Report: Tebow will choose between Jags and Jets

Getty Images

I’ve been saying for the past two days that the Broncos should let Tim Tebow pick his next team.  Indeed, without Tebow’s efforts in 2011, quarterback Peyton Manning never would have given a second look at the Broncos.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, that’s precisely how it will happen.  Tebow will decide whether he’s traded to the Jets or the Jaguars.

It won’t be an easy decision.  In Jacksonville, he’d be going home — and he’d likely end up starting, if not right away then not long after the billboards go up on the First Coast.  In New York, he’d be going to a team whose front office and coaching staff want him, but he wouldn’t be playing more than a limited, Wildcat role.

At least until Mark Sanchez starts throwing a bunch of interceptions and the billboards go up in Times Square.

It won’t be an easy choice, but he’s got a much better chance of long-term security and success in Jacksonville, since owner Shad Khan is the one who undoubtedly pushed for Tebow.  In New York, failure of the current regime eventually would result in Tebow likely being run out of town all over again.

UPDATE 8:56 p.m. ET:  And, of course, Tebow has picked the Jets.