2012 mock draft, take one


1. Colts: Robert Griffin III, quarterback, Baylor.

In an upset, the Colts opt for the most gifted quarterback in the draft.

2. Redskins: Andrew Luck, quarterback, Stanford.

Mike Shanahan settles for a still-elite prospect at the game’s premier position.

3. Vikings: Matt Kalil, tackle, USC.

Left tackle is Minnesota’s biggest need, and Kalil is a top-three talent.

4. Browns: Morris Claiborne, cornerback, LSU.

The Browns may reach for offense, but Claiborne is the best player left.

5. Bucs: Trent Richardson, running back, Alabama.

LeGarrette Blount alone won’t cut it for Greg Schiano’s run-first approach.

6. Rams: Justin Blackmon, wide receiver, Oklahoma State.

The new regime wants its top wideout to dominate after the catch.

7. Jaguars: Melvin Ingram, defensive end, South Carolina.

Able to play almost anywhere, Ingram is the draft’s most versatile rusher.

8. Dolphins: Ryan Tannehill, quarterback Texas A&M.

After whiffing on free agent QBs, the Fins reunite Tannehill with Mike Sherman.

9. Panthers: Quinton Coples, defensive end, North Carolina.

Coples teams with Charles Johnson to give Carolina a terrific end tandem.

10. Bills: Riley Reiff, tackle, Iowa.

The Bills were free agency “winners,” but they still need offensive line help.

11. Chiefs: Dontari Poe, defensive tackle, Memphis.

K.C. has been willing to reach for defensive linemen under G.M. Scott Pioli.

12. Seahawks: Whitney Mercilus, defensive end, Illinois.

Mercilus must clean up his technique, but he is a relentless outside rusher.

13. Cardinals: Cordy Glenn, tackle, Georgia.

Glenn fits the Russ Grimm mold at 346 pounds with an efficient game.

14. Cowboys: Courtney Upshaw, defensive end, Alabama.

He’s an upgrade on Anthony Spencer, whom Dallas reluctantly franchised.

15. Eagles: Stephon Gilmore, cornerback, South Carolina.

The Eagles are prepared to part with Asante Samuel; Gilmore replaces him.

16. Jets: Michael Floyd, receiver, Notre Dame.

Floyd improves the Jets’ odds of making good on their QB investments.

17. Bengals: Kendall Wright, receiver, Baylor.

Wright is the best player left, giving Cincy a dynamic bookend for A.J. Green.

18. Chargers: David DeCastro, guard, Stanford.

DeCastro would solidify a San Diego line that is promisingly getting younger.

19. Bears: Nick Perry, defensive end, USC.

Defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli will love Perry’s burst off the edge.

20. Titans: Fletcher Cox, defensive tackle, Mississippi State.

Cox is an impact interior rusher with room to improve as a run stuffer.

21. Bengals: Dre Kirkpatrick, cornerback, Alabama.

Some teams like Kirkpatrick at safety, but he’d be a press corner for the Bengals.

22. Browns: Stephen Hill, Georgia Tech.

Not just a workout freak, Hill is a natural hands catcher with elite separation skills.

23. Lions: Jonathan Martin, tackle, Stanford.

He would push Gosder Cherilus as a rookie and eventually succeed Jeff Backus.

24. Steelers: Mike Adams, tackle, Ohio State.

Adams is far from polished, but it’s no secret that the Steelers are high on him.

25. Broncos: Devon Still, defensive tackle, Penn State.

Denver declines to pass on the the most productive interior defensive lineman left.

26. Texans: Rueben Randle, receiver, LSU.

Houston didn’t address receiver in free agency, so it pounces on Randle’s potential.

27. Patriots: Michael Brockers, defensive tackle, LSU.

Brockers can’t rush the passer, but has a bright future as a five-technique, 3-4 end.

28. Packers: Peter Konz, center, Wisconsin.

The homegrown talent would be Scott Wells’ successor in Green Bay.

29. Ravens: Coby Fleener, tight end, Stanford.

He’d be Baltimore’s version of Jimmy Graham as a playmaking “Joker” tight end.

30. 49ers: Doug Martin, running back, Boise State.

The Niners were forced to re-settle for Alex Smith, so they’ll keep running the ball.

31. Patriots: Brian Quick, receiver, Appalachian State.

Flying under the radar, Quick has tools to develop into a future No. 1 receiver.

