Jets say Sanchez is the starter, Tebow is the backup


Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum made clear on Wednesday night that he traded for Tim Tebow to be a backup, not to supplant Mark Sanchez as the starter.

“Mark Sanchez is, has been and will be our starting quarterback,” Tannenbaum said. “We’re adding Tim to be our backup and be used in other packages.”

Those other packages primarily refer to the Wildcat formation that Jets head coach Rex Ryan and offensive coordinator Tony Sparano both like to employ, and Tannenbaum noted that both Ryan and Sparano learned first hand last year that Tebow can beat a team with his legs.

“I’m looking at two head coaches who lost to Tim last year,” Tannenbaum said of Ryan and Sparano.

Tannenbaum suggested that Tebow will have a more active role on the field than most backup quarterbacks, but he will be a backup.

“Every quarterback in the NFL has a backup, we just changed who ours is and we feel good about it,” Tannenbaum said. “How many plays Tim plays in one game, Rex and Tony will decide that. But we have a vision for the player, we have a role for the player.”

Tannenbaum said he has always been impressed with Tebow’s talent and that the Jets organization liked him out of college and decided to make a play for him when Peyton Manning’s arrival in Denver made Tebow available.

“He’s a great competitor,” Tannenbaum said. “He’s going to come in next year and help us win.”

113 responses to “Jets say Sanchez is the starter, Tebow is the backup

  1. This is the kind of roll that works for Tebow, hopefully the Jets fans realize this & don’t call for him too start. Jets need some offensive help, a very simple offense has turned into a more dynamic one.

  2. Just when Ryan was whining about the dissention in the lockerroom, this happens??? Looks like the Raiders are no longer the most dysfunctional team in the NFL… Thanks Jets!!!

  3. That’s right. You’re looking at two coaches who lost to a totally incompetent quarterback. They’re all yours. Enjoy.

  4. Sweet…if crappy option A doesn’t work out, they can go to crappy option B…or use crappy A and B at same time.

    Time for Firemen Ed to upgrade the jersey…it’s TEBOW time in NY!!!!!!!!

  5. Yeah, Sanchez is the starter until he throws 3 picks. Right now Sanchez is throwing up in his mouth knowing one mistake and it’s bench city.

  6. Why not let Tebow start, Sanchez sucks anyway, heck the whole Jets organization sucks for getting themselves in this mess anyway. P.s. I think Tebow is a great person, but he sucks as a QB, I’m just being objective.

  7. In unrelated team news: the Jets informed their fans that the front office folks will be wearing clown shoes to honor the 2012 season.

  8. Anyone else wondering how Drew Stanton is feeling about signing with the Jets? $1.25M seems high for third string

  9. Tony Sparano, Miami’s old coach should be able to run some good WILDCAT packages with Tebow. Not a bad pick-up considering its a 4th rounder, and he can be utilized in custom down and distance circumstances. He throws a kink in the Defensive Planning, especially in the redzone. More up side than downside considering it was a 4th round pick. Plus they get more revenue in NY, especially with everyone in NY throwing advert-money to the SB Champions Giants. It was necessary move by JETS.

  10. Tebow has a better career passer rating than Sanchez. Playing for a much poorer team. Same winning percentage. Plus he averages more rushing yards per start than any of the Jets running backs.

    Don’t think the status quo will hold up for long.

  11. It’s a good place for Tim to be. He does well with the Wildcat. Hopefully they will be working with him on development. This is his third coaching staff in three years. I hope this one really wants to work with him.

  12. I bet Drew Stanton wishes he had waited another week to sign with a team, since he just got bumped down to third string behind two guys who can’t throw an accurate, forward pass.

  13. What a circus/disaster this is gonna be! All this so he can come in and run the wildcat for a yard or two!?

  14. Sanchez will melt under the pressure.

    Despite Timmy’s throwing mechanics and accuracy problems, he still has a higher QB rating than Sanchez.

  15. They bring this circus to town just to put pressure on Sanchez? To run a few gadget plays a game? If you have too many quarterbacks, you have no quarterbacks.

  16. At least know when Revis and Cro don’t tackle him they can say, “well we didn’t tackle him because of the…um…red no-contact jersey…yeah that’s it the red jersey.” Elite CB my a$$, not if the refs start call PI like they should.

  17. As a die hard fin fan, it’s hard to say this, but good for Tim, Sporano will give this guy a few plays and we will still win, but Tebow will be stable, he still could get traded again though, Jacksonville is hungry for the sales and tebowmania…….fl. But Owell. Good for you Tim.

