Jets acquire Tim Tebow from Broncos for fourth-round pick


Tim Tebow is a New York Jet.

One day after the Denver Broncos signed Peyton Manning as their new starting quarterback, Denver has traded Tebow to the Jets, as first reported by Jay Glazer of FOX Sports.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that the Jets will send the Broncos their fourth-round draft pick. Additionally, the Broncos will send a seventh-round pick to the Jets and receive a sixth-round pick from the Jets.

The trade ends a tenure in Denver with Tebow that was one of the most astonishing two-year stints that any player has ever had with any team. Tebow was a surprise first-round draft pick in the 2010 NFL draft, then surprisingly became the starter in the fifth game of the 2011 season, and then shockingly led the Broncos to a series of improbable comeback victories and became arguably the NFL’s biggest star.

And now Tebow is with the Jets, one of the many teams he beat with a great fourth-quarter comeback last season. It’s not clear whether the Jets plan to allow Tebow to compete for the starting job, or whether they expect him to be a wildcat quarterback, but the player who’s as famous as any in the league is now in the Big Apple.

Mark Sanchez, Tebowmania is in your rear-view mirror.

345 responses to “Jets acquire Tim Tebow from Broncos for fourth-round pick

  1. Nice!! a 4th rounder is a lot more than I thought the Broncos could get for him.

    Have fun in NY Tim! Thanks for the memories!

  2. All drama Aside, I actually like this move. The Jets are a Defensive 1st team, that did well with a power running game. They also saw what Tebow could do first hand.

  3. I’d like to thank Gene Smith, Shad Khan, Mark Sanchez and the drama-loving city of New York…

    Jags fans

  4. DISASTER waiting to happen. You thought Jets fans were impatient with Sanchez’ accuracy? Holy Moly! This is going to be good.

  5. This is probably the dumbest move ever. Mark Sanchez will crumble like a stale cookie under ‘Tebowmania’.

  6. Yeah, like Denver wasn’t enough pressure for the guy. Let’s throw him to the most rabid media market/fandom on the planet with a mediocre QB.

    Good luck, Tim.

  7. So will they be dumbing down the offense in the big apple to accomodate Tebows lack of skills?

  8. Jets fan all my life… i said NOTHING would ever make me quit. I was upset about some of the decisions that have happened these last few months but this does it… This is pathetic… for a 4th round pick… REALLY? I’m done. GL having the press talk about you non stop Rex/Mike T/Woody… im sure that will get you titles. Who cares about the fans if the cameras are on you right?

  9. The Jaguars had a chance to fill out their seats just by trading for this guy. Hilarious that they don’t

  10. Looks like that famous J-E-T-S chant is going to be replaced in the 2nd quarter of the 1st game.

  11. Absolute worst place for him. Elway must really want to f this guy up. Tebow will be miserable for years to come along with the rest of the locker room. Plus, they obviously haven’t the slightest clue on how to coach qb’s either. Terrible news for tebow.

  12. That was quick.

    Good place for him, maybe he can church up the Jet’s locker room and get Mr. Ryan to read the good book instead of “Coaching football for dummies”.

  13. All the Jets have to do is trade for Brady Quinn and they will have a monopoly on DB QBs

  14. Didn’t see that coming………..

    He’s going to have to learn how to swear and brandish a weapon. On the plus side, he does have pretty good feet for a QB, so that should make Rex happy.

  15. He and Cromartie have plenty in common. Their staunch opposition to abortion for example.

  16. Sanchez, Tebow, and Sporano running the show?

    Thanks Jets, you just made me feel that much better about being a Dolphins fan. Reminds us that it could always be worse.

  17. Jags whiffed again – dude was possibly the key to keeping the team there IMO regardless of his paucity of football talent.


  18. Oh my holy Tebow!!

    Tebow NYJ jerseys will be available at your nearest Sports Authority store by 5:00 PM today!

  19. Prediction:
    1) Tebow used for short yardage and redzone plays
    2) Ryan reiterates that sanchez is the starter.
    3) Sanchez has a few of his classic 4int games
    4) Cue Tebow chants
    5) Tebow starts

  20. I’ve been a Jet fan my entire life, and now I’m probably going to have to pick a new team. We already have one crappy QB, now we have two. UFB

  21. The idea that Tebow will repair the divisiveness in New York is the most counter-intuitive thinking ever. Tebow’s most virulent fans are the most divisive (and dumbest) people walking the planet.

  22. A part of me is thinking … why? A 4th round pick isn’t much, but this is a team with some holes that could use the 4th rounder to address depth.

    The other part of me is thinking, well, they finally put some pressure on Sanchez. After his bumbling comments about the contract indicating leadership, now, at the very least, there’s a guy to, well, push him, at least, in terms of fan support.

