Four teams in the mix for Tebow

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It’s now a given that Tim Tebow will be traded.  The question remains where.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, four teams currently are in the running:  the Jaguars, the Jets, the Packers, and an unknown (for now) candidate.

The source said the mystery team could be the Dolphins.  Despite reports that the Dolphins aren’t interested, the theory is that those reports are coming from G.M. Jeff Ireland, who doesn’t want Tebow.  It’s believed that owner Stephen Ross and team president Mike Dee are very interested in bringing Tebowmania to South Florida.

In Jacksonville, the split of opinion could be getting smoothing over.  G.M. Gene Smith originally didn’t want Tebow, owner Shad Khan does, and there are indications that Smith is coming around.

The Jets, we’re told, are on the same page from front office to their coaching staff regarding their interest in Tebow, who would assume the Brad Smith role in the team’s offense.  Depending on the manner in which starter Mark Sanchez plays, Tebow could be in line for even more.

In Green Bay, the problem becomes that Tebow would never see the field.  With the league MVP at starting quarterback, it makes no sense to move Aaron Rodgers to the sidelines, even for one snap per game.

Regardless of how it all turns out, here’s hoping the Broncos include Tebow in the discussions, sending him to the team for which he wants to play.  V.P. of football operations John Elway said in January that Tebow has earned the right to be the starting quarterback entering training camp.  Though Elway necessarily won’t honor that commitment, Elway needs to remember that, but for Tebow’s performance down the stretch, the Broncos could have finished the season with the kind of record that never would have attracted Peyton Manning to town.

Yes, Tebow set the table for Manning’s arrival.  The least the Broncos can do is ensure that Tebow will have some say regarding the next place he could end up being the meal ticket.

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  1. You guys listed the Chiefs as a dark horse, right? Maybe they’re the mystery team.

    Think about it: he wouldn’t play QB, but his presence could possibly push Cassel to play better. He would bring a winning attitude to the offense, something it lacked in 2011. He could be used in all kinds of offensive packages.

    Most importantly, all of his teammates hate the Broncos.

  2. Including Tebow in the decision to trade him seems very fair and one that would help the withdrawl pains for many Tebow fans.

  3. Even after Tebow saved the day last year, the Broncos still treat him like he’s something they can’t wait to scrape off the bottom of their shoe. That’s not cool, whether you like the kid or not. I think less of Elway for that.

  4. If Ross forces the acquisition of Tebow over the wishes of his GM and (new) head coach…he will officially the worst owner in sports. Hands down. He’s already a strong contender, but that would be a slam dunk.

  5. Hopefully he takes less time to decide than Manning did.

    Also, I think there’s something wrong with me because it’s 2:20am on a Tuesday, and for some reason I’m still looking for Manning updates. :S

  6. In Green Bay, the problem becomes that Tebow would never see the field. With the league MVP at starting quarterback, it makes no sense to move Aaron Rodgers to the sidelines, even for one snap per game.


    If this was the case GB would get rid of all of their running backs in the off season. Who needs to run the ball, we’re going 100% double choke.

  7. Get ’em Ross. Not for seat filling. Why not? Throw him in and see what he can do. Don’t have to bet the farm on him.

    People are too quick to judge QBs nowadays.

    Bradshaw did’nt light ’em up – Tebow’s played 13 games, showed some good some bad. No worse than what we’ve got now, probably a low round pick would do it (go as high as one of the 3rd rounders). If he goes to the Jets Fireland needs to officially be shown the door. C’mon Ross, get on this TOMORROW.

  8. I call horse$#!t on Green Bay being interested. I’ve heard nothing to believe otherwise, and I know Ted prefers to draft his QB’s. No one outside of this organization seems to know how high we all are on Harrell either. Not enough salary cap room provided things continue to go well with Manny Lawson and Jeff Saturday. Nice try, Foolio.

  9. For once I agree with Mr. Ireland. The Dolphins have many possitions which need to be filled…unless Tebow learns how to pass rush, Ross should sit down and shut up. On the bright side if Ross did announce he wanted Tebow at least we know he wont be heading to South Beach.

    In anycase, I wouldnt wish thets jets on anybody. My guess is hes going to Jacksonville, which is closer to home for him.

  10. Besides, God already came to Green Bay in 1993. Let the False Prophet bring his bibles and tamborines to the more Godless locations, like the black hole. I’d love to see the fans chew him up in Oakland.

  11. “Yes, Tebow set the table for Manning’s arrival. The least the Broncos can do is ensure that Tebow will have some say regarding the next place he could end up being the meal ticket.”