32. Giants: Luke Kuechly, linebacker, Boston College.

Inside linebackers aren’t drafted early, but Kuechly fills a big need in New York.

184 responses to “2012 mock draft, take one

  1. 1. Colts: Robert Griffin III, quarterback, Baylor.
    How do you get a mock wrong on the very first selection when that selection has been universally known since January?

  2. This is quite possibly the worst mock draft I have ever seen. Number one, Griffin is not going to Indy. Number two, tackles don’t fall into the mid-twenties. Number three, NO player from Appalachian State is going on the first round.

  3. Always a wise move for a young writer to pick an upset… if it’s a miss, everyone will right it off, but on the low chance it happens, folks might remember your name.

    Well played!

  4. The Steelers like Adams but with Kuechly on the board and slipping to then it would be hard to pass up.

  5. Mel Kiper and Todd McShay are appalled that PFT would choose such a reasonable point in the offseason to conduct it’s first mock draft. Kiper and McShay are 3 deep right now.

  6. NO Chiefs! Dontari Poe is a combine kid! When you can’t make 1st team all-conference, you should not be a top 11 pick.

    This is a mistake!

  7. Gotta say, I can’t see the Bengals drafting anyone if DeCastro is still there at 17.

    This is the only mock I’ve seen where Cordy Glenn goes ahead of DeCastro, Quick and Gilmore are in the first round, and Kuechly falling all the way to 32.

  8. Want to see Luck’s pro day in a half hour before RGIII is at one, but after seeing him yesterday, I could see that happening.

  9. Hope your mock draft is correct that Kuechley lasts until the end of round #1. It’s not a long ride from Chestnut Hill to Foxborough

  10. Even though I agree that RGIII might be better. I doubt the Colts pick him. I still think they will pick Luck.

    And I see Hill worked his way into the first round in some peoples mind.

  11. I laughed right out of the gate on this…

    You are out of your mind if you think the Colts are taking RG3. Not saying he isn’t good but Luck has been the guy tabbed a once in 15 to 20 year QB prospect.

    DeGastro will be taken before Glenn (probably by the Chiefs)

    Luke Kuechly never sees the 20’s…the guy has put up Tecmo Bowl numbers in tackles and his last 3 years in college and had a great combine.

    The Eagles will take a lineman whether it’s Offensive or Defensive…that’s just what Andy Reid Does.

    Patriots won’t take a receiver either…if they don’t trade the pick they will certainly go defense.

  12. With the need for corners around the league and the fact this is turning into a passing league, I don’t see only two corners coming off in the first round.

    I also see the Lions taking a corner even though the usually go BPA.

  13. I still hope the Rams will panic and trade up to #4 with Cleveland to get Blackmon so the Browns can hold them up for ransom the way they did the Skins. Hopefully Holmgren will “make ’em pay” and demand their TWO second round picks. That would let the Browns indeed draft CB Claiborne and still get WR Hill @22 and then three more offensive difference makers in the second round.

  14. It’s to hard to think that the Colts would take such a gamble on RGIII. I’m not saying he’s bad, in fact, he’s flat out amazing, but I just don’t see how they’d ever pass on Luck.

  15. Stephon Gilmore is not better than janoris Jenkins…if the eagles dealt with Vick’s off the field issues they can handle Jenkins. No need to draft inferior talent

  16. All this talk of the Rams draft Blackmon is ridiculous. As a Titans fan I watched year after year as Jeff Fisher drafted only defensive players in the first round unless ownership made him pick someone else. It wasn’t until the very end of his time in Tennesse that he started to pick offensive players early in the draft and he was just trying to save his job then. Look for him to draft defense.

  17. Kuechly will not fall to 32, no chance. The eagles may draft Gilmore if they trade down, but it’s not to replace Asante. They have these two guys Nnamdi and DRC.

  18. Why do I get the feeling people don’t want the Redskins to have RGIII? People keep stirrin’ the pot… Colts are taking Luck.

  19. A wide receiver from Appalachian State available in the 1st round? That’s your pick for the Jaguars.

  20. Pioli has been willing to reach…how have those reaches worked out for him (Tavaris jackson?)…This guy has bust written all over him and I think theyn desparately try to trade down, or go OL.

  21. So with the ravens having 2 tight ends they barely know how tuse, they draft a third (fourth actually, the team already has three) even though there are obvious holes just about everywhere else?

    this is the worst mock draft i’ve ever seen

  22. The person who said RG3 is the next Vick has clearly never seen him play OR talk to the media, for that matter. He is a quarterback who throws well but can also run. He’s not a run first QB. The Colts would be luck (no pun intended) to have him. I think he and Luck are both going to be successful in the league.