  23. I was actually hoping he would go to a team with a poor defense so people could actually see how awful he really is when you have to score more than 14 pts to win.

  24. suck for “Sanchize” he better have a phenominal season, because the first time we see him have one of those Joe Flacco-ish type games (which he usually has about 6 a season) that beast of a NY media is gonna go insane. Look at the Jeremey Lin thing.

  25. what a mess – like matt damon said in the departed: “this is going to be f**king fun”

  26. I just really hope the NYC media does not dig up a lot of stuff on this guy. He is one of those football players I really like that does not play for my SKINS. Hopefully we don’t find out something about him that we really don’t want to hear. Hopefully he can stay one the the “good guys” in sports. Poor Sanchez. HTTR!

  27. LOL just what the already-shaky Dirty Sanchez needs in his rear-view mirror, the saintly Tim Tebow. Wonder if Timmy has seen Coach Ryan’s foot-worship videos yet?

    Pass the popcorn!

  28. bigvinnyinjax says:
    Mar 21, 2012 12:53 PM
    Happiest man in America – Blaine Gabbert.
    A close 2nd… John Elway.

  29. wow! didn’t really think this would happen, but he could make an impact as a wildcat qb..

  30. The question is – how does Sanchez respond?

    2 bad outings and the wheels could come off

    Jets taking a huge risk re Sanchez’ confidence

  31. What a mess this will be in NYC, my God man.

    Sanchez will freak out when the fans call for Tebow, and you know they will.


  32. Hope tebowmaniA does to sanchez what they did to kyle orton… Get him cut off the team. Guess the jets are makin sure they get the #1 pick to draft another bum usc qb in barkley

  33. Denver Post reporting it’s a 4th AND 6th round pick from the Jets for Tebow and a 7th rounder. Good deal for the Broncos, but is it a good deal for Tebow? New York is definitely not the south…

  34. Holy Cow!

    Now Sanchez has someone to learn from in terms of how to throw the ball… Oh wait, Tebow can learn from Sanchez, er…. Oh Oh…

    This is hilarious. Just when I was having fun with Miami and their QB search..

  35. AWESOME…I thought the Broncos would get MAYBE a 6th rounder for him…..actually, thought he would just be cut.

    Thanks Jets for taking this circus out of town!!!!!

  36. I’m with the Elway conspiracy theorists on this one. What a terrible situation and environment. It has to be vindictive.

  37. Well crap on a cross…this sucks. It’s already hard enough to be a Jets fan, now we have to deal with this tool? Somebody put a stop to this madness.

  38. Might as well pack your bags now Rex cause after this circus season for the jets you’ll be heading out of town. Smart move by elway. The only way he could unload Tebow was to bring in a hall of famed that hopefully has game left.

  39. Linsanity collides with Tebowmania.

    As a Jets fan, at least other teams will have to practice the wildcat defense for 60 minutes of practice a week. Give the Jets a slight edge there. Other than that. Ugh.

  40. Denver took the 1st offer on the table and got out of town because they wanted to make sure he was gone. Tebow would help EVERY team in the NFL not only with his play but with his leadership, character and ability to get others to play around him. I don’t think he’ll get the starting nod but he will come in on the goal line and crucial 3rd down and shorts. Good for Tim Tebow.

  41. gardner47 says:Mar 21, 2012 1:02 PM

    Not a Hate on Tebow but Jets will cute him in camp he well still end up in Jax

    Why would they cut a guy they spent a 4th-round pick on? Especially if they think he’s cute?

  42. Wish he would’ve gone to Jax. But Sparano will use him wisely (Jets fan– can you imagine Schottenheimer w TT?!?) And Sanchez is just good/bad enough to warrant occasional mix-ins of Tebow. I dislike the Jets, but… good trade.

    Tebow sure doesn’t match that lockerroom though.

  43. Tebow and the New York media….

    …time to have the internet and TV disconnected until opening night. I’m sick of it already.

  44. I actually feel kind of bad for Tebow. Having had lukewarm support over the last year, I was kind of hoping he’d land somewhere somewhat drama-free. Of the four teams interested in Tebow, I think the Jets were the worst fit for him.

    After being such a d!ck for the last year, the least Elway could have done was to have tried to get Tebow somewhere Tebow wanted to be (the South).

    I thought Elway was a pr!ck at Stanford, he didn’t really do anything to change that impression when he played and he’s re-affirming it as an executive.

    BTW … not really a Tebow fan (and glad the 49ers didn’t get him) but he seems like a good guy and definitely deserved better than what he got from Broncos ownership and management.

