Merril Hoge says Colts should draft Griffin over Luck

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To suggest there might be a better 2012 draft prospect than Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck is considered blasphemy in some circles, but ESPN’s Merril Hoge doesn’t shy from bold opinions.

On Wednesday morning’s SportsCenter, Hoge argued vehemently that the Colts would be better off drafting Baylor’s Robert Griffin III than Luck with the No. 1 overall pick.

“I went in thinking it’s gonna be Luck [over] RG3,” conceded Hoge, who says he devoted 120 hours of game-tape watching to both signal callers.

Based strictly on game film, Hoge called Griffin a superior prospect in terms of accuracy, arm strength, and touch. Hoge gave Luck the edge only as a decision maker, because Luck played in a pro-style college offense and is “outstanding at the line of scrimmage.” As for athleticism, Huge says it’s a “push.”

Hoge emphasized that Griffin’s accuracy, particularly on perimeter and downfield throws, is significantly better than Luck’s. “This to me, you have to have. In college you have to display you have accuracy. … His accuracy outside the numbers — short, intermediate, vertical — I was blown away,” Hoge said.  “I could not believe the accuracy. He was better than Luck.”

Hoge was also “blown away” by Griffin’s arm strength and velocity. “Luck is good, however [the football] didn’t come out like RG3.”

Hoge said that in “half a heart beat” he would select Griffin over Luck if he was drafting for Indianapolis. “Don’t be shocked if the Colts take RG3. … Football people will look at this, and they’ll be like ‘holy cow. That kid [Griffin] is unreal.'”

220 responses to “Merril Hoge says Colts should draft Griffin over Luck

  1. Wow, now that this guy has figured out that you are giving him massive amounts of publicity, he’s going to say outlandish and controversial stuff every day.

  2. Hoge is trying (in vain) to make a name for himself by engaging in contrarian statements.

    For me, at least, it’s not working.

  3. Ding ding ding! And confetti flies as merril hoge breaks the “1 millionth stupid thing said by someone who get’s paid exorbitantly well to supposedly say smart things” barrier!

    This guy and skip bayless should have their own show. On Bravo.

  4. Take anything he says he saw on film with a grain of salt. Merril was blinded by the brightness of his suits years ago.

  5. What would you expect from a broken-down old Stiller running back who never won anything and who lambasted Tim Tebow, only to have Tebow beat his beloved Stillers in the playoffs last year. This is a dude who says stuff to get publicity. Nothing to see here, folks. Move on.

  6. I hate when anyone gives decision making a back seat to physicla abilities when assesing a QB. Granted, phhysical ability is necessary. But at the top end, what seperates QB’s is not athletics but decision making. Look at the top three QB’s in the league. Are they there because they have the best physcial skill set there is? Manning? Brady? Brees?

  7. Colts got it right the last time they made this decision. Let’s see if they can do it twice in a lifetime.

  8. Well, I say Merril Hoge should learn how to properly tie his neckwear. Is that headline-worthy also? Because, as an opinion, it’s worth about as much as his.

  9. “Huge says it’s a push”?! Merril Huge? Sounds like you guys know each other quite well! LOL

    As to the article.. I think Andrew Luck would be floored if he didn’t go 1st overall.. He acts like it’s a guarantee.. I guess we’ll know soon enough!

  10. How does Hoge still have a job?

    And does he know how to properly tie a tie yet? The knots he uses are ridiculously oversized. Like a clown tie.

  11. As a Skins fan I’d be happy either way. I think the ceiling is higher with RG3, but I think the floor is higher with Luck. To me, both of these guys look as good as you can ask for from a college prospect.

  12. Merril Hoge DID say draft Jay Cutler over Matt Leinart and Vince Young, and who ever drafts Matt or Vince will be fired within 3 years.

  13. hahahahahaa, what an idiot ! RG Leaf is not even close to Luck on accuracy, especially down field ! He spent 120 hours watching game film and still got it wrong! hahahaha , clown

  14. It’s going to be interesting to see if the Colts brass will be persuaded to picking RG3 after all of this talk about him. If so, the skins will be more than happy to take Luck.

  15. Why in Gods name does Merril Hoge get so much press? The dude was an average fullback who retired early because of concussions.

