Tebow picks the Jets

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They say you can always go home again.  And Tim Tebow will wait a while to test out that theory.

Reportedly given the choice between a trade to the Jets and a trade to the Jaguars, Tebow has picked the Jets over the team that plays in his hometown of Jacksonville.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Broncos will send Tebow and a seventh-round pick to the Jets in exchange for a fourth-round and sixth-round selection.

The Jets also will reimburse the Broncos for half of the $5 million salary advance the Broncos paid under Tebow’s contract.

UPDATE 9:00 p.m. ET:  In what may be the first case of Schefter-on-Schefter crime, ESPN’s Adam Schefter followed his tweet explaining that Tebow will choose between the Jets and Jaguars with a tweet explaining that the Broncos will make the best decision for the franchise.  Either way, Tebow is a Jet.

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  1. Noooooooooooooooo. I’m going to have to root against you now Tebow, why’d you have to pick the Jets?!

  2. Wow I guess Tebow figures he has a better chance of beating Mark Sanchez out for the starting job then he could against Blaine Gabbert. Says alot about Sanchez…

  3. Thank you Tebow! The Three Ring Circus just gained a new clown! If you thought the Jet’s locker room was bad last year just wait!

    Go Pats

  4. I’m a jets fan but I don’t like that we got punked for a 4 6 and 2.5 mill that’s highway robbery.

  5. Even the Jaguars couldn’t protect the Jets from themselves. Why? Because in NYC with the NYJ, all that matters is creating a CIRCUS. They’re great at it and it apparently trumps winning.

  6. WOW it so great to be a Giants fan!!! Too bad it’s baseball season and my Mets suck!

  7. Dear HBO Sports,

    Please make the Jets the permanent featured team on Hard Knocks.

    Football Fans Everywhere Who Love Watching Trainwrecks

  8. Come on, Schefter said that the BRONCOS WOULD DO THE DEAL THAT WAS BEST FOR THEIR TEAM. Tebow had no choice in the matter.

    You don’t expect those scumbags to suddenly develop a conscience, do you? They gave Schefter bad info to get themselves off the hook.

  9. He goes to Jacksonville he’s the instant starter, fans will be calling for his head the moment he starts to lose games and throw 8 of 24. He goes to New York, and everyone knows that the back-up QB is always the fan favorite when the starter sucks. So he’ll have a fall guy in Sanchez.

  10. The Jag’s organization is SO bad Tebow would rather go to the circus in NY than go home where he’s beloved? Wow, Jacksonville, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  11. Ok he’s got stones, walking into that slow motion car-crash of a team. I’ll give him that…

  12. Wow how lousy is playing in Jacksonville?Tebow would rather sit the bench in New York than start for the Jags

  13. Is Tebow on drugs? Or is God telling him to pick the most dysfunctional franchise? I thought it was a no-brainer that he would choose Jacksonville, where he could start and be the homecoming hero. Instead he’ll go to NY, where he’ll be a gimmicky publicity stunt. What a joke. God steered you wrong Tebow.

  14. Wow!

    And by that, I mean WOW!!!

    Had Tebow opted for the Jags, he’d have had greater starting opps, and a muuuuch longer leash to work with.

    In addition, it’d have been much more media-friendly than the unforgiving prey-on-the-misery-of-others scribes in Gotham. The Post is the unmerciful worst.

    Also, he also could not have been faulted for going home – unlike now, where his homies may feel quite jilted and resentful.

    Personally, I don’t see Tebow as an NFL-caliber QB — though he is an absolute world class human being (IMO).

    Tebow is not some soul-less hypocrite, like some bible thumpers are. Tebow walks the walk — he truly is amazing in how much he gives of his time, how much he tries to benefit others, how hard he works to do it … relentlessly. One example is how he’s busting his tail for underprivileged folks in the Phillipenes.

    Gosh, I hope it works for the guy – but fear (and expect) the worst. I hope the guy proves me wrong — he knocked my Steelers out of the postseason last year, so it could happen (I suppose).

    Good luck Tebow — but I think J’ville would have been a much better choice — for more reasons than I mentioned here.

  15. This is a last gasp attempt by the Yets GM and coach to save their jobs. First Sanchise, and now Jesus junior. Glad my job doesn’t ride on those two.

  16. Who F()$@), cares. He is a bum and should not be on any nfl roster I would pick him over maybe three qb in the nfl. It’s ridiculous that we waste so much time on a qb who is terrible. I would live for him to date my daughter just but not qb my team

  17. HAHA! the sorry pathetic jaguars and their loser fans who dress like tarps during games get clowned again. oh well, at least the jaguars can go after the colts scraps like they do every year. the only team the loser jags and their fans get up for is when they play indianapolis, that is their superbowl, the jags will never play in a superbowl and that joke city jacksonville will never host a superbowl again HAHA!