  45. I’m sure Tim Tebow and Antonio Cromartie will get to know each other with a nice chat about abstinence . . .

  46. dragonbishara says:
    Mar 21, 2012 12:59 PM
    1) Tebow used for short yardage and redzone plays
    2) Ryan reiterates that sanchez is the starter.
    3) Sanchez has a few of his classic 4int games
    4) Cue Tebow chants
    5) Tebow starts


    You forgot something:
    6) Tebow leads Jets to win

  47. So now we have one qb that can run forward, one that can run backward and one that can’t move out of the pocket and is useless for holding on to the ball.

    This is a farce.

  48. Finally now the Fat Rexy can really say the JETS are going to win the SUPERBOWL!

    NOT!! There is no way this goes well. CANT WAIT!

  49. Get ready for 24/7 Jets coverage. The best thing for Tebow and the franchise that traded for him was to go to a team where there would be no QB controversy (GB, NE, etc.) The first time Sanchize screws up the screams for Tebow to replace him will come quickly and without end. I think the Jets must like being a dysfunctional mess.

  50. It’s only a matter of time before he replaces Sanchez and puts a guy making $13+ mil next year on the bench…

    I wish Tebow well; good kid…he didn’t ask for all of this attention…both good and bad.

  51. hopefully someone video tapes Tebow’s first team dinner with cromartie .

  52. Alright! I was afraid the Jags were going to get stuck with him. Now he can develop without all the caterwalling of the Tebowites in Jax. Good luck Tim

  53. Look at the Jets fans back peddle….after bashing him for 2 years….now all of the sudden “he could be helpful in the wildcat.”

    HILARIOUS – no, Jets fans, you won’t get off that easy….get ready for 100’s of meaningless replies to your news that have NOTHING to do with your team!


  54. Now the Jets can star Timmy with Jen Sterger in the new show…”Up For Grabs” hosted by Brett Favre

  55. well, i’ll see you later pft. you just posted the conclusion of the three biggest off-season stories with a couple days of each other. (two consecutively)
    i’ll be checking back in in about a month.

  56. It’s amazing a non-human being like Cromartie and a guy like Tebow could even co-exist on the same planet, much less the same city.

  57. Tebow will eventually work his way into the starting lineup. The pressure that Sanchez will have on him, and the pressure the management will have from the fans will be too immense.

  58. This is how going to give opposing defenses nightmares if they can get both Tebow and Sanchez on the field together. How are they going to know where the inaccurate pass is coming from?

  59. Oh my Lord, yahmule, that’s the funniest comment I’ve ever read here! Absolutely classic!

  60. I am beyond curious, what exactly will the Jets DO with Tebow? One would guess as a wildcat QB or something, but spending a 4th round pick on a very situational player….

    The other thing I wonder is how Tim Tebow, the man that probably has never even thought of a swear, will work with Rex Ryan and all of his f-bombs….

  61. Awesome, now the Jets will have two over-hyped, overpaid quarterbacks that make bad decisions and have marginal skills.

  62. There is another QB there -McElroy who missed all year after injury in the last preseason game. He is better than Sanchez who Jets should trade now. Surprised Broncos only got but a 4th for Tebow? Rather, would accept just a 4?

  63. Jets are bringing Tebow in because Sanchize needs an accountabilibuddy. You all know it’s true. Just ask Scotty McKinght.

  64. I guess I might be in the minority as a Jags fan, but I didn’t want the three-ring circus that is Tebow in Jax. Thank you Jets!!!The Jags had sold out two straight saesons, so we’ll be fine without Tebow.

  65. HBO Hard Knocks from Florham Park, NJ coming in August 2012.

    Would I love to be a fly on the wall in the jets locker room !

    In the immortal words of Bart Scott, CAN’T WAIT!

  66. Wait… wasn’t Cromartie just mouthing off against Tebow yesterday? No problem here, no sir!

  67. Elway will probably be laughing for quite awhile that he was able to get a 4th rd pick and sent Tebow to New York. This was brilliant by the Broncos front office.

  68. next up “Farve wants to return”.

    Good Luck Timmy! Hope you can win over New York!

  69. therillest if you going to jump ship then your not a fan Tim is a football player end of story doesn’t matter what team he is on you have to make your best personal decisions.

  70. Maybe he can share an apartment with Jeremy Lin… the two most overrated “phenoms” in their respective sports.

  71. Suckas!

    the only QB in the NFL worse than Sanchez…

    and best of all… all those felons in the same room with Tebow… lol

  72. In the future, someone will ask me, “hey, I thought you used to be a Jets fan…what happened?”

    Thankfully, PFT seems to archive all the way back to BC, so I can just save the shortcut.