    There are only three people I look to for insight into the NFL:

    John Clayton
    Peter King
    Tom Jackson.

    I care as much about what Hoge has to say about the NFL as I do Taylor Swift.

  16. well personally, i dont care if the Colts draft Luck or Griffin, i will be happy to have either of them when my team picks 2nd, but as good as Griffin is, i think the Colts get Luck.

  17. I think that would be funny. I don’t think it will happen but I can also agree that anything goes come draft day. Wouldn’t be all that surprised. Bet the Rams would hate that trade with the Skins then because Luck would be better than Bradford any day, though I don’t think he is the sure-fire, can’t miss player like everyone makes him out to be. I think he will be at best a solid starter. That’s it. Time shall tell.

  18. It wouldn’t shock me. Washington already said they loved both qb’s. That’s why it was a safe trade

  19. Please stop talking Merril. For the sake of my sanity…your inane comments show you to be a bitter, spiteful, delusional and petty man who generally disagrees with the majority just to be disagreeable. Enough! Go Away!

  20. Does anybody listen to Merril Hodge or take this stooge seriously? Or any “expert” on ESPN for that matter?

  21. Certainly a thought, though I doubt it will happen.
    Luck is a phenomenal prospect, and cant beat that name for sure.

  22. Merrill Hoge also said that Aaron Rodgers would kill an NFL franchise. LMAO! This guy is a clueless nightmare, get him off ESPN!

  23. I guess only time will tell but the fact that Hoge spent 120hrs watching tape on both QB’s is critical. He’s not saying that Luck isn’t the real deal but the the media is automatically assuming that the Colts will draft Luck and RG3 might be the better player.

  24. “I went in thinking it’s gonna be Luck [over] RG3,” conceded Hoge, who says he devoted 120 hours of game-tape watching to Tim Tebow.

  25. “Hoge gave Luck the edge only as a decision maker”………..

    Mmmm….is decision making very important in a QB at the NFL level? I think crazy Merrill just makes statements to get his name out there.

  26. Hey, at least Hoge chose DirectTV over cable – he could’ve ended up reenacting scenes from Platoon with Charlie Sheen…

  27. He makes some good points. But how much does Hoge really mean this and how much of it is Hoge just trying to make noise by being the run of the mill contrarian?

    I mean, the guy is already in the news for bashing Tebow while he’s down.

    Its pretty much a given the Colts will draft Luck.

    Kind of think this is just another way for Hoge to draw attention to himself.

  28. Football at large has sipped the same Luck Kool-Aid the past two years, and with their blinders firmly in place, never took the time to do this “apples to apples” comparison Hoge just did. So what we have is one man’s divergent view. But it is interesting. Wonder if this will encourage even more others to take a more “clinical” look – and if so, would they have the courage to buck conventional wisdom and echo Hoge.

  29. I don’t know whether Hoge is right or wrong on whom to take first…but what has he said or done that now makes him such an expert on quarterbacks?

    It seems we are playing right into his hands…he says something controversially contrived…which draws attention to him…and all of a sudden he is website front page stuff.

    I’ve yet to hear him make an observation or analysis that separates him from anyone…or makes him a better authority than most dedicated fans.

  30. Because he has such tremendous insight into the quarterbacking position as a frigging rockhead fullback. What an idiot.

  31. Like any of us really know any better.

    History has shown that 1st round QBs are a top up. They could both be great. They could both be Leafs. One or the other. Only time will tell.

  32. Hoge has learned to play the media game of getting his voice out there but I doubt he’d ever put his money where his mouth is and since he’s not paid to actually be in a position where if he makes a decision and it costs his job then it’s pointless to even give him a second thought when I have not read or heard anyone, anywhere agree with this position. Possibility exists, sure, but let’s see if he has the real guts to do it, doubt it.

  33. Not that I agree with Hoge, but I doubt anyone of you commenters have watched 120 hours of film. Watch all the film and break down what you’ve seen then you can call him an idiot all you want. Until then, none of you should be calling this guy out.

  34. Merril Hoge is such a DBAG! He is one of the most incompetent analyst ever. He is wrong on everything, and not to mention he was a nobody in the NFL (So I have no idea why ESPN is letting him work for them). He has the same analyst skills as Jamarcus Russell. ESPN should fire this moron!!!