  18. This is hit or miss for the Jets. The organization lately has been a circus but if… i’m sorry, when Mark Sanchez starts sucking the fans are gonna pull the plug on Sanchez and Rex Ryan won’t look like the bad guy as much.
    He is NOT a long term answer though, I don’t see him repeating what he did in Denver with some of the dudes in the Jets locker room.

  19. I can see it now… Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez, smiling, wearing black pants, white shirts and ties, riding around the neighborhood on bicycles, knocking on doors and spreading the good word. Meanwhile, Rex is at practice wondering where the heck they are…

  20. I feel for Drew Stanton who just signed with the Jets as their backup. He undoubtedly has more NFL talent than Tim Tebow and likely has more than Mark Sanchez. Regardless, he now looks like the odd man out in NY.

  21. honestly…dumbest move ever. how can the Jets FO not forsee the possibility (very real possibility) of the circus show and media mayhem that ensues when sanchez starts SUCKING like he usually does. Sanchez throws a pick in the 4th qtr? how long til they start clamoring for tebow (justifiable or not)? Who actually wants that drama?? drama drama drama…

  22. …or how about Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez back-to-back wearing green suits, green hats, green ties and green sunglasses looking at the camera and saying “We’re on a mission from God”. Play the blues brothers theme, and call them the Green Brothers. LOL!

  23. As a Denver fan and Tebow fan, all i can say is Tebow IS a winner, hard worker,and he gives 100% every game. I wish him well.

  24. I like how Tebow has handled himself through all of this, it has to have been a challenge. He could have gone T.O., or McNabb and talked to anyone with a microphone that would have listened but he didn’t, he stayed above that. No matter what you think of the talent level, you have to admire the professionalism and class with which the young man carries himself.

  25. Kyle Orton was the starter too. Once Tebow came in Orton was quickly gone the next year. Don’t be buying any real estate Sanchez.

  26. Tom Brady could outplay every quarterback in his division throwing left handed while tripping on acid.

  27. You don’t pay $2.5MM and draft picks for a back-up. The jets front office has proven to be lying through their teeth. So just to make sure we got this straight, you weren’t interested in Manning but your willing to dole out cash and draft picks for tebow… And he’s just a back-up.

    Mark, do yourself a favor and get out of town. You can deal with almost any kind of person, except liars. It sounds harsh, but it’s true.

  28. Praying for upcoming schedule release to show the Jets to travel to Seahawks around week 4 or 5 so I can watch the Tebow start. Their first two games at home would help set the table.

  29. Tebow threw 20 Td passes and had 9 Int in his first 15 starts. Sanchez threw 12 Td passes and had 20 Int in his first 15 starts. Plus Tim added close to 1,000 rushing yards during those starts.

    It won’t even be a contest.

  30. Ask yourself this, does Sanchez have the heart to play with Tim breathing down his neck… We know how this ends.

  31. This season will be too funny. Watching the Saints implode because of all the likely suspensions coming up, watching the Jets implode because of their toxic locker room. I can only hope for Suh to start stomping more people to make it complete.

  32. I’m a Jets fan (giants fan too). Very glad they made this trade. At the very least, Tim adds some respectability to that locker room. It’s no secret the Jets had limited success, in spite of Sanchez. They dumbed downed the offense for Mark. Now Tim will get control of this team by mid season and with Sporano, change to a real ground and pound. I hope they do well.

  33. With this latest move to trade for Tebow, wonder how long it will take Rex Ryan to declare the Jets the odds on fav to win the SB…
    I think the AFC East is in a tight horse race…
    To see which team has had the strangest off season… I think the NY Pets have pulled ahead of the Fish.

  34. So they’ll get their backup hurt FIRST. Sweet. Nice plan, their…what could possibly go wrong.

  35. randygnyc says:
    Mar 21, 2012 11:39 PM

    “It’s no secret the Jets had limited success, in spite of Sanchez. They dumbed downed the offense for Mark.”

    Then what would you call what the Broncos did for Tebow last year?

  36. This trade does nothing but reinforce the fact that Sanchez is the leader of this team. Just like his contract extension.

  37. Drew Stanton just got bumped back down to 3rd string … he deserves better than the Jets.

  38. “jets-say-sanchez-is-the-starter-tebow-is-the-backup”, I think we’ve all heard that line before

  39. If Sanchez gets injured, the Jets circus will be a lot more hilarious then it already is lol

  40. If my goal is to make Mark Sanchez a successful quarterback, nothing seems more foolproof than making him compete against NFL defences, Tim Tebow and Jesus at the same time.

