of fame some day. Is he going to be a first ballot guy? Probably not. Is he going to get in eventually? Without question.

    If someone from 40 years in the future came and said he has the list of everyone who has been inducted into the HOF from 2016 to 2050, and that person told you that you had to make a bet on whether Hines was inducted or not, and if you were wrong, it would cost you your life.

    You mean to tell me you would say “no, he didn’t get in.” I’m certain you wouldn’t.

  143. puke25……im not really sure what you fail to understand. Hines Ward is worthy of the HOVG….Hall of Very Good….He is in no way, shape, or form a HOF.er…..like I said…….he was never one of the top feared receivers when he played…..that is a fact and that is the BIGGEST reason why he wont get in. There are many more receivers already in queue that haven’t gotten in, and many more that are coming up that will be waiting to get in….Hines Ward is not as talented or accomplished as these guys….sorry, he just isn’t!!!

  144. golanger, I don’t believe that you actually think Ward won’t get in eventually. I know you feel he’s not a Randy Moss or Jerry Rice and he’s not, but you and I both know he will eventually get in the HOF.

    I might not necessarily believe Kurt Warner should be in the HOF, but I’m not going to say he won’t get in, cause I know at some point he will.

    What we want and what will happen are 2 different things. You don’t want Ward in the HOF, and that is fine, but it’s not very realistic to say he won’t eventually get rolled over.

    And once again, you never answered the question if your life depended on it and you had to come up with the right answer, would you say Ward got in or not.

  145. And who are these receivers that are so much better than Hines Ward that didn’t get into the hall of fame? Chris Carter and Isaac Bruce? They will get into the HOF. You have to remember that they just became eligible in the last year or two. It takes a little time.

  146. Hines Ward ranks in the top 10 all-time in receptions, and the top 20 all-time in receiving yards and TD receptions. His 1,000 receptions is a nice, round, memorable number, not unlike fellow Pittsburgh sports star Roberto Clemente’s 3,000 career hits. He also holds the Steelers franchise records in each of the aforementioned categories. He accomplished all this in spite of not being a prototypical WR, spending most of his prime on a run-heavy team, and shaving Kordell Stewart and Tommy Maddox throwing him the ball during the first six years of his career.

    He’s a four-time Pro-Bowler and a three-time Second-Team All-Pro, which flies in the face of those who claim that he’s never performed at an elite level. He’s won two Super Bowls, plus the Super Bowl XL MVP award. He’s been the most physical WR in a generation, with a toughness that opposing defenders complained about. Apparently it’s fine for them to knock somebody’s head off, but when the tables turn, they turn into girls. *lol*

    He’s also famous off the field, advocating social reform in South Korea, and winning the Mirror Ball award on Dancing With The Stars. He also has a cameo as a player for the Gotham Rogues in the upcoming summer blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises. Basically, what all this means is, people who don’t know football still know who he is.

    Nobody’s saying that Hines Ward will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame before Cris Carter, Andre Reed or Tim Brown. If they’ve had to wait, then he’ll have to wait too. But it’s completely asinine to say that he doesn’t have a chance or doesn’t deserve to be in, especially when you look at his entire body of work. Quite frankly, I doubt that many of his critics even have. He has the stats, the rings, the accolades and the fame. He’d be borderline without the two rings and the Super Bowl MVP award. He’s a lock with them. The only question is when, and those of you who can’t accept that are required to pound sand.

  147. GREAT Article from ESPN.com and why Ward is very deserving for the HOF – Even though “goshort” is a hater – the REAL KNOWLEDGEABLE FOOTBALL Analysts and NFL players have already acknowledges that Hines will most likely get in to HOF. Here are but a FEW excellent highlights.


    “Hall of Fame voting results in recent years seem to show that outstanding individual production (Cris Carter), even when combined with consistent team success (Andre Reed), no longer guarantee a wide receiver a bust in Canton.”

    “Hines Ward,……. has as good a case as any receiver for a bust among the game’s greats.”

    “Ward’s production as a pass-catcher is even more imposing when one considers that over the duration of his 14-season career, the Steelers were the NFL’s most run-heavy offense. Pittsburgh ran the ball on 48.8 percent of its plays from 1998-2011. No other team ran the ball on more than 47 percent of its snaps over that span.”

    “….only Jerry Rice (151) caught more passes than Ward (88) in postseason history.”

    “It is here where Ward, regarded as one of the greatest blocking wide receivers in league history, differentiates himself from the group of receivers waiting on a call from Canton.”

    ” Even last season, when the 35-year-old Ward was on the field for fewer than half of the Steelers offensive plays, Pittsburgh’s rushing game was markedly better with Ward in the game. The Steelers averaged 5.3 yards per rush with Ward on the field compared to 4.1 with him on the sideline.”

    The line of wide receivers waiting for a spot in the Hall is long, but Ward’s career résumé on one of the league’s most successful franchises could earn him a spot near the front.

  148. golonger says: Mar 21, 2012 10:58 AM

    fsf7 – and you go ahead with YOUR perception of what facts are. If someone says the Sun is hot because Hines Ward is a WR,both might be facts but the two aren’t related. Unfortunately,many people in here do exactly that….if people are idiots, they are idiots. Not my fault, it is what it is. Another things is people making comments who have never even stepped on a football field. Like Parcels said…”you THINK you know,but you DONT know!”

    The point of using Vinnie was to make a point,not prove a blanket theory. Just because Bettis ran for a lot of yards doesn’t make him a HOFer…just as just because Hines Ward caught a lot of passes,doesn’t mean HE is a HOFer. Also, just because Ward was the best receiver on the Steelers doesn’t mean much either. Hines Ward was a solid receiver, a tough receiver.That is about it. He was never one of the top 3 feared receivers in the league.


    Here’s where you are brain-dead. You claim you selected Vinny Testeverde to make a blanket reference, why Vinny? Why not Curtis Martin, why not Dan Fouts? These are guys who amassed all time great numbers over a long career too. The reason you selected Vinny T. is because he fit the criteria of a point you were trying to make, one that is smaller than the point on your head.

    I am NOT taking a view of the facts. What view is there in saying a player made 4 consecutive pro bowls. During that time, only 2 receivers had more catches – Holt and Harrison. Holt only by 2 – and its safe to say that Holt and the Rams were not passing the ball 3 times in the second half of games in 2004 – running an offense designed to protect a rookie QB and winning 13 straight games in the process.

    Ward is #3 all time in consecutive games with a pass reception – 186. He is #2 all time in post-season receptions – 88. Jerry Rice leads in both categories. Ward’s statistics are across the board quite frankly – amazing. His sacrifice to put team first above his individual achievements is a huge part of why the post season numbers are so high and the team won championships. And his post season performances were the stuff of Hall of Fame.

    Obviously, you are a jealous fan of another team and desperately do not want another Steeler in the Hall of Fame. After Dawson and Butler were elected, with Bettis waiting in the wings, Cowher and Faneca eventually elected, Ward will be followed by Roethlisberger and Polamalu. What Jack Ham said was true, they do have to build another wing in the Hall just for the Steelers, and it burns you to no end.

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