  35. Merril Hoge might be an idiot but i agree with him about RG3. The kid seems to have a very good attitude going into this whole process. I dont think the Colts will take RG3 but no one should be surprised if he goes on to have a better career then Andrew Luck.

  36. medtxpack says:Mar 21, 2012 12:05 PM

    im a fan of this just to see the look on Dan Synder’s face…


    Do you honestly think the Redskins would be upset if they had to select Andrew Luck with the second pick? That is ridiculous.

  37. LOL…look at all the bitter, vitriolic responses to an ex-NFL player having an opinion….so, how many of you were screaming for the Texans to take Reggie Bush over Mario Williams?

    Man has a right to his opinion…and I daresay, he’s likely doing financially better than everyone, myself included, on this board. Can’t say RG3 isn’t talented. Who will be better in the end? Who knows….but damn people, cut the guy a break already….sheesh!

  38. jmagnet28 says:
    Mar 21, 2012 12:10 PM

    I care as much about what Hoge has to say about the NFL as I do Taylor Swift.


    That’s a completely unfair comparison. Taylor Swift grew up in Eagles country in PA, and probably has some great insights into the Eagles’ organization, and possibly the rest of the NFL. To compare her to Hoge’s idiocy is crass, rude, and insulting to her.

    And yes, I actually had to Google Taylor Swift to find out her background.

  39. He’s an ex-fullback for God’s sake. How would he be qualified to assess any other position including QB? I’m sorry but that’s laughable. Isn’t ESPN owned by Disney? No wonder they have so many Mickey Mouse talking heads.

  40. Yeah, and Hoge would’ve also taken Ryan Leaf over Peyton Manning…

    Just like that draft, I think the Colts will ignore the 120 seconds that Hoge devoted to this and “roll the dice” with Luck…

  41. i don’t know who’s worse, hoge or dungy. in all seriousness pft, why don’t you do a poll and see how many of your readers give a rats ass what dungy or hoge thinks… about anything!

  42. I think he’s saying this to get people to forget about what kind of prospect he thought Cam Newton would be…

  43. Either player, I don’t think you can go wrong. RG3 is extremely athletic, even more so than Luck. What I like most about RG3 is how intelligent the young man is. Every interview he has just further demonstrates how highly intellectual he is. Baylor is no slouch school. I would pick RG3 too, but I think they are very equal as players. I see gifts in RG3 that very few players have. The Skins made a good move trading up, even if they mortgaged the farm.

  44. Merril Hoge looks like the offspring of Neil Patrick Harris and Gimli from Lord of the Rings. He also has a lady name and doesn’t seem to know how to properly knot a tie.

  45. Seriously why does this guy have a job as an anaylst? He is a complete moron. Half of what he says is utter nonsense. ESPN get a clue!

  46. I agree with him, nothing about luck stands out to me that makes him lengths better than RG3…ppl have crowned this kid as the next elite QB…when he honestly wasnt that elite in NCAA…yea yea i get the fact that he played in a pro style and flourished….but i still believe RG3’s arm is better, more accurate, and polished for todays NFL game..which is 95% pass friendly/shot gun formations…..and ppl are quick to say RG3 is a scrambler…no he’s a pocket passer, but elusive enough to make u pay if u decide to blitz him….

  47. Merrill should stoppretending to know what he is talking about and practice more on the simplier things in life like tying your tie right!

  48. I don’t care if Mary Hoge is right or wrong. I detest every sound that comes out of his stupid mouth. How he got hired into media circles is beyond me and shows the lack of class and taste of his employers. He’s an imbecile whos bitter of his pathetic career as a pro.

  49. I am sure that Hoge does not know as much about the NFL game as the people that post here.
    I mean…. you watch it on TV and you even play it on Playstation!

    If he watched 120 hours of tapes comparing the two and he feels that one QB is better than than the other then why do some of you get your panties in a bunch?
    Your opinion matters but this guy’s does not?

    The worst players in NFL history know 100 times more about the league than some idiot that types away down in his mommy’s basement so wipe the Cheetos dust off of your fingers and quit pretending that you are an expert.

