Half of LaRon Landry’s salary contingent on health


Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum said Tuesday that he expects newly signed safety LaRon Landry to be healthy during the 2012 season.

He might expect it, but he’s protecting the team against the possibility that things don’t work out that way. Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger has the details of the one-year, $3.5 million deal that Landry signed with the Jets and it has a weekly roster bonus that makes half of the total salary contingent on Landry being in the lineup.

Landry, who has missed 15 games in the last two seasons and disagreed with the Redskins about whether or not his Achilles injury required surgery before leaving the team, will make $700,000 in base salary along with $1.5 million in signing and workout bonuses. The rest of his money will come in the form of a weekly roster bonus of $109,375 that will only be paid if Landry is healthy enough to suit up for the games.

The clause is a nice bit of risk management by the Jets, but they’d surely be happier having paid $3.5 million when the year is over. They got poor play from their safeties for much of last season and a good, healthy year from Landry would provide a big boost to the unit this time around.

We already thought of the one-year deal as a prove it deal for Landry, but this clause makes it even more incumbent on the safety to show that he can stay healthy for an entire season.

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  1. Wow…

    There was a lot of speculation that the Jets overpaid for an injury prone player. That’s a pretty smart contract option by Tannenbaum.

    I imagine Landry is equally happy, because he anticipates playing in every game, so the salary should be easy enough to earn without any complications.

  2. He won’t play much given his track record. Surprised the jets actually structured a good contract after the extension they gave Sanchez… still laughing over that one!

  3. It’s funny how Landry could’ve signed the same deal with the skins. This just proves he had no interest in resigning with the organization, because instead of going by the advice of the skins training staff to have surgery, he decided to lift weights, and take pics of himself, and make disparaging comments to the skins faithful through his twitter account. He never lived up to his potential. Even if he does well this year, it will not last long. He will either get re-injured, or get suspended for PED’s.

  4. I wouldn’t have minded that contract for the lions….sounds like jets management got something right. Maybe they should have made sanchez’s contract contingent on him not playing like…..mark sanchez.

  5. Landry missed 15 games the last 2 seasons because of the injury he refused to have surgery on. I guess the Redskins doctors were right. Yet, LaRon still insists his method will work. Wow

  6. So, short if a bone sticking out, he will be on the field. This type of contract dosen’t necessarily help the Jets. Itcan hurt them not if but when he conceals an injury.

  7. Well, as we’ve seen the last 2 years if the pattern holds true they won’t be spending much money on Landry I guess oh maybe around game 8 he’ll start to have achilles issues…of course since there was a shortened season last year and he didn’t play during pre-season or the first couple games that issue could come earlier then week 8…

  8. thankheavenfornumberseven says:
    Mar 21, 2012 11:53 AM
    As a Viking fan, this makes me sick. Why couldn’t they offer Landry $3.5 million without the weekly roster bonuses? This is ridiculous.


    I must have missed where the Jets forced him to sign that deal? Link?

  9. thankheavenfornumberseven says:Mar 21, 2012 11:53 AM

    As a Viking fan, this makes me sick. Why couldn’t they offer Landry $3.5 million without the weekly roster bonuses? This is ridiculous.


    I heard they were going to, but wanted to lockup Jerome Felton first…

  10. “Landry’s salary contingent upon health”……You’re not as dumb as you look, Rex…..

  11. This move just keeps looking better and better for the Jets. It could go a long way to getting some kind of stability on one side of the ball, at least.

  12. where is that dumb ass pats fan that was all upset that the jets got Landry and ripped the move bc Landry is injury prone? Just remember two things Patsy fan, the Jets beat the Pats when it mattered & the Pats haven’t won a Super Bowl since spygate. Brady will never be right again…Brady is no longer Brady, no matter what he promises the owner.

  13. also, I’m so sick of hearing the Jets gave an “extension” from the haters in media & fans….all they did was create more cap space & guarantee next year, giving him an additional 2.5 million in guaranteed money…seriously do any of these people know how to read?

  14. Very wise move, Tanny and Rex.
    I can now say I am hopeful about the Jets safety position this coming season.

  15. I wonder what the language in the contract is regarding whether he receives the weekly bonuses if hes out for something other than health…ie positive steroids testing. Does he still get paid if hes healthy enough to play but is banned by the league (which would surprise exactly no one).

  16. Carl Gerbschmidt says:Mar 21, 2012 11:57 AM

    thankheavenfornumberseven says:Mar 21, 2012 11:53 AM

    As a Viking fan, this makes me sick. Why couldn’t they offer Landry $3.5 million without the weekly roster bonuses? This is ridiculous.


    I heard they were going to, but wanted to lockup Jerome Felton first…

    Hey, he’s a good player. I heard he was a poor man’s Naufahu Tahi.

  17. As a Skins fan I am going to miss Landry. I am going miss him blowing coverages and him blowing tackles, learn how to wrap up a player Ron using your shoulder only works if they are not looking and they are standing still waiting to get hit. I will miss you jawing with Desean Jackson and then on the first play of the game he takes it for 80 years on you. I will miss how when we were losing 43-0 and you make a big hit, you stand up and strike a pose. Man I am going to miss that Ron. The only hope this guy has is to play on a team that uses two Strong Safety sets or has a great Free Safety that’s the only way he is going to succeed. I consider this a bust pick and glad he is gone.

  18. WOW! Smart move by the Jets, hell the Skins would’ve given him that kind of contract, hell they probably would’ve made it even easier for him to remain injured throughout the season and still get that money. Good luck Jets, very smart contract, but he’s an idiot if he actually signed this and expects to be healthy throughout the season. I could see him earning only half of that contract.

  19. Good move on the Jets part, because he’s Going to get hurt. Don’t get me wrong. I liked him as a Redskin…. when he managed to stay healthy. I wish him the best, but until he sucks it up and gets surgery on his Achilles to TRY to fix the problem, he’s just going to be an over paid body builder.


  20. Really Laron?? You agreed to that? Why don’t you base the other half on not getting burned every year by Desean Jackson and Brandon Jacobs? Then you will get zero.

  21. I think that contract will be rejected by the NFL. The NFL does not allow injury contingent contracts. Once a player is on the roster for week one his contract is guaranteed for the rest of the year regardless of injury. Otherwise, players will hide their injury and possibly cripple themselves. So I think the NFL will reject this contract since it 1/2 of it is weekly roster bonuses which is an obvious sham way to avoid an injury contingent contract.

  22. Prediction: LaRon Landry is going to have a MONSTER year! His workout routine and supplement regimen is INSANE! He gets his vitamins and supplements from Trainer’s Choice in Slidell, LA and works out at the same gym that I do, this guy goes 100% HAM in the gym and on the field, and I think if healthy this year, he will be out there with a chip on his shoulder lighting people up over the middle after all the hating that people have been doing on him, watch out its going to be brutal!!!

  23. Its ok CaptainHindsight, it was probably after a 20+ yard run, so I think you won this round.

  24. La”roid” Landry will not play six games this year i promise…. I thought the redskins front office was stupid!!! I mean he failed the patriots physical miserably!!! Him and Tebow LMAO!!!

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