Jarrett Bush re-signs with Packers

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Jarrett Bush is staying in Green Bay.

Bush, a free agent cornerback who has been with the Packers since 2006, agreed to a three-year contract to remain with the team, agent Derrick Fox told the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

Although he had visits with the Jets and Cardinals and was planning to visit the Cowboys, Bush ultimately decided he wanted to stay where he was rather than explore the possibility of signing elsewhere.

“I asked him if that’s what he really wanted,” Fox said. “And he said, ‘No, I want to be a Packer.’ That’s what he wanted from the beginning.”

Bush entered the league as an undrafted free agent with the Panthers but was cut by Carolina and signed by Green Bay in the preseason of his rookie year. In 2009 he signed a three-year, $4.5 million offer sheet with the Titans as a restricted free agent, but the Packers matched the offer to keep him. Fox wouldn’t disclose the terms of his new deal other than to say it was better than the previous three-year deal.

24 responses to “Jarrett Bush re-signs with Packers

  1. No, I hate this guy. He cant play, and just talks smack the whole time. A classless loser who has no business in a packer uniform.

  2. See, Ted Thompson does sign free agents. Good signing. Consistently a solid special teams player and 4th-5th corner.

  3. Glad to see the cheeseheads bringing back as many members from the 32nd ranked defense in 2012 as possible!

  4. Some of my fellow Packers fans will be upset with this because of his play in defensive packages. Yes, he can be a liability as a defender. What some fans often forget, however, is that there are 3 phases to football.

    The reality is that Jarrett has developed into one hell of a special teams player. He is almost always the first one to the ball.

    Coverage in special teams is vastly underrated – Until your team can’t wrap up a returner.

    I’m confident this signing didn’t break the bank, and it brings back a tenacious talent at gunner.

  5. He also just happens to be one of the best special teams players in the league. The only way he play’s on defense, is when someone gets hurt. See last year dorks. He is a dime player at best.

  6. He’s not a top tier corner back, but the special teams unit would have been horrendous without him. Glad to have you back JB!

  7. “I want to be a Packer.” Makes me happy to read that!

    Yeah, yeah, the defense sucked and still they went 15-2. They were also great fun to watch all year long… so, you should be so lucky jackntorrres!

  8. Not much of a signing. I hope this didn’t take money away from a potential free agent RDE or ROLB who’s capable of starting in the NFL..

  9. Takes crap from everyone, but continues to get better each season. He also made one of the key plays of SB XLV and has more rings than most of the guys on the Hot 100 FA list.

  10. Great guy, great attitude, great special teamer. Average at best cb, but I’m very pleased he’s staying.

  11. shieldsisland37 = He … just talks smack the whole time. A classless loser who has no business …

    (Anyway that’s how I see it.)

  12. Glad Pack kept him, hes a hell of a special teams player, and he’s made some big plays when he’s had to step in on D (see superbowl XLV). There’s a roll for every person on a team and Bush is a hell of a team player, hes grown alot since his first couple years.

  13. As a Cowboy fan, let me just start by thanking TT for this move. I was scared to death the Cowboys would sign him. He maybe good on ST but if the Boys are signing DB’s, he brings no value.

  14. Good signing. He’s offers some versatility and depth. He’s only a no. 4-5 DB anyways and is an elite ST coverage guy. We all know he’s a liability, but he’s worth the money for the depth and ST contributions.

    And for those clamoring why the Pack aren’t more active in free agency, here’s why: http://wp.me/p29VCs-5W

  15. glad to keep him, he’s a st’s ace and a decent dime back, plus he has the versatility to play a little safety in a pinch.

  16. Well okay, but then isn’t it about time to cut Pat Lee loose? Do we need two guys who are good on special teams but who wear a huge “Throw at the guy I’m covering” sign when they get on the field as a DB?

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