Drew Brees “speechless,” wants an explanation

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Saints coach Sean Payton isn’t the only one who’s beside himself that he was banned from the NFL for the year.

The Saints’ biggest star, Drew Brees, took to Twitter after the punishment for the team’s bounty scandal was announced, and he couldn’t believe it.

“I am speechless,” Brees wrote. “Sean Payton is a great man, coach, and mentor. The best there is. I need to hear an explanation for this punishment.”

If Brees wants an explanation, he only needs to read the NFL’s announcement on bounty discipline, which details what Payton did — and what Payton failed to do — regarding the bounty scandal. Brees doesn’t have to agree with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s decision, but Goodell has already given an explanation.

The big question now is how this will affect Brees going forward. Brees is a free agent tagged with the exclusive franchise tender, which means he’s not under contract with the Saints but isn’t allowed to negotiate a contract with any other team, either. Brees was already reluctant to sign the exclusive tender offer, and he’s surely going to be even more reluctant now that his beloved head coach won’t be there.

If this makes Brees less willing to sign with the Saints, then the news is only getting worse in New Orleans.

251 responses to “Drew Brees “speechless,” wants an explanation

  1. Heres you explanation Brees…..

    The NFL dropped the ball on the spygate scandal so they felt the need to over compensate for it.

  2. Brees is a DBag. Don’t be fooled by the pictures of him holding his son up after the superbowl. It is all an act.

    I like how Brees claims he knew nothing of the bounty system. ya freaking right.

  3. Brees to Miami???? We missed twice, third times a charm? Yes I know I am out of my mind for those words, but there has to be something left for us Phin fans to dream about!

  4. Here’s the explanation: Head Coaches are responsible for their charges. Sean Peyton knew this was going on and not only ignored it, but encouraged it and lied about it. He hired the guy who brought this bounty system with him. The buck stops with the HC.

    If you don’t like it, I hear Miami still needs a QB…

  5. Brees is just an NFL employee. He doesn’t deserve a special explanation.

  6. WOW is all I can say. The punishment does seem pretty severe. Not a good day if you’re a Saints fan.

    As a Lions fan, this does help because it likely means the Saints will be less competitive in 2012.

  7. Here’s an explanation: STOP feeling so f-ing entitled. He lied, then tried to cover it up, then lied some more – and he got caught doing it.

    He – and the rest of those clowns – got exactly what was deserved.

  8. I am sure that Brees leaving the Saints would make the day of each of you over at PFT. Nothing like a little piling on. But what this really is going to do is piss off Brees. And Brees is even better when pissed and doubted. Keep up the good work PFT writers (haters).

  9. I want an explanation from Drew Brees of how his LEADERSHIP was there for the lock-out last year and supporting players w/money if they needed it……but let a bounty “ASSAULT” program go in the same locker room as him and he doesn’t wont search for one there.

  10. “Sean Payton is a great man, coach, and mentor. The best there is. I need to hear an explanation for this punishment.” – it is easy Sean Payton cheated and tried to end players careers!

  11. Your coach is an idiot who thought he could get away with something explicitly illegal, even after being warned by the league

    Hope that helps

  12. Drew just sign your contract with the Saints, drive up the score EVERY week, and win the Superbowl in New Orleans this year. It will make GODdell’s head explode, send thousands of Minnesotans to jump off cliffs, and make you even more of a God in the eyes of New Orleans than you currently are.

  13. Explination is “CHeating by trying to alter the outcome of a game by paying players to injure other players is bad. Doing this is also a violation of the salary cap rules and destroys the integrity of the game.” get it now? This isnt taping 6 plays and 23 seconds of tape THAT CANT BE USED INGAME… this is CHEATING.

  14. Pay Brees what he wants and keep the leader of your team. Your going to need him more than ever.

  15. Why is he speechless? The punishment fits the crime. I don’t care how great of a person Brees think his head coach is. It’s wrong and illegal.

  16. Here’s your explanation … The NFL had to do something. The players want to collect extra money via bounties while they’re playing. Then after retirement, they want to collect more money by sueing the NFL for all of the hard hits. Give me a break.

  17. Brees wants an explanation AFTER it was already given, just like he wanted to see “all of the facts” come out of the “ongoing” investigation AFTER said investigation had already been completed.

    I’m getting the feeling he isn’t really “up on things”

  18. Dear Mr. Brees,

    You’re mentor knew of the incentive based headhunting for almost 3 years, which is frowned upon in today’s NFL and the result of that…is a year suspension.

    Thank You, for your time!

