Urlacher worries that Brandon Marshall will be suspended

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Bears receiver (as of almost exactly one week ago) Brandon Marshall has said he has “no fear” that he’ll be suspended for allegedly slugging a woman in the face outside a New York City nightclub earlier this month.  New teammate Brian Urlacher is slightly less optimistic.

“The only thing I worry about is him getting suspended,” Urlacher told ESPN 1000 in Chicago on Tuesday, via NFL.com.  “The NFL is pretty harsh on stuff like that. That’s one thing I worry about, is him missing time.”

Urlacher’s right.  When it comes to repeat offenders under the personal conduct policy, a guy putting himself in the wrong place at the wrong time enough times may be enough to trigger a punishment.

And so, even if Brandon Marshall is never arrested or charged, he could still be suspended in light of his history and as a result of whatever the NFL determines when conducting its own investigation regarding the incident.

It wouldn’t be the first time the NFL suspended a player under the personal conduct policy despite not being arrested.  Ben Roethlisberger, for example, received a six-game suspension (reduced to four) after a pair of sexual-assault allegations that never resulted in criminal charges.

40 responses to “Urlacher worries that Brandon Marshall will be suspended

  1. In that photo it looks like he really is having a tough time getting one out. Too much beans perhaps?

  2. Suspended or not Jeff Ireland should be fired for trading one of the best wide receivers in the league for chump change. Congrats to the the bears and their fans!

  3. Who honestly gives a flip what Urlacher worries about when it comes to Marshall…it’s not going to change the outcome. Let Urlacher worry about getting himself healthy and playing at 100%, that’s all he should be worrying about. Let the coach worry about the team, that’s what he gets paid for.

  4. He should be suspended, for impersonating a full time wide receiver. Dude only plays half the games he starts. In other words he plays when he wants to play!

  5. In all fairness, a punch (alleged) to the face pales in comparison to sexual assaults.

    That being said, the witness ditched investigators. Which could mean 1. she has no case; 2. she’s hiding something, perhaps she was also guilty of something; 3. she was paid off, or will be; or 4. she’s being intimidated

    Marshall is a turd, as a Bear’s fan I get that. And whether or not he is guilty or not, when you have that rep, and problems always seem to happen when you’re around, I tend to not believe the athlete.

  6. 10/31/04, at UCF, Marshall was arrested in Orlando on charges of assault on a law enforcement officer, refusal to obey, disorderly conduct and resisting an officer

    3/26/07, Marshall was arrested in the Highlands Ranch suburb of Denver on suspicion of domestic violence

    10/22/07, Marshall was arrested in the Denver-Aurora metropolitan area at the intersection of 14th and Blake St. for driving under the influence of alcohol

    3/4/08, Georgia filed misdemeanor battery charges on Marshall

    6/12/08, Marshall was ticketed for an illegal lane change, then found to be without his license and proof of insurance

    7/28/08, Douglas County deputies fielded “about 11” calls to Marshall’s home since January 2006.

    3/1/09, Marshall was arrested in Atlanta for disorderly conduct after allegedly being involved in a fight with his fiancée,

    4/23/11, Marshall was stabbed near his stomach by his wife, Michi Nogami-Marshall. He was taken to a hospital and was released two days later. He is expected to make a full recovery

    3/11/12, two days before his trade to the Bears, Marshall was accused of hitting a woman in the face at a New York club and being involved in a melee.

    * I won’t go into the incident that involved Darrent Williams (RIP) New Years Eve 2006. But know Marshall and his cousin were the instigators and the shooters thought Darrent’s white limo was Marshall’s white limo.

  7. Why are you showing this player in a Dolphin uniform? Last I check he is a Chicago ( problem child ) Bear. Bill

  8. Bye bye Brandon. Have fun bears fans watching him drop 5 or 6 td’s this year that hit him right in the hands. Or run out of bounds with the ball down the sideline in stride with nobody in front of him on Monday night football. We will take those picks and move up to get a true GREAT receiver.

  9. @howiehandles

    Initial reports were that Marshall’s fiancee was hit in the face with a bottle, either thrown or swung, and that she has serious injuries. If my fiancee gets hit in the face with a bottle the odds a pretty good that I’m going to punch out whoever does it, man or woman. Not saying this is what happened, but it’d be one hell of a mitigating circumstance.


    Reading that list, my gut reaction is that Marshall’s fiancee is a damned psycho. Every legal issue he has seems to stem from her being completely off her nut. Granted it could be a mutually destructive relationship and Marshall might give as good as he gets, but that sounds like a crazy bitch and I’d take those police calls with a grain of salt.

    Also, if his wife is a nutty hot-head that might explain a lot about the chickfight at the club last week. Marshall seems to be in the midst of an utterly insane relationship and pointing the finger entirely at him is not fair.

  10. Cutler to Marshall…I’m not a big Bears fan but I know what this combo means. Cutler is one of the best and if the Bears will get him some protection and another guy like Mardhall they will have something they never had. A Real offense!!
    On a different note…What Brian Urlacher thinks matters more than anyone else on the Bears. HE is the heart of that team

  11. Brandon Marshall is guilty he already basically owned up to it being interview on NFL Total Access! If he isn’t suspended, then you would have a long list of players who would be upset like James Harrison for example!

  12. Marshall has a serious psychological problem that isn’t treatable….. The only good thing Ireland has done lately was getting rid of him…

    And it doesn’t matter if he’s suspended cause hes 2nd in the NFL in drops anyway…. The bears got taken by Miami and Marshall

  13. Cutler to Marshall for how ever many games after however many Marshall is suspended is still worth the price the Bears paid. That is a prime combo, as prolific as any on the stat sheet when they were together in Denver.

  14. In his first game he will drop at least one or two passes–with odds of it happening increasing the close the team is to the goal line–and he will make at least one stupid drive-killing penalty.

    But it’s MIAMI that’s stupid.


  15. Goodall has to worry about the Saints right now, which might be good for Marshall, maybe he flies under the radar….

  16. And you thought Denver made a big mistake when they let this sorry mess go free. The waste of talent is a shame.

    Oh, wait. No, that’s not a shame. A shame is a bus-load of Raider fans going over a 500 foot cliff with 3 empty seats.

  17. What does the little bird say when he pops out of the clock???

    That is Brandon’s problem in a nutshell.

  18. In his first game he will drop at least one or two passes–with odds of it happening increasing the close the team is to the goal line–and he will make at least one stupid drive-killing penalty.


    Who was it that broke the record for most receptions in a game a few years back? What was him name….Buddy Whackit? Close……Brandon Marshall

  19. Not for nothing, guys, but the NYPD has no interest in talking with Marshall, and the accuser reportedly skipped her meeting with detectives and is reportedly in hiding.

    But hey, don’t let the guy getting exonerated get in the way of a good knee-jerk, even if he has earned it.

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