Andre Caldwell cites Manning for decision to sign with Denver

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It’s sensible to believe free agents might begin gravitating toward the Broncos. They won a playoff game last season and are now quarterbacked by future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning.

This was exactly the case for wide receiver Andre Caldwell, who agreed to a two-year deal last night to play in Denver.

“It was a big factor,” Caldwell confirmed. “He’s a veteran quarterback who knows how to win games. He knows how to put players in positions to be their best. He gets the best out of his receivers.”

Caldwell ran a 4.37 forty at the 2008 NFL Combine at 6-foot-1 and 209 pounds. He has some talent, but put up underwhelming stats for the last four seasons in Cincinnati.

Manning has historically turned less talented receivers than Caldwell into productive players. Brandon Stokley, Jerome Pathon, Marcus Pollard, and Quadry Ismail can all attest.

“It got real serious after they got Peyton,” Caldwell said of his contract negotiations with the Broncos. “It heated up and I was all on board after they signed Peyton.”

13 responses to “Andre Caldwell cites Manning for decision to sign with Denver

  1. Proof that Gators and Vols can exist (and a not-so-subtle reminder that Peyton is 0-3 against UF). Go Gators.

  2. ain’t that just a typical wr attitude in a nutshell, “if I’m not as good as I should be It’s somebody else’s fault”.

    I’ve watched him underperform for 4 years, good riddance.

  3. It wasnt Carson Palmer or Andy Dalton that made this guy underachive for 4 seasons its all Caldwell. This guy is a headcase in a game if he drops a couple balls, and he will drop a lot of passes. He isnt tough nor will he fight for the ball in the air. Sorry Denver Caldwell just isnt that good.

  4. Caldwell will put up great #s if Manning is healthy. Kid can absolutely fly, just has some concentration issues and looks like a bug

  5. For supposedly running a 4.37, this guy has NO separation from defenders and never seems to outrun anyone. He’s a decent 4th receiver to have when you need a 3rd down catch (unless he drops it), that’s about it.

  6. He picked the Broncos? Can’t imagine many teams were in “pursuit” of him. He is feast or famine. He will frustrate the hell out of Bronco fans. He has the physical talent, just not the mental talent.

  7. Let’s hope that a new team for him means a new start and work harder to improve because like one person said, manning is gonna want his receivers on the same page when he’s doing his audibles in the huddle.

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