    -Roger Goodell

  19. The Louisiana Meltdown
    Goodell’s Nuclear Option
    Defense loses Franchises
    First to Worst
    Suh isn’t so bad after all
    How to lose a Franchise in 10 days

  20. Brees currently isn’t under contract. Restricted or Exclusive FA or whatever they call it…, until he puts his signature on the paperwork, he’s technically…, and currently.., out of Football. So how can he be the Saints ‘biggest star’?

  21. Drew, the explanation is simple:

    Your team systematically attempted to injure other players via a team santctioned (and team run) program that gave cash rewards for injuring other players.

    After they had been told to stop it, they arrogantly continued the program.

    The program ended Kurt Warner’s carreer and likely cut short and/or caused harm and pain to many other players.

    Don’t give us this, “what happened here, I’m so surprised” crap. It doesn’t hold water.

  22. You need an explenation really?Who the he– do you think you are Drew shut the trap and play football—man!

  23. Are you f’ing kidding me? Payton is a scum bag that allowed other QB’s in the league to be targeted for injury so the Saints could win! Brees should just be happy that he played for the Saints, otherwise he would have been targeted for injury! The only thing Payton is “mentoring” is how to injure other players so your team can win.

  24. Explanation: Your coaching staff is a bunch of dirtbags who should all be fired for having zero integrity in trying to inflict harm upon opposing players.

  25. An explination?

    If get hurt playing football its a sports injury.

    If you get hurt because a head coach allowed another coach to continue using a bounty practice that puts a monetary value on injuring players. Thats felony assualt.

    Be glad the punishment was harsher.

    For those comparing “Spygate” and “Bountygate” Keep in mind the legal implications…

    Bounties = Felony Assualt

  26. Hey Drew, I have the explanation: your team lied to the NFL over and over. The NFL is accruing lawsuits by former players as it relates to concussions. Your team was intentionally trying to cause them. You’re the “team leader” (sticks about as well as when Kenny Powers says it, evidently) and a player rep on the NFLPA executive committee and you’re saying you don’t know what the f*ck is going on? Enjoy your season!

  27. Really Drew? I know you remember all the great super bowl spoils and coverage, but funny how you miss FACTS in NFL investigations that occurred under your watch as the leader of the TAINTS.

  28. I can explain Drew…. Hes out for one year!!! Get used to Spags!!! You will throw for 2000 yards this season!! Lot of boring running game!! Lol

  29. Coming from a Vikings fan, I have to say I’m loving this. Keep it coming, hopefully some players and the refs get looked into individually. Karma slapped.

  30. Nobody owes you anything Brees. The NFL was here long before you were born, and it will be here long after you retire. Which, as long as you don’t play against your scum bag Coach and team, you should be able to play much longer.

  31. Drew has been in New Orleans so long he has become as delusional as those who believe Goodell is trying to keep the Saints from playing in the Super Bowl in New Orleans this season.

  32. What is there to explain? according to the nfl investigation, the saints defense had a bounty system in place to go out and hurt other players. payton is the head coach. whether you believe he knew or not is irrelevant. he’s responsible for what his team does.

  33. I need to hear an explanation for this punishment.

    Your team ran a bounty system and the coaching staff was complicit in it. Done. Anything else?

  34. “I am speechless,” Brees wrote. “Sean Payton is a great man, coach, and mentor. The best there is. I need to hear an explanation for this punishment.”

    Plan and simple….he knew about the “intentionally hurt a player program” Gregg Williams ran and condoned it.

  35. explanation: he knew about the bounty system and didn’t do anything about it…

    if he’s such a great man why did he allow this to take place on his team? i’d like THAT explanation Drew….

  36. Here’s your explanation, Drew: Your ‘mentor’ is a sneaky unethical supervisor of illegal practices and he lied about it.

  37. He is just as arrogant as his coach. He belongs there. All he cares about is his regular season stats, and apparently how many tens of millions he believes he deserves.
    Its like that always sunny episode where they try to get into the world series game. The judge decides that just being around each other is punshiment enough. That should be drew brees punshiment. That and an asterisk next to the super bowl win.

  38. Buffalo or San Fran would be a nice fit. If he’s smart he’ll abandon ship.

    Sucks for the Saints fans but that’s a part of life. Don’t cheat. Don’t try to maim and injure human beings who have families that rely on them to make a living out of the sport. Don’t be so arrogant and act incredulous. Be humble. Apologize, move on.

  39. How’s this for an explanation Drew. Your beloved coach emailed DC Williams and wanted in for $5,000 on Aaron Rodgers in Game 1 last year.