  73. andreidan says:
    Mar 21, 2012 12:57 PM
    “Jets fan all my life… i said NOTHING would ever make me quit. I was upset about some of the decisions that have happened these last few months but this does it… This is pathetic… for a 4th round pick… REALLY? I’m done. GL having the press talk about you non stop Rex/Mike T/Woody… im sure that will get you titles. Who cares about the fans if the cameras are on you right?”

    Ok I am by no means thrilled with this trade, but a 4th round pick is going to make you stop being a fan? Seriously? They drafted Bilal Powell last year in the 4th round!! Two long playoff runs in the last three years? Do you remember the late 80’s – the mid 90’s? Do you remembr Johnny Mitchell, Blair Thomas, and Browning Nagle… Oh and Rich Kotite? Shoot do you remember “take a knee and call a timeout” by Herm? You really make yourself sound like an idiot….or a 12 year old.

  74. Now you have two out of the five worst QBs in the NFL on the same team.

    Why would anyone in the New York Area choose to be a Jets fan over the Giants?

  75. cant wait till mark sanchez loses his starting job to TEBOW TIME! Also itll be funny to see how many new jets users there will be online in madden 13 lol

  76. I really like Tebow, but I think it’s funny that now every time Sanchez eats a hot dog on the sideline, he’ll have to say Grace first…

  77. I don’t know if I can root for this team anymore. It has nothing to do with Tebow and his beliefs. It has to do with they make these type of moves simply to generate attention to try to steal backpage headlines. They have Jeremy Kerley to run the wildcat who has QB experience. A lot of guys slip in the draft and you could still find guys with 2nd/3rd round talent in the 4th (ex. Aaron Hernandez). Bottomline this move is totally unnecessary.

  78. Thank you Jets! This is awesome..I am shocked they really traded for him but apparently they want two mediocre qb’s. Oh well clears room up for my Bills!

  79. Do the Jets trade Cromartie now?
    Cromartie vs Tebow.
    Sanchez vs The locker room.
    Rex Ryan vs the world.
    Fun times in Jetland.

  80. Elway’s decisions are exceeding the destruction that McDaniels caused the Broncos franchise. Who would have thought that possible ?

  81. This was a great trade by the Jets.Tim Tebo is a winner.The jets are going to win the Super Bowl.

  82. I feel bad for Tebow, but this may be his best shot at retaining a starting position. Mark Sanchez is a couple of interceptions away from moving into the backup position. Tebowmania comes to New Jersey!

  83. As A Giant Fan I LOVE this….The Jets will be on the Back Pages and the Giants can fly under the radar AGAIN!!!! Thanks Woody!

  84. Elway screwed Tim, again. So much for what Tim wanted. Well, he did what was best for Broncos I guess… That’s business.

  85. towniesman says:
    Mar 21, 2012 12:56 PM
    as a Pats fan I’m shakin in my boots…..ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    As a Pats fan you’re already a little lite in the loafers. That may be why your boots are shaking.

    Hey remember sanchez beat you guys twice. Not bad for all the hate he gets.

  86. .

    The Jets are a business. This was a sales and marketing department decision and it was astute.


  87. Wait… hold on… let me do one more super-fist-pump and think about how great this is for another minute. Yeeeeesssssss!!!!

    What have you got for us, NY Post??

  88. Let’s recap all the Jets soap opera stuff over the last couple years….

    ….a head coach who has a foot fetish and whose wife does “modeling”…

    …a cornerback who can’t remember half his kids’ names…

    …a young QB who went to a prominent college for football, but has struggled mightily in the NFL…

    …a prima donna wide receiver who was shipped out of his previous team despite being a Super Bowl MVP, and has torn apart the locker room…

    …a team who has several unnamed players giving quotes to newspapers calling out the QB and hoping the team signs Peyton Manning…

    …and now the team trades for another controversial QB whose lifestyle clashes pretty heavily with some of his new teammates (and head coach, for that matter).

    If you threw this all into a movie, audiences would never buy into it.

  89. Can’t wait until the Jets go to the playoffs grounding and pounding win Tebow..While Peyton is rehabbing as the Donkeys talk about surrounding him with more weapons to make anyone run next season.

    Tebow is going to be a Bigger Icon in Denver than Elway when it’s all said and done.

    Including Tebow’s college career he has more heismans than Elway and Manning combined and almost as many championships as they do combined. Glad he’s out of our division. Had he had not been in it last year..the Raiders would have been AFC West Champs. The Donkies would be deciding if they wanted Luck or RG3 right now.

  90. Tebow is going to come in the game replacing Sanchez, I can see it already. 4th quarter down by 14 and wins the game.

