Report: BenJarvus Green-Ellis will sign with Bengals

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It looks like the law firm will be moving from Foxborough to Cincinnati.

Mary Paoletti of is reporting that running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis will sign with the Bengals as a free agent. Green-Ellis was in Cincinnati for a visit recently and also reportedly drew interest from the Jets. Green-Ellis ran for 667 yards and 11 touchdowns for the Patriots in 2011 after gaining 1,008 yards and scoring 13 times in 2010.

With Cedric Benson not expected back as a free agent, Green-Ellis would likely be playing a lead role in the Bengals running game next season. Bernard Scott will be the other main running option for the Bengals.

The Patriots have a pair of players heading into their second NFL seasons, Shane Vereen and Stevan Ridley, at running back to go along with Danny Woodhead.

57 responses to “Report: BenJarvus Green-Ellis will sign with Bengals

  1. Congrats to PFT for resisting the urge to put a “Law Firm fits Bengals criminals” joke in there.

    Good signing for my Who Deys.


  2. Leaves the Pats … spurns the Giants … ends up with the Bengals. Makes you wonder what his Wunderlich score was. I’m thinking single digit territory.

  3. Great Patriot… will be missed, the Law Firm never fumbled so he is reliable and he will definitely help Andy Dalton and the Bengals offense.

  4. Thanks & Good Luck Law Firm. Bengals get a quality player and more important person.

  5. Benny 🙁

    He’s a very valuable runner when you consider that he’s a consistent 3-4 yard guy who never fumbles. I wish him the best.

  6. Thanks for all of your hard work, Benny… you will be missed by Patriots’ Nation. Congratulations and good luck!

  7. But, but, but…”the Bengals aren’t doing anything” in free agency.

    So far they have picked up 3 solid contributors, re-signed the top saftey in FA, dropped 1 non-productive lineman, and lost 2 backups (albeit 2 good backups) who left for starter money.

    Next move in the RB department is to draft one of the top 5 RB’s in the 2nd or 3rd round.

  8. Good move! Not the most explosive player however he will be a solid addition to cincinnati and now we can concentrate on drafting linemen and a cornerback to help leon hall and reggie nelson “also a great move to resign him” anything else would have been a downgrade

  9. Oh yeah….. about that ridiculous crap that the Bengals have the worst Franchise… Who Dat!

  10. Best of luck Law Firm! To go from undrafted FA to practice squad to reliable back for SB team is an accomplishment. Added plus: never a locker room or police blotter problem. Pats fans will miss him down around the goal line. God speed.

  11. jenniferxxx says:Mar 21, 2012 3:33 PM

    Leaves the Pats … spurns the Giants … ends up with the Bengals. Makes you wonder what his Wunderlich score was. I’m thinking single digit territory.

    Hmmm… speaking of Wunderlich scores, where does the article mention the Giants?

  12. Can’t help but think that he won’t be as effective when he goes up against defenses that actually won’t assume that the offense is going to pass the ball on every play. Running backs seem to be commodities these days.

  13. Love Benny – good move for Cincy and for him – I think he was entering a VERY risky situation in NE with Vereen and Ridly offering more explosiveness and more upside. One big game from them may have reduced BJGE’s role and badly hurt his financial situation and leverage going forward, with a restructure or cut before 2014.

    Thanks for 2 great years.

  14. Has never fumbled…wow that’s impressive! Anyone know the record for most consecutive carries without a fumble?

  15. The Law Firm always secured the ball and damn near always fell forward…. very dependable and will be missed.

  16. Damn. Was hoping he’d be back with the Pats. Not a superstar but a really solid back who runs hard. Good luck to the law firm!!

  17. jenniferxxx says:
    Mar 21, 2012 3:33 PM
    Leaves the Pats … spurns the Giants … ends up with the Bengals. Makes you wonder what his Wunderlich score was. I’m thinking single digit territory.
    I bet it’s higher than yours considering you can’t spell “Wonderlic” correctly. You are truly a valuable contributor to the site overall though./sarcasm

    I wish Benny the best. He’s a great person and a very solid player. Congrats, Cincy.

  18. So much for Benny and the Jets. It sounded so much better than Timmy and the Jets. Hopefully that won’t happen either!!!