  50. wow, i cant beleive all the “analyst” on here, i dont know if hodge is right but he damn well could be……i would certainly consider rg3 over luck, look at the excitement newton breathed into the panthers last season and i beleive rg3 will be a similar qb with a similar skill set

  51. Hoge is a joke. maybe he should get back to caring for himself. His brain injury is coming back.

  52. Merrill Hoge is the poster boy for why the NFL has got to do something about brain trauma. He used to be a competent analyst but apparently he now feels the need to attract attention by making statements that add to his growing reputation as a nitwit.

  53. I agree with Merrill most people have not even really seen RG3 play. They are caught up in the LUCK Hype machine. Luck is good, but hands down RG3 is a better overall quarterback. They both are very intelligent and can read defenses. That is why the Redskins gave up the house to get him. If people stopped to just look at the players themselves and the actual game film it would be no questions RG3 is the best pick. People have just been brain washed with tons of Luck Highlights. RG3 has more than just one year of success. People that say that have not followed this kid. Please compare every game of Luck to Every game of RG3. You will see a different story than the one ESPN has given you.

  54. Headline should read: “ESPN Analyst Fabricates Top Pick Intrigue In Attempt to Increase Ratings”

    Clearly, there is no contest. This reminds me of the Stafford or Curry debate. When the top pick is so obviously the top pick, ESPN needs to cut its losses and start focusing on the Vikings at #3.

  55. He is truly the dumbest man on television and his level of stupidity is heartbreaking. I truly feel for the guy.

    The scariest thing is he seems to be getting dumber with each passing day.

  56. RGIII is an elete athlete and a great college quarterback … I really hope he will prove to be a great NFL quarterback. But Hoge should be fired if he actually looked at Luck’s tapes and came up with that analysis. It’s really idiotic, embarrassing. Maybe he’s just trying to get attention … Orcan’t think of an actual story to write.

  57. There is nothing outrageous about what Merrill said. These guys are supposedly neck and neck with each other. To say that he likes Griffin better by “half a heartbeat” hardly qualifies as outrageous.

    Russ Lande also has Griffin higher than Luck.

    As smarmy and unlikable as he comes across, he’s pretty accurate about qb prospects.

  58. Name me big career QB’s with pencil legs. They are rare. I will start. Joe Montana. Pretty good company, but he is the only one I can think of.

  59. I woul have loved to see that hacks face when Demerious Thomas got two steps on Ike Tayor and headed straight toward New England via Denvers tunnel…….

  60. Merril Hoge was barely a mediocre player in the NFL. His mouth and the knot on his necktie are but two reasons I refuse to watch ESPN’s NFL coverage!!

    Other reasons I don’t watch ESPN? Chris Berman, Mike Tirico, Jon Gruden, Trent Dilfer, Steve Young. Give me CBS, FOX, NBC, and the NFLN anytime over ESPN coverage.

  61. 120 hours of watching game tape?? I wish I got paid for that. That would amount to 15 days at 8 hours per day of nothing but game tape watching.

    Hey, what do you guys want to do for the next two weeks?? Yeah, let’s watch nothing but college football!!

  62. Like asking would I rather have Peyton Manning or Donovan McNabb. It’s a no brainer. Decision making at the line of scrimmage, the mental part, all else like athleticism and physical strength being equal, is an insurmountable advantage of Luck over RG3. Hoge is an idiot anyway.

  63. Say what you want about Hoge but what makes everyone commenting here think that Luck will automatically be better? There have been so many mistakes in the past drafts it wouldn’t be surprising at all if Griffin is better. The thing I remember Hoge getting the most criticism for is saying that Jay Cutler would be the best QB between him, Young, and Leinart. He was the only one I remember saying that and was right.

  64. I agree with Hoge on this one. Both quarterbacks were impressive, but I think I’d rather have RG3.

    Also, if you compare RG3 to Ryan Leaf, you should have your football fan card revoked. Leaf had and NFL arm, but the intelligence and football I.Q. of a Pop Warner player. He was also extremely arrogant.

    RG3 graduated early with a degree in Poli Sci (3.7 GPA) and is working on a communications masters so he can go into law after football. He’s a true student of the game, and will be an on and off field asset to any team and community where he plays.

  65. Merril Hoge has had one too many concussions. He prolly wanted the Colts to take Ryan Leaf in ’98 too.

  66. Bunch of crybabies in hear. Is he not allowed to give his opinion? All he said was HE would take RG3 if HE was running the Colts. What is wrong with that?