  23. evan silva trying to get a column on the ‘PFT Most Commented’ list. . . clown

    but it’s obviously working. . . MOCK’S ARE DUMB

  24. hmmm kendall wright for carson palmer….hmmm let me think about that for a minute…….thats about as funny as the seymour trade

    no way does poe drop out of the top 10

  25. Sort of blows your credibility all to bleep to say that there is ANYTHING promising about the Chargers O-line… find something else that you know nothing about to try and bs people about, people here aren’t dumb enough to buy this load of hooey.
    This mock draft is indeed worth mocking… laughably bad…

  26. “9. Panthers: Quinton Coples, defensive end, North Carolina. Coples teams with Charles Johnson to give Carolina a terrific end tandem.”

    3 words. Oh. Hell. No.

    Not that I’m disputing what you’re predicting; Marty Hurney is indeed stupid enough to make this pick. But we don’t call him “Quitting Coples” around here for no reason.

    A freakishly-athletic, non-chalant, selfish, “I’ll take plays off whenever I damn well please” defensive end from North Carolina?

    We did that already.

  27. Wow, so you don’t have Dont’a Hightower going in the first round at all, and you have the Ravens take another tight end even though they already have two solid young TEs?

    I’d bet dollars to donuts if Hightower is available when the Ravens pick, Ozzie and Harbaugh will need about 10 seconds to make the phone call with their selection.

  28. This is probably the worst draft I have ever seen… Let’s leave aside the ton of big question marks that make no sense and pick on my Jets teams selection… Floyd is solid and all but… Sanchez and Teblow will not be able to throw to any WRs no matter how good the WRs are, if they are dead… We need to fix that O-Line and if DeCastro is available… we are picking him. If Ingram is available and DeCastro isnt, Ingram or Upshaw will be the pick. Otherwise it may be up in the air but when 2 of those 3 players are available come the 16th pick and u go WR… thats when you know its flawed… oh wait you said RG3 in the first with a team thats built around a Luck style QB and Skins that are built around RG3 style player… yeah I should have figured there

  29. Patriots take Kuechly if he is available at 27 or 31. I don’t see it in either case. Plus, WR will be taken later in draft. All of a sudden they have too many.

  30. Colts will take Luck even if they feel RGIII is the better QB. Luck is just a much safter pick. He has to learn less and has a more prototypical NFL QB body, tall and strong.

    RGIII is sick but he’s shorter than most elite QB’s and he doesn’t have much experience running standard NFL play action and timing routes.

    Personally I do believe that RGIII will be the better NFL QB, even if it takes a little time. But there’s also a decent chance he’ll be an oft injured bust. Just don’t see Luck busting.

  31. There’s no way the Bengals take a WR if Dre Kirkpatrick is still on the board at 17.

  32. The Patriot’s picks are out to lunch on this one:

    The Pats have Welker, Lloyd, Gonzalez, Stallworth, Edelman, Ocho, Slater, Davis, and Underwood at WR, along with two star receiving TEs in Gronk and Hernandez.

    Why on earth would they waste a 1st round pick on a WR?

    Much the same could be said about the DT/DE pick:

    Wilfork will see 90% of the snaps at NT with Harrison, Pryor and Brace in the midst, and between Cunningham, Carter, Deaderick, Fanene, Silvestro, Ninkovich occasionally coming down to play DE and Andre Carter still a possibility to return, why are they drafting a 1st round DE ?

    I’m not as familiar with other teams depth charts, but in the case of the Pats, it’s almost as if he didn’t actually consult the rosters to look at personnel needs before writing the article.

  33. Also don’t think Trent Richardson goes 5th. Tampa could probably trade down half a dozen and still get him. RB’s going high is kind of a thing of the past.

    That is unless scouts think he’s an All Day type of talent.

  34. Come on now, we are talking about the Colts. The team that let go the best thing that has happened to them in the past quarter century. Peyton’s value as a QB for the Colt’s was proven over and over again during the 2011 season. Yet, they let him go. So no I don’t think it is a lock for the Colts to stick with wisdom. Then again, if the word gets out they are interested in Griffin, maybe the Redskins will trade three additional first round picks to move up to # 1.

