Jets consider trading for Tim Tebow

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One of Tim Tebow’s most impressive comebacks last season came against the Jets, when he ran for a 20-yard touchdown in the final minute of a 17-13 Broncos victory. Now the Jets are considering the idea that if they can’t beat Tebow, he should join them.

The Jets have discussed trading for Tebow, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports. Schefter refers to the Jets acquiring Tebow as a long shot, but it’s at least a possibility.

Tebow in a Jets uniform would put a different kind of heat on starter Mark Sanchez, whose new contract extension shortly after the Jets exited the Peyton Manning sweepstakes appeared to give him a firm grip on the starting job. As it turned out, the Broncos winning the Manning sweepstakes could be the first step toward Sanchez having to hold off Tebowmania in order to remain the Jets’ starter.

Tebow in a Jets uniform would also be fun to see because when Tebow and Antonio Cromartie are on opposite sides of the ball in practice, it would be the first instance in NFL history of the defensive player being the one who needs to wear the red jersey.

108 responses to “Jets consider trading for Tim Tebow

  1. This is the best news we’ve had all week…

    Go get him Rex!!!

    Dolphins Fans

  2. I hope this is a joke… Or maybe they want him to play TE or RB…. LOL That could make sense… No higher than 6th round pick for him

  3. Do the Jets not realize that Belichick knows how to stop Tebow?

    There’s two games you would lose every year.

    Typical idiot Jets.

  4. No one in NY wants Tebow as the QB. The only thing we would use him for is the wildcat, and option plays here and there. He would be little more than a wrinkle in our offense… something for other teams to practice for. We will be a run 1st team after all, and if we can make it more dynamic in anyway, why not.

  5. This would be a new twist, where one of the team’s quarterbacks is a virgin, and the other one prefers virgins.

  6. Again.. how many back-up QB’s do the Jets need once Mark Sanchez has completely melted down by November.. What is the over/under on Jet wins next year? 5?

  7. “it would be the first instance in NFL history of the defensive player being the one who needs to wear the red jersey.”

    +1 for MDS. Gold.

  8. My guess this is a false rumor being leaked by the front office to make santonio holmes realize how good he’s currently got it by comparison =)

  9. Oh, no way? Really? The Jets are interested in a big name free-agent? If you really gave up on the Peyton chase to extend Sanchez and get Tebow, you deserve to lose.

  10. Ugh! This has gotta be a joke.

    But on the upside, it would put both this era of the Jets and Tebowmania firmly to bed.

    Tebow’d come out and throw up a few wobblers that get picked, the NY Media would eat him alive, Santonio Holmes would explode in the locker room, and the defense would be further left breathless at having held the opposing team to 9 points and lost. Again.

    You know what? I just changed my mind. I actually hope this happens.

  11. Tebow,Tone, Sanchez,Cromartie,Rex.Woody & Tanny has the makings of a great reality show. Picture Tebow standing up in a team meeting saying “Lets go get a GD snack !”

  12. If the Jets can get a trade like this, I say go for it… Trade Bart Scott and Calvin Pace (Denver must take over their guarantees and clear our cap of them) and 2nd and 5th round picks to Denver, for Tim Tebow and Von Miller… Basically a trade to get about 12m cap space and VON MILLER!! One can dream lol.

  13. it’s okay. sanchez has a big contract, so no matter what he’s the unquestioned leader of the team.

  14. The off-season just ceased being fun for me. Is Sparano asking for Tebow so he can run the Wildcat? FML

  15. A good move to provide maturity in the Jets locker room. Maybe he could tutor the coaching staff on how to lead and inspire, too.

  16. This is just stupid PFT writers making something out of nothing try to get headlines…..there is NO TRUTH to this…

  17. I don’t see this happening. Tebow already refused to date Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian because they weren’t *pure* enough. Tim would probably retire before risking his soul by putting on a Jets uniform.

  18. Tebow would feel like he’s playing for Satan. Every other word out of Rex Ryans mouth would make Timothy sad :*(

  19. Not gonna happen. Just NY sports Talking. Next thing you will know that the Giants are interested.

  20. This solidifies the J-E-T-S as the biggest joke of a franchise in the NFL. Worst run, least desirable, over shadowed, most over hyped professional sports franchise. Getting Tebow would be par for the course, but also a better option than Sanchez. Sanchez isn’t even a game manager. He is a mole covered, pick throwing, tackling dummy.

