Saints were bracing for a four-game suspension for Payton

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When the NFL initially cracked the case of the Saints’ bounty program, coach Sean Payton didn’t believe he’d be suspended at all.  Once Payton appreciated the gravity of the situation, he understood a suspension was coming.

A league source tells PFT that Payton and the Saints specifically expected a four-game suspension.  Per the source, a plan already had been concocted for getting the interim head coach ready to take the reins, and Payton would have hunkered down and spent the month preparing for the games to be played later in the season.

And so a full-season suspension was jarring to Payton and to the organization.  But, really, what did they expect?

For starters, suspending a head coach for anything less than a full year is impractical.  That topic was debated extensively during Spygate.  If Patriots coach Bill Belichick had been sent home for a few weeks in 2007, he would have kept right on working, emerging even more prepared for the games he would have coached upon his return.  Also, absent ’round-the-clock surveillance, there’s no way to know that he wouldn’t have been secretly communicating with players or assistant coaches.

While a one-year suspension doesn’t guarantee that Payton will keep his distance, having him out of the picture for a full season as of April 1 gives the punishment a finite feel, forcing the remaining coaches to find a way to get it done without him.

That’s not to say Payton’s actions merited less than a year and the league simply rounded way up for ease of enforcement.  Though the NFL didn’t harp on the dishonesty angle in the initial announcement regarding the bounty program, the release regarding the punishment makes it crystal clear that Goodell was as troubled by the pattern of lies as he was by the underlying misconduct.

Clearly, we were lied to,” Goodell said Wednesday on NFL Network.  “[T]his went on for three years and it was investigated, we were misled, and there were denials throughout that period.”

As we explained two weeks ago, the March 2 NFL Security report explains that, when the league first investigated the situation in 2010, Payton instructed his staff to “get your ducks in a row.”  Wednesday’s announcement explains that, in the league’s opinion, Payton’s comment was intended to “encourage false denials.”

Then, after the false denials, the bounties brazenly continued for two years under Payton’s watch.

Considering those basic facts, it’s hard to understand why the Saints expected a suspension of only four games.  Truth be told, Payton should consider himself fortunate it wasn’t worse.

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  1. Their aggressive and persistent ignorance for what they’ve done shouldn’t surprise anyone.

    Dude lied to the league about knowing anything about it AND still gets caught with emails about it and explains (perjures himself) when asked again.

    If they couldn’t see this coming as more than 4 games, how the HECK did they ever get to be coaches in the NFL?

    Always amazes me what people claim to not know was wrong once they’re caught. If it wasn’t wrong – why lie about it. My 5 year old niece knows better.

  2. If baltimore’s O-line coach got 2 games for a DUI, and Jim Sweatervest Tressel got 6 games – there was no way in God’s green earth he’d get less than a half season.

    The scrutiny the NFL has been under for player safety and the cavalier conduct by Payton/Williams justified this suspension.

    Drew Brees is in limbo – the owner is almost FORCED to overpay him now, as he’s clearly the only person in a leadership position that can salvage next season for the Saints, and even THAT is debatable as you don’t know which players will be suspended or for how long.

  3. Even after 3 years of lies and deceit the arrogant bastards figured they were above the rules. Every bit of information I hear about the Saints makes me believe they were not punished enough.

  4. Its amazing how NFL Films and current NFL programming glorifies this exact type of play with legendary teams of the past, and today guys are getting 1 yr suspensions!

    Jack Lambert, Decon Jones, Jack Tatum, Mean Joe Green, Dick Butkus! All HOFs would be thrown out if the NFL.

    Very strong message, clearly no coach will condone anything like this again….

  5. When he said, “I’ll take full responsibility”, this is what happens. Full responsibility means a full measure of punishment. People throw that phrase around a lot, never thinking of what it really means. Brace yourself, Evy!

  6. “hey, I know… we don’t need to do the whole game playing nonsense each season, we’ll just start breaking bones and get ready for the SB… oh and if anybody asks, make sure you guys got the same lies to tell……”

    it’s straight up assault and battery, conspiracy, in multiple states… they should be glad the FBI isn’t looking at it…

    one year for Payton is light… can’t believe how delusional he is about it….

