Rex Ryan, Tony Sparano get their Wildcat quarterback in Tim Tebow

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When the Wildcat craze took the NFL by storm in 2008, it was Dolphins coach Tony Sparano who led the way by lining up running back Ronnie Brown as a shotgun quarterback. And when the Jets’ offense stagnated late last season, head coach Rex Ryan ordered the offensive coaches to run more Wildcat.

Now Sparano is working for Ryan as the Jets’ offensive coordinator, and the Jets have just traded for Tim Tebow. It doesn’t take a very big leap to think that Tebow, who’s at his best when lining up in the shotgun and making plays with his feet, will take snaps in the Wildcat.

The biggest question facing the Jets is how often Tebow will take snaps. Will the Jets plan to insert Tebow for a few plays a game, and have him practice plays that specifically take advantage of his strengths? Or will Tebow get a chance to beat out Mark Sanchez for the starting job, and might Sparano be calling an entire game’s worth of plays that take advantage of his strengths?

Either way, it’s clear that Tebow has a skill set that Ryan and Sparano think they can use. John Elway and John Fox never wanted Tebow in Denver, but Ryan and Sparano do want him in New York.

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  1. I think the drama in New York is just beginning, and the pressure is mounting on Mark Sanchez to deliver, and the cries for Tebow will grow louder and louder with every bad pass by Sanchez. Great stuff!

  2. Just the right move to help that circus locker room. I’m sure his fanatical fans will be satisfied with him running the wildcat a few series a game. And of course this won’t threaten a man like Mark Sanchez. He’s totally secure in his position. Not emotional fragility there … not a bit.

    Thank you Jets … for this wonderful train wreck.

    Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained?

  3. Now they have two of the worst starting quarterbacks playing together in the same game great strategy

  4. I wonder if Rexy still thinks that the Wild-Cat is a gimmick. He seems to be putting he big fatt butt on the line with it.

  5. oh man tony sporano, rex ryan and tim tebow, the jets are gonna suck even worse this year

  6. I guess the Jets REALLY want to knock the Giants off the front page of the sports section. Wow!

  7. So Sanchez is getting somewhere around $10M and Tebow is betting about $2M, theres no way Tebow is going to get a chance to beat Sanchez for the starting job. Plus the Jets just signed Drew Stanton, they are clearly doing this just to sell tickets.

  8. Sanchez has to be shaking his head, now everytime he screws up the TEBOW shouts will start. Good luck Jet fans.

  9. Somebody wake me and tell me this is all a bad dream. Somebody please put Tbag on the cover of Madden 2013.

  10. The Wildcat was sooooooo sucessful for Miami. I gues that’s why Tony Sparano is with the Jets now.
    What a three ring circus!

  11. Jaguar season ticket owners are breathing a sigh of relief. There might have been an initial uptick in ticket sales, but it would have been very short lived, and the tarps would have remained. Our capacity is 68,000+ with them, so that is a NON issue. He would not have accounted for 15,000 season tickets….Glad that NYC will have that circus…..Jets must feel horribly inferior to the Giants to make this desperate move!!

  12. kane337 says:

    Teams still run the wildcat? That is sooo 2008.
    ROFL … true, true.

    Let the Jets run their wildcat. Just send Greg McElroy to Pittsburgh. We need a young backup capable of running a pro-style offense. Apparently that’s not a requirement for Jets’ QBs.

  13. Perfect solution for locker room problems, start a quarterback controversy. Nice work.

  14. Tebow is a better passer than Sanchez, already. It won’t take him 5 games to run Dirty down for the starting role. Timmy will be HUGE in New York


  15. A great combination:
    1. Rex Ryan’s salty language.
    2. Tebow’s religious faith.
    The amount of Tebowing required in that locker should result in knee surgery for Tebow by game 5.

  16. Here’s what I wrote for a picture of Manning and Tebow:

    Manning comes out wearing a #15 Jersey and bends down to ‘Tebow’ and then gets up and rips off the jersey and looks into the camera and tells the whole world, “This is my town Tim, now get out of town by sunset. (a year goes bye, and Tim Tebow MVP of the 2013 Super Bowl Jets call Manning and says ‘Thanks Peyton’.

    I wrote thsi before the Jets even consider the option. I hope it happens.

  17. I’m just relieved he’s not going to the packers. And when has Rex Ryan ever made a smart move as a head coach?

  18. cromartie eats the crow. this trainwreck is gonna be priceless teams are equipped to handle wildkitten offense retards triple chin toe jam n ryan are gonna try to run.. word up son nymean dunn. tommyboy still owns you you beat him what once twice. ahh I farted so hard it hurt olll ah uhh yeaa. jets just crashed and everyone got merked. i

  19. As a Jets fan, I couldn’t be happier with this move. Our red zone offense was one of the worst in the NFL last season. Tebow had the best red zone TD percenage in the NFL last season. I seriously doubt we could have done better with a 4th round pick.

    I’ll be buying my Tebow jersey as soon as it goes on sale.

  20. The Jets appear to be unraveling nearly as fast as the Dolphins. Do they really think the answer to their QB troubles is to install an entire offense based on a gimmick formation? What a joke.

  21. To imply that Sparano had any hand in conceiving of the Wildcat is ridiculous. Dan Henning stole it from somebody else who stole it from someone else. Tebow is there to take Sanchez’ job and then fail himself.