  21. I am a huge Tebow detractor but I would never wish NY, especially as a Jet, on him due to the media alone. That is the last place that poor soul needs to go…

  22. Now that would be truely classic! Would Tebow run out of the locker room stuffing roseries in his ears and asking Jesu to forgive him after Rex dropped 9 F bombs on the team at halftime?

    Also, what does Jesus think about foot fetish videos?

    Please Jesus, make it happen….

  23. That makes perfect Jets sense. Steal the headlines while having no likelihood of coming true. How about just working on being relevant again?

  24. I know a lot of people have some very “negative” thoughts in this and believe me you are definitely right to think that. Being a UGA fan I’ve had years of hate built up around Timmy T, he’s ruined many Saturdays for me. But there is no denying Stankchez is not a great fit to the Rex’s Jets mold. Tebow would actually be the pounding, thunderous runner that they lost with Thomas Jones. If Elway gives Tebow away then there’s no loss. Short down yardage or just another Stanchez “off the mark” day put him in and I really think the old Jets emerge.

    P.s. remember the flinch! You think Tebow would embarrass us like that?

  25. Is it just me, or does anyone else think it’s sad that the great comeback kid had an impressive come from behind victory when his defense only let up 13 points.

  26. I think it’s funny that all the Tebow haters now have to deal with him potentially landing on their teams.

  27. If the Jets bring in Tebow, it will be to run the option on short yardage and play some special teams. We all know he does not have the passing ability to start in the NFL. The guy we have has 3 more road playoff wins than Peyton, he’ll be fine.
    Peyton’s last game? A playoff loss to sanchez in Indy.

  28. You people are idiots. They would use him in certain packages, like they did with Brad Smith. He wouldn’t be a starting QB. What is wrong with looking into signing him? He could be a productive player, and a weapon if used properly.

  29. First off, as a Jets fan, I have to say nooooooooooo.
    Then, after picking myself off the floor, let me say, if they do pick him up, I only hope it’s to replace some of what we lost with Brad Smith. I don’t think they’d bring him in as a QB but a slash kind of guy who can also convert on 3rd down. Tebow is not a QB. Sanchez has a better arm than Tebow.
    Now, tanny, don’t go get him.

  30. sergiofromdade says:
    Mar 20, 2012 3:05 PM
    This is the best news we’ve had all week…

    Go get him Rex!!!

    Dolphins Fans

     Not sure why you’re gloating. Who’s your QB again????? Who wants to play in Miami?

  31. That would be a mess because Ryan would make it one. He would never be able to settle on a QB. Unless his cap hit really hurts – why wouldn’t Denver keep him as a backup and a ‘Slash’ type of player.

    Elway and Fox must really, really dislike this guy personally. Wouldn’t you keep a guy that might be able to help your team somehow someway? Maybe not as a starter but backup QB, catch the ball out of the backfield or as TE, slot, whatever. The big bastard is a strong runner with the ball. After you get past their two starting WR’s they have a serious dropoff when it comes to receivers.

  32. Well the Bible DOES say to wash someone else’s feet as a sign of humility. You know Rex Ryan is all for Tebow then.

  33. mramos7392 says:
    Mar 20, 2012 4:09 PM
    You people are idiots. They would use him in certain packages, like they did with Brad Smith. He wouldn’t be a starting QB. What is wrong with looking into signing him?

    The rest of us are idiots, but you refer to signing a player already under contract by another team in an article that has TRADING in the headline? :p

  34. The Jets front office is almost as much of a mess as their coaching staff. Peyton, a guy with unresolved spinal issues, becomes available and the whole world is told that the Jets want him. Oops, he doesn’t want to be a Jet. Sorry Mark, here is a big fat extension and a hallmark card. What’s the philosophy there, if they pay and extend him like a big gamer, he’ll actually be able to win a big game someday??!!?? Now an unproven rookie with slightly more stupid mistakes throwing the ball than uninformed fanatics following him becomes available, and they’re jumping at him now too. What if they lose Tebow too? How do they convince Mark they’re confident in him now? Extend him to age 50? Nothing like seeing the NY Jets floundering in the front office, with their loud mouth coach eating crow on the sidelines.