  7. The Tonya Harding-Nancy Kerrigan incident should be enough to set precedent since it is the exact same thing. someone being paid to take out another athlete to change the out come of the game and better your own chance of winning.. Shawn Eckhardt was sentenced to 18 months for racketeering and this by definition is a case of Racketeering. A pattern of illegal activity carried out as part of an enterprise that is owned or controlled by those who are engaged in the illegal activity. This can also include Sports bribery- they were bribed to injured players to the point to take them out of the contest thus effecting betting outcomes.
    If I was to pay someone $5000 to break someones leg I would go to prison immediately.

  8. If this were a court of law, then he would be sent to prison. If this were simply a story in corporate America, he would be fired, not just suspended. Payton has made millions, and will make millions more after this year. He got off easier than anybody here would have if we did the exact same thing at our job or in society. So screw you Payton!

  9. The Saints were wrong about something? Shocking.

    This isn’t over yet – I’m sure there will be an appeal process. I don’t see that going well for the Saints in the long-run, but it could delay these suspensions for a while.

    Lest we forget Starcaps.

  10. Write the real story. Goodell flexed his muscle and is home kissing himself.

    Belichick lies and gets a fine. This isn’t about lying. It’s about a lie.

  11. Pete rose was banished for gambling, payton and williams could’ve gotten the same treatment. I understand its a physical game, but to pay extra to try to purposely hurt someone or end there career? Maybe this wasn’t enough. Imo jail time would be better.

  12. @newenglandsports11 — Do you think Tebow is a bigger story than this? I don’t. The NFL cracking down on the Saints the way they did, is huge and historical. You might wish it wasn’t the biggest story of the day, but it is.

  13. Not to mention the donations of large amounts of cash from a guy with mob/gambling ties (also a felon) who somehow was allowed on the Saints sideline and in their locker room throughout the 2009 playoffs, and who somehow was given a Super Bowl Ring after his actions (and probable contact with NFL officials) resulted in the Saints going to the Super Bowl in the Vikings place.

    But hey, let’s not cloud the issue with facts…

  14. Favre lied to the NFL about Jenn Sterger and received not one day’s worth of a suspension, but he did have to spend that 2nd season with the Vikings so it all evens out in the end.

  15. I suggest Sean Payton to make his own instructional DVD for “as seen on TV” …

    How to pop pain pills and issue bounties, starring Super Bowl* winning coach Sean Payton!

    Only $19.95.

  16. They are arrogant. Even when caught, they still believe they were almost above the law. Couple issues on the rulings

    1. What business, suspends a employee for a year for misconduct and lying and doesn’t get fired

    2. Mike Vick, contributed financially, approved, covered up and lied about physically hurting dogs and went to prison for 2 years… Sean Payton (according to nfl) approved, covered up and lied about paying players to intentially hurt humans

    3. Think about it this way. A person or persons, pay other people to intentionally hurt other people physically, this crime was committed across many state lines, than they together knowingly conspired to cover up. And that’s not going to be investigated further???

    Football is the least of Sean Payton’s concern

  17. He is very lucky that he has a chance to coach the following year. The Commish did go light on him. He should get whatever Gregg Williams got, plus a day. He is more guilty in the Saints getting dinged than Williams. He is the HEAD COACH. He knew and had the chance to stop it. He could have fired Williams if Williams refused to stop. But, at the end of the day, he will get caught breaking the terms of his suspension and perhaps banned for life. He is the biggest black eye in NFL HISTORY. As an ATL fan…’s been a good day!!

  18. Let Brett Favre beat Sean Payton with a whiffle ball bat, film it and upload it to YouTube. Images of revenge will help get rid of the mental stain of seeing Brett’s photo of Peter Johnson he sent to Jenn Sterger.

  19. Big thanks to the Saints and Jets for getting my Dolphins off the front page. It was a long week, but you can always count on the Jets stupidity and someone’s lack of character to save the day.

  20. One year suspension– NO problem!

    Payton can start preparing for the team’s draft for the year after next! Easy!

    Plus, they’ll need this upcoming losing season to find a Drew Brees replacement.

