Bills sign Mark Anderson to four-year deal


The Bills added Mario Williams early in free agency and now they’ve made another move to bolster their pass rush.

Mark Anderson, who had 12.5 sacks with the Patriots over the 2011 regular season and playoffs, has signed a four-year deal with the team. The Bills will hold a press conference later this afternoon to officially announce the deal. Financial terms aren’t yet available.

Anderson had 12 sacks for the Bears as a rookie, but only came up with 13.5 across the next four seasons before landing in New England. That inconsistency has to be a concern, but pass rushing is always at a premium around the NFL. With Mario Williams at left end, Anderson figures to be planted on the other side in passing situations and the presence of Kyle Williams and Marcell Dareus inside should make life difficult for opposing offensive lines.

That’s a big change at a spot where the Bills looked very weak last season. It’s now a definite strength and one that could make a big difference in the standings for Buffalo.


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  1. I remember when Mark Anderson was on The Texans two years ago. Always wanted him to get more playing time, he had 4-5 sacks in one season as a situational pass rusher. Dude’s got talent if on the right d-line.. Good signing for the bills. They already got int’s all year long.. The amount of people they’ll be able to drop into coverage now is gonna be insane.

  2. Love it! The dude actually had 17.5 sacks last season including playoffs (according to pro football focus)

    He was in on 5 of the “non accounted” sacks

    Buffalo’s D-line is going to be scary good

  3. LOL. The Bills now have the best D-Line in the league.

    Who in the world do you block?


  4. Wow!

    Super Mario, Kyle Williams, Marcel Dareus and now a situational pass rusher proven capable of double digit sacks. That pass rush is looking DEADLY. This team went from the worst pass rush in the league to potentially one of the best ever…

    Who do you double team?

    Great time to be a Bills fan!

  5. The Bills get These two and The pats get Stallworth haha I love this offseason!

  6. Wow, another smart move. Kelsay and Anderson will probably rotate on Running and Passing downs. The Bills draft plans are becoming clearer and clearer as we get closer to the draft. The obviously didn’t see something they liked from the top DE prospects or they wouldn’t have gone out and spent loads on it. Just please, please don’t take Reilly Reiff. Flloyd or Jeffrey maybe? This defense is starting to look like the Defense of the early 2000’s, and we actually have an offense that can compliment it.

  7. Brady better be getting ready for a lot of time in the trainer’s room this year.

    Nice job Bills!

  8. That line is gonna be sick! Reminds me of the once great “S-Crew” D-line combo of: Smith, Still, Smerlas & Seale….

    Yeah Im showing my age here

  9. So I’m assuming the Pats are switching back to a 3-4 and drafting some actual talent for the front seven? Because otherwise letting one of the only productive pass rushers the Patriots have had in years is a really dumb move.

  10. The Bills get the advantage of bringing in a guy who most likely had opportunities to go against Gronk and Hernandez in practice.

  11. Haha, the Ravens strike out again. Seems like every free agent who visits the Ravens ends up signing with the very next team they go to. Sounds like Ozzie is losing his “magic.”

  12. Best Bills Defensive front since Bruce Smith, Ted Washington, and Phil Hansen back in the old 3-4. I love what the Bills are doing.

  13. If this defense shapes up the way people think it can and if the offense can sustain what it had the first part of last year then this can be a downright scary team

  14. Lol, let’s see how they actually play before we crown them champs.

    Seemed to me they had a lot more problems on D than just their pass rush last year. And Anderson is far from a dominant pass rusher.

  15. Patskrieg dot com says:
    Mar 21, 2012 2:41 PM
    So I’m assuming the Pats are switching back to a 3-4 and drafting some actual talent for the front seven? Because otherwise letting one of the only productive pass rushers the Patriots have had in years is a really dumb move.

    Anderson isn’t worth the money the Bills just paid him.

    Let Buffalo find that out the hard way.

  16. The Bills biggest problem the last 13 years beside QB play, has been getting off the field on 3rd down. This is great addition.

  17. Wait a minute, the Jets and Aints are out and Bullalo is in. Maybe it’s that global warming?

    Bills- 12-4
    Pats- 11-5
    Fins- 6-10
    Jets- What a joke.