    You know it’s going to happen LOL

  91. What a dumb move. Ryan and Tannenbaum will finally be gone after this season. I’m calling it now! There is no way this works and I feel bad for Tebow, despite his skills. I agree with another poster, Elway has always come off as arrogant/a jerk and I think it is stupid that he took the first thing that came along. I think I would have taken a 5th, 6th or even a 7th even to send him to Jax, Mia or even TB, where he wanted to play. I agree with earlier posters, after all the disrespect by that team and not even really given a chance and a decent roster to succeed, it is the least Elway could have done and he would still win–he got Manning and rid of Tebow. Just stupid IMO. And yes, now ESPN will have field days with this. I bet that is their stupid headline/s right now, something about Tebowmania joins Linsanity in big Apple, etc. Crazy. I am not going away from this site but I will be done reading about the three biggest stories and I’m definitely ready for opening weekend! Can’t Wait!

  92. Let me get this straight….the Jets decide NOT to pursue Payton Manning and give Sanchez a three year contract extension. Two weeks later, they trade a 4th round draft pick for Tim Tebow, the same guy that got booted out of Denver when Manning arrived. What is Tannenbaum smoking? A fourth round pick for Tebow?? The Jets overpaid, or should I say overprayed.

  93. The Jets becomming the Dolphins-North? No one is going to want to go there with that circus. Teblow, Mr. foot fetish, Antonio “babies daddy” Cromartie and a supporting cast of loud mouth non performers. Watch and learn from the Giants… I didnt hear Coughlin guaranteeing any champiinships.

  94. bigvinnyinjax says:Mar 21, 2012 12:53 PM

    Happiest man in America – Blaine Gabbert.

    Tom Brady begs to differ: “WHAT? I get to play Sanchez OR Tebow TWICE a year? Cool.”

  95. Khan you made weaver look like a fool by saying what you said. Now if Tim does well in new York you will be the fool.

  96. Obviously this has Tony written all over it.
    If he can be as good a version of Brad Smith then it may be worth it.

  97. The Jets are smarter than I thought.

    Oh, wait! I’m supposed to bash Tebow. I’m supposed to pretend he didn’t take a 4-12 and 1-4 team and then immediately win 7 out of 8 with them. I forgot. That’s right, it was the defense who won those games.

    The same defense that went 4-12 and 1-4.

    If Tebow went to the Patriots I can only wonder how the hoodie would have used him.

    The Jets made a smart move despite what all the little girlie sport journalist talking heads might say.

  98. Lol! The Jokes keep getting worse! Now they’ll be b!tch slapping in the locker room to go along with all the backstabbing! FAIL

  99. I may just have to ban myself from ESPN for the next couple years. The amount of Tebow coverage just went up exponentially.

  100. Where are all the Jets fans that said they would denounce their ownership of Jets tickets, jersey’s, etc, etc if this happened?

    Where did you go???

  101. This should really help out the mental weakling that is Mark Sanchez. Popcorn ready, this train wreck is going to be entertaining.

  102. Yes! I was afraid andy reid was actually gonna trade for him but thank he didnt go to philly. but idk this does kinda make sense for the jets. tebow is the best at the goal line or a 3rd and short yardage play. tony sparano is just gonna use him in those types of situations and this also is going to push sanchez and pretty much tell him hes gotta step it up

  103. benh999 says: Mar 21, 2012 12:59 PM

    Let’s see him try to stay a virgin in NYC.

    Don’t worry, the gossip rags here will be the first to let us know. Tim, get ready to be followed everywhere.

  104. Denver got more than a 4th round pick out of the Jets . . . they also got the Jets to take out their garbage.

  105. Great, now if Sanchez doesn’t throw 7 TDs in the first quarter, all the moron fans will call for Tebow.

  106. I haven’t read all of the comments, has anyone said that Tebow will part the waters of the Hudson River? Poor NJ, so close to NY, so far from God.

  107. i10east says:Mar 21, 2012 1:12 PM

    I guess I might be in the minority as a Jags fan, but I didn’t want the three-ring circus that is Tebow in Jax. Thank you Jets!!!The Jags had sold out two straight saesons, so we’ll be fine without Tebow.
    I can understand your point about the Tebow Circus (and I’m a Tebow fan), but the “Jags had sold out two straight seasons” part is disingenuous. Covering up 10,000 seats a game and pretending they don’t exist so you can call it a sellout is phony.

  108. OMG ! What a joke ! Can’t they find 1 good QB ? Namath was right NY Jerks didn’t deserve Manning! SMH I need to find a REAL footbal team to root for

  109. Wow… what a terrible decision by the Jets. This is going to divide them even more.

    A single Sanchez INT, and all you’ll here is “Tebow, Tebow, Tebow.”

    I thought the Jets wanted to win, not just sell tickets. How wrong I was.