  67. As a Titans fan, we have to face the Colts twice a year. I’m hoping they take the best punter at pick number 1.

  68. His massive tie knots are cutting off the oxygen supply to his brain, causing an acute state of delirium manifesting itself in nonsensical ramblings about game-tape and accuracy

  69. Hoge is a joke. He only says things to be controversial and noticed because nothing else he says matters. His days as an NFL analyst are numbered.

  70. Hoge is trying to cover himself for what he said last year about Cam. He was probably one of the biggest Cam haters in the national “media” We all know Luck is going #1 though

  71. I don’t know whether the Colts should take Luck or Griffin, but I do know that Hoge isn’t the only one saying this; he just happens to be on ESPN. I’ve heard more than one “expert” watch extensive amounts of game film and conclude that Griffin is the superior prospect.

  72. People on here are amazing. They blast Hodge for taking a stance and actually saying something. You deserve the garbage, don’t ruffle and feathers, you get from ESPN.

    I just don’t get it. People are sheep who love the Golic, Scott Van Pelt approach that you only take the politically correct side on a controversial/polarizing topic.

    I yearn for the Kiper/Tobin segments. How about someone actually saying steroids contributed to far less deaths than alcohol.

    Maybe someone saying on ESPN that Bobby Knight is a jerk or Tiger faked his injury two weeks ago and pulled a John Daly.

    Keep up the good work Merrill!!! You supported you opinion by watching game film too. Nice!!!

  73. Hoge’s right about RG3, I don’t always agree with him but this time he is correct. Also, he was right about Tebow on Monday, notice how one by one teams are backing away from Timmy’s circus parade. He too stupid for the nfl!

  74. Merrell Hoge lost all credibility here when he said “This to me, you have to have. In college you have to display you have accuracy”. Yet how well did Tim Tebow do in college, and what does Hoge think of him…?

  75. Hey hoge, go watch the game tape on yourself.
    You had more concussions and fumbles than touchdowns!
    Get off my TV scrub!

  76. I am shocked ESPN cannot find anyone more qualified than Merrill Hoge to evaluate talent and equally shocked the network is stupid enough to give him the soapbox to promote his unqualified ideas on anything.

  77. I wish he would shut up. Sure Griffin is better for a team that has a few pieces, but when starting from scratch, Luck is the way to go. As a skins fan, I want Griffin but luck is a nice 2nd place prize.

  78. No, Luck has actually been under unfair scrutiny if anything. It’s RGIII who hasn’t been really scrutinized, he’s a flashy fun athlete … And he is excellent. Lots of people have done detailed comparisions and come up with Luck as the better QB. Hoge actually criticizes Luck in ways that are just not correct, just plain bizarre … It’s like he has him confused with someone else.

  79. as a skins fan, i hope the colts select luck, as far a hoge goes i doubt hes out for publicity, he is on ESPN

  80. How about this: only people who’ve watched 120 hours of tape on these two players, and who haven’t just formed their opinions from a game here or there and reading other columnists, can comment from here on out.

    That should quiet things down immensely.

    It’s a pain to wade through 90% of the comments here – all of which are variations on “this guy is dumb!” – to find some useful insight.

    Me, I hope both Luck and Griffin turn out to be stellar.

  81. Merrill Hoge is proof players should sue the NFL for those concussions suffered that have driven players like Hoge to insanity.

  82. If you’d watch Luck’s film, you’d know that his points on Luck really make no sense … Seriously, go look at the film.

  83. Luck is the BEST QB in many years to come out of college. Big, accurate, strong arm, smart!

  84. NO, RGIII really is excellent, but if you compare them game by game, you would pick Luck, which is why most NFL scouts pick Luck. Fans who watch the major televised games see RGIIIs athleticism, and flash and love it, as they should. But hptjey didn’t see the game he lost on a pick, some of his other really bad plays. With Luck, if you don’t really understand the system and what’s happening, you’re not going to appreciate what he does with the team … and the physical skills that go with it (not just the mental skills) … he makes things look easy.

    Also, numerous people have pointed out that when you’re looking at games live, rather that on TV or film, than you’ll be really awed by Luck … How he reads the field and leads receivers … Stuff that is actually off camera …

    He has not been overhyped … You will LOVE him.

