Jets’ trade for Tebow hits a snag, could be voided, Rams may get him

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Tim Tebow may not become a New York Jet after all.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Broncos and the Jets have encountered a hangup in the language in Tebow’s contract that could nullify the trade. Schefter cites a Broncos source as saying the hangup could keep the trade from happening.

The contractual issue apparently arises from a clause in Tebow’s contract that could require the Jets to pay up to $5 million to the Broncos. The Jets may refuse to do that.

If this turns out to be a serious enough problem that the Tebow-to-Jets deal cannot be completed, then Tebow would go back on the market and the Broncos would try to find a new trading partner.

According to Schefter, the Rams may be that new trading partner, and Tebow could be shipped to St. Louis if the deal with the Jets falls apart. It’s not clear whether Tebow would prefer the Rams or Jets, or if he’ll have any say in the matter at all.

At the moment, the deal is Tebow and the Broncos’ seventh-round pick for the Jets’ fourth- and sixth-round picks. We don’t yet know what the Rams would be willing to give up for Tebow.

152 responses to “Jets’ trade for Tebow hits a snag, could be voided, Rams may get him

  1. Thank god (insert Tebow joke).

    Jets are a 3-ring circus. When they take the field on game day, they should file out of a tiny car. (Queue clown music)

  2. You can just imagine how mad Elway is right now.

    Despite saying yesterday how he would try and do what’s best for Tebow he goes and ships him off too the Jets. He couldn’t resist one last chance to screw Tebow over.

  3. Ummm, OK… So why would another team want to pay the $5MM? It’s not like that provision goes away. I have a feeling this will be resolved with the Jets one way or another.

  4. HaHaHa!!!

    This is more fun than reading about Pay-tons of millions Manning stories!!!!!!!

    Hear that the Giants are also interested in Tebow

  5. If the trade is voided, the Jets would have been saved from themselves. The Jets are their own worst enemy. They don’t have to want to be beaten down by the Pats. The Jets seem to purposely sabotage themselves.

  6. Any team that can convince Tebow to play in a package of plays, as 3rd TE, slot WR and Option QB would at the very least cause a few headaches for a D Coord prepping.

    Both QB’s from 2008 BCS title game would be on same team.

    Tebow had a filthy jump pass TD to seal it.

    Tebow also wasnt such a televangelist back then.

  7. The Jets would have to pay $5M? Denver should pay them $5M, they are the ones trying to trade him! I don’t think the Rams will pay that either. What’s that per pass completion? They will end up releasing him.

  8. By the way, your oft-shoddy journalism aside, PFT selects some great accompanying photos in record time.

  9. “The contractual issue apparently arises from a clause in Tebow’s contract that could require the Jets to pay up to $5 million to the Broncos”

    Why would language like this be in a PLAYER’S contract? No compensation goes to the player so why would it be in the contract? Strange.

  10. He’s not even in NYC yet and it is already a circus.

    Makes this Dolphins fan a little happy in an otherwise depressing off-season.

  11. St. Louis may not be a good fit given their Defensive Coordinator just got indefinetly suspended. Tebow needs to go to a team with a strong defense which keeps them in the game until Tebow can string together a series of good passes/runs to win it in the 4th Q.

    Without a quality Defense like Denver….Who is going to win the games for them?

  12. @revanslightsaber

    How are you so sure he didn’t want to go to NYJ? People act as if him going to the Jets is a terrible thing for him. It may be a terrible thing for the organization as a whole but Tebow is lucky he’s even being considered for any position – for any organization….

    People act as if Elway owes something to Tebow and some are even wishing Peyton goes down. What the hell are you people thinking about? Tebow is no God. He is owned no more than any other 2nd yr. player! He’s no proven SB champion that is owed better treatment! He’s lucky. It’s a business, get over it.

  13. This is actually a good thing. Tebow would so not be happy with that team. He has good character, the Jets don’t.

    That is a relationship made in hell.

  14. Seriously, why would the Rams go after him? Like they need another damn circus in town to go with the “Is Stan moving the team to LA?” one?