  41. I’m sure there’s plenty of team that will take him, if the Saints go Indy-style and blow the whole thing up

  42. Drew.. no one owes you anything.. your team cheated and you know it..
    goodell finally did something with which i agree

  43. Brees wants an explanation? Who the hell is he to demand an explanation when the franchise has been breaking the rules and lying about it for three years. Fans should be demanding an explanation from Brees about why he permitted this type of activity to go on around him. He is a team lead and I don’t buy into an explanation that he was not aware of the bounties because he plays on offense.

  44. Man, boring day, falling asleep at my desk…


    Adam Schefter tweets, “The Oakland Raiders have traded QB Carson Palmer, RB Darren McFadden & their 2014 1st round draft pick to the New Orleans Saints for QB Drew Brees.”

    …zzzzz…*snort* *shakes head* *wakes up*

    Man, what a beautiful dream I just had.

  45. I’m confused. what options does Brees have?

    1) Play for Saints
    2) Not play

  46. Well, Drew, the explanation is this–your organization, specifically the DC, WITH THE COMPLETE KNOWLEDGE OF THE HC AND GM, paid to have players inentionally injured. Now, Drew, you appear to be a smart guy–how would you feel if you were on the recieving end of such a bounty, in say, the NFCCG??? Payton, (as I say again), failed in his duty as a supervisor/manager to stop it–he and Loomis admitted as much three weeks ago when they held a news conference–no doubt, in an attmept to soften whatever punishment they were going to get. He’s lucky he didn’t get the same punishment as Williams. As for yourself, I for one cannot imagine that you shared a lockerroom with these guys and didn’t know anything about it.

  47. Is it just me, or has Brees managed to do irreparable damage to his image by his constant need to comment on…well, everything?

  48. If you guys would stop being a mouthpiece for the league for 5 minutes, maybe you’d understand what Drew is asking?

    NFL players have been making side deals like this since they were handing out cases of soda or the coach was giving out free passes to avoid running laps after practice for a play.

    Practically every player in the league has shrugged their collective shoulders regarding the “revelation” that there were *gasp* bounties!

    So the league comes down heavy-handed on Sean Payton? I’m not even a Saints fan, but this reeks of Goodell needing a scapegoat.

    Brees demands a real explanation, and one that doesn’t include some rote response of “The Saints ruined the integrity of the game!!” because we all know that’s bull.

    It’s unfortunate PFT values the “favor” of the league over giving unbiased responses to league stories. I guess you don’t get access to as many rumors when you tell the truth, eh?

  49. you want an explanation:

    Your head coach (who you described as a great man and best there is) had knowledge of an illegal bounty program going on in his organization and did nothing to stop it.

    Not to mention this is his second screw up as coach. He already got off once for stealing pain pills.

    Apparently he couldnt swipe this problem under the rug as easily.

  50. I am speechless that Belichick didn’t get ANY suspension for Spygate. Seems there is a double standard. Goodell- you win the “@ssclown Award” of the decade.

  51. Hey Drew a “great man,coach and mentor doesn’t need to sanction a bounty on other players. Not so great after all. There’s your explanation. P.S. I think you knew about it too.

  52. As if he could look any dumber saying he’s “speechless” and then following up with speech, asking for an explanation when everyone knows the punishment is because your teammates and coaches were paying each other to hurt opponents is beyond ludicrous.

  53. Wow. It wasn’t enough that George W. Bush forced Katrina on them, now he’s making Goodell throw the book at them. LOL.

    Cry me a river Payton and Saints. You were the media darlings and got away with dirty play. Now it’s coming back to you.

    Maybe if Nascar’s Brian France ran the NFL you could have gotten away with it like Rick Hendrick does.

  54. Does anyone care that Brees wants an explanation? No. You are no bigger then any other player. Now shut up and sign your contract or do not bitch about a teams hardships when you are not under contract.

  55. Your coaching staff encouraged their players to assault other players. Explanation enough? They also broke salary cap rules…

  56. I’m sure Roger GODell will get a warm reception in New Orleans for the next Super Bowl! WHO DAT!!

  57. The all mighty Brees needs an explanation. Shut your pie hole. Every time he opens his mouth it just reaffirms how much I dislike this guy. Nobody needs to explain anything to you. Sign your tag and do your job. Assclown.

  58. I get where Brees is coming from. I mean, it’s not like his coach was implicated in a Vicodin theft that mysteriously fell off the radar after a SB win…oh wait a sec…

  59. Hahahahah. Look at the Saints cry. Unbelievable. They cheat and intentionally try to DEBILITATE human beings and then cry about it. Unreal. They should really be going to federal pound me in the azz prison.

  60. nathan702nelson says:
    Mar 21, 2012 2:43 PM
    Coming from a Vikings fan, I have to say I’m loving this. Keep it coming, hopefully some players and the refs get looked into individually. Karma slapped.