  18. LA Jaguars, Original joke there. Jets can have Tebow. Fans here didn’t want him and yes que the all 4 of them as another original joke. Point is Tebow wouldn’t have sold over 16,000 tickets to take the tarps off.

  19. Good thing they re-signed Alex Smith of the East Coast to that big extension. How quick will the Tebow chants start? Good bye dirty Sanchez.


  20. Tim and his holier than thou fans are making their way to NY…God help us in the NY/NJ area.

    Tim only choose NY because him and Blaine Gabbert have the same agent. Plus, he knows the media hates Sanchez and want him out of NY. Him going to NY only means his rabid fans will be screaming for him to get in a game as soon as Sanchez messes up vs. having Blaine constantly looking over his shoulder.

    Rexs just demonstrated why the Giants will always be the Stars of NY. What a dumb behind move. Like Jets needed to sell tickets.

    Let the media three ring circus begin. We all know Tim loves it because he seems to love being the center of attention.

  21. I think we have a real horse race now between the Jets and Dolphins for most dysfunctional franchise. +1 for the NYJ!

  22. It should be noted that after watching him play in the NFL his value went from a first round pick to (what basically amounts to) a 4th round pick in the minds of NFL general managers.

    Take that for what it’s worth.

  23. Apparently he doesn’t think he can beat out Henne and Gabbert.

    The Jets are probably the best position for him to get playing time. Jets loved to run wildcat when they had Brad Smith. Once he was gone, they went away from it.

    The Jets new OC is Tony Sparano. He’s the guy that made the wildcat popular again.

    Going to Jets guarantees his 10-15 plays a game where going to Jacksonville gets him Laurent Robinson as the only WR.

  24. Rex Ryan is like the boyfriend who keeps on cheating and every time he gets caught he promises to never do it again.

    Tebow might not be a good QB but he’s a great leader. I think that’s the primary reason the Jets are bringing him in to teach Sanchez a few things about leadership.

  25. How long before he’s caught in a Times Square flea pit with a Puerto Rican hooker?

    Seriously… I hope he does well. Popular players being successful is good for the entire league..

  26. Funny how when I up vote a comment, it goes back to the previous # and the down vote gets one. Just like my Dolphins.

  27. Good lord. Timsanity? Thanks Jets, thanks for mixing the NY media with Tim Tebow. I may never watch another sports news show or visit a sports web site, or listen to sports talk radio again. Glad he is not on my team. A big Tebow Distraction to a team that already has distractions. LOL

  28. Sorry, but I told all my friends America was not ready for a pro bowl hispanic like Dirty Sanchez…I was right. Guy is awful. Hope that Tebow has more success

  29. you know tebow just went their because he assumes sanchez is a closeted gay too. how long before their caught hand and hand at the airport like some republican senator, and the young filipino boy he got off craigslist.

  30. Im really surprised he chose the jets – but I guess at heart he is a competitive football player and knows his best chance at success is playing with a better team. he makes less than Brad Smith did and will be better at the wildcat for all those that didnt like the fact we let him go last year

  31. Reminds me of a quote that applied to the Skins last year: “If you have 2 quarterbacks, you have no quarterback.”

  32. The Broncos made a great deal — the Jets have to pay them and give them two respectable draft picks to remove the cancer from their team.

    $5M can get you a pretty good backup QB that can actually throw the ball and read a defense.

  33. Wilbur Thomas Foxtrot the Jets? Did Tebow pick this or did Denver, this is all going too fast and somebody is not getting their stories right. Adam??

  34. This will be big for Tebow and the Jets. Im a Dolphin fan and I don t like this. You all underestimate this kid. Even Vinny Testaverde became a good QB in his later years and this kid is just geting started. Honestly I think he is the protipical QB of the future.

  35. thenewenglandpatriots12 says:Mar 21, 2012 8:57 PM

    Wow I guess Tebow figures he has a better chance of beating Mark Sanchez out for the starting job then he could against Blaine Gabbert. Says alot about Sanchez…
    Seriously…some of you NFL fans are seriously brainwashed.

  36. Damn JAX, this is kinda like getting rejected by ur childhoold gf the night before Senior prom…………..except she’s 300lbs, has a prostetic leg, and down syndrome

  37. Good for Tebow and the Jets. I think New York will be a good fit. Looking forward to running into him in Morristown. I think New York will love this kid….and a few of the women. Hail!!

  38. Tebow didn’t pick the Jets. No team would let a guy choose what team he gets traded to. It’s just stupid to think they would do that. Denver owes Tebow zilch which coincidentally will be his passer rating.