    By that logic, they should be indebted to Josh McDaniels for all of the calamity that led up to signing Peyton, and ship him over to NE on the cheap…

    Tebow is owed nothing, Elway should do his job, which is to get the most value in return, and he will do that.

  12. Why don’t denver just keep him? Peyton isn’t the old ironman likehe used to be, Paymetons

  13. Miami is perfect. Aside from his popularity and marketability, they signed a 34 year old guy with a bad back. No guarantee he’s going to bounce back so they need another QB. Moore may or may not do what he did last year (in a new offense) and even if he plays well, he’s not an elite, “never come off the field kind of player.” Miami can run a number of Tebow-specific packages to mix up the offense.

    They didn’t sign a Manning, a Brees, a Brady, a Rodgers type. If you can’t beat ’em with brilliance, baffle ’em with bull****.

    Say what you want about the kid, but he’s a winner and Miami has been in short supply of that trait for a very long time.

  14. Everybody jumping on Elway for not honoring the “starter entering camp” should really stop to think for a second.

    1. If Elway/Fox for whatever reason kept and left TT #1 going into camp how long do you think he would be able to hold that? Maybe 30 minutes until Manning (assuming his health is up to par) starts hitting 30 yd out routes like it is second nature annd TT throws the ball 5 yards short and behind the receiver 75% of the time.

    2. By trading him now (and hopefully giving TT some input into the ultimate choice of destinations-yes he has earned that much), he will at least have a chance to succeed or fail elsewhere based on his own abilities for a team that actually wants him which is a better shot than some players get.

  15. It’s kind of a shame that Tebow’s large fanbase could potentially be his downfall. The guy needs to go somewhere where he could sit and learn, just like everyone was saying he should have the year he was drafted. Green Bay, Philly, or maybe Oakland (new regime, don’t hate) seem like the best fits to me.

  16. Judging how Tebow has been tearing our defense up the past two years.

    Much rather face a 36 year old beat up QB than that cat. That fool Tebow used to gouge us. It was unbelievable.

  17. The Packers make no sense for Tebow. We don’t need to sell any tickets and Green Bay is too far away from the limelight that he will crave. It only possibly
    Would make sense to have him as a goal line back if Kuhn is not 100 percent for training camp.

    Jax is where the smart money is on this. KHAAAANNNNN!!!!!!!!

  18. Toss the guy onto the Chiefs!! They’re building a run-first team anyway and Cassel is nothing special… They might even win more games with Tebow back there.

  19. Tebow not seeing the field and actually learning how to be a QB from Rodgers, McCarthy, and Clements experiences might be what he needs if he even wants a future career at QB. Green Bay sees a team player and person who is willing to work. The point isn’t to have Tebow play if he comes to Green Bay. It’s to back up Rodgers and learn. Then let him go and do his thing. Not that I’d expect you to get that.

  20. Hypothetically speaking, I wonder if Tebow was a American born indian of middle eastern descent, and his religion happened to be muslim, would you hypocritical christian zealots still have the same love and adulation you have for him now? I’m baptist by the way.

  21. Love to have him in my town as an H back or a maybe a TE if he can he can block and catch. He will go for a 4th rd pick

  22. The more I consider Green Bay the more sense it makes. McCarthy said he wanted to embrace the challenge of developing Tebow – who better to do it? The Packers staff has shown time and again (Hasselbeck, Rodgers, Flynn) that they can turn backup QB’s into some of the best in the league (jury is out on Flynn obviously).

    I think he should go, do some running plays, but focus on the QB school that Clements and McCarthy run. When his rookie deal is up his current attributes paired with a good passing attack would be deadly (and worth some $)

  23. Got mixed feelings about Tebow. Signed up for direct TV just in time to get the Sunday ticket for free, so I watched every bronco game this year. It was cool how Tebow got that team excited ( even the defense was standing up watching him), but man he was awful 90% of the time. Also it was really irritating how many people jumped on the bronco bandwagon once Tebow started pulling wins off.
    It’s been a long time since we’ve had a good QB, and I’m stoked the broncos got Manning.

  24. Yeah I said it….Maybe he should come to Minnesota for a reunion with percy. If you have Harvin, AP, Tebow, Webb, and possibly Ginn on the field at the same time that my friend is a dangerous package. I’m not 100% behind it but given the circumstances I wouldn’t be opposed.

  25. Though manning is one of the best to ever play this game, let’s not assume that he’s fully recovered from his neck injury and will be the same quarterback he was a couple years ago. It would be smart for the broncos to keep tebow around just in case peyton doesn’t meet expectations. Also, it wouldn’t hurt for him to learn under one of the best.

  26. If I were Miami, I would bring him in and throw him in the deep end, run a conventional offense through him and let him “sink or swim”.