    Maybe they ought to appeal through the MN court system and get a 3-4 year delayed sentence. The only reason you’re loving this is because for once- another team is in the ineptitude spotlight.

  61. Hey DB,
    I want you to explain how you didnt know about this cheating!

    All I hear for three years is how close the team is and how it was like a family.

  62. I love seeing all the jealous ignorant people on here. They ran a system that awarded based only on LEGAL hits.
    Was it against the rules….YES
    Were they told not to do even that….Yes
    Did they deserve to be penalized and some suspensions….Yes
    Are the fines too low….Yes
    Are the suspensions ridiculously too high…HELL YES

  63. das14 says:
    Mar 21, 2012 2:45 PM
    I need to know when my Vikes will catch a break when it actually counts.

    The vikes have the bunny luck lol, watch once they finally get a break, such as maybe brees getting released and signed with the vikes, then the vikes would get sent to LA lol. I lived in mn for over 20 yrs and everytime we got lucky and seemed to take a few steps forward, the shat hit the fan and the unthinkable happens and we run in the other direction.
    Gary Anderson against te falcons
    41-0 blowout by the giants
    Corey stringer
    Mike tice

  64. Need an explaination?? are you serious? The League owes you no such a thing. Its simple, BOUNTIES ARE ILLEGAL..and your team LIED about it and CONTINUED it. Has Your head been in the sand for the last few months or wha?.

  65. Is there a more self-absorbed phony in the league outside of Drew Brees????

    This guy is actually approaching Brett Favre territory in that regard…..and that’s saying something.

    He DIDN’T KNOW about the bounty? And HE gets to demand an explanation??

    Yeah, right.

    This guy is a self-righteous pain in the —.

    This entire thing completely tarnishes the Saints’ SB win and combined with Beli-Cheat’s handicam has almost destroyed the credibility and respect of the Parcells’ (The New Jersey Con Man) Coaching Tree…….

  66. Drew, your a pr!ck. Bring your righteous indignation under control because if you think you can fool people into believing you DIDN’T know about this you are obtuse.

  67. Shut up Brees, you phony richard cranium.

    Please tell me again that the lockout was for the good of the fans…then whine and moan about Payton getting suspended.

  68. Even worse than losing Payton for a year…will be the recovery process from having Spagnuolo run this franchise into ground for the next year. Picture Mr. Magoo driving down the street.

  69. This just in:
    Roger Gadell has just been fined $25,000 for sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong.

  70. Now that Peyton’s out of the facility where is going to steal his VICODIN?

    Who exactly does Drew Brees think he is? Between this and the Labor negotiations he keeps coming up as though he’s the most important man in the room. Maybe he should pick up a reading course because the explanation seems pretty clear to the rest of us.

  71. @fballguy says: Mar 21, 2012 2:44 PM

    And I wouldn’t rule out punting on 3rd down. Spags doesn’t like to take chances. Excited yet Saints fans?

    Last season Pete Carmichael took over playcalling during Payton’s absence following the knee injury and the offense didn’t miss a beat. Spags will only coach the defense, and even if he’s the interim coach won’t call plays on offense.

    If you’re going to talk smack, try to make it “informed” smack.

  72. Reading these comments I never realized how invested people were in thinking of the Saints as a doormat. The hate here seems to stem fro the fact that they have been the best offense for years (nothing to do with bounties there) and won the Superbowl on finesse. Basically you all can’t count on them to be your doormat anymore and it makes you mad. Mad to the point of making fun of Katrina, Steve Gleason, and all the great charity work Saints players (especially Drew Brees) do.

    If I were another team, I would not want to face the Saints this year. And if i were one of the people on these boards making fun of Katrina, I wouldn’t want to look my kids in the face in the morning.

  73. Suddenly the sun broke through the clouds in Minnesota and a huge smile covered the state.

  74. Since when does the league have to give an explanation to a player who is not even under contract?

  75. …and the Great Man said;
    “let thee go forward there and playeth hard, playeth with intensity….
    …and 10 large to the Saint who bloweth out Favre’s knee.”

  76. Drew Brees has been sniffing his own farts since he won the super bowl and now he thinks he’s owed an explanation by the COMMISIONER and the entire NFL league office? He’s the team captain, his explanation should be a suspension.

  77. Film the opposing teams practices and games, record snap counts, steal signals, disconnect communications during games, no fines for the Patriots.

    Pay players incentives to play harder, one year suspension.

    Seems a little skewed to me.

  78. das14 says:
    Mar 21, 2012 2:45 PM
    I need to know when my Vikes will catch a break when it actually counts.