  19. Good pickup Cinci….
    he is not a breakaway threat, but Benny almost always got SOMETHING in a run… always moved forward, no dancing in his game. He rarely loses any yards, even when there is no hole to run through. He is a one cut and go sort of runner. Hard nosed hammer, gets the ball over the goal line. And a great teammate based on the comments coming out of Foxboro. I’ll be rooting for him to continue his success.

  20. “8man says:
    Mar 21, 2012 3:58 PM
    Good pickup for the Bengals.

    As a Patriots fan, I want an explanation.”

    Here you go:
    The Patriots didn’t select Ridley and Vereen with high draft picks with the intention of having them in reduced roles.

  21. from the sound of all these Pats fans, we just got a great pickup. I like the move, like the Law Firm but wanted a back with a little more size. Oh well, he is a HUGE upgrade from Benson, and won’t single handedly fumble games away or get arrested every summer.

    still feels weird though- typically the Pats take our guys, not the other way around…

  22. I have not seen a player or a coach, outside of NE having successful seasons anywhere they go, all Patriots signing outside s!!ck! Have you ever wonder why they are low end picks? Is the Patriot system that makes any of them better.

  23. Surprising.. wonder what’s wrong with him.. he’ll be the primary back.. Bscott knows he’s a (damn good) speciality back.

  24. Bengals lost several games last year because they couldn’t get into the end zone and had to settle for 3. BenJarvis is an exciting addition.

    Although he is an upgrade, I’m not sure he completes the picture to Bengals running game. It wouldn’t surprise to see 2nd/3rd round pick on another RB. (Along with 1st round guard.)

  25. All the Law Firm love here makes a Bengals fan giddy!!! Rock on Mike Brown! (did I just say that???)

  26. His wonderlich is fine the Bengals have quality coaches Zim Marvin Gruden not to mention position coach Jim Anderson who has the longest tenure of any nfl assistant. We aren’t the pays but Brown does allow the coaches to make the decisions now, true they paid 10million to Antonio Bryant, but the team orthopedist got thrown under the bus. Gruden talked brown into taking Andy and not Mallet. And the weathered the losing the franchise qb better than the Colts did. Manning now luck don’t seem fair lol. No the Bengals aren’t the Pats but thanks for the love New England fans. We hope to be that competitive someday, Jonathan Joseph would have signed for 30 million for six years in 2010, ouch. But the Houston signee plus dre at pick 17 and PACMAN, not Revis but serviceable may be their next target. You got good service out of Cory Dillon, hope this works out similarly for the Bengals. I heard this player is a hard worker and great team mate peace.

  27. bad move on pats… they have signed 3 WRs and 1 TE… i think RN was a bigger need and this guy was pretty solid… he never fumbles and never looses yardage…

  28. makhan250 says:
    Mar 21, 2012 3:44 PM
    He’s not a great player. He doesn’t fumble, but he isn’t spectacular. The rest of the AFC North yawns.


    As they look up from 2nd, 3rd and 4th place..WhoDey!

  29. cuda1234 says:
    Mar 21, 2012 5:30 PM
    Can’t wait for the press conference where he says that its all about winning.
    Cincy made the playoffs last year so it’s not like he’s going to a perennial loser. They are looking up..nice D, & what looks like a promising young QB and WR duo for years to come. Plus they have the nest of picks for Palmer. Either way, good for him for getting a better deal. Can’t hate on him for it. RBs don’t have a long shelf life. I’m sure if the Pats had been close to that money he would have stayed. He’s a guy I would almost bet my house will NEVER embarrass the franchise off the field and he’s a very consistent player.

    Again, congrats to Cincy. This and the Wharton signing are very good ones for your squad. Hope my Pats do as well with Fanene. 🙂

  30. bengals fans 2 things you will never see with him, a 20+yard run or a fumble. he’ll just be a guy you dont notice for 80 yards, that is until you get to the goalline, then it’s going in.

  31. its gonna be nice to have a guy that can get it in the endzone from 2-3 yards out….that was very frustrating last year…..not all bensons fault though…..Nate Livings can now screw up the cowboys redzone stats

  32. Keen on this signing. Was hoping for
    bush but I think that BGE fits our style better. Being able to punch it in is more important for our offense than breaking a homerun, but mark my words, BGE will be a star player in Cincy and his RBBC in NE will mean he’s fresh. im penciling him in for Flex Rb in my fantasy drafts and he will outperform that position.

  33. I’m a Bengals fan and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group of fans with as much class as pat fans most fans would say something stupid about bje. but you guys have just wished him luck I applaud you guys for being great fans

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