  18. Buddy Nix is the man! Bills have never had a good defensive line and are well on the way – With Wannstadt as D-coordinator, along with Dareus, Mario Williams, Kyle Williams, Mark Anderson and if Shawn Merrimann stay’s healthy, I can dust off my #12 Kelly jersey finally and bring it out of the closet.

  19. Good pick up…even though MA was a free agent, he’s still not going back to the Pats and that puts a dent in their defense a bit. Anderson did exactly what he was supposed to last year, did it well, and now he’s rewarded with a new contract.

    Hope he sends BB a thank you card for giving his career a jump start.

  20. I’m a diehard bills fan but can these guys play first before they’re “the scariest d line in the league”??

    Besides..I’d still trade our line for tuck, Canty, osi, and jpp…let’s let the guys play

  21. I’m a Pats fan and would rather see the Bills battle for the decision than the Jets – Bills fans are tolerable and long-suffering. Let’s save the predictions of putting Brady in a hospital until later, you know, after the teams have actually played a down.

    Bills D will be a force to be reckoned with – and that offense will be pretty potent as well if everyone is healthy. Pats will certainly have their hands full this year.

    At least we can all enjoy the misery of the Jets fans. Tebow! Bwahahaha!

  22. Unfortunately for the Bills, they still have a lousy quarterback, while the Pats have Tom Brady. Even though the Bills have vastly improved their defensive line, it still doesn’t compare to how good the Giants defensive line is. Bills will be better. But the Pats, and possibly even the Jets, are still better. That Bills secondary is God awful.

  23. Lol, let’s see how they actually play before we crown them champs.

    Seemed to me they had a lot more problems on D than just their pass rush last year. And Anderson is far from a dominant pass rusher.

    agree 100%. I am excited as hell but we still have to play the games… as far as other problems, you are correct sir, but a good pass rush can make other parts of the d look much better… that being said, if the d line is as good on the field as it is on paper, then we are going to be marketdly improved…. who knows how many wins that translates too

  24. Signed a 4 year $27.5 million deal with $8M guaranteed…I am sorry, but as a Pats fan, Anderson is not worth this money. His sack numbers were definitely inflated.

    The Pats are so good at taking low end/middle class talent on the twilight of their careers and getting them to produce. I am not worried.

    Good luck to Anderson on his pay day. Having Mario Williams on the other side should free him up too.

  25. From the WORST “D”to possibly the leagues BEST “D” from the looks of this I think the other NFL teams might want to get some insurance on their QB’s next season because I for-see them hitting the ground a lot. Bout time they had a great free agency….now we wait and see what they do in the draft.


  26. The Bills D-line looks pretty nasty, but to say they’re easily the best D-line in the league is quite a bit of hyperbole.

    The Giants can trot out any combination of Tuck, JPP, Osi, Canty and Kiwi on passing downs. The Lions push out Suh, Fairley, Vanden Bosch and Avril. Those two D-Lines are on par or better than what the Bills are running.

  27. Let’s see how he plays now that he’s scored a nice deal. I’ve seen this act before when he played with the Bears.

  28. I can’t believe some of these posts. Anderson isn’t worth $7mil.? Are you kidding me? Keep hating, these Bills contracts are some of the best handed out in FA so far. The Bucs are the only team I would say to have trumped them in that category. Also, whomever said the Bills secondary was awful, you are a moron. They are bad because they had to hold there man for 6-10 sec every snap because no body was getting pressure. They were tied for 6th in picks and 5th in turnovers as a unit. All of the Bills struggles started up front, anybody who says otherwise doesn’t know what they are talking about. Wilson and Byrd are a top saftey duo, and McKelvin, Williams, Florence, and McGee are a more than capable DB group. Fix the D-Line, and fix the defense. This will be a top-10 unit this season.

  29. Really like this signing. Anderson is an upgrade over Kelsay and I hope takes over the starting job. Seeing as how a lack of depth killed the Bills last year, they’re certainly solidifying that aspect of their team. The Giants showed exactly what a deep pass rush can do and hopefully the Bills can strive to duplicate that type of success.

  30. Let’s see now, Anderson did nothing before he played for the Pats. I wonder if Bill B had anything to do with his success last year.

    By the way the Bills still have no QB

  31. How things change…it’s March 21 st and it’s 82* in Buffalo we have signed 2 FA DE’s, have a fearsome DL and most are now talking playoffs Thank you Buddy Nix well thank for changing the outlook on the Bills mother nature took care of the weather lol

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