  15. Tebow is gonna convert to Islam after this is all said and done. If all the good deeds and praying only get him to the Jets, then Christ really can’t exist.

  16. Just cause you got the monkey off your back doesn’t mean the circus has left town.
    George Carlin

  17. Tebow can’t even complete a trade. Dirty Sanchez or Tebow? The Three Stooges have made my day.

  18. Bad news for Cromartie. Now who will he choose as the Godfather for his (insert number here) kids??

  19. Tebow to Packers would have been great. No way the Packers would have un-retired a number for Tebow….like happened in Denver for his replacement.

    Plus, Jesus lives there. So they say.

  20. ko5k says:
    Mar 21, 2012 3:29 PM
    You can just imagine how mad Elway is right now.

    Despite saying yesterday how he would try and do what’s best for Tebow he goes and ships him off too the Jets. He couldn’t resist one last chance to screw Tebow over.

    Yes, I’m sure that was his motivation. Not the fact that maybe the Jets offered the most for him.

  21. “dublindemonszfl says: Mar 21, 2012 3:36 PM
    I heard Tebow hates feet! Has no time for coaches who love feet!”

    Not so. Even Jesus washed his disciple’s feet. That’s why Rexy wanted Tebow, the daily foot baths.

  22. Belicheat must be falling over laughing at his “competition” in the division continuing to self-destruct.

  23. Rams, Jets …. Jaquars … doesn’t matter Tebow was built perfectly for the Bronco’s, had the best success he could for his limited passing skills and accomplished some great things ..

    regardless of Rivers fumbling snap/Marion Barber fumble and various other helps … that was a team that changed for him and won, a playbook/scheme for him, no other team will attempt to bend so uniquely to fit his skillset, therefore he will never be a big deal again.

    As a Raider fan, I can say Tebow was a Bronco fit …. Manning gets hurt in week 2 and forced to retire … just imagine the Tebow billboards coming back out.

  24. Maybe the Saints can get into the mix on a trade for Tebow. They could really use some good PR right about now.

    Saints get Tebow and swap 2nd rounders this year and next with the Broncos…. LOL.

  25. mvp43 says:
    Mar 21, 2012 3:29 PM
    Oh sweet jesus………

    I believe that would be, “Oh, sweet Jesus…”

    And, “Holy Crap!”

  26. As a Rams fan, haven’t I suffered enough without Tebow and his irrational fans?! I don’t want him (and more importantly them) anywhere near the Rams.

  27. Why would the Rams do that to Bradford? Isn’t a crappy o-line, nothing at wr and three offenses/OC’s/qb coaches in three years enough drama? Why add the most divisive player in the league?

  28. If John Elway stirs this up to get more for Tebow it will be coup for bronco fans everywhere. After the McDaniels error, we deserve to have our team be run by some one who is competent.

  29. When tebow heard that he was going 2b a jet, he got down a prayed like he’s never prayed b4..
    And the Almighty heard him.

  30. So, it wasn’t voided when Tebow said he didn’t like the expression “god damned snack”. That would have been a marriage made in hell. I want it to happen and see the Jets preseason on HBO again.

  31. What are these teams thinking? Tebow is of no use as an NFL quarterback except running the wildcat. Unfortunately, the wildcat is a played out gimmick that will never work over the long haul, a fact which should be obvious to even the casual observer. In the Jets case, I suppose they’re thinking Tebow can’t throw much worse than Sanchez but hey at least he can run. But in the Rams case, they are just going to wind up harming Sam Bradford’s development and disrupting the flow of their offense every time they send Tebow onto the field.

  32. Just do the right damn thing and RELEASE HIM. You already screwed him over by drafting him in the first place, let him decide who his next team is going to be and let them make their own contracts.

  33. just another case of elway sticking it to him by shipping him to teams where he will have no chance to start, so he can’t make him look bad when pay-a-ton flops! if he sucks so bad just release him and let him find a team that will give him a fair shot at starting.