    The vikes have the bunny luck lol, watch once they finally get a break, such as maybe brees getting released and signed with the vikes, then the vikes would get sent to LA lol. I lived in mn for over 20 yrs and everytime we got lucky and seemed to take a few steps forward, the shat hit the fan and the unthinkable happens and we run in the other direction.
    Gary Anderson against te falcons
    41-0 blowout by the giants
    Corey stringer
    Mike tice
    Boat party
    Losing draft picks
    Brad Childress
    Tavaris Jackson
    Brett favre shines promiss
    Bounty gate
    Stadium roof collapse
    Brad childress sucking and cutting miss
    Leslie Frazier sucking
    Diva Mcflab
    Christian ponder sucking
    Finally puttin joe Webb in and watching him do great and then bench him for no reason
    Adrian Peterson goin down
    Not doin anything in free agency this yr!
    Exactly why I’m a detroit fan now lol
    Don’t even get me started on the twins and twolves

  79. “I am speechless,” Brees wrote.


    Its about time….we all thank you!

  80. Even more speechless than your contract situation Drew? In all seriousness, the Saints need to sign this guy to a life long contract.

    PS, I find it funny that a few Saints fans who are always posting on other teams threads running their mouths, are nowhere to be found on these past few Saints threads. Keyboard Warriors….come out to plaaaaaaayyyyy


    I don’t disagree with the punishment here. I just gotta laugh about Belichick not getting a suspension for Spygate.

  82. I’m even more PO’d now than before.
    >Williams defense puts a kill shot on Manning vs. Skins in ’06
    >Williams N.O. defense mauls Farve to advance to the SB in ’09
    >Colts lose a now suspect SB to a Williams defense in ’09
    >Mannings injury degenerates to the point that 4 surgeries are required
    >Colts release Manning for concerns of health AND money.

    NONE of that happens if Greg Williams is an NFL coach

  83. I hope the Aints are at least environmentally aware and go and use the reusable grocery bags from the store and not the paper bags from the 80s. It’s 2012 and it is just a waste of trees if you use paper bags again…what your stadium holds like 30K fans? That’s a lot of trees. You already angered the gods with your bounty program…don’t compound the problem.

    Ahhh, who am I kidding, all they know how to do is make a bad problem worse.

  84. Let me help you Drew!
    The violations were compounded by the failure of Coach Payton to supervise the players and coaches and his affirmative decision starting in 2010 (a) not to inquire into the facts concerning the pay-for-performance/bounty program even though he was aware of the league’s inquiries both in 2010 and 2012; (b) to falsely deny that the program existed; (c) to encourage the false denials by instructing assistants to “make sure our ducks are in a row;” and (d) to ignore instructions from the league office and club ownership to ensure that no such program existed.

  85. NONE of that happens if Greg Williams is an NFL coach

    mea culpa: if Greg Williams is *NOT an NFL coach

  86. Good grief, Brees, where have you been? This just makes you sound silly. If you want to help your fans, stop sounding silly and sign your contract.

  87. We need to come up with a sports term for media worshipped, highly respected “class act” athletes that little by little and every time they open there mouth show us that in real life they are in fact clueless A-holes.

    May I suggest “Breesy”?

  88. Watch. This tyrannical, egomaniac Goodell is going to suspend most of the team and force them to play with replacement players. Benson should sue the pants off the NFL. While he is at it, Dallas and Washington should join in for the cap penalty. Honestly, I hate all three of these teams but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this tyrant Goodell has run amok.

  89. consider this: do you think the obvious attempts to murder Kurt Warner in his final game had anything to do with his retirement? if so, punishment was LIGHT IMO.

  90. Please shut up, Drew. You benefitted personally & professionally from this. Who the f#*% do you think you are…Roger Goodell doesn’t owe you jack s*%#. Read the press release…the logic behind this punishment is right there.

  91. jayevanoff says:
    Mar 21, 2012 2:37 PM
    Brees shut your blabber mouth or the commish will hammer you too. Defending Sean Payton is like killing baby seals.
    I just wanted to read that again, it was just too damn funny.

  92. @chandler1 says: Mar 21, 2012 2:54 PM

    Suddenly the sun broke through the clouds in Minnesota and a huge smile covered the state.

    Louisiana is still basking in the glow of a Super Bowl Championship. Just saying….

  93. Drew Brees? Who dat? Oh yeah, he’s that guy who’s not under contract right now, pretty much making him as much of an NFL player at this point as I am.

  94. Explanation: Cheating is bad…even though it’s been condoned for years. But THIS time, it’ll be different!

  95. I am absolutely amazed by comments like Payton’s and Brees’. Are people within New Orleans the only ones not aware of the writing that was on the wall? You may not agree with it. I think it’s a little overharsh, but can understand where’s it’s coming from. This was a loud and clear message from the league. As MDS said though, disagreeing with the message is one thing, but claiming that it came out of left field and requires anything beyond what has been given is beyond dumb.