    The season is already destroyed, and we got no young QBs on the roster for Tebow to hamper their development. Do a 1 year experiment, whats difference between an 8-8 season and 2-14 season?

    Bring him in and throw him in a conventional offense.

  27. Go to GB, Tim. Get a ring as backup, then take ovet when they Manning Rodgers for you. Or in two years, reinvented, get a fresh contract. Go learn the secrets snow has to teach a QB.

  28. Here’s hoping that Tebow isn’t a factor in the discussions. Who cares where he wants to play, do what it takes to get the most for him to help the team long term.

  29. We need to fire ireland and get marino as gm or jimmy johnson as gm ….stuff we be great than, win or done………………but tebow in miami ilike it he’s young and got alot on his plate and needs to win and all he does is win ……let’s get him and save the draft for other weapons like receivers and rt,de,safty,corner…we can dooooo ittttttttt call the shots ross and fuh uhck what ireland says

  30. You all just need to relax cause Tebow is coming home to FL, St. Johns county baby, to play in Jacksonville which is DUVAL county…!

  31. meytonpanning says: Mar 21, 2012 1:21 AM
    Hopefully he takes less time to decide than Manning did.
    He won’t be deciding anything, anytime! He’s not a free agent, Denver will trade him to the highest bidder!

  32. Unbelievable the amount of Tebow lovers on here, the guy sucks, he’ll never be an NFL QB, you can’t teach accuracy!

  33. Eventually Gene Smith came around and security allowed him back into the building to get his shoes and coat. Along with the keys to his car and house.

  34. Bradshaw didn’t play in 2012. It’s a completely different game now, it’s impossible to compare them.

  35. lostsok says:
    Mar 21, 2012 1:20 AM
    If Ross forces the acquisition of Tebow over the wishes of his GM and (new) head coach…he will officially the worst owner in sports. Hands down. He’s already a strong contender, but that would be a slam dunk.


    Like Jerry Jones?

  36. Tim Tebow is a terrible quarterback. He needs to realize he can’t play quarterback. He is worse than Rick Mirer. Tebow should switch his position to running back.

  37. i do hope the jags snatch him up. hometown hero, potentially could bring the franchise out of obscurity, they want him and he wants to be there.

  38. Steve Young, 85-86 Buccaneers Career
    Drafted: #1 overall
    Traded to: SF, 2nd + 4th Rd Picks
    3 Wins, 16 Losses as Starter
    267 completions on 501 attempts – 53.29%
    3,217 yards – 169.32ypg, 6.42ypa
    11td, 22int – 0.52 ratio, 68 sacks
    114 carries, 658yds, 6td – 5.77ypa

    Tim Tebow, 10-11 Broncos Career
    Drafted: #25 overall
    Traded to: ?
    9 Wins, 7 Losses (stats in starts only)
    181 completions on 389 attempts – 46.53%
    2,753 yards – 172.06ypg, 7.08ypa
    18td, 9int – 2.00 ratio, 44 sacks
    161 carries, 883 yards, 10td – 5.47ypa

  39. ok ok ok…..We all know that Tebow was by the worst qb in the NFL and will only get a starting job for a rag like jax-ville or miami….but the broncos should go on the DOWN LOW AND WHISPER TO THE RAIDERS THAT THEY WILL GIVE THEM TEBOW AND A 4TH ROUND PICK JUST TO TAKE TEBOW AND GET HIM OUT OF DENVER WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED!….That way Denver would insure at least two Broncos win this season.

  40. You know Elway and even Manning lies a lot. Peyton gave them the directive to get Tebow’s ass out of there before OTA’s and that will happen…I remember Elway being drunk as shiz and lying about it! They just need to be straight up. the fans do not care because they have grabbed the brass ring in Manning and have about a 7-1 shot of superbowl where they had no real odds before.

    watch jeff saturday and dallas clark come to denver and you will have a winner in denver and tebow will be trying to play like cam newton but failing for the jax jags and his name will not come up.

  41. Why should Elway include him in discussionS? He doesnt owe Tebow anything. Tebow has been paid very handsomely for what he has done, played a kids game. People act like he is a 10 year vet or the second coming. He was very good this year yes. And I rooted for him from the day he was drafted. Hardcore Bronco fan and when my friends booed the selection, I defended it. I wished he wouldve started from jump, always thought he could be a star. But Manning became available and it was a no brainer. I love Tebow, but love the Broncos more. I want to win and manning gives us a much better shot. What I learned though from the Manning chase, is Tebow has to go. I am shocked by the tebow fringe. Wishing manning breaks his neck, calling Elway a liar, Saying the broncos lack integrity and honor. Declaring they will never be Bronco fams again! What? Why? Because Elway made a move to make his team better? Becasue he went out and signed a first ballot, HOF, all time great qb to replace a virtual unknown? Its crazy! And now Elway owes him the choice of where he goes? Hell no. He goes to whoever gives us the most. He has started 15 games in his career and now he makes personnel decisions ? Give me a break. I will be sad that hes gone and I hope he turns into everything I imagined, but I wont miss the lunatics. Please go wherever Tebow lands. Please! Take your crazy opinions and disdain for anyone who doesnt worship Tebow with you! I just hope Khan is crazy enough to really make it worth our while.