  21. As I guess they waited for there season ticket down payment to start. It is all about the money
    that is the NFL. So what happens it’s all about rebuilding Sean will be out for a year and then what happens, I guess he gets fired and then moves on. You can’t think that he comes back stronger. So they have to hire a coach that doesn’t have mud on his face. So who is out there
    that want’s a one year contract. If you have a rotten egg in the dozen you throw them away and get another dozen. He lives in Dallas and he will leave this behind him and move on. Then he gets the Dallas job season after this.
    Remember he gave Gregg Williams money out of his pocket to come here, you think “that was the bounty money”. And that is what this is all about.

  22. shian11 point 3. describes how the NFL plays football during the regular season…

    those cops around the field will be pretty busy.

  23. Too bad for them.. Try a year!! Puts them right up there with the douches in New England (Spygate)…

    Oh and Gregg Williams… Buh-BYE!!

    I hear McDonalds is hiring….

  24. This whole thing is bull;@&$. One year suspension for Coach Payton? Are you freaking kidding me?! Roger Goodell and his cohorts are all a bunch of idiots. They have taken this thing way too far. Who governs Goodell? Why should one person have this much power? The idiot can do, or say what he damn well pleases with no one to answer to. This is wrong. Shame on the NFLPA for allowing this idiot to be so out of control. All you Saints haters out there go ahead and laugh it up, lick your chops, or do whatever else you do. We’re still going to be a competitive, and the fans down here will support the team even MORE now. What goes around comes around, and one of these days Goodell is going to piss off the wrong person, or people, and his lame ass will be ousted as the Commissioner. What a moron!

  25. It’s as if Payton was hit with unusually powerful force. Almost like there was intent to injure.

    Hmm. Sound familiar jack-ass?! Enjoy your year off you cheating bastard.

  26. First you say Payton and the Saints expected a 4-game suspension. Then you follow that up with “what did they expect?”

    Clearly they expected a 4-game suspension.

  27. From the Commissioner, quite expected. But this isn’t about safety as mush as it is the Commissioner’s place in history. He wants to known as the Commissioner who made the NFL safer. Any opportunity he can find to make himself more important.

    By this latest action, he’s decided to inject himself into the outcome of the future season. The Saints no longer have a head coach. The Rams no longer have a defensive coordinator. Both teams will be playing at a disadvantage. The outcome for the NFC South and the NFC West now belong to the Commissioner.

  28. Payton should be happy he wasn’t banned for life.

    Or maybe we should let other players go after his knees and legs and give him a couple of concussions?

    That would be fair….right?

  29. Don’t think this is over, the NFL has had these documents and has conducted the investigation so far. That doesn’t mean that now congress can’t step in and hold hearings on the issue, they did it for steroids in baseball and this has far worst implications than steroids since it actually does involve racketeering and sports bribery.

  30. Belichick suspended for 0 games and fined $500k.

    Payton suspended for an entire season and fined $8000k.

    I hope someone investigates Goodell’s finances for any sign of unaccounted income.

  31. What began with:
    “I did not have sexual relations with that woman!”

    And was interrupted by:
    “…vast right wing conspiracy…”

    Ended with:
    “I don’t recall…”

    Doesn’t anyone learn anything!?

    “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!”

  32. For those who love to pile on this is the perfect time for you to shine!

    With the events of the past few years “OFF THE FIELD” ,(the bounty gate stuff), show me on the FIELD where any SAINT player hit another player and they went out on a stretcher …… wont find any. the fact that this is all basically “clerical” makes it even more of a shame. That those people want to say every hit a SAINT made was a bounty hit that just stupid!

    The lies and deceit is what got them all this punishment and like any place else you lie to the man you get FINED by the man.

    side note if Micky doesnt lock up Brees long term this set back could be a put back to the old days of the ‘aints……

  33. Belicheat should have got a year off too. The patsuies gained a legit competitive advantage from their cheating. The saints just paid bonuses for what is already being done.

  34. Every fan of the other 31 teams in the NFL should be glad that the NFL has decided to brush under the rug all other “pay for performance” / “bounty” programs in NFL history.

    The NFL has decided to coverup all other programs and only go after the Saints.

    Toss any stones in glass houses any of you?