  35. That was good for a noon laugh hah ha. Can you spell “dummy”? If not, be sure to look it up . . .

  36. The Eagles drafting a CB in the 1st round makes zero sense . Rodgers-Cromartie will be replacing Samuel on the outside while Hanson returns to his nickel spot. We also have 2 young and promising prospects in Curtis Marsh and Brandon Hughes. They will probably go DT but could go for Kuechly at LB ( we need more then one) or tgey could draft a OT(peters is32 and Reid loves tackles), they could go for a big WR (Floyd,Hill) , there’s a slim chance for Barron (safety) , I wouldn’t even be shocked if they got a QB to groom ( after trading down) , but Asomugha , DRC, Hanson are our CB’s and they got their CB to groom last year when they drafted Marsh. In conclusion you either no very little about the Eagles or your just picking names out of a hat… No way .

  37. Kuechly to the Giants? I don’t know about that one… I mean, I’ll literally be doing backflips in the local sports bar if it happens, but that is a long shot at best.

  38. I hate mock drafts, because everyone I’ve ever seen falls apart after the first trade and the ones that are right on some picks are so glaringly obvious. So obvious that this one starting with Griffin over Luck fails from the start.

  39. As A browns fan I would be happy if this would come to fruition, Claiborne and Haden would give the browns the best shut down secondary in the league. Hopefully Hill’s stellar combine performance translates to big numbers in real games. Richardson would look good ripping through the rest of the afc north if they decide to take a chance on him at #4. Either way Looking good for Browns fans!

  40. 16. Jets: Michael Floyd, receiver, Notre Dame.

    Floyd improves the Jets’ odds of making good on their QB investments.


    why? is he RT or LG

  41. I know PFT tried to shake it up a bit with the RG3 move but seriously?? Andrew Luck is the most sure #1 draft pick since Jake Long signed a contract BEFORE THE DRAFT!

  42. tcostant says: Mar 22, 2012 1:47 PM

    The Giants should just sign London Flecker instead.

    Why should the Giants get him if you can’t even spell his name correct? Besides they already stole Antonio Pierce from us, wasn’t that enough!!

  43. If you think Tannehill is worthy of the 8th overall pick than you never watched him play. He shouldn’t be 88th overall.

    You know who disagrees with you? Gil Brandt, Russ Lande, Mike Mayock, Todd McShay and Mel Kiper.

  44. This pisses me off.

    PFT knows there’s a 90% likeliness that the Colts take Luck, but they want to make a splash and look cool. And there’s no downside to going out on a limb and predicting a sexy pick.

    I wish journalists would say what they think instead of what they think will get them more attention than the next guy – eg. Merrill Hoge, Jim Rome, etc

  45. First, not just your picks but reasoning behind them is as faulty as I have ever seen. I think I could pick names out of a hat and get just as close as you do.

    More importantly please colts dot fall for the hype. Please take luck. As an eagles fan I don’t want to see the next manning type qb in our division

  46. Did you get your attention guy whoever wrote this….happy now. No chance Luck is not a Colt. Grow up guy who wrote this….embarassing for PFT.

  47. Year after year I see experts predict the Giants taking a LB in the first round. Let’s see if it finally ends up being correct.

  48. I have to agree with most that Indy will not let Luck out of their grasp. However, there is a bit of an over reaction to the upset being called by Silva. He is not the first to say it. RG had an unbelievable pro-day and a lot of the right people noticed.

    Like i said, Indy would be stupid not to take luck BUT RG has made a very strong case that Luck is not to be considered to only #1 candidate.

    Irsay is going to give the fans what they want. Indy fans want Luck.

  49. This mock draft is beyond unrealistic. Why do people over value the wr position so much? It’s one of the few positions where teams have found good players in EVERY round of the draft. There has not been a big run on wr’s in the 1st round of the draft since 2005. Mark my words there is no way 5 receivers go in round one. I’d be willing to bet that only two go in round one and would not be at all surprised in only one went.

    The Ravens drafting a TE in round 1? Are you serious? Their two TE’s last year were probably their best two weapons. I’d give every penny in my bank account that the Ravens not only don’t draft that guy in round 1 but that they don’t draft a TE at all.

  50. “yaboig says:
    Mar 22, 2012 1:43 PM
    Even though I agree that RGIII might be better. I doubt the Colts pick him. I still think they will pick Luck.”

    In the middle of white America there is no way the Colts are taking Griffin.