  42. Ha! As a Broncos fan, it feels as though I just woke up from a nightmare and jumped into a dream. ANYBODY who thinks Tebow is anything more than a novelty act, is not paying attention. A sub-50% completion rate is simply unacceptable. Coaches have been trying to fix him for 10 years, it isn’t gonna happen. Sorry Tebomaniacs, this bum will be out of the league in 3 years. Peace #15!

  43. Tebow is a victim of his celebrity. He causes problems wherever he goes because his fans are idiots.

  44. The Jets continue to dissappoint me. Mark Sanchez is at the helm for 2 Conference title.l games and 4 road.playoff wons his first 2 years, and they’re still not sold on him? And i don’t wanna hear that “defense won the games for him” BULL. Anyone who actually watched the Jets in the playoffs the last few years saw Sanchez make the throws when he had to in the biggest of spots in the playoffs in Cincy, Indy, New Emgland, and San Diego when he needed to (something Romo, Ryan, and Rivers have consistently FAILED to do in the playoffs). But last year, the.defense is inconsistent at best, O-Line is hurt all year and the.running game is virtually non-existent and.the locker room is TOXIC–yet Sanchez takes all the heat for them finishing 8-8. GMAB. The Jets are such a cluster you-know-what

  45. If both starter and backup were willing, Denver (or Green Bay) is probably ideal for Tebow to sit and learn for a while. Maybe GB is even better as Rodgers is probably a better fit as a model for Tebow to learn.
    Almost anywhere else (except New England) Tebow would probably be too much of a distraction to the presumed incumbent.
    I know starting QBs make a ton of money, but the flip side of the mentality that they play every snap is that you expose them to needless risk of injury. I think second and third string QBs should play more during the season, and I don’t mean Wildcat necessarily. If your team is up or down by a lot, why not throw the backup in? Give the starter a rest. Sure, his stats may suffer, but if you’re a contending team, you may increase the chance your starter will be around for the postseason.

  46. On a positive note, if we got him, he’d be where he belongs. On the bench with a clipboard staring at McCarthy’s plus sezed behind.

  47. pedroherce says: Mar 21, 2012 1:20 AM

    Don’t rule out the Toronto Argonauts.


    Oh I see what you did there. Reeaaal original….

  48. Elway would never trade Tebow to the chiefs are any other team in the division, imagine if Tebow were to really break out with one of the teams in the division and if Manning Fazzled Denver fans even though they are love Elway so much would ran him out of town.

  49. Dark horse team—–The Browns. Think about it. McCoy and Tebow in the backfield together every play. It would keep the defense off balance, not knowing whether it would be pass or run and WHO would pass if it was pass. I like it, and heaven knows, the Browns need SOMETHING to make a denfense guess.

  50. Tebow fan is hilarious. TRT will go where the Broncos get the most lucrative deal. Four teams in the running means that the price is going up! For my money, I hope it’s the Jets. The circus would add a few more tents. Can’t wait.

  51. yes, it would be nice if Broncs consult with Tebow before making a deal, at least keep him in the loop and be civil about the whole thing.

  52. Jacksonville should sign him and milk Tebowmania for all it’s worth.

    Maybe they could finally remove some of those tarps they have covering half the seats up.

  53. “there are indications Smith is coming around?”

    Baloney. Gene loathes distractions and TT is the ultimate distraction. This whole phenomena is manufactured by the media. We’re talking about a guy who hasn’t completed half his passes. More than half the people in the building don’t want him. More than half the fan base doesn’t want him. And multiple players on the team are vocal in their displeasure on this as well. Khan needs to put down the kool-aid and pull his head out of his rear. Bringing in Tebow is not a real solution to any of this team’s ailments.

  54. I liked Elway when I was a kid – but now I just see him as a horse-toothed, back-stabbing egomaniac.

    Seriously, Elway was at the podium for 2/3 of Peyton Manning’s press conference? Uhh. Wow.

    It’s hard to fathom how a guy who led his team to a playoff victory can be treated so poorly. I think less of Elway and the entire Bronco organization because of this. Peyton should beware, when his times comes he’ll find himself locked out of the facility one day.