  35. Be careful all those out there gloating about this with their hatred for the Saints. You think the league is done with this? That there aren’t other bounty investigations going on? What will you say when its YOUR team????

  36. I wish my Vikings would have set up a bounty program… Saints got their rings, that’s all that matters… the rest of these punishments are kind of dumb.

    Saints Super Bowl Championship > the NFL’s ridiculous punishments, Brett Favre crying, the Vikings loss in the NFC title game, Kurt Warner’s career, etc.

    All that matters is that Super Bowl… I don’t care how you get it, but once you have it, no one (not even Goodell) can take it away from you.

    Kudos to the saints… Whatever it took to win that Super Bowl, I wish my Vikings would do that x10…


  37. gbaird25 says:
    Mar 21, 2012 10:31 PM
    I wonder if Smilin’ Hines Ward ever tried to injure anyone?

    Yes, but I think he did it for free.

  38. Anyone who was injured by the Saints during this regime should be looking for a lawyer right now and preparing to sue the Saints, the players and coaches involved, and the NFL.

  39. I’m surprised that there’s no appeal process. Mind you, I’m not saying he’d win or that this is unfair. What IS unfair, is the apparent lack of an opportunity for coaches to appeal when players can.

  40. rodgers419 says:
    Mar 21, 2012 10:53 PM
    Belichick suspended for 0 games and fined $500k.

    Payton suspended for an entire season and fined $8000k.

    I hope someone investigates Goodell’s finances for any sign of unaccounted income.

    Dumb ass, that’s not being fined. He’s suspended without pay. You’re counting the same punishment twice.

  41. No matter what Payton does from here on out, no matter if he comes back and wins 3 more Super Bowls as a Head Coach, he is never NEVER going to the Hall of Fame now.. For a relatively young guy to face, that’s gotta sting..

  42. By the posts from aints fans, it’s clear they’re living in denial like drew brees. Brees still doesn’t want to believe it , even after Payton, Williams, Benson, etc. etc. have all finaly admitted it and apologized. I always thought Brees was a little sharper than that…..guess not.
    I think the draft pick loss should’ve been a #1pick for next year becuz with this punishment, there’s a good chance that the Aint’s could have a very low draft pick which in essence would be like a reward….which shouldn’t happen.

  43. Payton and company got what they deserved. It is the city and Saints fans who are the ones who really got screwed. No head coach plus other coaches taking part of the up coming season off without pay and who knows what is going to happen to the players involved in this mess. Glad I am not a season ticket holder.

  44. Could what Gregg Williams and Sean Payton did be considered Racketeering? Let’s see:

    –It was an orginzation formed within the team for an illegal activity (assualt and battery of players beyond simply tackling them)

    –This illegal organization collected money for this activity.

    This is kinda loose in its interpretation, but the FBI could investigate them for RICO Act violations. Wow, wouldn’t that be a great way for Gregg Williams and Sean Payton to spend their Summer!

  45. I understand sticking by your men, I know what loyalty is, but any time you’re trying to defend a lie as more honorable than the truth, you’re probably making a mistake… a very very big mistake.

  46. Question: Which is worse? The spying system or the bounty system? In my opinion, spying is cheating and paying for performance is motivation. It’s hard for defensive players to up and change, when they have been thought there football lives to knock the ball carrier out. As long as its a legal hit.

  47. vtopa says:Mar 21, 2012 11:12 PM

    Be careful all those out there gloating about this with their hatred for the Saints. You think the league is done with this? That there aren’t other bounty investigations going on? What will you say when its YOUR team????

    You might want to be a little more informed before you post sillyness. The league addressed the other 31 teams as they handed out the sentences today. They said all 31 WERE investigated and NO evidence was found of a bounty program. Just for the record….if it were my team…..I’d say that if you are that stupid not to destroy any evidence that might incriminate you, then you deserve what you get.

  48. “sdisme says:
    Mar 21, 2012 10:25 PM
    Write the real story. Goodell flexed his muscle and is home kissing himself.

    Belichick lies and gets a fine. This isn’t about lying. It’s about a lie.”

    Wrong. Belichick didn’t lie to the Commish after they were caught. He admitted it and turned over the tapes he had. Which probably included shots of other teams doing the same thing to the Pats that they were doing to other teams.