  34. So basically, what this boils down to is that the Jets can’t even screw up their franchise without screwing that up?

  35. If Tebow is looking for an NFL ministry. The NY Jets is definitely his Huckleberry. He can score a ton of Heavenly points with that team. Starting with Saint Santonio and ending with Oedipus Rex.

  36. If this trade falls through, I want a press conference where Tebow puts back on his Broncos uni.

  37. There should be a rule in such instances that the player becomes a free agent but neither the trading team (Broncos) nor voiding team (Jets) can sign him. They get punished for jerking him around and he gets 30 teams to negotiate a contract.

  38. “We are 100% committed to Sam Bradford.”

    “Sam Bradford is our quarterback.”

    “I came to St. Louis because Sam Bradford was the quarterback.”

    Adam Schefter reports the Rams are interested in trading for Tim Tebow.

  39. I always thought the jets needed a chaplain. cromartie’s illegitimate children
    rex’s fetish problems
    sanchez’s underage girlfriends.
    they would be blessed to have him

  40. The monkeys are running the zoo. Tannenbaum should be fired. They should be fined by the league an additional $5Mil for incompetence on priciple alone.

  41. This sounds weird. Why couldn’t the dolphins just wave the fee. And why would a player have a clause that if the player is traded the team that traded him gets 5 mm$. That makes no sense.

    This must be Jesus,

  42. If the Jets want a real QB. Just give Denver the $5 million. Package Tebow and Sanchez to New Orleans for the disgruntled Drew Brees. Pay Brees the kitchen sink. And let the “Saints Come Marching Home” to Broadway!

  43. Elway is the epitome of a car salesman; slapping you on the back while wearing an abnormally wide grin, inserting the knife in your back while slipping his hand in your front pocket, at all the same time.
    I am a Peyton fan, but it is beyond me what he sees in this guy.

  44. are all you Jet haters on Obama extended unemployment? Or do your jobs at Subway allow you to be on here all day? I’m retired from my own business with a mil in the bank-thats my excuse. What’s yours?

  45. Honestly, it sounds to me as though Tim Tebow’s own agent wasn’t too confident in his own client’s prospects with the Broncos, if he felt the need to write this odd poison pill into the contract. I am surprised that no one else has pointed out that this clause is clearly intended to make trading Tebow very difficult. It’s designed to improve a questionable player’s job security.

  46. Tebow’s rankings for 2011 (14 games):

    attempts – 33rd
    completions – 35th
    completion % – 60th
    yards – 31st
    td’s – 28th
    passer rating – 40th

    Worst season ever by an NFL QB? And he’s still the darling of the media.

  47. 03.21.12 at 5:36 pm
    Tebow And The Jets
    (apologies/thanks to E. John)

    Hey look, I swear I ain’t lyin
    There’s someone on the way to save Rex Ryan
    He’ll try to stay awhile to purify the bile
    And make the mean men smile
    in the locker room

    LaDainian hasn’t seen him yet
    And Sanchez is so spaced out, T-T-T Tebow and the Jets
    Oh they curse and fight and not too bright
    But will they see the light
    T-T-T Tebow and the Jets

    It’s Hell on earth for What it’s Worth
    Not gaiety nor mirth
    T-T-T Tebow and the Jets

  48. grndizzle says:
    Mar 21, 2012 3:33 PM
    As a Jets fan, I’m Tebowing right now praying this trade is voided.


    As a Rams fan, I’m double-Tebowing right back at ya! DO NOT BRING HIM TO ST LOUIS!!

  49. I hope he gets another chance, even if he eventually fails, better than being treated like this.
    You can bet your last dollar that Denver knew about that clause, and so did the NYJ legal team. Nothing but manufactured drama here. PFT just trying to keep the hit count up. Doing a good job of it too!

  50. Ok I officially have no confidence in Tebow as anything but a TE, but I would actually feel sorry for the kid if the jets thing goes through.. Might as well send him to hell, and with all indications, he would take exception to that….