  110. Quite simply, I don’t get it. But this will take the soap opera side of the NFL to a whole new level.

    The only way to make this better is for Rex to fly down to whatever redneck Mississippi town Brett Favre lives in.

  111. So, you pay $96M for a quarterback that maybe can play one or two more years and you don’t develop an up and coming quarterback like Tebow, who will be around for quite a while. Is Elway jealous of Tebow or what???? What’s the hype? Sure Manning may have been a great quarterback, but seriously how much longer can he play?

  112. HAHAHAHA….wow, the Jet’s franchise is run by morons. What a dumb move. Nevermind overpaying for him, but now you just undermined your “Sanchise” QB, who you just gave a contract extension, and will cause him to look over his shoulder all year. How is he supposed to build confidence this way? First Peyton rejects the Jets and now Denver’s trash is the Jet’s treasure…HAAHA….what a joke of a franchise!

    Go Pats.

  113. Maybe it works out, but this was the last place he should have been traded to.

    He should have went to a team which has a history of developing players, particularly QBs, or at least have the opportunity to learn from a successfully, HoF bound QB. Even Jacksonville would have been better.

  114. I anticipate a huge banner of him “Tebowing” will be hanging in Times Square by the end of the week

  115. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….after all the distractions in teh Jet’s locker room last year they go out and add Tebow…the biggest distraction in the NFL…talk about turmoil.

    This is F’n hilarious.

  116. Tebow is NOT a lot of things but one thing he is is a LEADER. Rex Ryan, Tim Tebow and Sanchez. Sanchez will now see what a leader is.

    This would be the top rated reality TV show.

  117. bigvinnyinjax says:Mar 21, 2012 12:53 PM Happiest man in America – Blaine Gabbert. __________________________________ Tom Brady begs to differ: “WHAT? I get to play Sanchez OR Tebow TWICE a year? Cool.”

    If Sanchez can beat Brady twice i expect Tebow can as well.

  118. this is why its so hard to be a jets fan. typical PR crap. throwing away chances to pick up new young talent for a guy thats useless for the jets scheme. oh did i mention that WAYNE FREAKING HUNTER is still on the roster? what about the lack of pass rush? slow linebackers? zero safety help? absolutely no separation on WR? do ya think maybe you should address those issues besides giving a talented but injury prone safety a one year contract, before picking up yet another qb? unbelievable. i may actaully defect. i cant support a team that is run by a bunch of monkeys

  119. This just goes to show you how classless horse face and the entire Donkey organization are…I wish them nothing but despair.

  120. I feel like I’m reading about Flacco – Tebow didn’t LEAD them to victory. Their DEFENSE did. Just because the QB exists does not mean he was the driving force behind a victory. Sportswriters never write that a QB led a team to a defeat.

  121. just when i thought the jets couldn’t get any dumber they go and do something like this…and totally change my mind about how much dumber they can get…i can’t wait to see this train wreck get even worse than it was last year

  122. So the Broncos got a 4th rd pick for a sorry QB they got in the 1st Rd. LOL. Then you got Sanchez & Tebow on the same team? Santonio Holmes you thought last year was bad. Get ready for 2 catches a game.

  123. This is a disaster for Tim.

    You know he wants no part of that turd-riddled organization.

    Waiting to see who the Broncos turned down in order to stick Tim with the Jets.

  124. They gave up fourth- and sixth-round round picks, and they’re paying $1.1 million in salary, for a specialty player that doesn’t play special teams and probably won’t be on the field more than a dozen snaps per game.

    Guess the Jets care more about selling tickets (and dividing locker rooms even more) than winning games.

  125. So now what does the Broncos have for the future in a quarterback? Manning is good for how long? Elway and the management better build for the future with another tebo because Manning may depart after 2 years. Good luck on getting the superbowl this year!

  126. What a dysfunctional organization. The laughing stock of thr NFL. I wish I could get my money back for the 2012 season.

  127. I usually support the Jets. I’m a season ticket holder. This is STUPID!!!! What are they thinking! We support our QB and now we are going to force this guy into our offense.

  128. Will all the idiots at pft that predicted tebow was going to miami “because ross wanted him” step forward.

    What? you can’t? you filled out dolphin stadium and have no room to move?

  129. this will be an interesting qb competition, maybe they can see if vinny testaverde still wants to play

  130. rex ryans mouth and foot fetish are going to severely twist Tebow to the dark side….
    if this doesnt turn him to alcohol and pills then he truly is a god

  131. bosfaninva says:
    Mar 21, 2012 1:01 PM
    LOL just what the already-shaky Dirty Sanchez needs in his rear-view mirror, the saintly Tim Tebow. Wonder if Timmy has seen Coach Ryan’s foot-worship videos yet?