    Belichick did ignore a league memo to stop doing so if you were engaged in that practice.

    The Saints lied to the league during the investigation for 3 years repeatedly, including after they got caught.

    You are right however in that this isn’t just about lies. Its about engaging in the despicable practice of paying players to intentionally injure other players. They’re lucky so far that no criminal charges have been filed. If I paid you to intentionally injure another poster on PFT, you and I would go to jail if caught.

    And while I don’t know how many players were injured by the Saints in that 3 years period, and how many had their careers ended by the Saints, I do know that the players who were victimized are most likely talking to attorneys all over the US tonight so they can begin the process of preparing their lawsuits against the Saints, Williams, Peyton, Loomis, the linebackers coach and the Saints defensive players.

    The half million the league fined the Saints is going to pale in comparison to the damages the juries are going to hand out to the players the Saints injured.

  49. Payton will never coach another game in the NFL. Orney has ratted him out. The saints gambling evidence is OVERWHELMING. Goodell is not gonna let a NFL coach be arrested while on the sidelines,Payton will go to jail for a long period of time

  50. strike their championship from the records, take their tainted trophy and rings. suspend involved players for the season and ban sean payton, gregg williams,mickey loomis and even vitt . from any level of organized football for life. but let them keep their 2 2nd round draft picks!

  51. I am willing to bet there will be some sort of appeal or lawyers will get involved and Payton will be coaching by week 8. That was probably Goodell’s plan all along. Make the penalty look harsh, then cut it in half after an appeal. That way Peyton gets punished and Goodell comes away looking like a tough guy.

  52. 1-The lies to coverup is what got them into trouble. 2-It did not cost the Vikings a Superbowl. 3- What the Patriots did was worse

  53. Peyton (and everyone else) deserves what they got. What do you expect when you lie to the commish, and then continue with the bounty sytem for another 2 years? Nobody likes to be slapped in the face. Well Peyton now has a whole year to look himself in the mirror. Will be interesting to see what punishment is handed down to the players.

  54. Here’s what the Saints need to do, First they need to get Drew Brees to sign a 1 year tender I guess it’s called and then trade him to the Indianapolis Colts for the number 1 pick in the draft and also get D.Freeney in the mix somehow some way. Then they either pick Robert Griffin or Andrew Luck, they are not going to the Super Bowl this year that’s obvious, but with Freeney and Luck they would make headlines news for the positive and also maybe just fire Shaun Payton that may sound crazy but it would be beneficial to the team and also get rid of Loomis who isn’t very good to even let this Drew Brees situation get to this point and he had something to do with the bounty’s too.
    Some of the choices for head coach would be the usual cast of characters like Cowher, Billick Green, Mangini and so forth but,( I doubt it) but maybe even Rob Ryan if Dallas would let him go.
    Spags is not a really good head coach yet and I don’t know about Carmichael yet but they could stay possibly in their positions if it is alright with the new head coach.

    With Drew Brees in Indy they would be able to rebuild faster and he is proven to be a great leader and be on and off the field.
    That’s just a suggestion but what do I know I am just a mastermind, “who callzz em AZ I seezzzz em”.

    Has approved this message

    JD Master Mind

  55. As a long time suffering Viking fan I’m glad to see justice done. Although I don’t see the bounty as costing the Vikings a SB appearance (the 12th man in the huddle penalty and 6 turnovers did) Looking back at that title game I knew something was going on and Favre was on to it as well and was right. Those fans who are saying the penalty is too harsh should think about if it happened to their team. They’d be singing a different tune!

  56. Hey easy on the pill talk. Perks and Vikes are great, cept when you have to “brace” for a turd the size of a brick.
    Note to Payton: can’t get your meds now that you don’t have a job? Come see me I got you bro.

  57. You Saints fans blindly supporting your boy and crying about how unfair the punishment is remind me of all the Penn State kids defending the head coach that covered up for the pedophile…

  58. Congress, the league punished the Saints this harshly for Congress. This is the type of action that impresses congressional oversight committes enough to believe that the league is genuinely concerned about safety (and they are…now). The league doesn’t want government in football and neither do I.

    Every team received the message loud and clear and that will help the league when they are summoned by Congress. Safety will become an even larger issue over the next decade.

