Seahawks announce deal with offensive lineman Omiyale


The Seattle Seahawks announced Wednesday night that they have agreed to terms with offensive lineman Frank Omiyale, formerly of the Bears.

The Seahawks’ website release on Omiyale’s signing cites his familiarity with the “zone-blocking scheme” installed last year by offensive line coach Tom Cable. Omiyale, now 29, played for Cable in Atlanta early in his career.

Omiyale goes 6-foot-4, 315, and can play four positions on the offensive line. In Seattle, he will likely provide competition for projected starting right guard James Carpenter and right tackle Breno Giacomini.

Carpenter, the Seahawks’ first-round pick last April, is tentatively expected to move from tackle to guard.

45 responses to “Seahawks announce deal with offensive lineman Omiyale

  1. Not familiar with this guy. Bears fans, what’s this dudes deal? Scrub? But added depth couldn’t hurt.

  2. “Omiyale goes 6-foot-4, 315, and can play four positions on the offensive line.” …poorly. Good luck with a turn-style who likes to false start.

  3. Adding veteran OL depth certainly can’t hurt the Hawks any, especially one who is familiar with Cable’s zone blocking system…

  4. hawkitnow -Omiyale is a horrible player, and I’m not being hyperbolic. After watching him false start and get beat repeatedly you’ll be screaming for him to be cut.

  5. Why does PFT even try and talk about the Seahawks? Moffitt was, is, should be the starting RIGHT guard next season. They are talking about moving Carp from Right tackle to LEFT Guard this year. It all depends on how BOTH come back from season ending knee injuries last year.
    And this guy they just signed is a camp body at best.

  6. “In Seattle, he will likely provide competition for projected starting right guard James Carpenter and right tackle Breno Giacomini.”

    Carpenter is the starting right tackle, and Giacomini is his back-up who played well when Carpenter was injured. Omiyale’s versatility means he could take over at left guard since Gallery, the starter last year, was released.

    That said, Carpenter played some guard in college and pairing him on the left side with Okung is an interesting option if Omiyale or Giacomini take the right tackle spot.

  7. If you are a seahawks fan you should be as excited about this acquisition as your best friend dying. As a die hard bears fan, he ifs the worst scrub offensive lineman I’ve seen i’m the past year. He makes Chris Williams look like Logan Mankins.

  8. His nickname in Chicago was Frank Oh My God because anytime he took the field every Bear fan in the stadium OMG !!! Cutler is going to get killed. This guy is without a doubt the worst OL I have seen in watching over 40 years of NFL He makes Stan Thomas look like a HOF player. Is Tim Ruskell back as GM ?

  9. cup0pizza says:
    Mar 21, 2012 9:37 PM
    Sounds like he sucks. Will fit in well with the Seahacks.

    Well that was a mature analysis of the move. Im guessing “Seahacks” was more likely a typo on your part than a super witty attempt at humor.

  10. LOL!! “sounds like he sucks” doesn’t even begin to describe it! Good luck keeping your QB out of the emergency room. “zone blocking”!?! Seriously? I would have been happy with ANY blocking. PUH-LEEEZ!! Uhhhh-bye-bye……

  11. As a Bears fan, I’ve watched him for the last three seasons. To say he’s awful is a terrible understatement. He’d be overwhelmed by a team full of high school players.

  12. A Falcons Jim Mora-Gregg Knapp late round pick from ’05 has held on so long it’s shocking, as many of the draft picks of that foul era have been huger busts than Kat Dennings.

  13. Sorry Seattle. How this guy still gets jobs in NFL is beyond me. I guess it pays to be 6’8″ 340. That’s the ONLY thing he’s got going. He definetly stood out on a team of terrible lineman as the worst.

  14. You might want to warn Flynn to watch his blind side, that is if Frank the Tank doesnt false start first. The only thing this guy blocked in Chicago was the the guy behind him in the buffet line. Enjoy Seaturkeys!

  15. Seattle fans, do not be happy about this. He had the worst season (and career with the Bears) I have ever seen. He was relegated to deep on the bench of the worst offensive line in the league.

  16. They call him Frank OhMyGod here in Chicago. He really hasn’t played well at all. Maybe he just needs a fresh start. He got decent money from the Bears so at some point he was at least above avg.

  17. As a Bears fan my favorite thing about Omiyale is that he is no longer a Chicago Bear. He was never good but Jerry Angelo signed him so that should explain why he was signed to an extension.

  18. ROTFLMAO, OMG the Hawks signed Frank OMG. The quickest way to the QB is through Frank OMG. Not even Tice could get THE turnstile straightened out. LOL, poor Seattle QB!

  19. I had not heard that Carpenter was projected for right guard. His injury is one that may not allow him to even start the season. I would expect that if he moves to guard that it will be Gallery’s old spot at left guard.

  20. you mean somebody actuallly signed this guy? I mean there is dsparate and then there is signing this turnstile! possibly the worst angelo signing of all time and that is saying something. did the coaches actually watch him play last year? is there not enough tape out there to show how awful he is? they signed him because he played for a coach early in his career? god I hope flynn is mobile because he will be running for his life if this guy is starting.

  21. Frank Ohmyhell is a decent back-up. If he were to start, RT is probably his best chance for success.

    Bear Down

  22. On behalf of all Bears fans, HAHAHAHAHA!
    The only thing Omiyale should be blocking is the doorway at the Burger King.
    Consider this our revenge for Tim Ruskell.

  23. Remember how Cutler kept getting sacked?

    Remember the times Cutler didn’t get sacked but got drilled to the turf by the D-lineman that was unblocked?

    Too many of those were his assignment.

    I’m talking about a DE is the farthest outside guy vs OMG and there is no line stunt just 1 on 1 blocking. There is no question who blocks who. OMG loses the battle consistently.

    The worst offensive lineman I’ve seen in a Bears uniform in my almost 20 years watching every single game.

    My buddy texted me a link to this page and his comment was “lol.”

    Seahawks fans, you will loathe Frank OMG.

  24. Consider the fact that when Gabe Carimi got hurt in week 2, after several weeks of Omiyale floundering, they (in desperation) decided to go with a career guard in Lance Louis who had never played a snap at tackle rather than stick with this guy.

    Also consider that he was initially signed to be a guard but they had to move him back to tackle after failing there.

    Essentially he has proven that he cannot play guard OR tackle. Just because he’s played there, doesn’t mean he can.

    … but he’s a very nice guy so that’s something.

    Bear Down

  25. “Open-Door” Omiyale. Sprinkle in a little common sense and you get your short, sweet, analysis of this guy. He’s a bum. Hawkitnow, we put up with Ruskell and company, so the least you could do is take this guy for us! Thanks!!

  26. LT – Okung
    LG – McQuistan/Carpenter
    C – Unger
    RG – Moffitt
    RT- Giacomini/Carpenter

    Omiyale is DEPTH. The only way he has a chance at starting is if Moffitt isn’t ready to go in September. Evan Silva, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s better to shut up.

    Also, the “revenge for Ruskell” comment was pretty funny; he’s a horrible talent evaluator. He single-handedly screwed over the Seahawks. We have just now restocked our talent to the level when Ruskell took over as GM. I hate Tim Ruskell.

  27. It should tell you something that the Bears cut this guy. IT’s the Bears, they have the worse offensive line in the NFL, and they CUT THIS GUY! Enough said, and I am a die hard Bears Fan!

  28. i’ll put it this way…we just re-gifted him to seattle. merry christmas from chicago bears fans.

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