  35. The JETS might very well have found the only QB in NFL history with a lower completion percentage than Sanchez.

    Good going. Oh yeah, Sporano is running the offense now, nevermind. Wildcat all over again.

    Too funny.

  36. watched that game with particular interest last year being a Pats fan in anticipation of what we’d be facing later in the year.
    Have to give it up for the Jets D for 90% of the game, then Cromagnon-martie wanted NO PART of Tebow barreling toward him during his game-clinching TD run.
    Funny thing is, used in the right context with the a sub-package of plays designed for him, he could truly wreak havoc on NFL Defenses.
    Some smart, crafty forward thinking HC/OC could make this kid a real weapon, just not sure he’ll ever be anything more than that, since his mechanics are SO bad throwing the ball

  37. In inquiring what it would cost to acquire arguably the best quartback in the game today is due diligence. In inquiring what it would cost to acquire arguably the worst(statistically) quartback in the game today is just plain STUPID!

  38. Here are Tebow’s ranks for 2011:
    passer rating – 40th
    completion % – 60th
    yards – 31st
    TD’s – 28th

    The guys was AWFUL, why is he always in the news?

  39. Jets will use him as God intended him to be used. TE, FB, RB, WR and wildcat QB. He has a lot of natural talent that you can’t teach. Being a pure dropback QB is not one of them.

  40. Has anyone who says you can make him a weapon ever watched him play. Every gm, he crapped it up for the first 3 qrtrs. He couldn’t even run the ball, let alone throw a completion. Though I’m an amateur, it didn’t look to me like he was reading any defenses. It was the defense and luck that kept them ingames for him to make a few plays at the end of the game. But most of his plays were a result of mistakes made by coaches or players. He has only been successful because his opponents underestimate him so much that he is able to do 2 or 3 things right in the 4th qrtr. His defense should get the credit, not him.

  41. toad8572 says: Mar 20, 2012 3:13 PM

    Hahahahaha!!! As a Chargers fan, I get the joke!! Good one!!
    As a chargers fan, you ARE the joke.

  42. I believe given their respective personal obsessions, one could conclude Tebow and Ryan might make good soul (sole) mates.

  43. In Tebow I trust!

    I am saying it now…. I absolutely guarantee a Superbown victory this upcoming season now that Tebow is with us!

    If not I’ll kiss all of the PFT members feet. … which is not so bad becuase I love feet! 🙂

    I mean after all, there has to be some consiquences for not being able to deliver on a guarantee.

    – Rexy

  44. Cleveland should give Tebow a chance.

    After all, they won’t be winning anything for at least another decade anyway so they may as well give the 20 or so fans they have left a reason to show up.

    I pitty whoever they draft. It’s dark, it’s dreary, and the front office hasn’t got a clue.

    The new “Most Dysfunctional Franchise” is hereby awarded to the Cleveland Browns.

  45. As a jets fan…..please don’t let tebow on the jets. If. This happens, I’m done with the jets. Please Rex and woody Johnson don’t do it……plus the jets have a lot other holes on defense and offense to fix first….no tebow.

  46. Simply freaking amazing. Let’s take a quick trip in the Tebow time machine:

    1) First Sophmore to win the Heisman
    2) 2 BCS ational championships at U of F
    3) All time SEC records in rushing TDs and passing efficiency
    3) Took the Broncos from 1-4 to 8-8 and to the
    divisional round in his first year as a starter

    And everybody wants to make him a backup? A tight end? Fullback? Situational QB?

    Why? Because Elway doesn’t like him? Bad throwing mechanics? Poor accuracy? Give me break. I’m no Tebowmaniac, but the guys’ a champion. I’ll take that over most all NFL QBs any day of the week, including Sanchez. So put the Kool Aid down and back slowly away…

  47. Congrat MK, you recited Tebows COLLEGE resume. He hasn’t won anything yet at the NFL level. A playoff game where he was outplayed doesn’t count as a win. In College he was the best ATHLETE on the field, in the NFL, he is just another Average Joe

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