    Plus, let’s be honest, the Saints were brazen in their defiance of the League; the office would have no teeth if did much less. The league isn’t just getting on players anymore and I respect that.

  59. While I too was shocked at first at the severity of the punishment for Coach Payton, “upon further review,” the two things which warranted it are his lying / covering up the bounties, and the ongoing investigation/monitoring by the league. It’s not like the Saints had no warning about this.
    And yes, they were made an example, and I expect other teams will take notice.

  60. You have to love how the NFL works the punishments come down about a week after our non-refundable season ticket fees were due. I guess they had to allow enough time for all the checks to clear.

    What a joke it is always about the $ but no worries this is just a bump on the road for a franchise that travels a road with a lot of bumps. We can function without Payton we did fine last year when he broke his leg. It’s just time for guys to step up. If the NFL suspends defenders that is fine too it’s not like the defense has been great so new guys might make us better.

    Who Dat!! We can’t be stopped even by the Comish!!!

  61. What is it about players and teams in the cities that are hosting the big events.

    The PEYTON saga the year Indy hosted the Super Bowl.

    The PAYTON saga the year NoLa hosts the Super Bowl.

    The Dwight Howard saga the year Orlando hosts the All-Star Game.

    Heck, even St. Louis having hosted half of the World Series (I guess) is having problems with the whole Edward Jones Dome fiasco and the loss of Albert Pujols.


  62. I am totally down with Williams’ suspension, but I find Coach Payton’s punishment a little harsh, I thought he’d get an 8 game. I guess I don’t understand what this really proves other than the NFL trying to look like they are taking every step, from here on out, to make sure players are safer. To me it smells like over compensation. Every other aspect of the punishment makes sense to me but Payton’s and Loomis’. In the end these men may have lied to the Commish, but this is a make up punishment, no doubt about that. Let’s not forget the loss of picks and all the money… to say otherwise smells of anti-saint bias (picture your team in this situation if it helps).

  63. mikea311 says: Mar 21, 2012 10:17 PM

    the whole “without pay” part is kind of harsh
    Ummm why? He should get 8 mill and not have to work? That’s called a paid vacation. I can’t stand when people get suspended w/o pay as a “punishment”. It isn’t one.
    And no their SB is just fine…they earned it on the field with gameplanning and execution. Besides Manning wasn’t one of the guys they had a proven bounty on. “tainted championships”=lol And so is calling anything “SPY” anything when it is something done out in the open in front of 70k people (and everyone viewing on tv) who can all watch (and tape) the exact same thing being taped from the sidelines.

  64. Jail the Saints! Criminal conspiracy to commit assault across state lines is a Federal offense. This is a criminal matter that extends beyond the boundaries of the playing field.

    Any Saints player, coach or front office personnel involved should be indicted. After a fair trial, all guilty parties are expected to do time in prison. Just like anyone else in America.

    This is no different than two guys from Jersey going over to Brooklyn and kneecapping a couple of wise guys. Fines and suspensions are not enough.

  65. redstar504 says:
    We can function without Payton we did fine last year when he broke his leg.
    Um Hello McFly! When he broke his leg he was in the coaches box upstairs, and was involved in every aspect of the game calling all the shots. With this he will be lucky to even be in the same state the games are to be played. What a stupid statement.

  66. Stupid thing to do, even stupider to put it down on paper ; he deserves the suspension just for being stupid!

  67. I’m still amazed at how closely he resembles Frankie Muniz (“Malcolm” from Malcolm in the Middle).

  68. Commissioner Goodell pulled a trick play on that one. Fooled the Saints, came around for the sack on Sean Payton and knocked him out for the whole season.

    Who Dat them there Saint fans wearing paper bags on their heads?

  69. I’m surprised the NFL didn’t try to find a way to blame part of this on Suh. Seems like his rep is so bad if something is wrong in the NFL blame him for it.

  70. Are they stupid or what,three years this had been going on,even while they knew the NFL was investigating and they had to lie to Goodell to keep it going,the heat was on yet they continued their illegal activities,they all deserve lifetime suspensions for stupidity alone,they were better in some ways when they were the Aints,at least they were an honorable team back then who played by the rules. offensive players all over the NFL should be thanking Goodell in emails,after all its their hide he is looking to protect and this certainly will help them out.

