Lions sign Jacob Lacey, re-sign Andre Fluellen


Cornerback was one of the spots the Lions were expected to target in free agency and they’ve finally signed one.

The team have agreed to terms with cornerback Jacob Lacey, according to Tim Twentyman of the team’s website. Lacey became a free agent when the Colts opted against tendering him as a restricted free agent. Lacey has started 27 games for the Colts during his three-year NFL career, picking up five interceptions and two touchdowns along the way.

He lost his job in the starting lineup in 2011 thanks in part to a high burn rate in pass coverage, but he has played well against the run during his career. With Eric Wright in Tampa, there will be an opportunity for Lacey to earn a lot of playing time in Detroit next season.

The Lions also announced that they have re-signed free agent defensive tackle Andre Fluellen. Fluellen has played every defensive line position for the Lions over the course of his career and should remain a valuable backup piece for them in 2012.

22 responses to “Lions sign Jacob Lacey, re-sign Andre Fluellen

  1. Josh and Evan-Sincere thanks from a lifelong Lions fan for your unbiased and objective posts about my team. It’s a breath of fresh air around here. Please keep it up. Thank you again.

  2. If he at least turns his head to look at the ball as it sails over his head he will be an improvement in the Detroit secondary.

  3. Good move, not great. He’ll get burned just like the rest of them. Lions continually fill that secondary with nickel corners. They go against teams with great O-linemen that can block Suh and ’em. They’ll expose that non-tackling secondary for what it is.

  4. Bears rule—–sadly you are right about the lions filling their secondary with nickel corners. I am convinced based on recent history tho that devoting a lot of cap space for expensive corners in FA is not the answer. (The jets and eagles both missed the playoffs last year) Hopefully this is the year mayhew drafts some young talent for our secondary, which we can keep at a reasonable rookie contract for the next 4 years anyway…. One can always hope.

  5. I’m wondering what Lions fans think of Sammie Lee Hill? He seems like a bargain restricted free agent with a lot of potential if he played more. I would love to see the Packers pick him up for the 4th round pick, but now that the Lions have more cap room he might be hard to sign away. When they were in cap hell, I thought that a team may be able to make him a decent offer that the Lions could not match.

  6. kcpackerfan – I would say most lions fans would say he’s a valuable back up on our team and probably could be a starter on a lot of other teams. Really deserves more playing time, would like to see what he could do in a full time roll, just not on the Packers lol.

  7. @ Bears rule
    Good thing the Bears have the worst offensive line in the division then

    @ KC packer

    Sammie Lee Hill is a BEAST. I thought that we might get rid of Corey Williams to free up cap space. If we did SLH could start no problem.

    If I were a GM I would seriously consider giving up a 4th for him.

  8. @kcpackerfan…Sammie Lee Hill is one of the unsung heroes of our team. He (and the rotation of Fairley and Williams) has allowed for cycling through our DT’s which keeps them fresh. I agree with ‘ryjodetroit’, he could start on a lot of other teams. Not a dominant DT overall, but consistently good.

  9. I would rather lose Corey Williams and his contract at this point than lose sammie lee hill. He still hasn’t reached his potential and is pretty darn solid currently.

  10. If anybody thinks the Lions are not going to draft a corner in the first two rounds they are crazy…I think that Chicago pollution has got to bears droul!

  11. bobbylaynesreplacement says: Mar 20, 2012 11:36 AM

    great O-linemen?? who in the NFCN has “Great” O-linemen????

    Clearly people have reading comprehension issues. I never said anything about the NFC North specifically or the Bears. I said when they face great O-linemen.

    I know the Bears don’t have the greatest O-line that’s been established by just about anybody that has watched a game. Now. I’m talking about the Lions.

    The only reasons the Lions got any hype is because they beat down teams they were supposed to beat.
    0 wins against teams over .500.

  12. You can NEVER have too many corners in today’s NFL. I know it’s fun for all of us to comment on these extraneous moves, but it’s silly to look at any of them in a vacuum. Until September, it makes little sense to make much of, admitted, Nickle Corners signed in March.

  13. Colts fan here. Nice pickup Lions. He does get burned in coverage a lot…but I’m convinced that more due to poor coaching than his inability as several dbs have left the Colts to be very productive elsewhere (Time Jennings for 1). Also I’ve never seen a corner that’s a better tackler. Hits open field tackles regularly that I think is a safety until I see his number. Too bad we couldn’t teach him to be better in coverage. Good luck Jacob and good luck Lions workin with him.

  14. @ chefjayson — thanks for the info about our new guy.

    Also – Josh thanks for a nice assessment of the risk/reward of our new guy.

    With two opinions saying Laceycan tackle (play the run well), I can see where he can be a fit in some packages. Corners who can wrap people up are definitely nice to have.

    I am a little worried about him getting burned deep. That was our achillies heal last season. We definitely need more help in the backfield.

  15. why would we have sammie lee hill start? I love him but it is time for fairley to shine. Anytime you are a first round pick you should be starting by your second year. SLH could be a monster rotating in and giving our guys breaks. I agree that we should let corey williams go or atleast restructure his contract. With Lacy its an ok sign but we must draft a corner in the first round. Lacy can be our nickel back. But we must upgrade the secondary.

  16. The biggest reason for Detroit’s secondary woes is Amari Spievey starting at SS. He is not a good tackler and his pass coverage is pathetic. 9/10 of the deep passes we got burned by were thrown in his direction.

  17. Jacob Lacey isn’t much of an upgrade over Eric Wright, but he’s not much of a downgrade either. He sure as spit comes cheaper than it would have cost to keep Wright’s sorry behind around.

  18. At this point, anybody different is a better option than what they had in the secondary last year. No matter what, it’s not possible to be any worse than A. Smith or A. Berry and a freakin’ bean bag chair would be an upgrade.

  19. @bears fan yea we raped your bears on mnf maybe that’s why we Got hype or staff throwing 5k ,cj burning the whole league .you beat us with stafford wearing the glove and throwing you pick after pick what did cutler do on that day ?not much !.this season we are going to sweep your shi^%y injury faking ,wife beating ,pain medicine abusing,drug dealing punks .Now that’s a “DIRTY TEAM”

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