  55. mrplow3 says:Mar 21, 2012 1:19 AM
    “Elway’s a lying horseface.
    Liar, liar pants on fire.”

    Maturity level of Tebow fans… smh
    Elway is also a 2 time Superbowl Champ
    Winner, Winner Ring on Finger!

  56. Having endured media circus #1 with Brett, it’s hard to imagine why the Packers would trade for media circus #2 with Tebow.

    Green Bay seems to prefer a “no drama” atmosphere.

  57. Miami. Please take Tebow as a fan i’m sick and disgusted that we are now lower then and destined for losing more then teams like Oakland and Jacksonville. Please take Tebow for the sole reason that Miami will have at least ONE reason to be watched for the next few years. Because without Tebow……… Dolphins r a joke and this is coming from a Die Hard.

  58. … “and an unknown candidate”? If there’s any team that’s going to come from out of the blue and snag Tebow, I can totally see it being the Rams. As a Titans fan since the Oilers arrived in Tennessee, I can tell you Jeff Fisher puts maximum value on toughness and leadership in his QB. In so many ways Steve McNair was his ideal. Titans fans will also recall how erratic McNair was as a passer until Heimerdinger began working with him in 2000. Not as inconsistent as Tebow, but Fisher’s seen a run-first QB become grow into a bonafide pocket passer and MVP caliber quarterback. In Fisher’s mind, Tebow might be an ideal backup for Sam Bradford … and then if he learns to be a pocket passer? Brace yourself, Bradford.

  59. Maybe the mystery team is TO’s Allen Wranglers.

    The guy just had one of the worst qb seasons in NFL history and the media still covers him like he’s the greatest player in NFL history.

  60. The eagles are that mystery team. Vick cannot stay upright for 16 games, the eagles are notoriously bad in the red zone, tebow is a mobile, left handed qb who is very limited and raw, like Vick first was when he came to Philly. if Andy Reid made McNabb a perennial all star, imagine what he could do with a guy who doesn’t throw up under pressure and make excuses about everything under the sun.

  61. At least it is confirmed that the Jets only want him for Wildcat stuff. Not that it’ll stay at that. Which is why I don’t want to see this happen.

  62. Isn’t it odd when all want to say Tebow deserves a spot somewhere yet you heard nothing of the player replaced by Farve coming back or T.O or Moss .

  63. Run up the price! If the Broncos get a 4th round, I’d be thrilled. I thought they were going to just have to cut him and get nothing in return.

    Bid it up! Thanks Jets!

  64. To take advantage of Tebowmania, you need for him to start at QB.

    The owners are stepping in and trying to use him for ticket sales but not start him at QB.

    I feels bad for Tim on this one. He is being treated like a sideshow act.

  65. So NFL teams do not want a QB that:
    – is a solid citizen
    – has moral character
    – is a leader on/off the field
    – is religious
    – comes with his own fanbase
    – does not use illegal substances

    but they are all over QBs that:
    – kill dogs for fun
    – do drugs
    – beat women
    – have supposedly “superior” skills but can’t read a DEF

    Tebow is awesome and should be given the benefit of the doubt like any QB who has potential

    If this is the response to Tebow, imagine the sheer outrage when NFL fans find out that RG3 is a Republican!

  66. GB would be the best place for Tebow. He could learn how to be a real nfl QB in a low pressure situation. However, I could never see the packers gm making that move.

  67. Dolphins should give him a try. Bring him in as a H-Back, run the wildcat, Inside the 10 yard line, and utilize his skills set.

    No, he won’t be a prolific passer but he won games…

  68. This whole situation has made me lose a lot of respect for Elway. Tebow could have gotten the Broncos to the Super Bowl and Elway would still be trying to run him out of town. What a D-bag. Just out of spite, I hope Tebow goes somewhere and grows into a monster and comes back to Denver and lights ’em up at home.

  69. There are times when I think Ted Thompson(Packers GM) is a genius. There are times when I think he’s lost his mind. This is one time when I think he’s in the second catagory.
    Ted’s thinking:
    1)NFL experienced backup QB.
    2)Hard worker.
    3)Loyal to team.

    Sounds like a Green Bay guy, right?

    But weigh the other stuff:
    1)An endless QB controversy, ala Favregate.
    2)A bored player on the bench behind the NFL MVP.
    3)Millions of fans chanting for Tebow to replace Rodgers.

    Ted, have you lost your mind?

  70. Here we go again!! Manningmania, Tebowmania
    what an off season . I feel lucky the Bucs have an extra minicamp this year so there will be more stuff to talk about than Peyton and Tim.