  39. Wow! Tebow’s going to the Jets to play for Rex “Satan” Ryan…….(the head coach who couldn’t define “class” or “leadership” if you gave him a dictionary). At least there’ll be someone with a clue wearing Green and White now.

  40. This is really good news for the Dolphins. Now owner Stephen Ross can not do something really stupid; get Tim Tebow to put fans in the stadium.

  41. Wonder what the Jets recievers think about this? They are gonna be getting as much action as a nerd at a prom.

  42. Again guys, The Broncs made this decision…Not Timmy. He’s probably praying right now that he won’t be surrounded by a-holes in the locker room this year.

  43. I love it! Going to Jacksonville would have been the easy way out, and Tebow chose the more difficult path… Good luck Tim, I just gained more respect for you.

  44. If I may be the one to actually post a comment that does not contain a failed joke about tarps, LA, or Christianity – this one really surprises me.

    If, as reported, Tebow was given the choice of where to go and he turned his back on his hometown I am just shocked.

    It will be interesting from a local perspective to see how this plays out in Jacksonville. If the Jags did all they could and he said “no thanks” I wonder if he’ll still be the hometown hero tomorrow morning. There could be LOT of angry people at his next golf tournament/autograph session/etc.

    The NFL is truly a soap opera now. And I love it.

  45. I just blew a mouthful of beer out of my nose when I read the story headline and busted out laughin’, YIKES!

  46. It shouldn’t surprise anyone to know that the Jaguars have less population per stadium seat than any NFL team. The average population per stadium seat in the NFL is 67.92. The median is Phoenix at 44.42. The largest is New York City at 264.34. Below are the bottom five teams in terms of population per stadium seat:

    Jacksonville (15.08)
    Buffalo (15.81)
    Nashville (17.90)
    New Orleans (19.36)
    Charlotte (20.43)

    What does this mean? Well on any given Sunday the Jaguars need one out of every 15.08 people that live in the four county area to buy a ticket and show up for the Jaguar game. Whereas, in the average NFL city they need one out of every 67.72 people to buy a seat to sell out.

    And by the way…….the Jags are only 25th in attendance……ahead of Chicago, Arizona, Miami, Oakland, Tampa, St. Louis, and Cincinnati…….

    Just for clarification of all of the BAD ATTENDANCE comments…… 🙂

  47. Sin City takes on a whole new meaning.
    Tims gonna be to busy to compete for the starting job.

  48. my lord, the NFL is just crushing the newswires.

    Is there anything else going on right now ? my wife is waiting in bed (dream) but who cares !

  49. Why the Jets? I’m surprised Elway even let him pick seeing that he enjoys Tebow’s misfortune.

  50. I love how players like Reggie Nelson, who the fans want, don’t want to come and play for the Jets. But the one players most Jet fans didn’t want PICKS THEM over the Jaguars, his home town team. Being a Jet fan is not an easy thing…

  51. What is with you people and always referring to the tarps with Jacksonville. Yes, there are tarps but with the tarps there are still 67,000 seats which is 20th in the league with one of the smallest markets in the league. Take those tarps off and were the 5th largest stadium in the NFL. Do some research people.

  52. So let’s review…. Jets are paying almost the same $$$ for Tebow+Sanchez as Broncos are for Manning? Either Sanchez gets traded, or this becomes the most expensive mediocre QB tandem in history.

  53. I really love this years FA period! Only one day ago the Dolphins were the laughing stock of the NFL and today the Jets take the Title and run away with it. Not only do they get a “gimmck QB”, but overpaid by millions and picks. You could have got atleast 3 Brandon Marshall’s for that.
    The AFC East is a joke. The Dolphins and Jets are a comedy show, but they will both beat the Buffalo “Defensive Linemen” Bills and the Pats will win the Division ( unless Brady gets hurt, then they will suck like the other 7-9 teams), but even with Brady he will need to average over 40 pts to win, based on that swiss cheese defense. How ironic that misery loves company. Either way, no AFC East Team goes beyond 1 game into the Playoffs while AFC North will be sending 3 Teams again. Sad but true.

  54. If the $5m was advances on future salary, then the Jets really didn’t get taken for the $2.5m…they wound up paying $2.5 less than he was contracted for, if they keep him for the length of it.

  55. What I find really funny in all this is that Sanchez is a MUCH better passer than Tebow. The Jet’s record might get worse! Tebow’s gonna ride the bench?? I don thin so!

  56. Tebow “picked” the Jets because the Jaguars were not going to give up a 4th and 6th for him. They offered a 5th, tops. Plus, the Jaguars were not going to pay Denver $2.5 mill to get rid of their problem.

    Seriously….the story makes it seem like Tebow “picked” the Jets…..that is just par for the course when it comes to PFT. PFT beats the Jaguars down at every opportunity.