    Pass the popcorn!

    Those foot videos are tame compared to the nakie photos of Mrs. Ryan’s at and Rex likes to watch other guys get some action with his wife.

    Let’s see, the starting QB dates underage girls, the backup QB is a virgin, and the coach and his wife are swingers. Sounds like the plot for an adult movie.

  132. 49erdynasty says:
    Mar 21, 2012 12:57 PM
    The Jaguars had a chance to fill out their seats just by trading for this guy. Hilarious that they don’t

    we are, ya know, more concerned with building a good team than being a media circus.

  133. Seriously, I’m starting to believe this “Mayan Calendar” thing….

    Is this a sign of a coming Armageddon…..Tebow to NYC???

    Excuse me, while I pack my Bug-out Pack…..

  134. Let’s see if they have Tebow in for a press conference. Do you have press conference’s for back up QB’s? If they do have a presser that means they care more about the circus and being on the back page.

  135. Tebow isn’t in Jacksonville this year as he won’t be a big draw for the LA market.

  136. Will Tebow burst into flame by walking in to that locker room?

    He can hang out with Sanchez and play Angel and Devil while trolling for chicks.

    This will be a blast to watch, and ESPN is loving it for the ESPN4 network to be launched next season…..all Timmy, all the Time.

  137. Ugh. Does this mean all the bandwagon Tebow fans will hop off the Denver train & jump on the Jets one now?

    How I’ll long for the days of actual die-hard Jets fans to have good-natured fun with during the season. If you’re out there, I feel for you guys. really. I do.

  138. Anyone else get the feeling that if this all works out, the Jets will find a way to unload Sanchez? And even if it doesn’t work out and they have another flat season, they STILL have a reason to get rid of Sanchez. Greg McElroy can game manage and let Tebow try to score in the red zone; and he would be much cheaper……

  139. Well, they made their bed with this joke of quarterback, now they have to live with it.

    This won’t put any additional fan pressure on Sanchez. There won’t be any Tebow chants, at the first incompletion. The Jets are such a joke of a franchise!

  140. This is going to be so awesome. I predict a coach/player/executive on the Jets is going to take a swing at a coach/player/executive on the Jets sideline. Book that.

    New Orleans will just keep partying to deal with Payton’s suspension but New York cannot roll with the adversity that’s still to come.

  141. Hahaha!! It’s ok, they will get the first pick in next years draft. Then they can draft Matt Barkley to replace them both. What a mess. Chaos!!

  142. Come on guys, Sanchez is a leader that like to apologize.

    Hope he buys a watch with that money.. cus Tebow Time in NY will be coming soon.

  143. Now we finally see just how worthless Teblow is, a mere fourth round draft pick. Just goes to show that some fools made way too much out of this sorry excuse of an NFL quarterback. Maybe Teblow should take a hint and try finding a real job because he’ll be in the NFL – Not For Long! He’s just another Lin-Ept player in the Big Rotten Apple.

  144. Soon rex will guarantee a sb and once again look like a baffling idiot. Tebow will take the job from sanchez which is not a hard job and pretty boy mark can go back home to cali dude. What a joke of a team.

  145. And the Broncos went from having 2 QBs on the roster who have suspect throwing atm to having one, and now the Jets have 2 suspect QBs who can’t throw.

  146. jgagliano1199 says: Hahaha! Enjoy, NYC. I love the fact that TeBLOW is out of the way now…..we could focus on Super Bowls. Go Broncos!

    Seriously I think this will go down as one of the dumbest things the Broncos have ever done. They broke the bank on an almost 36 year old seriously injured QB and bankrupted their future. If the Jets really DEVELOP and use Tim Tebow, they should do well this year and future years because he is a WINNER.

  147. Maybe the Jets know what they are doing. I, as a Bills fan and Season Ticket Holder, am contimplating cancelling my Tickets now that the Tebow circus is guarunteed to enter the Ralph at least 1 time this year, and every year after. So maybe they are trying to alienate every other fanbase from attending games so they get the “Competetive Edge”… Umm, excuse me, Mr. Goodell. I think the Jets need a fine or something, they’re cheating! At least they have now conviently put everything I hate together in one city. Rex Ryan, Tim Tebow, Mark Sanchez, Santonio Holmes, Revis, Schottenheimer, and the color green.

  148. Well with LT out and SHONN green not setting the place on fire they needed a good runningback so its a solid move. Probably the best RB available. Lol what a circus. Doot doot do DA do da doot doot do DA dooda doot DA DA dooda I think the next signing will be a bear on a unicycle thank god the niners aren’t that dumb

  149. Excellent fit. Now instead of rooting against Tebow and the Jets sepreratlly I can do it all at once. I will really seem like a less hatefull and more likeable person because of this.