  71. yelix says:
    Mar 21, 2012 1:15 AM
    You guys listed the Chiefs as a dark horse, right? Maybe they’re the mystery team.

    Think about it: he wouldn’t play QB, but his presence could possibly push Cassel to play better. He would bring a winning attitude to the offense, something it lacked in 2011. He could be used in all kinds of offensive packages.

    Most importantly, all of his teammates hate the Broncos.


    Unlike Peyton, Tebow doesn’t have a much of a choice of where he goes. The Broncos will be the ones who decide where he goes. They certainly are not going to trade him to the Chiefs or any divisional rivals.

  72. What about the Vikes? Dome stadium, mostly white fans, plus reuniting with Percy Harvin, his favorite receiver. Ponder’s not the answer.

  73. If Tebow were black, NOBODY would even consider the idea of him switching positions.

    But b/c he’s white, then it’s pefectly fine for him to NOT be given ample opportunity to play QB in the NFL. I could not help but notice that some of you PFT ppl, the media, and fans, want him to be moved to FB instead of RB. Tebow would be an awesome power RB, but it’s b/c he’s not bl;ack isn’t it? And you people simply are not “tolerant” enough to be open to “diversity” enough to allow the mere thought of a white player at RB.

    This is why WRs like Welker, Gonzo, Amendola, and other white WRs are always lumped into the slot WR role, and why there are no white CBs.

    If Tebow were moved to LB by Belechik, then you ppl would say it should be ILB b/c he’s not “fast” enough to play OLB or some s**t like that.

  74. The Broncos will try to trade with a NFC team (Green Bay). No way would they want Tebow to beat them in the playoffs.

  75. I don’t want the Jags to lose a 4th or 5th for a temporary gimmick, when they can use it on a perfectly good punter or actual football player.

  76. I don’t profess to know Shad Kahn but don’t believe he became a wealthy business man by throwing away money. He just spent a signifant amount to bring the successful Falcon-style offense to his team, along with adding a talented free agent WR. They were a successful running team and had a very good defense last year, and look what it got them. A QB with Tebow’s limitations will not succeed in Mike Malarkey’s system. When they hired Malarkey their next thought wasn’t, “How can we get Tim Tebow here to make this work?” Not saying Gabbert is the next Matt Ryan, but he’s closer now than Tebow will ever be.

  77. Washington, Imagine Tebow and RG3 on the field at the same time. Sharing the QB load. While one is at Qb the other is a RB or TE. Endless wildcat formations, flea flickers and Runs.

  78. lots of delusional people on here….

    Tebow is terrible…. literally the worst passer in the NFL…

    comparing his stats to Young with the Bucs is completely invalid… it was a different era and the Broncs are a top flight, well coached team… not a disorganized expansion mess…

    saying that he’s no worse than Moore is crazy… Moore is a major step better in every category except being a fullback….

    whichever team falls for this, takes on all the drama, screws up their locker room with prayer mania, defocuses their team from the standard playbook, and is one step from having a guy who never throws as a QB is gonna deserve what they get…. suckas….

  79. “3)Millions of fans chanting for Tebow to replace Rodgers.”

    I seriously doubt it would be That bad. You have to think, Aaron Rodgers would be starting, not Kyle Orton. I don’t see Rodgers going 1-4 any time soon.

  80. First of all I like Tebow, he is a good football player and even better person….on that note…..

    I don’t get the Elway bashing…….sure he told Timmy he earned the right to be the starter. That was BEFORE Manning was released. That doesn’t make him a liar, that says he is doing his job. Elway’s job…..put the best Bronco team on the field that he can, period.

    All the hypocritical Tebow lovers cry about Tebow being treated badly…come on! We’re talking about PEYTON MANNING.

    Get serious, you all are the ones that treated someone bad, how about Orton, you Tebow lovers jumped on him and rode him right on out of town. That seemed to be OK, and now Timmy is getting replaced by one the best in the game and you cry foul, laughable at best!

    If you have a good running back that “EARNED” a starting job and Emmit Smith becomes available, do you just let the guy that earned the spot play or do you go after Emmit….you go after Emmit Smith!

    Great move Elway! The next QB that comes in get to learn under ELWAY and MANNING are you kidding me!

  81. “Washington, Imagine Tebow and RG3 on the field at the same time. Sharing the QB load. While one is at Qb the other is a RB or TE. Endless wildcat formations, flea flickers and Runs.”

    In a crazy way, I don’t think I would have a problem with that, but only if RGIII has a good NFL deep ball. It will never happen, but it would make for some good football.