  41. That is it, I am tired of getting razed by Giant fans. First a rag armed QB, then an over the hill QB, a QB that started for one year a SC and didn’t show anything. A wide receiver that just got out of jail and now a Fullback disguised as a QB. What the hell is going on here. I give up, I will move to the dark side. Giants here I come.

  42. @Outlawshark;
    I agree, the broncos also ran a simple offense. They didn’t do it but claim they hadn’t, like the jets. Given the choice between Tebow and Sanchez, I’ll take Tebow, EVERYDAY, twice on Sunday’s and the occasional Monday nights.

  43. ” “I’m looking at two head coaches who lost to Tim last year,” Tannenbaum said of Ryan and Sparano.”

    Translation: Our division rival’s coach beat Tim twice last year so maybe it’s not that Tim’s good as much as these guys suck.


    ” “He’s a great competitor,” Tannenbaum said. “He’s going to come in next year and help us win.” ”

    Translation: If all else fails, perhaps a virgin sacrifice will help us win.

  44. The Jets organization is nothing but a “ship of fools” first they extend Sanchez two years, when he had no leverage, then they bring Tebow in for what reason I can’t figure out, and the first time Sanchez has another two or three interception day all hell is going to break loose. The Jets just look for headaches, and they are going to have another big one, coming soon.

  45. You know that Jesus moving to New York will bring GOD into the equation very quickly. If I lived in New York there would be one thing I would thank GOD for every day.

    The New York Giants!

  46. Wow it’s crazy how many people can predict exactly what will happen with the Jets. I can’t believe your not all GM’s or Coaches in the NFL. How about we wait and see how it works out. These guys do all work in the same building and do talk to each other. I’m sure Sanchez was aware the Jets were going for Tebow. Everyone knows everything. It’s not an expected move of course, but who knows what they’ll use Tebow for. He’s an awesome athlete and a positive locker room presence. If Sanchez doesn’t work out then at least we have Tebow who always finds a way to become one of the best. Let the pro’s do their job and support your team. They do this for a living. I love Joe Namath but he’s always been crazy. We’ll see what happens.

  47. Boy, Elway really stuck it to Tim sending him to this collection of clowns. Nasty.

  48. ““I’m looking at two head coaches who lost to Tim last year,” Tannenbaum said of Ryan and Sparano.”

    Belichick wasn’t in the room.

  49. So Sanchez has won 30 games and taken his team to two NFC Championships but Tebow’s a “winner”?

    What’s up with that?

  50. You can always tell who actually watches the Jets week-in and week-out versus who just listens to media idiots. The Jets in 2012 had a marginal defense, barely any running game, diva WR’s who were more concerned about theirbown paycheck then actually making plays on the field (look at that disastrous Philly game for a prime example), and a banged up offensive line who couldn’t protect anybody–yet Sanchez gets all the heat?? GMAB. I’ll never understand why Mark gets crapped on so much. He’s done more in big spots in his short career than Rivers, Romo, and Ryan combined. When the heat’s on them in December and January, they fail to show up EVERY TIME

  51. As a Patriots fan I’m soooo happy the Yester’s circus will be making an appearance in town this year…they’re giving The Ringling Bros a run for their money.

  52. “We got him as a backup quarterback. Sanchez is still our starter.” And you told Stanton he was No. 2 when you signed him last week. Now you’ll probably release him. So, Mr. Sanchez, don’t get too comfy.

  53. Tebow was so bad with completions while playing for Denver…….. but now that he is a New York Jet, maybe he can teach Mark Sanchez to throw better interceptions!!

  54. babyhorsemorgan says: Mar 21, 2012 11:35 PM

    Tebow threw 20 Td passes and had 9 Int in his first 15 starts. Sanchez threw 12 Td passes and had 20 Int in his first 15 starts. Plus Tim added close to 1,000 rushing yards during those starts.

    It won’t even be a contest.


    I love how people say this, but forget to mention Tebow’s 14 fumbles… and how he lost 4 of his last 5 games in 2011.

    Tebow sucks. Sanchez suck. Jets suck.

  55. The Jets will have to use Tebow as a running back in regular formations. The only way the wildcat works is when it isn’t expected.

    That’s why it worked for Ronnie Brown but it never worked for the jets with Brad Smith.

    If they bring Tebow on the field as the QB teams will just go into a pre-determined Tebow defense.

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