  150. Jeremy Lin and now Tim Tebow! The two biggest stars in all of sports both in New York! Who scripts this stuff?!

  151. I usually hate players that do this but Tebow should hold out and force his release or a trade. I cant believe Tim wants to go to NY. But then again he could beat out Sanchez. I will always be a
    Broncos fan first but I will be watching a lot of jets games this fall. Go Tebow !

  152. Holy cow! Busy day in the football world!!

    Wonder how Mark Sanchez feels about his leadership position now?

    Can the Steelers have Greg McElroy?

  153. Tebow will handle it no matter where he goes. I can’t believe now I have to like the jets. Oh and Elway I hope the broncos suck.

  154. The Jags had sold out two straight saesons, so we’ll be fine without Tebow.


    Really? Are you REALLY a jags fan? You do realize they have 2 years of sellouts by making their stadium’s official capacity 40,000 by tarping boatloads of seats. Wait, no, obviously you don’t. Hope you’re ready to rename yourself i10west as you follow the L.A. Jags.

  155. As a Bills fan I couldn’t be happier. I’m loving how the AFC East is shaping up for this year…. Tebow to the Jets, Garrard to Miami. Looking more and more like the Pats’ and Bills’ division to win. CAN’T WAIT FOR SEPTEMBER

  156. Bad for NY and Sanchez……..Not a good fit for Tebow and the press/fans that scream to have him start next season will turn on him in a heartbeat……..

  157. Dear Jags fans,

    That sucking sound you hear is your franchise packing up and leaving.

    Khan isn’t being stupid here, but rather he is planning his exit.

  158. Now he goes to the biggest media center. Were going to hear his name nonstop.

  159. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Can you imagine watching Fireman Ed Tebowing every cut-away on ESPN? The Jets will be on every Monday Night Football game and that down-syndrome, embarrassment to all firemen will have even more calluses on his knees from all his Tebowing.

  160. sullijo1 says:
    Where are all the Jets fans that said they would denounce their ownership of Jets tickets, jersey’s, etc, etc if this happened?

    Where did you go???

    This Jets fan is still here. Heck, I stuck with Gang Green when they brought in Brett Favre, despite HATING that decision. I am anxious to see how this plays out.
    Oh, and as a bonus, more Jets bandwagon fans just jumped off!!! Maybe they can root for the Broncos, since they are influenced by quarterbacks!

  161. What glorious dysfunction! Rex Ryan, Sanchez, the NYC media, desparate Jets fans + Tebow = 200% entertainment value. If Sanchez gets hurt or benched, I can’t wait to see Santonio Holmes throw a petulant fit at Tebow’s direction when he throws a ten-yard pass six yards into the dirt.

  162. Biggest joke of a professional sports franchise in the world. Tim Tebow shouldn’t be listed as a QB. Sanchez is terrible. The Jets haven’t been relevant since Broadway Joe.

  163. I hate this, but even Tebow can’t get me to pull for the jets. Of coarse he will beat out what they have at QB right now.

  164. Tebow’s rankings for 2011 (14 games):

    attempts – 33rd
    completions – 35th
    completion % – 60th
    yards – 31st
    td’s – 28th
    passer rating – 40th

    Worst season ever by an NFL QB?

  165. Tebow is the worst? Really. He took an average Bronco team and went to the playoffs! Just think if he has some talent under him. People don’t like his passing, but the guy can run and get yards. It wears defenses DOWN. That’s how you stay close. Beating Pittsburg last year! WOW. Manning? Yeah right. …He won’t be running. His dimension is one. !

  166. thankheavenfornumberseven says: Mar 21, 2012 1:58 PM

    “milehighguy1323 says:Mar 21, 2012 1:34 PM

    Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is ecstatic now that he can have two Tim Tebow days a year!!

    I think he’ll only play in Miami once a year.”


    Not if both teams make the playoffs and the Dolphins are the higher seed LMFAO!

  167. sbjnyc says: Mar 21, 2012 3:09 PM

    “As a Jets season ticket holder, all I can ask is – anyone want my tickets?”


    As a Bills fan, I’ll gladly take the seats for the game that we come to play you guys in NJ, thanks (lol).

  168. With Jesus going to New York I would thank god every day for one thing…..The New York Giants!

    As a fan of good humor I will pray for something else……… That HBO gets the Jets for Hardknocks.

  169. prince5000 says:
    Mar 21, 2012 1:00 PM
    what a mess – like matt damon said in the departed: “this is going to be f**king fun”


    He also said…”Just kill me..just f**king kill me”

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