  85. Luck is 1. Griffin 1a. IMO its kind of far though. Decision making is by far the most important. Jamarcus could sling it like nobody else but couldnt decipher a defense. I would rather have the intelligent engineer running my offense.

  86. Very, very few analysts and fewer scouts put RGIII ahead of Luck … And those that do don’t say such ridiculous things about Luck. They just really like QBs that run more … Or think you should pick the best pure athlete … That’s fine. But RGIII as currently the best overall QB is really a bit bizarre. Have to doubt his football IQ.
    RGIII is a great athlete and will probably be a great nfl QB, I wish the Redskins all the best with him. But the Colts would nuts to pass over Luck to take RGIII.

  87. i dont know how this idiot still has a job at espn.. he should be doing AM radio in pittsburgh 10am to 2pm

    hes a joke and he is always wrong

  88. Watching the pro day right now, and RGIII is the real deal. I’m a Colts fan and thought Luck was a lock, but until I see his pro day tomorrow and how he looks, RGIII is extremely impressive. Great quick release, strong arm, quick feet, tight spiral, good arm strength, don’t think the Colts could go wrong with him as of right now.

  89. drafting quarterbacks has always been a crapshoot simply because the position is so different at the professional level

  90. This guy is so clueless it’s laughable… He actually makes Skip Bayless appear intelligent, which is hard to believe, I know… Hoge is, and has always been, a joke and how he keeps a job is mindboggling… Loves to hear himself talk and nothing he says is remotely worth listening too… Hahahahahaha…

  91. hoge seriously shut up we dont care what you have to say anymore your the reason we change the channel when you analyze the game

  92. In related news, Hoge said Cam Newton would never amount to anything. To drive the point home, he said it after Newton was already halfway through the greatest rookie season the NFL has ever had.


  93. He probably would have taken Ryan Leaf over Manning too. Why does anyone listen to this moron? RGIII will likely be a good NFL quarterback, but Luck is the closest thing to a can’t-miss-multi-Super Bowl-winning QB since Manning & Elway.

  94. I think the Steelers must paint their own locker room walls
    with lead based paint & their players snack on the chips.

    That might very well explain the thought processes
    of guys like Harrison, Ward, Toothlessberger,
    Hoge & many other current & former players…

  95. Ok,Ok, we have established the fact that Merril Hoge is a dildo. What I don’t understand is why ESPN keeps this clown dresser with bad hair around? Maybe he has to pay them….

  96. People like this is a big reason that I don’t like or watch BSPN anymore. Far too many people associated with that network are like Fox News people, they know they can get attention if they say something controversial so they say it whether they actually believe what they say or not.

    Plain said.

    I could understand if he totally felt that way, but this is clearly an attempt to legitimize himself as an analyst.

    “The people all said sit down. Sit down you’re rocking the boat. Sit down! sit down! Sit down! Sit down! Sit down you’re rocking the boat”

  97. haha, this is great…Hoge is a fool, but he has taken the easy way out.

    If Griffin somehow ends up better, he gets more positive publicity, gets to say “I told you so” for as long as someone will listen.

    If Luck is better, nobody will remember what this guy said.

    Like I said it was easy on his part.

    jutts says:Mar 21, 2012 1:59 PM

    Ok,Ok, we have established the fact that Merril Hoge is a dildo. What I don’t understand is why ESPN keeps this clown dresser with bad hair around? Maybe he has to pay them….

  98. Skins fans really don’t give a shhh…Luck or RG3…instant upgrade at the most pivotal position. We’re psyched about RG3, but we’ll gladly accept Andrew Luck as a consolation prize.

    If the Colts do in fact select RG3, that means we traded up to draft the most prolific player to come out of college since John Elway…we’re cool with that.

  99. Hoge is becoming more like Skip Bayless everyday with the ridiculously inflamitory statements they make. Despite the fact they are on the opposite ends of the spectrum with Tebowmania, they are both equally ridiculous with their statements about him. Hoge even looks more like Bayless every time I see him. My suggestion to the mothership is to have them debate everyday on first take that would be entertaining.

