Logan Mankins’ status for camp unclear


With the revelation earlier this week that Patriots guard Logan Mankins had surgery to repair a torn ACL, people in New England started wondering whether he would be ready for the start of next season.

Shaking the Magic 8-Ball brings “Reply hazy, ask later” to the window. The Boston Globe and Boston Herald each have reports about Mankins’ post-surgery outlook on Wednesday and they don’t find much common ground.

The Globe reports that Mankins is facing a six-month recovery after surgery that would make it very difficult for him to be on the field when camp gets underway. Assuming that he’d still need some time to work himself into game shape at that point in time, it would likely be difficult for the guard to be in the lineup when Week One of the regular season rolls around.

Over at the Herald, a source with knowledge of Mankins’ condition shares that Mankins “will be ready for the start of camp.” Under that scenario, the start of the season would be in play and the Patriots might not have to go without their All-Pro guard.

There’s not much reason to think that either side is wrong on this one because every knee is going to rehab differently. Mankins is just at the start of the process so things will have to play out a while before there’s anything concrete about his return date.

The addition of Robert Gallery in free agency suggests the Pats think that there’s at least a chance Mankins isn’t going to be ready for the first camp practice and having a little insurance is never a bad thing.

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  1. Gallery is a decent insurance plan for Mankins. They’ve got a fully healthy Marcus Cannon capable of playing the interior, plus I would fully expect the Pats to draft another guard or center.

    Two years ago Mankins held out for over half the season and the Pats still went 14-2. No rush here.

  2. Nice hipster moustache DB.
    Hold up any potential lockout settlements because of your own personal greed lately?

  3. If you look at the gesture he’s making with his hand, Mankins gets to punch you in the arm.

  4. Non story. Everyone knows the answer to this is not going to be today, next week, next month or a couple months from now. No one will be able to have a good idea what is going on for at least three to four months. Then and only then can the talk realistically start as to whether or not he will be able to participate in camp.

  5. It doesn’t really concern me if he’s ready for camp or not. I just care if he’s ready for the season. The year he sat out & wouldn’t sign his tender (2010), he came right back wk 10 and stepped in fine. Even if he isn’t ready for the season, BB will work him in gradually providing his replacement is hanging in there.

  6. jenniferxxx says:
    Mar 21, 2012 8:54 AM
    Those dancing injuries are really serious.


    That might have gotten a chuckle if he was the one that was dancing- but it wasnt him.

  7. Logan Mankins’ father, Wilford Brimley, told the media that his son would be ready for training camp.

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