    You read it earlier from a Colts fan, already comparing Griffin to Vick. WHY? Because he is black.

  51. This may be the worst mock draft i’ve seen. It’s almost like he threw names into a hat. I am willing to say you may have 2 out of 32 correct. But hey traffic is up!!!

  52. The head-scratcher for me was Coby Fleener to the Ravens. They already have 2 excellent pass-catching TEs in Dickson and Pitta, and have many other needs to fill.

  53. Come on, man. First, everybody sees through the transparent attention-grab of putting RGIII first. And you have Mercilus at 12, Kuechly all the way at the end of the round, and Hightower falling out of the first? I hope they didn’t pay you to write this. LOL!

  54. this is the worst mock i have seen lol… brian quick in the 1st??? ruebun randle a 1st round pick??? lol the eagle taking a CB to replace asante? we have DRC still lol.. doug martin in the 1st?? luke going in the bottom of the 1st?? lol wow

  55. i REALLY just had to check the calendar and make sure today was not April 1st and this was some sort of april fools day mock..

    wow this may perhaps be the worst one i have seen in years .. and i have seen some bad ones.. Willing to bet that he doesnt have 10 picks right when almost anyone can nail 15 every year

  56. No way will the Colts opt for Griffin over Luck. That has been a settled issue for months. But RGIII will have the advantage because Indy will expect Luck to be an instant Peyton Manning. It just won’t happen and how the kid deals with that kind of pressure will determine his future. I’m not sure the competition between RGIII and Luck will end with the draft. I genuinely feel that Griffin wants to prove himself the better QB and not being in a pressure cooker will help him do that.

  57. I dont know how everyone fell so in liove with Luck. I guiess the Heisman voters were all crazy too when they chose RG3. RG3 is more accurate, stronger arm, more athletic and is sharp. Luck is taller and bigger??? Time will tell and many of you who question RG3 over Luck will eat that skepticism.

  58. Im sure Shannahan will be happy to “settle” for the best QB prospect in the last 15 years. No way Poe gets out of the top ten. Upshaw translates to a DE in the league no an OLB.

  59. Evan, do you actually follow football? Or did they dredge you up from the fashion department at NBC?

  60. Dallas may not take safety Mark Barron at #14, but I don’t see him dropping all the way out of the first round.

  61. You guys are horrible at predictions because you always reach for that “ooh aahh” gutsy call. You are seldom right.

    That said, GOD do I hope you are right and the Bears get Nick Perry. If he or Mercilus is out there at #19 I will be a happy camper, and the Bears can still get Hill or a LT in the 2nd round.

  62. “tackles don’t fall into the mid-twenties.”

    What? Anthony Castonzo, James Carpenter, Gabe Carimi, Bryan Bulaga, Michael Oher, Sam Baker, Duane Brown, and Joe Staley are all offensive tackles taken between 20 and 30 in the last 5 drafts.

  63. Terrible opinions on this mock draft. Why would the Ravens draft a tight end when they have two young studs in the making at the position in Dickson and Pitta. If Konz is off the board at 29 as you guys have, I guarantee you the Ravens draft Luke Kuelchy or Donta Hightower who are both available in your mock draft.

  64. The Bears are not drafting a DE in the first round.
    They resigned Idonje to a one year deal.
    That was just a band aid to get to next year. They will address the need of Offensive line, DT, and possibly another WR(I don’t think in the first round) before they get to DE.

  65. do you get paid for comments or just clicks? B/c there are sooo many bad picks on there it’s blowing my mind.

    no way the Bengals go WR at #17 or #21….maaaaybe RB/CB but most likely GA/CB.
    If DeCastro is there at 17, we take him

  66. Why the hell would the Ravens select a TE when they have two breakout TE entering their third year? Dixon has the speed of most WR (sometimes shaky hands), but they make up for it in sticky fingers Deniss Pitta, Flacco’s favorite target down the stretch. Ozzie will definitely trade down over drafting a TE in the first round this year. Right player, right price. In Ozzie we trust.

  67. Not sure why people keep comparing RG3 to Vick like if it was some sort of insult. Vick had all the talent in the world and showed he was going to be a star in the league ( first year as a starter and he becomes the first qb to beat Green Bay at their place in the playoffs). What ruined his potential were the lazy coaches in ATL and his own laziness and lack of interest in studying film. RG3 doesn’t lack work ethic.