  82. Tebow will never go to Green Bay. Ted Thompson runs a football team, not a quarterback charity. All of you who say how great it would be for Tebow to sit on the bench and learn from Rodgers are right, it would be great for him. But TT would never waste a roster spot just to be nice and help poor little Tebow learn how to play quarterback. He’s got a backup that is invested in his system, and he’s likely to keep him. If you can’t help the franchise, you don’t deserve a spot on the roster.

  83. I hope Ted Thompson does pick the kid up. He’s got a winning attitude and a champion’s heart. It would do him well to sit on the bench a few years and learn from the best in the game. He’s as much a good person as he is a good athlete (probably more even), and there is plenty of room in our community for someone like him.

    I’d like to see him go some place where there is already a no if’s and’s or but’s about it entrenched starter where he can devote his complete concentration to fixing that catapault motion of his.

  84. The Eagles should get Tebow to back up Vick…..that means he should start 3 or 4 games when Vick is injured… 2 or 3 years when Vick is done… Andy Reid coached up Tebow should be ready to take the reins…..if Vick doesn’t get us a Superbowl surely God and Tebow will! Amen!!!

  85. Beej6 – If your team is up or down by a lot, why not throw the backup in? Give the starter a rest. Sure, his stats may suffer, but if you’re a contending team, you may increase the chance your starter will be around for the postseason.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    I wonder about this myself….if you are loosing or winning, throw in the backup QB for a few snaps to give him some experience. Coaches never do this and they seem like the world collapsed on them if the starting QB is injured and goes out for the season. The NY Giants was just lucky back then when Phil Simms went down, Jeff Hostetler was able to fill in and win a superbowl for them. Most of the time, if the starting QB is out for the season, the team’s season goes along with it.

  86. QUOTE: “I hope he goes to the Raiders, could you see Tebowmaniacs and Raider Nation hitting each other with bibles and clubs during the game.”

    Not very funny, but I think the Raiders could use a new QB as they are going to tire of Carson Palmer and his pick sixes.

  87. Hard to believe Miami fans would be willing to give a 3rd round draft pick for this guy. IMO they do not value the draft. He has demonstrated a 3rd string NFL arm with some wildcat skills. I cant imagine Denver can expect more than a 5th rounder…if he gets a higher draft pick than that consider it a done deal!

  88. This is a great start for a new way to trade players, let’s ask them where they want to go never mind if it’s a good fit for the team. I’m sure all the players will go for it. Just how did Tebow earn the right to decide where he should be traded he’s not NOT that great!

  89. By the time Tim Tebow fully develops as an NFL QB, Brandon Weeden will be on Social Security.

  90. I think the best place for Tebow is the fins.

    #1. The org and the fans are used to the wildcat offense, they ran it pretty well until teams were able to pick up on it several years ago.

    #2. They can’t get any worse at the QB position than they have since Marino retired.

    #3. It’s his home state and the fins desperately need the attention and revenue for ticket sales generated by Tebow.

  91. The worst part about this whole ordeal was that we were force-fed Manning updates 24/7 by EVERY media outlet. Now Manning picks his team, and forces the only thing worse to happen…24/7 Tebow updates.

  92. Blitzburg2u,

    1. Miami ran the wildcat years ago with a different team and coach. They are trying to replicate the offense in GB which is about as far from the Wildcat as I am from being and NFL QB.

    2. Starting Tebow would be worse.

    3. The home state argument is the only thing that makes sense (cents) for either of the FLA teams giving Tebow a shot. Although short lived. Once Tebow begins to lose games, the fans will show up not to support, but to boo.

    From a football perspective, it doesn’t make any sense for Jax or Miami. It makes sense for him to go some place where they want to develop him not exploit him.

  93. Would not be shocked to see Tebow go to the Jets.
    Maybe he would bring that rah rah rah back to the team.
    Sanchez needs someone breathing down his neck so he doesn’t forget he’s a few interceptions from being replaced and his money is not guaranteed.

    Three year deal with outs for the GM and coaching staff if he doesn’t produce I’m sure.

  94. The combination of Alex Smith and Tim Tebow will dazzle 49ers opponents. Hopefully, when one is having a bad game, the other shows up in good game form, 49ers will potentially always have a good QB.

  95. I think the Tebow talk is a release by the Pack to make people think they are involved in free agency.

    If they take Tebow they give up a pick. They need all the picks they can get. Right now they have a DE suspended for 4 games, a DB who they resigned who wouldn’t make most other teams, a missing pro bowl center, no defensive end in sight, a receiver who is past his prime and won’t retire and this team is thinking superbowl? No way.

    Right now they are a worse, not better team, that last year and need a powerful draft to get back to where they were. Not improving.