  96. Brees is going from patron Saint to patron Douche very quickly. I used to love this guy but the last few months have really made me realize what an egomaniac he can be.

  97. I hear that The New York Jets are lloking to add another quaterback.

    Drew, call Rex and tell him that you are available!

  98. Benson should sue the pants off the NFL.



    On what grounds???? Benson knew about it. Benson actually went so far as to tell people in his organization to END it. Honestly, I’m surprised Loomis still HAS a job, unless he’s falling on the sword FOR Benson.

  99. Who does this guy think he is? Players play, coaches coach, and comissioners bring the hammer down. The next shoe to drop is when the players involved get their suspensions and evidence is shown that Brees knew about this all the time. If so, he should be kicked off the Executive Committe…and the NFLPA should fine him.

  100. Drew: When you get caught committing assault and battery, then you are punished. Saints Fans: Read above. It does not matter how many others were doing the same thing, but were not caught. When you get caught, you get punished.

  101. @SOBEIT says: Mar 21, 2012 3:01 PM

    what your stadium holds like 30K fans?

    Wanna know how I know you don’t know much about football?

  102. Obviously he’s not really speechless because he asked for an explanation. I mean, unless he can whine telepathically.

  103. Need an explanation? One year is 365 Days……Tell your Mentor you will see him next year and be glad it wasn’t indefinitely…..

  104. frostbelt says: Mar 21, 2012 2:38 PM

    Tsunamis… Bounties…

    I feel kinda bad for this city


    Buffalo fan


    I think I would rather loose my whole family in a hurricane then force them to live in buffalo……

  105. Maybe when a bounty is put on injuring you or knocking you out of a game or quite possibly ending your career a light will come on for you dummy!

  106. Hey Cry baby Brees, I have an explanation for you….you’re wearing Brett Favre’s superbowl ring. Glad my Niners knocked your punk team from the playoffs.

  107. Haahahaahahahahahaa I remember all the Saints fans saying the 49ers played a dirty game in the playoffs. Oh how sweet this is, should strip the Saints of their Super Bowl trophy and a 1st round pick for each year there was this system. Quiet down Saints fans, your cheating team got off light.

  108. shut up brees. he got busted, he’s not a good man, and he was part of a system that was set to hurt other players. if you found out today that another coach put a bounty on your ass you would not be sitting here saying he’s agood man or innocent.

  109. That’s a terribly idiotic and ignorant statement, Brees. How could he NOT know what was going on? Does he expect us to believe that, after being with the team for this long, that he knew NOTHING about it? Maybe he was protected because he is their absolute franchise player, but I sincerely doubt it.

  110. Drew Brees “speechless,” wants an explanation

    I thought we had all our ducks lined up in a row!!

  111. frostbelt says:
    Mar 21, 2012 2:38 PM
    Tsunamis… Bounties…

    I feel kinda bad for this city


    Buffalo fan



    I kinda feel bad you’re fron Buffalo

  112. what a moron. drew, he allowed your teammates to purposely injure other people. he encouraged it. and lied about it.

    you’re a stupid little pisser if you don’t understand why this happened.

  113. These punishments aren’t even that bad. Losing your GM for 8 games? What does the GM do during the season anyways? Williams suspended indefinitely? So what? He’s in St Louis now. Losing 2 second round draft picks? Not that big of a deal. The only real punishment is losing Payton for the season. Other than that, why are the Saints so upset? Their head coach lied about something illegal for 3 years. A 1 year suspension is pretty fair. And it doesn’t seem to be stopping players from signing there. Bunkley just signed. Get over yourselves, Saints fans. Your team sucked for 40 years and has been good the last 5 or 6.

  114. Drew Brees – is that the new definition of the word fraud? He is on the head truma committee and he can not see why this? I ask – what about the Saint fans? They did nothing and they sre paying for a less that waht they bargained for product. How about the league give something back to them. But no, it cost them money. Frauds, all of them.

  115. Drew – I think you meant to say “I am brainless.”

    Are you ok with players being paid to injure others?

    Do you think just maybe it might jeopardize the integrity of the league when coaches not only allow this to happen, but also promote it?

    Stop making mindless comments, and focus on coming the hair on your mole.

  116. the entire NFL is run on a bounty system-it’s called their salary.

    I don’t know what’s worse, that the commish insults everyone’s intelligence by pretending that violence isn’t the fundamental motor of the sport, or that the fans actually buy his crap by thinking that somehow injuries are just an unfortunate side effect, and ‘shameful’ guys like this ruin the sport.