    Luck won’t have half the rookie season Newton had. Newton made everyone eat their own words and became the greatest rookie of all time. RG3 will do the same. Colts draft RG3!

  68. If Jonathan Martin is available at 23 for Detroit to take, I will be doing naked cartwheels around the neighborhood.

    NO WAY he drops that far.

  69. This is might be a result of Griffin’s good pro day and the buzz it created, who knows. As a Colts fan, I’m hoping they won’t be so foolish as to pass up on Luck, or who knows if Harbaugh can make Alex Smith look good maybe he did the same for Luck, missing Manning already

  70. The Eagles could use upgrades at LB and safety, and Reid absolutely loves drafting both offensive and defensive linemen…and you predict they go with a CB when they have an abundance of talent there? Even if the do move on from Asante, they’d still have Nnamdi, DRC, and a couple of players who can move in to take over the nickle CB slot. Most teams would be thrilled to have 2 pro-bowl caliber CBs. The fact that the Eagles have 3 is a luxury. Oh, and if they did move on from Asante, they’d get at least a 3rd round pick…maybe a 2nd. He’d come with a big salary, but there are too many teams that need a quality CB and they could also renegotiate as Asante will want more years anyway. If they did decide to draft another CB, they’d be more likely to use that pick or another one in that range to get him, not their first round pick.

  71. Why do I get the feeling people don’t want the Redskins to have RGIII?


    Because they got him through a good ole boy network, not fair and square

  72. I have to give you credit placing RG3 at the top of your mock is a surefire way to get a million hits

  73. AlohaMrHand says:Mar 22, 2012 1:39 PM

    Wait where’s the Raiders selection?oh wait….


    You think a team that doesn’t have any selection til the 5th round would make a few more moves in FA similar to the redskins.

  74. Robert Griffin III is a class act to bad he’ll end up on a crap team like Washington or even worse the colts.

  75. Bravo to everyone who says Silva is “wrong” because I am pretty sure you can’t be wrong until it actually happens. The Colts have never said they were getting Luck with the first pick. I do, however, disagree with the fact that Alshon Jeffery is not a first-round pick. He is a poor-man’s AJ Green and performed well with Stephen Garcia as his QB.

  76. I dont think niners would take a RB round 1 a becuase they can get one later in draft, and they need to address line, get a young wr, safety, db or more depth on d line…nice try.

  77. Tannehill as high as 8???? I guess you had to factor in the stupidity of Jeff Ireland.

  78. If the Colts pick RG3 at 1, most Colts fans will leave for good.

    This is by far the most unrealistic mock draft I have EVER seen. I’m guessing you had the Colts picking Leaf over Manning in 1998 too, right?

    You’re like the NBC Sports version of Skip Bayless. Total hot air to get your name out.

  79. Griffin is NOT going to the Colts. You should harken back to the spring of 1998, when the same organization had to choose between the two top-graded QBs coming out of college: Payton Manning and Ryan Leaf.

    Manning began that offseason as the early favorite for the #1 pick, but many analysts began pumping up Leaf as the better, more talented QB with a bigger upside. The Colts played it smart and took Manning. The San Diego Chargers bit, traded up in the draft to select Ryan Leaf. Well, that move ended Bobby Beathard’s career as a GM.

    Not saying Griffin will be a bust, but the odds are that one of these two will not pan out. Luck is seen as the surer bet, and the Colts aren’t going to pass on him.

  80. Bringing new meaning to the term “mock” draft. Silva must have broken a crayon and forgot that Luck will be the first pick.

  81. bigdogbob says:

    All this talk of the Rams draft Blackmon is ridiculous. As a Titans fan I watched year after year as Jeff Fisher drafted only defensive players in the first round unless ownership made him pick someone else. It wasn’t until the very end of his time in Tennesse that he started to pick offensive players early in the draft and he was just trying to save his job then. Look for him to draft defense.


    Then Fisher can trade up for Claiborne, the only defensive player worthy of a pick in the top ten. Looks like Morris is on the Browns’ radar at number 4.

  82. I’m starting to think Dan Snyder is paying the media/ap to put out that RGIII is better then Luck somehow hoping to sway the Colts to draft RGIII. Wonder what ridiculous statements Merill Hodge can say comparing the two next…

  83. redwinglion says: Mar 22, 2012 2:29 PM

    If Jonathan Martin is available at 23 for Detroit to take, I will be doing naked cartwheels around the neighborhood.

    NO WAY he drops that far.


