Saints sign Brodrick Bunkley


You might have missed it in the wake of the Tim Tebow trade to the Jets, but the Saints actually found themselves in the news today.

No, not that bit of news. The team announced that they have signed free agent defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley to a five-year contract. There were no financial terms included in their release, but Mike Triplett of the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports that it is a $25 million deal with $9 million guaranteed.

“We are pleased to add Brodrick to our defensive line,” said general manager Mickey Loomis, who will miss the first eight games of Bunkley’s Saints career while he serves his bounty-related suspension, in the team’s statement. “He’s an energetic player that can contribute in stopping the run and will be a positive influence on our front four.”

Bunkley had a strong year in the middle of the Broncos’ defensive line, racking up 43 tackles in 13 starts for the AFC West champs. The 2006 first-round pick spent the first five years of his NFL career with the Eagles. The Saints’ top two defensive tackles from last season, Shaun Rogers and Aubrayo Franklin, are both free agents.

While the news is sure to be relegated to a sidebar given everything else going down in New Orleans on Wednesday, Bunkley’s addition is a reminder that there’s on-field matters the Saints need to attend to even as so much comes toppling down around them.

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  1. “…a reminder that there’s on-field matters the Saints need to attend to even as so much comes toppling down around them.”

    Such as making Drew Brees happy. I’d say that would have to be the first order of business now since you lose Payton and if you don’t have Brees on board you go from Super Bowl possibility back to the ‘Aints.

  2. no team will ever host the superbowl in their home stadium! saints have a 99.9% chance of not making it this year! ahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  3. He is a good run stopper but put zero pressure on the QB last year. That’s alot of money for a run stopper only.

  4. So Loomis can continue making player deals right up until the first game, and then what… he spends the time during each of the 8 games out in the parking lot or something?

  5. Bunkley was a good guy, but he wore at his welcome in Philly and.or didn’t fit their new scheme. I liked him, though.

  6. Bunkley was solid in the run game, but did nothing in the pass rush. He definately wasn’t worth 25M in Denver. Marcus Thomas, Ty Warren and whatever unnamed draft pick in April will do just fine for 2/3 less cost.

  7. I always thought he got a bad rap in Philly. He was solid against the run, and the dude is a physical specimen. Good luck, Bunk!

  8. nineroutsider says:
    Mar 21, 2012 2:57 PM
    So the GM suspension works how? He misses 8 games. Wow, he can’t watch 8 games from the luxury box.

    Please tell me there is more to it than that?!


    He can’t participate in the draft selection. He can’t participate in player evaluation as the team preps for mid-season trades. He can’t address contract issues if any player suddenly wants something done during the season…within the 8 weeks that is. If a major injury happens and they have to go outside of the team to trade for help or to look at unsigned players, he can’t do that. He can’t do a lot of things that a GM does behind the scenes. Do you think they get paid that much to sit in luxury boxes. Otherwise everyone would want to be a GM because everyone would be qualified because anyone can sit on their rear in luxury. The only person with an easy job is the owner because all they have to do is have tons of money and be willing to give it away in truck loads. The GM does the dirty work of the owner.

  9. It’s gonna be so much fun when the Saints shut y’alls pie holes in the superbowl this season. Geaux SAINTS!!!

  10. “It’s gonna be so much fun when the Saints shut y’alls pie holes in the superbowl this season. Geaux SAINTS!!!”


    I’m sure they’ll have good seats in the owner’s suite. Oh, the benefits of having the Super Bowl in your city!!!

  11. PhillyRick…even with the upcoming Defensive player suspensions and no Payton, the Saints have a much stronger chance of the 2013 SuperBowl than your over-hyped, dream-team Eagles.

    Good luck on playing at least 6 games with Vince Young at QB when Vick has his annual infirmary tour…

  12. Vince Young is a free agent (for the bazillionth time). The Eagles will be slinging it with Kafka and/ or Trent Edwards if Vick goes down.

  13. But Bunkley was later disappointed when he would not get the “bounty pay” promised to him in his contract done yesterday, before the news broke about having to end the bounty system. Now he is already asking for a trade!

  14. I hope the Saints Def. hit harder this season than before to prove they dont need a “bounty”

  15. There will be two firsts this year: The Saints will be the first team to win the Super Bowl in thier home town AND the Saints will be the first team to win a Super Bowl without a head coach. WHO DAT!

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