    Tim Tebow is the equivalent of a QB enema. He comes in, flushed out the system and bam the team is free to get totally new QB’s.

  22. Ny football fans understand the game and are not moved by religion. They know Tebow is not the answer as a full time starting qb in the nfl so there is no way you will hear Tebow chants in new jersey no matter what sanchez does.

    There is a much more diverse religious community in the ny/nj area and folks who buy their tickets care more about the game than the religion of their qb. Denver is made up of a more evangelistic population that pushed for Tebow for non football related reasons that I will be shocked to hear from any but the smallest minority of jet fans.

    Tebow gives Sanchez the most job security he’s ever had because he isn’t an nfl qb.

  23. All of the “circus locker room” talk is way overplayed. Tebow is a big boy….. I think he has heard a few curse words in Denver and had to deal with “bad guys” in the locker room. Pretty sure he and Cromartie won’t be hanging out at the club. It’s PROFESSIONAL football, people!

    They will use him in the Wildcat and goal line situations. Maybe add a few wrinkles that are new. Either way, the kid is a winner and I’m glad he’s on my team.

    If Sanchez is nervous about this…. Good! He needs to step up or get out of the way.

  24. I don’t get it… How does this help the Jets overtake the Patriots in the AFC east?? Didn’t Sparano and and Rex way watch the Patriots absolutely dismantle the Tebow led Broncos in the playoffs…

    Once again this reeks of a PR move … I swear the battle for the backpage takes precident to building winning football teams!!!

    I hate the jets and their fans but this move makes me actually feel sorry for them… wait … I’m over it!!!

  25. Sanchez can play on 4th down. But only when it’s 4th and long. And only when they are NOT going for it.

  26. Wildcat QB? Are you freaking kidding me? Tebow might not be Tom Brady when it comes to passing acumen, but neither is Mark Sanchez. All it’s gonna take is 1 bad game and the fans in NY are gonna be clamoring for Tebow. Just like in Denver. Tebow has more leadership ability and will to win in his pinky finger than Sanchez. After all, this is the QB who almost hospitalized Rex Ryan after a 95 yard game winning drive that left 58 seconds on the clock. Watch out NY! TebowMania is officially in the hizzie.

  27. You idiots! He’s never going to be the starting Qb.
    He’s going to run the Wilcat 10-15 times a game and probably score 10-12 tds. He’a a FB who works out of the shotgun. No head coach listens to you moron dolphin fans. Good luck with Henne.

  28. Granpoop- Its not a whole offense-Remember when Brad Snith ran 8-10 plays a game and led the Jets to 2 Championship games. That;s it! Its a package of plays for each game, not a whole offense! Good luck preparing for it. Jets back in the Championship and this year, they win it. Dolphins 6-10 as usual.

  29. At this point you know the Patriots are PRAYING that Tebow beats out Sanchez. Did you see the playoff game between Denver and NE?


    As someone living in Denver, I watched every game he played last year. Tim is a great guy and a horrible QB. Anyone who give him credit for those 8 wins doesn’t know football. There were defensive interceptions, fumble recoveries, 59 and 55 yard game winning field goals, and a lot of horrible QB play for 55 minutes in every game. Anytime they played a decent team, it was over early.

  30. Meanwhile the Bills and Patriots rejoice that they both get to play the tackling dummy twice a year now.

    And fans of the Bills and Patriots release a simultaneous Phew!!!

  31. As a Jets fan I am a little dumb founded by this move. I do have concerns about a “circus.” However, I do not believe a NY/NJ fan base will care about religion either.

    I know all the nonJets fans out there love to hate on Sanchez, but I’m happy enough with him AND I do not believe this threatens his starting position.

  32. Now, all that Timbow has to do is bring New York to its knees. It will be particularly hilarious to observe Rexy, the sexy fat ass, trying to stand up again.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that Tim is an excellent athlete but he has to play QB a lot better than he did at Denver. If he doesn’t, the red hot NY media will make his life miserable and career a lot shorter.

    Good luck, Tim. You’re going to need it.

  33. Tony gonna teach Timmy to kick field goals so he can keep the fist pumping?

    Just when you think you have seen everything………whammo!!!!

  34. Rex will meet Tebow at the airport and immediately take him shopping at Christian Louboutin so they can get off on the right foot.

  35. Tebow’s rankings for 2011 (14 games):

    attempts – 33rd
    completions – 35th
    completion % – 60th
    yards – 31st
    td’s – 28th
    passer rating – 40th

    Worst season ever by an NFL QB?

  36. Tebow can play man did you guys not watch the games he can move the pile he can throw a deep ball and the guys a winner why all the hate not a jet fan but watch the jets knock off the broncos in the playoffs …serious. It doesnt take a genius to know that if you know how to use him he can give the other team fits just like he did

  37. Ryan dropping F-bombs left and right while Tebow holds his playbook in one hand and his Bible in the other. Should be fun to see…

  38. Bout time to bash on another team and who better to bash on than the hated jets hahahahaha puke on jets!!!

  39. The “Bow” better find an earplug specialist. He’s gonna need a lot of’em!!!

  40. I have to say that, “as horrible the Jets are as a franchise and team it really doesn’t matter what they decide to do at this point. But with all due respect to New Jersey as being a new resident here, I have to also that they need all the luck in the world and heaven sent. So maybe they should give Tebow a try over Sanchez. Tebow sure has God on his side. I wish Tebow the best but the Jets the worst…”NEW ENGLAND RULES!!!”

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