    He could and if he does I don’t want the Lions touching that guy. He’s soft as sht!!!

    I cant see how or why the Lions would pass on Mark Barron.

    In case people haven’t noticed, the NFL just lets O-linemen get away with holding on pretty much every play. It helps protect the QB’s. It also makes O-linemen a lot less valuable.

  84. The 16th pick is wwaaaayyyyy off.

    Jets take Brock Osweiler, QB, Arizona State

    Because why have 4 QBs on the roster when you can have 5!

  85. Ravens taking a tight end in rd 1? Does this guy even watch football? Or did I miss a calendar change & it’s actually April 1???

    Seriously…how do you even publish this? It’s a ridiculous joke!

  86. “4. Browns: Morris Claiborne, cornerback, LSU.
    The Browns may reach for offense, but Claiborne is the best player left.”

    Best player left???? You’re talking as if there’s only three left, not 250.

  87. 10. Bills: Riley Reiff, tackle, Iowa.

    I’m not so high on Reiff, he doesn’t look that good at #10. I’d much rather have Michael Floyd, Kendall Wright, Jonathan Martin or a reach in Luke Kuechly. Besides, because of the hype about Reiff, I don’t see him there at 10. The only way he is there would be because one of these teams makes a huge reach at QB, like they usually do. EX. Jake Locker, Christian Ponder, Tim Tebow. Its a QB driven league.

    Go Bills!!!!

  88. 16. Jets: Michael Floyd, receiver, Notre Dame.

    Floyd improves the Jets’ odds of making good on their QB investments.


    Yes, those excellent investments in Sanchez and Teblow…

    How f*&^%g stupid are you?

  89. “i’m a lifelong colts fan…but if they pick this guy, i will never forgive them. my guess is he is the next vick.”

    Funny how every black quarterback is the next Vick

  90. Pats drafting a WR in the first round after having like 20 currently on the roster plus two of the best catching TEs in the game?

    Uh, obviously they’re gonna draft TWO WRs in the first round.

  91. While I doubt the Colts take RG3, I would if I was the GM. He’s smart, strong arm, good feet, one of the fastest players on your field, and gets the ball out quickly. I like good athletes at the QB position.

    That being said, I can say most of the above about Luck, so it’s a wash. I mean, Andrew Luck is an elite athlete at the QB position. He’s fast (I know, but he is) and possesses a good arm. He has a professional style.

    So if I saw the Colts take RG3, my mouth will not drop at all. And if Luck is picked by the Colts, it’s expected. The Redskins moved up in the Draft to pick RG3, but they won’t be mad if they get Luck.

  92. This is actually a pretty good mock draft. I think any of you who think that the Colts arent seriously considering taking RG3 with the first pick are foolish. RG3 has really been turning heads especially after his pro-day. If Luck’s pro-day isnt as prolific then I can see the Colts taking RG3.

  93. I can almost assure you my browns go Offense with the 4th and 22nd pick…but with the way H&H have ran this team you never know.they havnt done a good job the last yr.I can assure you that if they Do NOT go Offense…this city will hang them more or less

  94. Why would the Dolphins take a Tannehill at #8 when they have two “OK” QBs under contract. Wait till next yr to have a chance at a franchise QB, Barkley from USC hes much better then Tannehill. Dolphins take Couples, Marcellis or Upshaw at 8. bet on it,,,Ireland doesnt have to the stones to take a QB at 8,,,lol,,,

  95. 15. Eagles: Stephon Gilmore, cornerback, South Carolina.

    “The Eagles are prepared to part with Asante Samuel; Gilmore replaces him.”
    They have DRC to take over for Asante IF he leaves.
    At least know something about the teams you are drafting for!

  96. It would not be stupid for the Colts to take RGIII over Luck, but it would be something of a gamble. Luck already has experience in a pro style offense and he has the talent, body type, and temperament to be similar to Peyton Manning. RGIII may ultimately be the better quarterback of the two, but he has more to learn before that can happen.

    Its sad to see that Colts fan who compared RGIII to Vick. Of course, they are both fast and flashy, but it was clear from the beginning that Vick had character issues and RGIII could not be more solid in that respect. I agree with those who suspect that the Colts fan compared RGIII to Vick because of his race. I think that could be another reason why Colts management will consider it more risky to take RGIII.

