Lions sign Stephen Tulloch to five-year deal


Stephen Tulloch is staying in Detroit.

A league source told PFT’s Mike Florio that Tulloch has signed a five-year deal to remain with the Lions.

After playing his first five seasons in the NFL with the Tennessee Titans, Tulloch signed a one-year contract with the Lions, where he could play with his old Tennessee defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz. Tulloch started all 16 games and had a good season in Detroit.

There was some talk when free agency began that the Lions and Tulloch weren’t particularly close in their expectations for a contract extension, but once the Lions freed up some salary cap space by restructuring several contracts, working out a deal with Tulloch became the team’s top priority. And now the deal is done.

34 responses to “Lions sign Stephen Tulloch to five-year deal

  1. Excellent news! He will be the QB of the defense for years to come. Highly underrated.

  2. Crap. Looks like I’m gonna have to hope for a LB in the draft (unless the Eagles shock me and sign Lofton).

  3. Lofton and Hawthorne will probably be signed by someone somewhere by the end of the day.

  4. Solid signing. Tulloch and Levy are both pretty solid 3 down linebackers. Durant is a nice 2 down complimentary piece as well as the other OLB.

  5. Vontaze who? YES! One of the best mike backers in the game stays put in the D. If the Lions can continue to upgrade the secondary and our running backs stay healthy, the rest of the NFC is in for a rough season.

  6. as a Miami guy and knowing Tully, you guys in Detroit are very lucky…

    Very smart kid, born leader and is always around the ball…

    bet you Lions fans never thought you’d hear this….
    “I wish my team was more like Detroit!”

  7. Way to go Eagles! I can’t say I’m surprised when the only MLB they have been linked with was the always injured D.Connor who inked with Dallas. If we don’t sign a MLB they will probably draft an O-Lineman or D-Lineman in the first rd. I’m so stoked about this season! Can’t wait to miss the playoffs again.

  8. The Lions front office officially has a clue!? They resigned 4 of their top 5 free agents and let the Bucs give the 5th one a Matt Millen contract…Bravo Mr. Mayhew!!!

  9. To the author Michael David Smith:It helps if you mention what position the player plays in the article-lots of casual football fans don’t know all the players, so a little context is appreciated. Not a rip-just a suggestion. I couldn’t remember what position he played when I first read the article. Thanks!

  10. Love my Black & Gold but the Saints are not SuperBowl contender if they don’t upgrade the LB position….one of the weakest in NFC.

    Saints desperately need to sign Hawthorne or Lofton and then re-sign Dunbar

  11. Awesome , now i get to hear Andy Reid say how Casey Matthews is ready to be the leader of this defense and is going to take a giant step forward in year two
    . If they don’t sign Lofton , Hawthorne or draft Kuechly then this organization will come up just short AGAIN . G.B better not get comfortable owning the North cause Detroit’s roster is starting to look impressive.

  12. I don’t know about Wright’s contract being quite as bad as a Mutt Millen contract. Millen once signed a rusty toaster he found at a garage sale to a three year $10 miilion contract.

  13. its like everyone forgets how bad the Lions run defense was last year. remember getting gashed up the middle repeatedly with Tulloch nowhere to be found?…cause I sure do. I’m not happy with this signing, they guy just isn’t that good.

  14. gotta love mayhew man….my god he knows how to play his cards right….
    It’s the winning tradition he learned with the Redskins.

  15. sergiofromdade says: Mar 20, 2012 4:24 PM

    as a Miami guy and knowing Tully, you guys in Detroit are very lucky…

    Very smart kid, born leader and is always around the ball…

    bet you Lions fans never thought you’d hear this….
    “I wish my team was more like Detroit!”


    Sergio…remember that in 2008 the Lions were 0-16, and in 2009 won only two games. For whatever reason, Matt Millen couldn’t put talent on the roster, but once he was gone his replacement. Mayhew. has brought up the talent level incredibly.

    The guy should write a book called “The Three Year Plan”…it would outsell “Moneyball”.

    Have faith, buddy. It can happen in Miami, too. Just probably not with Jeff Ireland as the GM. He’s tainted, and it’s actually likely that some guys DON’T want to play there, just like it was in Detroit when Millen was the GM.

  16. Ahh we don’t need him in Phila., we have The pep boys…Manny, Moe and jack. Don’t tell me we are going to have look at that bunch of 7th rounders again. What doesn’t Reid get???

  17. Reid just doesn’t care. He would rather his LBs get run over than put a dollar toward a decent LB. Watch he will sign no LBs, and then won’t draft one before round 4. He is a fool and isn’t even trying to hide it anymore.

  18. This is cool … and now we get to see what Mayhew has up his sleave for what’s remaining in free agency.

    Mayhew and Schwartz have been good at finding gems in other team’s castoffs, and offering guys 1 year contracts to prove themselves. Draft day will be fun too.

    I know I’ll get flamed, but we’re legit contenders to win the NFC Norris Division.

  19. THE GREAT DETROIT LIONS will pick up a fwe more FA’s and wait for the draft.
    On order waiting on Fed X some OL’s and a few for the back 4 on to the Super Bowl.

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