Jaguars sign ex-Giants cornerback Aaron Ross to three-year deal


Aaron Ross is heading to Jacksonville.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Jaguars have reached an agreement with Ross, a free agent cornerback, on a three-year deal worth up to $15.3 million.

The 29-year-old Ross has played his entire five-year career with the Giants, who took him in the first round of the 2007 NFL draft. That includes playing all 16 games for last year’s Super Bowl winners, with a career-high four interceptions, and also starting all four postseason games.

Staying healthy for every game last year was important for Ross. Although he has played in either 15 or 16 games in four of his five seasons, he had struggled through foot and hamstring injuries and had been viewed as injury prone prior to last season.

The Giants believe that with Terrell Thomas coming back healthy, they’ll be better at cornerback next year, even without Ross. And the Jaguars believe that with Ross, they’ll be better at cornerback, too.

31 responses to “Jaguars sign ex-Giants cornerback Aaron Ross to three-year deal

  1. Me Like. Finished 2011 as #6 defense in the league and that was with major IR hits on defense. With everyone back healthy there is no reason this defense will not finish top 5. Get the offense on par and things are about to unfold.

  2. Didn’t the jags say they weren’t gonna b active in free agency.its looks like they r putting together a competitive team.

  3. This past season, he was more than solid. Definitely played lights-out. Not so in prior years, when you never knew which guy was gonna show up, but thanks for the memories, AR! Played a big part on the current Championship team!

  4. Awesome pick up! More depth and playoff /superbowl experiance! If we can get a pass rusher and one to two more receivers then the draft will be self easy pickens! I say go after Mark Anderson DE harder than they have and draft Copels to shore up the Dline on the end.Maybe if they get Tebow he can play DE.lmao….NOOOT!

  5. Looks like we will be going DE or WR with the 7th pick if we stay at 7. I say trade back a few spots if possible and snag 1.Micheal Floyd who will be a way better pro and be in the league longer than Blackmon, not sold on him hes got to much of that neck roll attitude goin 2. Either Copels or Ingram.They both are beast!

  6. Jags will be competitive as soon as their qb situation sorts itself out… A good D will allow a young qb to relax tho, hopefully by keeping his team in games and not feeling like he has to win a shootouts each week

  7. Jacksonville has to be the frontrunner for tebow since they are bein active in free agency and look to be tryin to build a not a huge tebow fan but yall know the roots.

  8. Wow – Super Bowl champion to the Jaguars. That’s a big difference.
    Never liked Ross so good riddens.
    He was the weak link that every team picked on.

  9. Thomas is better than Ross – If they’re both healthy….Big IF.

    Webster and Prince will start the season with TT the nickel until he’s 100%. Thomas was the biggest loss of the Giants Defense last season. Gmen made the right choice on which one to keep.

    Best of luck Aaron! Thanks!!!

  10. Looks like a solid pickup. And before all the Giants fans get carried away about the price tag, the contract is good for UP to $15 million only when performance incentives are met. Translation – if he gets hurt or doesn’t start then he will get paid a lot, lot less money.

  11. He gives up 6 plays for every one, you’ll see. Glad to see him go, didn’t want him back at any price. Good for Jacksonville to get some new players though and try to become relevant.

  12. As a Giant Jags fan in the northeast this signing is for me. Great pickup. I’m surprised the giants thought so little of him even though he helped save the secondary after all the injuries last year.

    Jax is shaping up to have a great D this year.

    Looks like we’re going DE in round 1

  13. Ross plays like a talented rookie. Makes plays then BANG, wrong place at the wrong time. Very good against the run and not afraid to mix it up with anyone, though.

    Sort of like Gibril Wilson. Good enough player, not great, got the money and now we shall see…

  14. He wasn’t / isn’t the greatest corner but he did start for 2 Superbowl winners and started for the champion Longhorns. That’s a hell of a career in my book. As a Gmen I’ll always respect em.

  15. Giants fan here. Ross is the definition of a roller coaster type player. When he’s on, he plays with the best of them, but when he’s off, you might as well be playing with 10 guys on defense. That said, I do like the guy, but I won’t miss him. Decent pickup, he’ll bring two rings worth of experience to the Jags.

  16. LOVE AR and his dedication to working hard for the giants over the years and his contributions to both SBs, but jags paid way too much. since his injuries he has never recovered his speed and is a very good #3 corner, at best a good enough #2 with injuries (when thomas went down this year). he struggled, cant tackle, dint have a ‘lights-out year’ at all but he played extremely well for his capabilities. great guy, great work ethic, knows football and how to play in championships but hes simply not worth the money

    btw i love that gibril wilson comparison.

  17. Good pickup. Being ‘relevant’ is inevitable with a winning team. Picking up an unconventional project QB like Tebow will set the franchise back a decade.

  18. Aaron Ross is a solid starting CB, just not a great one. He really showed the potential his first season, but his second season he really didn’t make the step I thought he was capable of. Also he didn’t always start, as at some point the Giants thought more of guys like Kevin Dockery in 2007-2008 and Thomas the last few years except this season.

    Jaguars are getting a CB that has nice speed and fluidity. He is a fine blitzer and player against the run. He can flash with some great plays, just like he can be on the wrong end of some, or almost like the Osi strip sack on Rodgers. Thanks Aaron for some very nice plays, and overal solid CB play. He’s also a cool person too.

  19. You Giants fans realize that he’s the #3 CB on the roster right. And he’s not even gonna play nickel, thats Colemans job. Ross is going to get some starts if Mathis takes some tim recovering from his ACL, and he more than likely will not see near that 15 mill unless he wins a starting spot and plays lights out. This is a calculated move by a team who has a better defensive unit than the Giants.

  20. Too much money for Ross. He’s not bad but he’s prone top the bone head play more so than many others.

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