  71. All the folks crying foul on Payton losing his $8 mil salary have taken jock sniffing to a new level. I guess we can call that “clipboard sniffing”. That large salary was all the more reason to take the investigation seriously and not lie to the league. He know what he was risking, even if he clearly did not consider the ramifications thoroughly enough. His choice, his consequence. Cry me a river.

    Meanwhile, the Saints organization comes out +$7.5 million out of this “punishment”. Congrats, Tom Benson!

  72. @ All of the people saying that Belichick deserved a year suspension too. Ill help you out for a moment.

    The Patriots cheated, they video taped signals and yada yada. When the league investigated, they stopped, handed in the evidence, and took their punishment.

    The Saints tried to take key players out of games through illegal late hits and cheap shots. When the league investigated them, Payton and the rest of them lied, hid evidence, and did not comply with the league. Also, while being investigated, the Saints continued to do the bounty thing for 3 more years.

    Tell me, which one is worse.

  73. tduhe1- you clearly are a brainwashed saints fan as no one can deny how they acted was immoral and illegal not only in the NFL but in a court of law. if someone put a bounty on Brees you would be up in arms for someone’s head but since it was your beloved team you hate they were punished and honestly it should have been more severe. get over yourself and actually have some concern for the players.

  74. harrisonhits2 says:
    Mar 21, 2012 11:53 PM
    “sdisme says:
    Mar 21, 2012 10:25 PM
    Write the real story. Goodell flexed his muscle and is home kissing himself.

    Belichick lies and gets a fine. This isn’t about lying. It’s about a lie.”
    Wrong. Belichick didn’t lie to the Commish after they were caught. He admitted it and turned over the tapes he had. Which probably included shots of other teams doing the same thing to the Pats that they were doing to other teams.

    Belichick did ignore a league memo to stop doing so if you were engaged in that practice.

    The Saints lied to the league during the investigation for 3 years repeatedly, including after they got caught.

    Belichick couldn’t lie…he was caught red-handed. I figured that it was only a matter of time until one of you New England douches would try and use this Saints controversy to whitewash the cheating that your team did. Congrats on being the first of many.

  75. You got to belieive the entire punishment for Payton is spelled out in large black letters. All we’ve been told is one year suspension and no pay.
    He may have been instructed no contact in person or electronically during the games?

  76. As a final twist of the knife, NFl should ban ‘Taints from all prime time games.

    Look on the bright side, at least Payton can plan for the Number 1 draft pick for 2013.

  77. There has been no proof shown that the Saints injured other players. It isn’t on the tapes of the Saints games, and Goodell hasn’t shown anyone any proof, of any kind. Drew Brees nailed it when he stated, “I’d like to see the proof.”
    Bear in mind, Goodell isn’t known for showing proof.
    If he likes you, he destroys the evidence.
    If he likes you, he slaps you on the wrist, lightly.
    If he likes you, he allows you to keep the win where you were caught cheating.
    Goodell is a power hungry Czar who should be banned from the NFL, indefinitely.
    If the other 31 teams don’t come to the defense of this mockery of, “So-Called”, justice, they can expect the same nonsense to come their way.
    Make that 30 teams. The Patriots are obviously excluded, as has already been proven.
    If you are going to claim to have 18,000 pages of proof, then show it.
    If you are going to be the punisher, show proof of the charge.
    Goodell is a joke, and if the NFL doesn’t look into his nonsense, The NFL is doomed.

  78. 1, Brees should of thought of that before he dropped his joke of a law suit and agreed to a CBA that says suspensions are the at the sole discression of the NFL commissioner
    2, Why would he need to “show” the evidence? The coaches have admitted it went on. There is no “if” question here
    3, if nothing was done (and consider yourself lucky, many, myself included, think they got off light), the NFL would be a joke. Besides the fact of the imorrality of TRYING to injur (not hurt) a guy, you make the salary cap a joke by paying players and not reporting it, and you make the whole system suspect when a 3rd party that doesn’t even work for the team can contribute to it (i’ll just point out, without going in to, his felony record, and gambling ties)

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