  100. trainlane says:
    Mar 21, 2012 1:53 PM
    He probably would have taken Ryan Leaf over Manning too. Why does anyone listen to this moron? RGIII will likely be a good NFL quarterback, but Luck is the closest thing to a can’t-miss-multi-Super Bowl-winning QB since Manning & Elway.

    I’m sure you have reached your oh-so compelling conclusion having spent thousands of hours studying game film, as Hoge has. No chance that you, like most other fans (myself included) know little or nothing about the particulars that go into scouting prospects. No chance that you are just glomming onto the consensus that has been building around Luck for some time now.

    Thanks for the insight.

  101. I think all those ugly fat ties he wears are cutting off oxygen to his pea brain!

  102. OK, so the real question here is how much did Dan Snyder have to pay him to make these comments? Did he get more than Kiper got for pumping up Claussen?

  103. The more they hype RG3, the more convinced I become that he’s the next Heath Schuler for the Redskins. I’m the biggest Skins fan going and I am terrified that this is going to blow up and the franchise will suck another 10 years. Too much hype for a kid who went to Baylor. Sure I hope I’m wrong, but it’s been over the top ridiculous the fawning over a kid WHO WENT TO BAYLOR

  104. So all you people who never watched a minute of Luck or Griffin should be getting paid to make the selection for the Colts?

    Oh yeah thats right you don’t know anything at all so stop judging people because of a well researched opinion. Anyone who knows anything can see Griffin is other-worldly athletically and mentally. You ever heard the kid talk?

  105. I don’t get why everyone is so sure Luck is better. Many different factors go in to making a great NFL QB. So we can’t really know for sure. Maybe the Colts still definitely pick Luck, but say Hoge is an absolute moron for like RG3 over Luck is kind of silly.

    But, then again, you HAVE to take the sure-fire, concensus, everyone-says-he’s-the-greatest player when you have the #1 overall pick. Otherwise you might listen to people like Hoge and get stuck with Kevin Durant when you could have had Greg Oden.

  106. Were you watching the pro day or just listening to the commentators? RGIII does have a strong arm and relatively quick release, but he also has bad mechanics and wasn’t even hitting his receivers in stride on planned routes in a scripted exhibition … Most had to stop to catch some had to stretch (all while the commentators were saying he was hitting them in stride … was kind of amazing). Luck does better in game conditions than RGIII did in this. The commentators weren’t too knowledgeable either … Said RGIII was 6’3″ …
    I actually do think he’s great, but still a raw talent … Colts are Lucky to have the first pick. Though both have franchise potential.

  107. I hate this guy. He is far and away my least favorite “analyst”

    Ill believe he spent 120 hours watching film on these kids when pigs fly.

    If each of them started every game for 3 seasons, there wouldnt be 120 hours combined on them.

  108. Well, actually, according to thery’re stats. Everything M. Hodge said, is absolutely true. If you disaggree, just look at the NCAA Football stats for 2011. You know there’s a reason RG3 won the Heisman. He led the nation in passiong efficiency, TD/Int ratio, Yards per pass, and yards per Completion. Statistically, Luck wasn’t even the best QB is his conference.

  109. RGIII has some great stats … But despite that almost all NFL scouts and most commentators say Luck is better. Because they take into account all sorts of things like Luck was in a pass first offense, Luck didn’t have any good wide receivers, Luck was in a pro offense, doing the reads etc that are done on the NFL. Luck has good mechanics, RGIII has bad mechanics. You can go on and on about this without even getting to the intangibles like Luck’s pocket presence, downfield vision, play calling, etc. . Or you can even look at the statistics in more detail. Luck’s accuracy was as good out of the pocket as in the pocket … Etc etc. Really, who knows how either of them will do in the NFL, but Luck hasn’t been over hyped … He’s been subjected to much more scrutiny than RGIII ….

  110. I’ve heard RGIII many, many times. He’s very smart and amusing. He’s also arrogant and disrespectful of his competitors. He was much more controlled at the combine. Hope that continues.
    Have your heard Luck? He’s also very smart, but also humble, deflects attention to his team and coaches, respects his competitors. In terms of media presence, I’d take Luck any day … But I’m sure RGIII suits some better. He is more amusing and will get more headlines over his interviews.

  111. There goes meat-head trying to pass himself off as a legitimate talent evaluator again. He was a better running back and at best he sucked at that job.