  51. cuda1234 says:
    Mar 21, 2012 5:32 PM
    Tebow’s rankings for 2011 (14 games):

    attempts – 33rd
    completions – 35th
    completion % – 60th
    yards – 31st
    td’s – 28th
    passer rating – 40th

    Worst season ever by an NFL QB? And he’s still the darling of the media.


    You are just as delirious and unreasonable as the Tebow lovers. Worst season ever by an NFL QB? Really? Do you not remember Brian Brohm, Ryan Leaf, JaMarcus Russell, Tim Couch, and, yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and call it, Alex Smith. Point is, there are a slew of NFL QBs that have tanked and were far greater disappointments than Tebow, and there will be plenty more, too. Just go ahead and take a seat next to Merril Hoge with your blind ignorance and disturbing contempt for the guy. We get it, he is a horrible passer, and anyone who knows the game can see that glaring fact. He still had more success and great moments than the ones listed above did though, and he will be remembered far longer also.

  52. cuda1234 says:
    Mar 21, 2012 5:32 PM
    Tebow’s rankings for 2011 (14 games):

    attempts – 33rd
    completions – 35th
    completion % – 60th
    yards – 31st
    td’s – 28th
    passer rating – 40th

    Worst season ever by an NFL QB? And he’s still the darling of the media.

    I”m sure it’s just an accidental oversight that you left out the most important facts:

    1) Winning percentage as a starte?
    2) He was 1 of how many QB’s that reached the 2nd round of the playoffs?
    3) How many of the QB’s rated above him in your stats would trade them for the playoff?

  53. Anybody notice what a phony issue this $5 million is? Supposedly, the Broncos and Jets reached an agreement. If both sides actually agreed, then the deal is done. So what if there is a clause in Tebow’s contract. If the Broncos didn’t reveal it, then they perpetrated a fraud. If they want to go with the agreement reached, they waive the $5 million. So, it comes down to either they reached an agreement or they didn’t. The fact is that Tebow has no interest in whether the Jets pay the Broncos the money. If Tebow wants to complain and has a say, then take out a draft pick and do a separate agreement. That way the Jets pay the $5 million and Tebow’s contract is fully honored. The second contract call for the Broncos to pay $5 million for the draft pick. End of discussion.

    Whether acquiring Tebow is good or not, that is a different question.

  54. I hope tebow doesn’t go to the betas, I can see it now, this will become a soap opera between two QBs FROM THE SAME draft class trying to oust each other.

  55. Let me get this straight. Guy wins Heisman, takes team to playoffs and he’s considered no good? Says a lot for the system doesn’t it. All the supertards here say you can’t teach someone who’s played football all his life and made it to the NFL how to throw a football? No wonder the country’s in the mess it’s in….you’re all stupid. The truth for 80% of the Tebow haters is that they don’t believe in God and can’t hack Tebow’s honesty…all you tough guys who’ve probably never been on a football field…maybe as a peewee.

  56. @tiger Really? Next you’ll say that the players are in charge of the NFL. Timbow and all other 1st & 2nd year players definitely feel fortunate to have at least one team’s offer in hand. The Broncos could tell all of the potential suitors “no deal”. They own his contract. That is, until the team that wants him the most pays the Broncos’ price.

    I was looking forward to watching Timbow bring New York to its knees. The image of Rexy, the sexy fat ass, trying to stand up from his knees is still hilarious. Hopefully, Tim will not allow NYC’s glam, glitter and big $$ lure him into a lifestyle that could test his moral standards.

    Everybody knows that Tim is truly an exceptional athlete but he has to play QB a lot better than he did at Denver. If he doesn’t, the massive NY media will make his life miserable and career a lot shorter.

    Timbow must ask “Dirty” how the pressure feels. And then look the hardest at Jax because it’s home. Unless Gabbert improves a lot, the Jags need you on the field for your skills. But they need you more to fill the stadium and, possibly, keep the franchise in Jacksonville. You will feel better and be more appreciated in the long run. Tell Elway that you wanna go home and will work with him to make it happen. My Steeler roots show no bias.

    Here’s hoping that one of the 7 deadly sins, greed, does not affect your decision.

    Good luck, Tim. Do the right thing!

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