    Do you think M Williams is getting that 100 million to NOT hurt the QB?

    If the NFL is worried so much about players hurting one another, they should change the rules away from tackling, which is the root of all the injuries. But they won’t do that, because it wouldn’t make them money.

    Which brings me to the real reason they are being so harsh-to create an image that they care about player safety so they can ward off the inevitable storm of lawsuits former players are going to bring on them.

    stay classy nfl

  117. While liking Brees, this is a bit over the top. Nobody owes him an explanation. He isn’t even a member of a team right now. More to the point, he is a player rep not a coach rep.

    However let’s break this down for him.

    Drew, when negotiating the CBA, both the current and past players tried to drop the hammer on the NFL with regards to player safety. So the NFL is doing what they asked, taking a hard stance against people that are intentionally trying to jeopardize players, and then lying about it.

    People don’t lie if they think that they are doing nothing wrong.

    For those that try to bring up spygate, there were no player and former player lawsuits against the NFL with regards to Spygate.

    With regard to bounties and player safety, the NFL has been getting nailed. They are doing the right thing here.

  118. Drew, I’m speechless. I demand an explanation as to why YOU’RE speechless.

  119. “Speechless, Drew”? Are you kidding me? Your team purposefully tried to MAIM opposing QB’s/players! You want an explanation? Here’s one for ya….your entire organization is run by a bunch of DIRTBAGS! There ya go…..EXPLAINED! Ya understand now?

  120. I am sick and tired of this hypocrite. There is no way Brees did not know about this. He is just trying to cover his Union leader ass. He is just another greedy union shill that does not care about anything but himself.

  121. why on earth does drew brees deserve an explanation. pick up the phone and call up one of your cheating teamates drew! how tough is that?

  122. I don’t understand why Brees would go anywhere. He’s basically the Identity of the franchise and with Payton gone he becomes the cheerleader of the team even more than he already is. If anything, this should get him even more money if he strikes a deal to stay there.

  123. malgorthewarrior said:
    Do you think M Williams is getting that 100 million to NOT hurt the QB?

    Yes, sir, I do think that. And I do think that tackling is not intended to hurt anyone. And tackling is one of the foundations of this game. True. That’s why there are rules, ya dope.

    You are correct in your point that the NFL is CYA with this. But you must consider that if Bounties are paid and allowed in the NFL, they will be in college and into the children’s levels of the game. That’s a given. The little guys do what the big guys do.

    Without rules that sharpen the lines between acceptable play and unacceptable play, everybody gets hurt. Even your kid in PeeWee or the High School prospect with big dreams. And the kid that ‘takes him out’ gets congratulated and wins Prom King. And full ride scholarship from the U/State/College. Until someone ‘takes him out’ at that level’.

  124. bigdinla says:
    Mar 21, 2012 4:09 PM
    I am sick and tired of this hypocrite. There is no way Brees did not know about this. He is just trying to cover his Union leader ass. He is just another greedy union shill that does not care about anything but himself
    I agree with your first statement, but the Union stuff is just dumb…

  125. wow that boy can ACT C’mon man not buying that choir boy BREES didn’t know @ least something was going on

  126. Why are Vikings fans chiming in here- as if they’ve been vindicated for not getting to the SB in 09?!? I’ll tell you what… I would rather not ever get there than to have 5 SB losses and 0 SB wins. CHOKE ARTISTS.

    Secondly- If a little extra cash can make a defender try to get to the QB harder than he does on any other given Sunday, that is pitiful. Given what these guys are already paid to play a “game”- its silly to think they are not already playing the hardest they can within the rules of the game. Obviously it would not pay to knock Favre out with a cheap shot when the fine for doing so would exceed the bounty. I’m all for an incentive program. Players should be paid for their performance- not their potential. As long as their on field actions are within the rule book.

  127. Why are the Dolphins not on the phone now — Get Brees — give the saints our 1st rd and next years as well.
    Do Something –Good Lord !!

  128. Blew Drees shouldn’t be shocked. If he was any kind of leader he would have put a stop to it himself. Why would he be shocked that people who knew this system was in place are punished? Is he mentally slow?

  129. You would not have made it to the Super Bowl if not for those hits and injuries to Viking players and the help of the Refs on those horrible calls. Saints win = Tainted win

  130. Drew Brees is either incredibly naive or plain stupid.
    His head coach broke the rules and lied to the Fuhrer, thats enough to get the book thrown at you.

  131. My, how things can change in a couple years, huh Drewzy? In 2009 you were the King of the World, and now you are just beating yourself up in the Court of Public Opinion.