  96. If you think he has any chance coming to GB you aren’t very bright. The media goes off something McCarthy said before the draft and we all know you can’t listen to anything a GM or coach says before the draft. Now if anything Thompson is just screwing with the rest of the league to drive up the price. You are crazy if you think Thompson will give up a draft pick for Tebow, he has no use on the Packers. You don’t take Rodgers out of the game to run a gimmik play. He has had something like 1 or 2 INTs in the redzone his WHOLE career. Don’t need help on that side of the ball. Can he rush the passer?

  97. Just goes to show u how ugly football can be. Elway is extremely ungrateful for what Tebow did for him last year, and when Manning gets crushed and taken out again they are going to be right back where they were, at the very bottom. I really hope Tebow goes to a team that will help him grow as a QB, and appreciates what he brings to the team!

  98. manning will finish the season on IR, so why trade tebow. There was a reason Indy cut the legend of manning! Bronco fans will find out why soon enough, keep tebow because the backup in denver will play a lot this year.

  99. Wow … This is shaping up like a TV Show … Let’s call it “THE BIGGEST LOSER”. You can win a QB that can’t pitch the skin.

    In all seriousness, I hope NE steers clear of the trainwreck and its groupies.

  100. Green Bay is not a team in the running. PFT is just listing them because 2 years ago McCarthy said it would be fun to develop Tebow. Green Bay is already developing Harrell and Nick Hill. They will probably take someone like WI’s Wilson or BSU’s Moore in the late rounds. Tebow would be too much of a circus for GB.

  101. the nfl’s trillion dollars contract with tv is shared equally by all teams, guaranteeing them a profit because of the salary cap.

    there is no team in the nfl losing money.

    thus, this idea that a team needs to bring tebow, or any player to fill seats is totally asinine.

    research has clearly shown only two things fill a stadium:

    1. a winning team.

    2. masochistic, idiotic fans that support bad teams.

  102. Tim Tebow will start his own team called the LA Prayers… Once he is traded to them, he and the only other member of the team (god) play pitch and catch and distroy other teams 100-0. Becase of the amazing defence played by God all he has to do is point to the ball and it falls from the sky, or he just has it fall into his own hands and he takes it to the endzone without any effort. The best part about it is that he plays in sandles.

  103. sirdrinksalot says: Mar 21, 2012 3:09 AM

    Tim Tebow is a terrible quarterback. He needs to realize he can’t play quarterback. He is worse than Rick Mirer. Tebow should switch his position to running back.

    ….a ll the dumb ass sheep posting this garbage. I’ve forgotten more about football than you’ll ever know. Tebow can be successful at QB if given a shot by someone who actually wants him.

  104. For a 5th round pick, maybe 6th even, but definitely no higher than 5th round, TB should give it a look—but only if he converts and becomes an H-Back/Full-back/TE combo. He is definitely a competitor and plays with a lot of emotion and fire and for the most part, he is a winner everywhere he has been. It might sound crazy but maybe we could shape him/turn him into something that has been missed for a long-time–the A-Train, Part II? I don’t know, I can see it, but maybe I really should do something about my insomnia and sleep more…yeah that’s it!

    And as far as Manning goes, I told my co-worker this morning that I’d be surprised to see Manning just make it through a season, let alone to the post season. I’m saying he makes it to four or five games max before landing on IR. Broncos’ fans should probably not get too excited just yet.

  105. Mystery team. Yeah, Peyton Manning, Alberto Pujols, Prince Fielder now Tim Tebow all have ‘A Mystery Team’. This is just a writer saying making this up because they know in this day and age you do not have to qualify anything.

    I said it once and I will say it again. We are in the worst age of sports writing /journalism ever.

    Anyone with a blog or column can say ‘unnamed source’ (sourch is themself) or ‘mystery team’

  106. People who think Manning will land on IR just don’t have a clue – the guy never missed a single game in 13 years and countless docs now say his neck is fixed….totally fixed.

    And now he has one of the best LT’s in the NFL protecting his blindside.

    Saying Peyton is brittle or injury prone is like saying he’s short and fat…….just 100% wrong.

  107. Cant wait till manning gets hurt in training camp ,preseason,or first game.just cant wait for the broncos and that horse toothed VP to go no better that 9-7(just because of the division they play in).Cant wait till Tebow comes into denver for what ever team he is on,and whoops that BUTT.Cant wait for at best case scenario for broncos fans that manning does do his 5 years and no superbowl.All those years in indy with a great o-line he only won 1 time.Broncos have a terrible o-line(42 sacks last year).All this manning crap has been a joke(4 neck surgeries)and all you bronco fans are excited?Cant wait for this failure.laughing stock of the league.The new savior of the denver broncos.Gonna need alot more than a broken neck manning to fix denver.LOL this will be a great year …cant wait to get my laugh on.

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