Fisher: Gregg Williams is “shocked but remorseful”


The NFL’s bounty scandal discipline didn’t just affect the Saints. The Rams have lost defensive coordinator Gregg Williams for an “indefinite” period, and they’ll be forced to turn elsewhere for a coach to orchestrate schemes and playcalling on defense.

Rams coach Jeff Fisher held a brief press conference Wednesday afternoon to address Williams’ ban. Fisher confirmed that Williams will be “eligible for reinstatement when the [2012] season is over.”

Fisher stopped short of naming a new defensive coordinator, although that position is expected to go to either assistant head coach Dave McGinnis or defensive backs coach Chuck Cecil. McGinnis is considered the in-house favorite. Promoting Cecil might not go over well with the league.

Another possibility is a defensive coordinator-by-committee approach.

“We have a lot of things to sort out, as you can imagine,” Fisher said.

Fisher added that Williams was “shocked but remorseful” when he learned of his suspension, which will span at least one full football season. Fisher insisted the Rams had “no idea” of Williams’ program that encouraged the infliction of severe injuries on opponents.

42 responses to “Fisher: Gregg Williams is “shocked but remorseful”

  1. What a liar! First thing he does when he goes to the Rams is hire his old buddy, and expects us to believe he does not know he runs bounties. Right.

  2. Gregg Williams deserves to have the book thrown at him. He had a chance to stop this but didn’t. He had a chance to come clean and lied. Now you feel remorseful bc you got caught? Get that mess outta here!!

  3. ” Fisher insisted the Rams had “no idea” of Williams’ program that encouraged the infliction of severe injuries on opponents.”

    Hmmm, sounds a bit Fishy…

  4. “Fisher insisted the Rams had “no idea” …” as he backed away from the podium with the “Bounty-Bag” behind his back…

  5. Ha!!!! Thats funny. How stupid does Gregg Williams think we all are. Remorseful??? Someone had to have told him to say that. There is no way he knows what that means!!
    What a joke of a human being!! I hope WalMart doesnt even hire him.

  6. And lucky ! Payton gets docked $8 million dollar yearly salary. How much does Williams make a year….?

  7. If Sean Payton got a year, then Gregg Williams better get at least two.

  8. I hope Chuck Cecil gets it. How ironic would it be to go from being called “too violent for the NFL” to being the replacement for a coach that had a bounty system?

  9. .

    Fisher knew nothing about bounty programs at Williams previous stops like Tennessee either.

    Run for office, Jeff


  10. I don’t know, I mean if I was interviewing someone for a job who I knew was accused of something in the field I’m hiring him in it might go something like this.

    “So hey Gregg, nice to see you again. I heard through about your team being investigated a couple years back about some bounty program. Tell me, was it true, I’d like to know now before I hire you.”

    As opposed to
    “Hey Gregg, lets not talk about anything that happened in your previous work experience and environment that could possibly have an effect on us hiring you, you’re hired.”

    Seems reasonable.

  11. The Dolphins got a break when Fisher decided to go the Rams, just imagine if he was the Dolphins’ coach and with all the free agents miss that would be something

  12. Remorseful………….Ya, so much so that he ignored the NFL’s warnin to stop it 3 years ago.


  13. Yes and Competition Commitee Fisher had NO clue what type of guy Williams is. RIIIIGGGGHHHHT.

  14. Jeff Fisher seems like a guy who does NOT condone cheap shots on players or bounties. He has gone off on his own players that have done bad things.

    I think the Rams got blind-sided and hope they don’t have to pay Williams any money or get back any they may already have. Otherwise it sucks to be them.

  15. I’m sure Williams is real sorry. I mean , if you were about to lose all the money he’s losing you’d be sorry too.

  16. “Gregg Williams is “shocked but remorseful”

    actually I’m guessing he’s really neither…

    but Jeff Fisher IS shocked and remorseful at being stuck with Corky Cecil as his d-coord again!

  17. Sorry, not buying that Fisher didn’t know about Williams use of bounties. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Fisher learned the system as a player from Buddy Ryan and passed it on to all his defensive coaches.

    There was plenty of talk of dirty play surrounding the Titans when Fisher was there. Just like there is plenty of talk of dirty play with the Lions, coached by ex-Tenn DC Jim Schwartz.

  18. if i’m a defensive player and the saints gave me a contract worth millions i’d be going out there to crush people for money. there’s no need for the added incentive because destroying the offense is the reason the defense is there. this story really makes no sense to me seeing as how they weren’t hitting people illegally and there’s no discrepancy between the number of injuries caused by the saints compared to any other team. but i’m a panther fan so yeah, we’ll take it

  19. Just one more thing to make the NFL a soft league. No wonder all the kids are into MMA now and not the NFL. If this keeps up they should name it the NCL for no contact league. I sure hate what Goodell has done to the league.

  20. I’d like to thank NBC for leading me to this article…and thereby leading me to the football police blotter on the right. Now THAT’S funny.

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