    The arrival of RGIII in DC will be the last step in rehabilitating the Redskins with some older black fans who still remember that the Redskins were the last NFL team to integrate. DC fans of all races are going to fall hard for RGIII. I do not think they will be disappointed in the unlikely event that the Redskins get Luck instead, but the arrival of RGIII in DC could complete a healing process that has taken decades.

  97. Ryan Tannehill already got Sherman fired once. I hope the Dolphins don’t pick him at 8. I rather take Weeden in second round. I’m hoping they go for Quinton Coples. He would fit in with Wake on the other side.

  98. The best things about mocks

    1) They’re fun

    2) ANYBODY can do it

    3) As soon as the real draft takes place they turn into dust and fly away and are forgotten

  99. Aaron can make practice squad offensive linemen look good, but He can’t win a superbowl all by himself…. We Drafting Defense homie, some straight pass rushers!

  100. Quit dreaming, Browns fans! There is no way STL is going to hand you 2 second rounders to move to #4 to acquire Justin Blackmon.
    The pressure is on you to make a pick at 4. The Browns will take Claiborne and Blackmon will fall right into the Rams lap.

  101. No flipping way the Pats draft a wideout at 31. Put down the crack pipe. They are going all in on defense after spending money on free agents for TB.

  102. Um… There is no way the ‘niners are going to draft a RB in the first round. Everyone here is correct this is a Mockery of a mock draft.

  103. this is well done. when the colts have the 1st pick,they should get the best QB avalible -RG3

  104. Mike Martz could take a grocery bagger and coach him up to a Hall of famer. He couldnt work with Haine. So what makes the Denver’s OC whatever his name is think he can get anything out of Haine?!

    the Donkies’ front office is dumber than a bag of bricks.

  105. Evan Silva wrote this?

    Evan, I know you don’t honestly believe RG3 will get selected ahead of Luck, but you chose to make a mock draft that showed it anyway.

    Let me put you to the test on this one. If terrorists captured you and they told you they were keeping you until day 1 of the NFL draft and they would let you go if you selected the correct player the Colts will take, but if you get it wrong, you will be beheaded.

    Evan, would you still pick RG3. No you wouldn’t and I’m certain you wouldn’t. But of course, you want to have a mock draft that is different from everyone else’s.

    But the point is, why do you write something if you don’t really believe it? That is the problem with journalism today, even if it’s on the level of sports.

  106. Do you even watch football,The Patriots have about 10 non pass rushing DE’s and so many receivers in camp about half wont make the team I can see a WR in 2nd or 3rd rd at best

  107. Did a chimpanzee throw darts at a wall to get this piece or crap done? Of course not! He would have done a much better job.

  108. I think the Steelers draft either Hightower or Cordy Glenn with the 24th pick. Mike Adams is a possibility as well. If the Steelers dont draft Hightower, he is probably headed to the Ravens

  109. Wow! I know Luck has some concerns about stepping in Manning shoes but really 2nd overall ya right.Personally RG3 sucks RG3 fans are stupid Vince Young,Micheal Vick,Jamarcus Russell any ring a bell!!!!! he lacks size 6-2 220, he runs more than he throws, panics at the point of rush and lobs it, doesn’t have great throw on the run, terrible at play action ran a typical Tim Tebow offense and is a option QB gets fooled by defenses and since its the NFL isn’t college it is really easy to get picks when your not playing college rookies or guys projected to go 5th or 6th round with an easy schedule that year made him look great.Now before you start talking about cam newton he is 6-6 235 he is gigantic and threw lots of interception in his games its the yards you guys look at only the positves RG3 is a bust too much down sides to grade him if i was the redskins i would go wait a year or get Brandon Weedon in the 2nd round he can throw really good has a quicker release than RG3 his arm isn’t Mathew Stafford but can make every NFL throw his leadership is great doesn’t get fooled by Corners like RG3.Weedon is a 2nd round pick and just that but is a safer Pick than RG3.some problems with his arm and Mobility makes him but still go with Weedon.Luck is the best choice of all though

  110. no way the steelers are taking a project OL like Adams in the first rd. they will hit a homerun by drafting hightower from Alabama who can step in from day 1 and man the middle of that defense.

  111. Please….Please Colts take Luck……I think some of these folks will lose their collective minds and do something drastic if luck doesn’t come to Indy……….Robert Griffin III i think will do fine in Washington if that’s where he lands, besides I think the Redskins have a better defense and what better way to bring along a young QB is to have a stout defense to allow him to mature….Come on Redskins, do the right thing…..

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