Pats pick up Will Allen

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Lost in the crevices of one of the busiest and most hectic NFL news days in recent memory (if not ever) was the acquisition by the Patriots of a veteran defensive back.

Will Allen has joined the team, the Patriots announced moments ago.  Multiple reports indicate it’s a one-year deal.

Allen, an 11-year veteran, was a first-round pick of the Giants in 2001.  He spent five years in New York and then six with the Dolphins.

In 2011, Allen appeared in 15 games with six starts for the Dolphins.  From 2004 through 2009, he started 85 of 86 regular-season games.

18 responses to “Pats pick up Will Allen

  1. Couldnt hurt…Still need to focus on CB and S in the draft, in addition to pass rushers. (also Stephen Hill and with our final pick, an interior OL)

  2. I’d love to see a LB picked high in the draft now… That D was starting to gel at the end of the year. A bit more speed on D and Tom could have a 4th ring this year

  3. As a Fins Fan, I want to wish Will Allen the best and thank him for his good years. Having said that, I bet I know who every Offense will go after, better make sure the Ol’Man has FS help all the time.

  4. .

    Might be best suited to nickel and dime packages where savvy can compensate for the loss of a step.


  5. Glad to see Will Allen, a long time favorite player of mine ever since his Giants’ rookie year, finding a team. I wish him well.

  6. Wow, Will Allen is still in the league? God bless. I remember playing as the Giants in Madden awhile back, had 4 pick-6’s with the guy, granted I was playing on All-Pro but still, I knew this guy was special.

  7.  cowboychris5xchamps says:

    Mar 21, 2012 7:44 PM

    Couldn’t hurt if he was a viable player and not washed up! But then again New England has always been sort of a retirement home for has beens…

    Yeah. Corey Dillion, randy moss, Rodney Harrison, roman phifer all came to the retirement home. I’m pretty sure most old veterans who sign in New England who are too old don’t make it through the season. Tory Holt and Joey Galloway stick out. I could potentially see Robert gallery on that list.

  8. they are just taking risk out of the draft, bringing in a few guys that are better than your avg 4th or 5th rndr. Starting corners should be from among arrington, mccourty dowling and moore. But if Allen can take a spot so be it. Would like to see Castillo next.

    Setting up a situation where rnds 1 and 2 are 4 of these 5 DL, DE, S, LB, OL.

  9. dynaco,

    when the Patriots go gah-bage picking they would look in Buffalo except there is nothing but useless trash.

    Good luck with signing Mark Anderson to close to 7 million per season considering the Pats paid him 1.3 LY

  10. If Allen does moderately well this year, expect to see another team pay him $3-$4 million next year. Most of the teams in the league don’t get the concept of VALUE. Players like Mark Anderson and Will Allen are great, as long as you aren’t breaking the bank on them. For the right price they create depth, at top dollar they kill the team’s ability to compete.

  11. 6ball says:
    Mar 21, 2012 8:36 PM

    Might be best suited to nickel and dime packages where savvy can compensate for the loss of a step.


    6ball, the Confucius of the Pats boards.


  12. It is my considerably informed opinion that BB is going about this offseason with an almost diabolical approach to making this team better…

    As we would otherwise say… BB is wicked smart.
    The draft is going to be interesting … crossing my fingers for the defensive version of “Gronk”…

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