    Bottom line…the Jets give up a 4th and 6th, plus $2.5 mill for a backup QB.

    The Jags stay the course!

  57. I’m definitely not a Nyets fan, but:

    I had totally spaced the little fact that Rexy’s new OC has a woodrow for the wildcat offense, so maybe this trade does make some sense. Regardless, Jets fans, I never liked your team but always, somehow, found a way to respect them. Now you have Tebow and the “new fans” he’ll bring into the fold.

    I hope you all succeed, but I do feel your oncoming, exquisite inner pain.

  58. Bring on the idiotic “Jags are moving to LA because we didn’t get Tebow” comments. Are the other seven teams that finished behind Jax in overall attendance moving to LA too?

  59. Seems like an easy enough choice for the Jets. They want to play a game that relies on a strong defense and ground and pound game. I don’t think they would mind throwing it 12-15 times per game.

  60. To every fan here in jax that thinks tebow can do no wrong. How do u feel now? He does not want to play here. That must really chap ur asses huh. Ha ha ha. Best news all week.

  61. The Jets have better talent to win and get to the playoffs, why wouldn’t he want to go there. Especially when he becomes the starter.

  62. Faced with a choice of having one of the greatest cities in the world as your home base or… Jacksonville… it’s kind of a no-brainer.

  63. I can’t believe Tebow would slap his hometown in the face like that. Jaguars were a perfect fit for him. Jacksonville is in the bible belt and the fans adore him. They would unconditionally support him. You wait until the dysfunctional Jet fans turn on him, and I mean quick.

  64. Hmm… New York or… The saddest city in America. How will I decide?

    Even the Holy Honky knows which way the wind blows.

  65. I would have actually had some respect if Tebow had gone to JAX. The fact that he chose the City of Scrutiny makes him like him that much less. That 50.2 passer rating isn’t going to cut it in NYC, brotha.

  66. I don’t share Tebow’s beliefs on many subjects….but at least he walks the talk and is a better role model for many in terms of drug problems, domestic abuse and numerous baby mamas and illegitimate children. He beat my beloved Steelers in the playoffs……and maybe deserved a little better than he got from the Broncos. I hope he does great with the Jets and continues to make the NFL exciting!

  67. Makes no sense at all. Hard to believe that the Jags wouldn’t offer just as much of a deal as the Jets would.

    Why trade him to a likely playoff competitor, instead of a team that will almost definitely not be making the playoffs for years to come?

  68. Keep it up elway sign a qb a hit away from a wheel chair for 90 Mil and give away you #1 tailback you and Michael Jordan must give each other personal advice

  69. the kid will show his true colors in nyc. them yankees don`t take kindly too born agains. me?, i like the guy. good luck tim.

  70. Lin-sanity. Now TebowMania. Blah. Blah. Blah. The NY media and Tebow are made for each other. I can still remember when the Knicks won the NBA chmapionship shortly after the Boston Celtics finished their run of 11 times in 13 years many years ago. By the time the NY press was done cranking out the non-stop hype, you would have believed that the Knicks had more than equaled the Celtics’ place in NBA history with one lousy championship.

  71. God told Teblow to pick the Jets because even God knows Sanchez SUCKS! He loves Sanchez but it is what it is,Better chance to start for Teblow.

  72. Joejags28:

    I know for a fact Arizona has sold out every game since opening the new stadium in 2006. They actually have really good fans.

  73. Maybe now Sanchez can start playing instead of crying on the sidelines and eating comfort food because once Jets Fans get a whiff of what Sanchez is cooking, they will start clamoring for Tebow. Sanchez has 4 weeks at the most. They play the Patriots, Dolphins, Bills, then the Texans. If the Jets are 1 – 3 after week 4, then Tebow is in.

  74. Good thing God is in his corner because the Jets fans are the most unforgiving and dysfunctional in the NFL! That being said…it was a smart move on his part because the Jags owner is the one who wanted him in Jville – not the coaches…and those are the people who’s hands Tim will have to put his future development and career in. NY wanted him. My guess is because of Sparano. He coached him and liked him in the Senior Bowl coming out of college. With an OC that has a “Wildcat mentality”, you won’t find a better guy to run it than Tebow. At least he has the coaches behind him…until the first time Rex tries Tebowing! lol Go Fins!!!!!

  75. Cool, now the Jets can pay two pathetic QB’s instead of one. J_E_T_S …..jokes, jokes, jokes!

    P.S. I thank god every day that Mike Tanenbaum is not the GM for the team I follow.
    Hey Bill congrats on the free ride to the AFC east title next year.

  76. Tarp jokes, LA jokes, Christian jokes. Yawn.

    Can’t we get back to the real issue – Khan’s super smooth ‘stache?

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