Andre Caldwell joins the Broncos

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The Denver Broncos have commenced the process of putting more pieces in place around Peyton Manning.

Receiver Andre Caldwell has agreed to terms on a two-year deal with the Broncos, a league source tells PFT.

Caldwell spent four seasons with the Bengals, starting 14 games and catches 124 passes.

Look for more pass-catchers to be lured to Denver in the coming days.  Unless the Tebow trade completely falls through and they make him a receiver.

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  1. I’m sure Peyton will make him look good but Andy Dalton isn’t a scrub. He isn’t a spectacular receiver.

    at least we didnt lose AJ. Mike Brown better sign some players. Seems like we’re losing more players than signing.

  2. Not a bad receiver, can play all three spots and has made some clutch catches over the years. He is a good bench guy, but not a starter. Wish him well in Denver at the same time not sad to see him go.

  3. Peyton’s gonna be riding him for not being where he’s supposed to be.

    He did better when he wasn’t in the slot, but the Bengals mainly had him in the slot.

  4. He adds depth to the Broncos and if he works hard Peyton will make him better. Still need to add Mike Wallace and what is the status on the Tamme visit?

  5. I wonder if Andre has the big oogily boogily eyes that Reche Caldwell does. Those Sunday Chargers games of yore could be frightening.

  6. I like the move. It’ll help accelerate 87s career even if he’s the 4th receiver there. Truth is he has had some HUGE catches in his career. When the Bengals swept the North in ’09, he had game winning TDs against Shmitzburgh and the Ravens…

  7. I sure Manning has been checking out guys for a long time that he would like to have around him. I still hope they pick up Saturday. I think he will be more important to Peyton than any of his old buddys,and maybe Clark if he can still play.

  8. @jacobslatter the answer is yes 8)

    Andre showed flashes but never quite put it together for my Bengals. I think it’s a shrewd signing by the Broncos though as if anyone can bring more out of him, it’d be Peyton (though running precise routes hasn’t particularly been Andre’s thing).

    The bigger beneficiary actually could be the running game as in an effort to climb back up the depth chart, Caldwell became a pretty good run-blocker.


  9. Caldwell has good hands, but he can’t get separation, especially off the line of scrimmage. 4th or 5th option, at best.

  10. I like this addition for the Broncos, still think they should go after Mike Wallace and add Dallas Clark. Mike Wallace is definitely worth the 1st round pick they would have to give up. Peyton runs a 3 WR offense with 1 TE and although i like adding Caldwell, he is not a starter. Also adding Saturday wouldn’t hurt, getting some nice guys to help the transition from Colts to Broncos for Peyton.

  11. Bush league signing by Elway. Was ready to clip his toe nails for the coup that was getting Manning, but this is hardly a good follow up move. That’s like getting the best BJ ever one night then having to settle for cuddling the next. Lame. Let’s just forget this one happened and move on.

    DIPSH!T NATION!!!!!!

  12. If Cadwell becomes a name reciever, then it will be further proof that Mannin makes great players out of good ones.

    And he is a good player.

    It’s not a big suprise to see the Bengals let him go, but a bit of a surprise to see Denver sign him.

    The good news for Denver – he’s a stand up player; he’s taken his share of monster hits; he’s played all three positions – though he seemed best in the slot. Hard worker, good route runner.

    He’s also caught some clutch passes and game winners. He caught a game winning pass against Pittsburg that was one of the great moments of the Carson Palmer era.

    I’ve wondered before that if had just a single position to master if he would be more consistent.

    Good player, good team guy – maybe hasn’t reached his potential. Could be a great signing for Denver, but at worst, a solid signing.

  13. Broncos Fans,
    You guys made a good signing. Caldwell was a clutch third down back for us and often kept the Bengals drives alive. I am sorry to see him go.

    That being said, I don’t think we need him if Shipley can come back healthy.

    Good Luck Andre!

  14. im so happy to see caldwell gone it doesent hurt us at all, he cant catch the ball. there is word that the bengals are looking for another reciver with one of there first round picks. i honestly think thats not what we need. we need to take full advantage of what is potentially going to be the best draft in bengals history, “can be the best”. we have a good number of recivers, i.e. a.j green,jordan shiply,jerome simpson “who won me over as a fan last year with his newly found athleticism and skill’, and that one guy they pulled from the practice squad, what was his name? o ya andrew hawkins “sarcasm”. to me thats all you need with adding green-ellis followed by scott led by who andy dalton. just add a couple linemen such as a center and another guard or tackle and were set on offence. we need to look for another stud corner back to help leon hall and adding another safty with reggie nelson would be an idea but we also need to get another stud defensive linemen to replace fanene. if we do just half of that i honestly think the cincinnati bengals will be a tough contender. WHO-DEY!!!!!

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