Lions to host Everette Brown for free agent visit

Adam Caplan reports that the Lions will host defensive end Everette Brown for a free agent visit “over the next 24 hours.”

Brown, the 43rd overall pick in the 2009 draft, was waived by the Chargers last week and went unclaimed. He also cleared waivers after being cut by the Panthers last September.

Brown is still only 24 years old, so he’d seem like an ideal developmental player to bring to training camp and see what happens. He’s going to be available for the fourth-year NFL minimum.

Brown posted 13.5 sacks and 21.5 tackles for loss as a junior at Florida State before declaring for the draft. He’s managed just six sacks through 31 NFL appearances.

18 responses to “Lions to host Everette Brown for free agent visit

  1. Sign him, play behind Willie Young and Jackson. If Avril doesn’t want to sign on our terms, trade him away or remove the tag and let him walk. Tulloch is a bigger weapon to our defence than Cliff Avril.

    We need to Sign Tulloch and we NEED OJ ATOGWE at Safety!!

    must draft CB 1st round

  2. Didn’t the Panthers give up a first round pick to move back up and grab this guy? Is there any wonder why they’re as sorry as they are?

  3. I’ll take him for the league min IF Avril can be moved for some kind of DB. (And I don’t mean summer’s eve…)

    Then use the remaining cash to sign up Avril and Backus (for a 2 year deal).

    Then draft an LT.

    Then you’ve covered MLB, DB, LT, and got replacement depth at DE.

    2nd round grab a G/C combo interior lineman, then 3rd grab the best defensive player available.

    Eh… who am I getting… that’s WAY too many ‘what ifs’

  4. Maybe just needs a change of scenery. A lot of DE’s can be successful in the wide 9 that aren’t successful in other schemes. All you need is speed off the edge with Suh and fairley inside getting push. May as well bring him to camp and see if he can revitalize his career….if not, nothing lost.

  5. @wcucarter,

    yea the Panthers shouldn’t have drafted him, but what NFL team hasn’t had a draft bust? Lets look at the Panthers 1st round picks:

    Julius Peppers, Jordan Gross, Chris Gamble, Thomas Davis, Deangelo Williams, Jon Beason, Jonathan Stewart, Cam Newton…

    Everette Brown has potential. The Dwight Freeney spin move doesn’t work for him, but as an undersized Defensive End, he just needs to find his niche.

  6. Have to believe Avril’s getting moved if the Lions are hosting backup-quality guys. A three or four headed monster of Jackson, Young, Fluellen, and somebody else will be just as effective as one $10.6 million Cliff Avril.

  7. I’m surprised no one has tried to turn Brown into an Outside Linebacker in a 3-4 scheme. He could have been brought in as a pass rush specialist Defensive End on passing downs and then transitioned to Outside Linebacker in the base defense; much the way the Niners did with Aldon Smith last year.

    It was the Niners that gave up their second round pick to the Panthers for their following year 1st round pick. I remember many Niner fans wanted the Niners to draft Brown and were upset they traded their pick which netted Brown away.

  8. cmutimmah says:
    Mar 20, 2012 2:52 PM
    I’ll take him for the league min IF Avril can be moved for some kind of DB. (And I don’t mean summer’s eve…)

    Then use the remaining cash to sign up Avril and Backus (for a 2 year deal).

    LOL. You want to move and sign up Avril at the same time, plus Backus has already signed with the Lions!

    Fire up Chips!

  9. omgitskardashian says:
    Mar 20, 2012 2:55 PM
    What is it with the Lions and D-Linemen? You know you have other holes, right?

    Sure, but the defensive rotation system they use requires basically 8 starter-quality guys, and that is currently about to cost them around$40M to maintain this year. Need to find some options that could work for less. If this guy can be coached up to play on the 2nd squad while LoJack or Young take over for Avril, we can cut or trade Avril and save at least $9M in much-needed cap space to fill those other holes you speak of.

  10. I like guys like this. He came in with the world on his shoulders and when he didn’t live up to the hype his confidence was hurt. He gets tossed around then lands with a team with no expectations on him. He will flourish in Detroit with guys like Fairley and Suh in the middle. Give him a year and he will replace KVB, or Avril (if he don’t sign soon). All he needs is a chance to be the player he is, rather than the player he was supposed to be.

  11. Warning from a Panthers fan. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY! Yes, he has speed and he hits hard, but if, between his starting point and the ball carrier, he encounters any obstacle – such as another offensive player or a 5 mph cross breeze – he’s never getting to the ball carrier.

    He’s a bum. A waste of skin. Avoid him at all costs.

  12. “All he needs is a chance to be the player he is, rather than the player he was supposed to be.”

    Totally agree. He’s such a good kid too, one of those people you want to see do well. I hope he gets his chance to still have a chance.

  13. Lions have been good at developing DL here recently with Sammie Lee Hill, Lawrence Jackson, and Willie Young. I would go there if I was looking for a chance to improve.

  14. Lions looking good tulloch back to leaf our defense ,Avril too , Lacey at cb ,plus this kid then hit the draft get another offensive tackle or corner depending whose the best player available,would love to see ted ginn signed to make our kick return deadly logan was very bad last year .lions can be that team that has a great offense and defense which is rare .we will be twice as strong as last year .

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