Not done addressing pass rush, Bills hosting Mark Anderson

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Alper passed along the news earlier today that free agent defensive end Mark Anderson visited the Ravens’ facility on Tuesday. Anderson made a quick flight north in the subsequent hours.

The Bills announced Tuesday evening that Anderson has arrived at One Bills Drive and will visit club officials on Wednesday.

Anderson has also drawn interest from the Dolphins and Titans. Tennessee dropped out of the bidding after signing Kamerion Wimbley, but Mario Williams’ addition obviously didn’t deter the Bills.

Buffalo intends to play Williams at left end, and would likely use Anderson on the right side on passing downs. The Bills’ other defensive ends include Chris Kelsay, Shawne Merriman, and Alex Carrington.

23 responses to “Not done addressing pass rush, Bills hosting Mark Anderson

  1. Get it done OBD. Get another 10 sacks in the mix. Love the offseason. Resigned our own. Added a premier LDE. Now looking at more passrush.

  2. I just want to see Brady poop himself if we somehow have Williams^2, Dareus and Anderson…..Granted they’d still win the game but the opportunity to see TB get knocked into the turf several times would be well worth the price of admisssion….

  3. One more proof that the NFL is a copycat league. The Bills’ D-line is starting to form into a high pressure front in the likes of the G-Men.

    If they got Anderson – and by some odd miracle “Lights-Out” finally rebounds after a long overdue surgery (strangers things have happened in B-LO recently… *ahem* …MARIO…) — then this team might have a real chance to blow some offenses apart. Brady must be changing his pants right about now…

  4. Would be a nice addition but don’t break the bank for this guy. The Bills are probably viewing this guy as more of a situational player. The Bills would have a nice rotation: Mario & Kelsay as the starters. Anderson & Carrington as backups.

  5. swiftalo12 says:
    Mar 20, 2012 9:30 PM
    Actually, I wouldn’t mind if both of the players in the picture were Buffalo Bills next season.

    N-O to Tebow. He’s not any kind of meaningful upgrade over Fitz and if you want a wildcard QB we have Brad Smith for that. Neither would Tebow be any more effective than Smith. Period.

    The Tebow Circus/headache simply would not be worth it, not to mention his first-round-sized contract.

  6. Solid player sign him , cut” lights out” lol BUM
    Now why would the Bills cut Merriman, its not costing them much to keep him and if he can be a situational pass rusher he will be worth every dime. Say what you will but Merriman has had an influence on the Bills getting free agents in the door!! GO BILLS

  7. Yeah, the Bills have a fantastic defensive front, but I doubt Brady is scared. Any OC will come up with a game plan that has quick slants, 3 step drops out of Shotgun, swing passes and run the a hurry-up. Now, Bills kool-aid drinkers… I ask you this. How will you score points, who is blocking on O. Not pickng on the Bills, but balance wins games. I am just tired of reading all this crap About how the Bills did by getting Mario. Yes, you will go from 6 wins to 7 now.

  8. Anderson would be a considerable upgrade over Kelsay.
    laxcaoch37, you ask who is blocking? Only the unit that allowed an NFL low 23 sacks and aided Fred Jackson to 3rd in the NFL in rushing before he was lost for the year. All starters on the o-line are returning but could also get a boost if the Bills decide to go o-line in the draft.

  9. This is a SICK move for the Bills. The Buffalo faithful know this is very unlike us. This has me excited if we can get this done. Also to the people who say to “cut Lights Out” I say NO NO NO! He costs us virtually nothing, and he was the start of “big name” guys checking out Buffalo. He helps us recruit names more than any player on our roster. Even if he never contributes on the field he is well worth the little contract we paid him!

  10. “Kgunforhire”, I dont know that Demetrious Bell is returning. He was a huge part of our line this year. Have you heard anything about him? I havent seen him go on any visits thus far.

  11. My guess is the Bills are letting Bell look and then will make an offer based on the market.

    Bills O-Line is actually surprisingly decent, especially when all healthy. If they get Anderson, landing 2 major DE’s to surround Dareus and KW this frees them up in the draft.

    There are 3 OL who are expected to go first round. With Anderson the Bills are freed up to grab one or two from the draft and CB’s and TE’s are probably going to come from Chandler (TE) and draft.

    No one really likes to admit it but the Bills have been slowly building and Nix/Gailey (whom no one really knew or expected to do anything) have turned this franchise completely around. My faith is being rewarded for so many dark seasons with the brightest offseason ever.

  12. Bell went to Arizona but that’s it that I’m aware of. It appears that tackle is the priority in round 1, but we shall see

  13. Coseybedaman,
    You’re right, D. Bell was a big part of the offense last year.

    This offseason, after the Cards cut Levi Brown, he visited them, two days later (or so) they re-signed Levi Brown.

    Next he went to Redskins, worked out, left without a contract, that’s the last I’ve heard.

  14. laxcoach37 says:
    Mar 20, 2012 11:11 PM
    Who is blocking on O?

    Only the Offensive line that let up the NFL’s lowest sacks (23) and blocked for rb’s Freddy Jackson and CJ Spiller for a combined 277 runs for 1495 yards, 10tds and a 5.3 yard average. Had Jackson not gotten hurt, he would of had that all by himself, if not more. That starting line will be back and healthy, with a possible first round pick at Tackle added.

  15. Offensive line wasn’t a problem. Bell only play’d in 7 games. Even when Wood who at worst is their 2nd best lineman behind Levitre the only real noticeable difference when somebody got hurt was when Levitre tried to play center.

    This offseason blows away past pursuits of Bryant Johnson and Wade Smith away.

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