    Mr. Team First guy who was part of an intended law suit against the league for the best interests only of himself (and the few others that were part of the suit)

    Mr. Team First guy who wants the world and its moon to sign with the team he won that Super Bowl with.

    Mr. Team First who claims he had no idea of what was going on inside the very locker room he was the supposed leader of.

    Anyone who believes this guy is all about the team is a moron. Drew Brees has proven himself to be a me-first, lying sack of sh*t.

    I think it is he that owes some explanations.

  132. Drew are you an illiterate?……Read the report!…are are you trying to make us forget that your 2oo9 NFC championship was achieved under “Tainted” methodology. Why is it the NFL network won’t replay that game?

  133. Nobody can defend what the Saints did or Payton, but GODdell has to much power for one man. This should have been voted on by the owners. Then everyone would have their say in it and we would know how the other owners stand.

  134. As a player rep, Brees should be more upset with his HC and DC than anyone else.

    How can a player rep be upset that these two are being suspended for deliberately trying to injure his fellow “brothers”?

    WTF, Drew?

  135. “permiepoo says:
    Mar 21, 2012 2:47 PM
    If you guys would stop being a mouthpiece for the league for 5 minutes, maybe you’d understand what Drew is asking?

    NFL players have been making side deals like this since they were handing out cases of soda or the coach was giving out free passes to avoid running laps after practice for a play.”

    If I said that about the Pats and sideline taping of signals you like almost everyone else who posts here would crucify me.

    That’s a FAIL. Thanks for playing though.

  136. Bree’s should grow up and read what we all have. His coach covered up the bounties IT’S AGAINST THE RULES. He’d have been on the list if he played anywhere else and hed believe it then

  137. Does anyone remember when Peyton took less money in order to pay Williams enough to come to N.O.? I bet he didn’t realize $7.5 million was part of the deal.

  138. Hey Drew, read the paper, you coach knew about this and did nothing, here comes the judge! Lets hope the players involved get the max as well.

  139. Easy. Your coaches cheated, lied about it, got caught and got punished. There!

    Now what was that about you not knowing about the bounties? C’mon man… stop pi$$ing on our heads and tell us it’s raining!

  140. ebr362 says:
    Mar 21, 2012 2:57 PM
    Who does Brees think he is Peyton Manning?
    Oh, he’s better than Manning. That’s why he will still be playing for the Saints the rest of his career and the Colts kicked Peyton to the curb.

  141. I still love my team THE NEW ORLEANS SAINTS! All you haters can hate all you want..say all you want..and bask in the temporary fall of a great franchise. My issue is that no one was seriously injured, and also the players were paying each other with their own money..how is that illegal? And besides…all the games were TAPED..the evidence is there..Who was seriously hurt???

    However, on the flip side, the very existence of it should never have happened. I think the punishment was way too harsh b/c its not like they hid it. Greg Williams consistently referred to “remember me shots” etc.. The Patriots were CAUGHT cheating..there was no proof of any illegal hits..and every game is ON TAPE.

    Still screaming WHO DAT!!!! Bad day for Saints fans, but like Patriots fans, this will all get old and football will resume!

    WHO DAT!!!

  142. And as a Saints fan, Payton should have known about this. As a head coach, you have to be held accountable for what your players and personnel do. I love Payton, Loomis, and the organization, but this was just pure irresponsibility on their part. 🙁


  143. cleonslamminsalmon says: Mar 21, 2012 4:38 PM

    It’s like hurricane Katrina all over again.


    Youre a freaking ignorant idiot for that remark…You have no idea what that fiasco did to the entire Gulf South. Grow up!!

  144. Well Drew, here it goes… there is a lot of indisputable evidence against your coach showing that he not only knew about a bounty program that had a malicious intent of damaging and ending good players like yourself’s careers…but he also attempted to lie and cover it up….. so basically you need to come to KC and play for the Chiefs because our QB is a joke and no one would care to end his career as much as that would help my situation out…….did that work? I hope he’s as gullible as he sounds….

  145. Oh I am sorry that I did not consult with you Mr. Breese. Next time when I have to make such a decision, I will make sure that you are the first person I call.

    Roger Goodell.

  146. It’s so cool to finally see people call out the biggest FAKE in football, Drew Brees. This phony “good guy” has, in the last couple years, a) ripped on old-time players asking for fair medical benefits and b)had the nerve to question the league on this one.

    Sorry Drew, but not only did your team get caught bounty-hunting, but also LYING and COVERING IT UP. Explanation enough for ya, bud? Or does that big fat sense of entitlement you hold demand we tell you more?

  147. Brees u are full of sh*t. There is NO way u didn’t know about it. U are the franchise QB, the leader. So either you are lying, OR u are a TERRIBLE leader and don’t deserve the position anyway.

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