  112. The Colts organisation would be “FOOL” if they choose against Andrew. Mr. Luck very well could have went #1 overall the past 2 years. That is consistency children. RG3 looks like the real deal and I hope he is however I do not hope Mr. Luck is the real deal I KNOW he is the real deal from one simple fact. He has been consistent through his career. Mike Vick, D. Mc Nabb are incredibly electrifying and it it exciting to see their performance but wait, the Mannings, Brady, Breeze and Favre are Super Bowl Champs. This style of Quarterback play in the NFL is consistent for winning championships. Indianapolis Colts I beseech you, ” don’t be a fool “

  113. Well, Luck isn’t going to be compared to just RG3. His true measuring stick will be Cam Newton. With all the hype over Luck, he has to be damn near great in his rookie season. Anything short of greatness, and he will be a disappointment.

  114. First of all…this guy knows more about football than any of you guaranteed so lay off the guy for giving his opinion. Second…he could be right. Luck and rg3 are going to be beast. I’m not saying a Peyton or Brady but at least will keep their teams relevant for a decade. So drafting either first overall wouldn’t be a bad decision.

  115. Merril Hodge is the reason helmet makers started using more padding to prevent head injuries.

  116. Wow. You can disagree with his takes, but Merril Hoge is a pretty smart guy – he got Jay Cutler right back when only he and Jaws had that right.

    Sorry, you may not like the guy, but I’ve learned he’s usually right. And if he says RG3 is that good, I’m waiting for just to hear from just two more people, Jaws and Trent Dilfer.

  117. nogoodtomedead says:Mar 21, 2012 12:04 PM

    Hoge is a clown.


    Of course he is.

    Just consider the first team he played for. It’s no wonder…

  118. He can be as smart as anyone. The Skins taking RG3 doesnt scare me a bit. He wont beat the Eagles in the next 5 seasons without some darn good luck.

    The Redskins as a team consistently fail to put together a group of talented players. Or at least talented players who can play as a cohesive unit.

    It doesnt matter which QB goes to the Redskins. He wont be their messiah.

  119. Could they put Warren Sapp, Merril Hodge, Michael Irvin, Shannon Sharpe and a few others in a canoe and send it over Niagra Falls just for kicks.

  120. Born and raised in Pittsburgh and I’ve always loved Hoge as a player and an analyst, but his assessment of the QB postion isn’t one I can trust.

    If you were a GM and you selected RG3 over Luck, you would need your head re-examined. Then the personal attacks on Tebow. Attacking his intelligence? C’mon Man!

  121. It’s getting very old listening to nfl has-beens or in this case a “never was” try to show how smart they are – honestly – griffin is an excellent athlete – with a great arm and a lot of intangibles – but as far as an “nfl type” qb – it seems pretty obvious that andrew luck’s style of play fits better in the nfl – not that i am qualified to pass judgement – but i can’t think of a running qb that has a super bowl win – not to mention a sb mvp……… randall cunningham – no…. michael vick – no……… and the list can go on much further – people STILL don’t understand that the nfl is MUCH, MUCH different than the college game

  122. @jg725

    That’s just it, RG3 is not a running QB. He’s a pocket passer who happens to have elite speed when forced to run. Vick out of college doesn’t hold a candle to to RG3.

  123. Great QB’s continually complete great passes when they are flushed out of the pocket (Rodgers, Roethlisberger).

    QB’s who run 4.4 forties will take off running more than they should. Having a QB that can run that fast is not a good attribute. Besides, that might work for a QB against a good team in one game, but to do that against a good defense 3 to 4 games in a row (such the playoffs) – it always fails at some point, and that is why guys like Mike Vick and Kordell Stewart never did well in the playoffs.

    RG3 might end up being fun to watch like Vick and Stewart but its never going to translate into Super Bowl victories.

    History shows us that a QB with the attributes similar to Luck translate to Super Bowl wins. It’s a good thing Merril Hoge isn’t the new GM of Indy.

  124. bigd9484 says:Mar 28, 2012 11:13 AM

    Merril Hodge and Todd McShay both said they would take Brian Brohm over Aaron Rodgers. Maybe they should give Jim Isray a call when an NFL team actually gives a crap about what they say.

    This is great…..

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