Atogwe leaves Lions without a deal

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Free agent safety O.J. Atogwe visited Lions headquarters on Wednesday. While Atogwe had a lot of nice things to say about the organization after the visit, he left Detroit without a contract Wednesday evening.

As the team’s website points out, Atogwe also drew interest from the Lions during the 2010 offseason, before he re-signed with the Rams.

Atogwe is one of 35 free agents who remain unsigned from the PFT Hot 100.

19 responses to “Atogwe leaves Lions without a deal

  1. The following quotes seem to leave me, as a Lions fan, fairly confident that we’ll land a partner for Delmas.

    “I’m going to talk with my agent and see what else we have on the docket and go from there,” Atogwe said of his future plans. “I’m not in a hurry to make a decision today, but I’m also not going to wait six months to make a decision.

    “I’m going to make one when I feel that the time is right to make a decision after everything has been considered and that’s the way I’m going to handle it.”

    “This is a good team and a good situation, so (it is) definitely on my board,” he said. “On my big board.”

  2. Andy please….this is the final piece to the puzzle. Draft the best D lineman you can and pick up another LB….DREAM TEAM….GO EAGLES

  3. Baby come back, you can blame it all on me. I was wrong and I just can’t live without you.

  4. He will be a Jet in the next day or 2… JETS are super bowl bound!!!

    Tannebaum, Tebow can’t play free safety. Sign this guy.

    Prob wouldn’t of made it to Detroit if it wasn’t for Tebow Day. He will be signed on Friday to the NYC

  5. Hey toon Detroit may have crime but …that statement is ignorant cuz I gaurantee where you live there is crime too!

  6. Why would you guys from Miami want him to visit you? You will just get your feelings hurt again. Then you will say he is no good, and we didn’t want him anyway.

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