Chris Kluwe: Ban Jonathan Vilma for life

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Earlier on Thursday we brought you some negative comments from retired wide receiver Joe Horn about the penalties handed down to Saints coach Sean Payton and others by commissioner Roger Goodell.

As you’d imagine, he doesn’t speak for all past and present NFL players. Vikings punter Chris Kluwe was on the Judd & Phunn show on ESPN Radio in Minneapolis on Thursday and he had a very different take on the matter. He thinks Goodell’s punishment of Payton was appropriate, that he didn’t come down hard enough on Gregg Williams and he hopes that Jonathan Vilma, who allegedly offered $10,000 to anyone who knocked Kluwe’s teammate out of the NFC Championship Game, gets kicked out of the league for good.

“My position has always been that I think Vilma and Gregg Williams should be banned for life and then Payton should get a year, their GM should get a year and anyone who knowingly took money after a hit that injured someone should get a year as well,” Kluwe said.

Kluwe is no stranger to public statements about issues going on in the world of football. He slammed Goodell and the league for their video tutorial about illegal hits and again during the lockout. He also took issue with some of his fellow players for their behavior during the lockout.

Kluwe, who also took to Twitter with some harsh words about calling anyone who spoke to the NFL about the bounty program a snitch, also called on the NFLPA to make it clear that the Saints players who were part of the bounty program did something wrong.

“It has to stand for doing the right thing as well, and that means protecting union members who were the ones that were the victims of getting injured. You can’t look at the (NFLPA) as a shield for the guys who are doing the wrong thing. It has to be a shield for the guys who need that protection.”

Whether you agree with it or not, it’s hard not to like a player willing to be honest about situations that impact the game.

166 responses to “Chris Kluwe: Ban Jonathan Vilma for life

  1. I agree fully with Kluwe, these coaches and players planed to take people out and ruin their careers. They should pay the highest penality.

  2. Bet he wouldn’t say that to his face! Since when have punters been allowed to have an opinion?

  3. Vilma deserves a year easily then Peyton will cut him wen they both get back

  4. Go ahead and call punters sissies,,but this dude tells it like it is. They were trying to take out his teammates. Right on Chris, Vilma should be shown the door!

  5. Cue the “he’s a punter” jokes. He’s an NFL football player that happens to play the position of Punter. If you don’t think a kicker or punter is that important, try cheering for your team with a poor one.

  6. Yeah, if the NFL has a social media guideline like MLB has, Kluwe would be broke in a year.

  7. I think a ‘life sentence’ is a bit harsh. I’d be happy with 2-4 years. (sarcasm)

  8. How many times has this guy flopped when somebody brushed into him during a punt??? That’s ok though. Hahahaha Waiting for all of the comments about punters not being real football players.

  9. Jared Allen clearly tried to injure Matt Schaub and ruin his career when he hit him in the knees twice in one game.

  10. crabboil says:
    Mar 22, 2012 7:09 PM
    Wait…. it’s that punter again? What’s he know about football?
    Enough to get paid way more than you do a year.

  11. Nothing like painting a neon orange bullseye on your back. They might as well cut him cause he won’t make it through the 2nd week.

    He looks like Christine Pondexter’s creepy gay twin brother in the photo.

  12. Every hit a Manning takes this season someone will cry “bounty” and “Favre.”

    Were the officials who called that NFC Championship part of the conspiracy too?

    This isn’t going to be much of a sport when they eliminate defense all together… of course maybe then there will be no need for punters either!

  13. I’m glad Darren Sharper wisened up and kept his mouth shut about “snitches and snitching”. These are grownass men, not some high school drama club. If an employee or player, for WHATEVER reason, observed and reported a rule (and for all we know, laws) being broken, they are whistleblowers, not “snitches.” Whichever neanderthal is using that term in this scandal needs to be checked.

    Unfortunately some of these men’s bodies grew and they went on to college and were fortunate enough to play in the NFL, but their measley little brains are still stuck on high school punkass mode.

  14. I am not against trying to get bounties for purposely injuring players out of the game, but I think the NFL is hypocritical to a point with their focus on player safety versus prompting the hard hitting aspect of the game. They always celebrate the greatest hits of the year and create highlight reels promoting the game and it’s great hits, but then penalize a player for attempting one of those hits if the player he is trying to hit ducks at the last minute creating helmet to helmet contact. And when it comes to intentionally injuring players, you always hear talk about targeting a players existing injury. For example, everyone was trying to hurt Romo’s sore ribs last year after he injured them. They may say that is different because he is choosing to play through an injury, but I see it as a tad hypocritical to not only allow that, but discuss it as part of the game.

  15. You armchair QBs who don’t think he has a right to an opinion because he’s a punter better give up your membership here cuz you don’t know squat either. After all you don’t play do you?

  16. Anyone surprised that former Miami Hurricanes Jon Vilma, Jeremy Shockey and Warrenn Sapp seem to have the most to say about illegal activities? Is that because they have the most experience with this kind of thing? Remember Luther Campbell passing out cash on the sidelines in Coral Gables?

  17. Apparently the punter knows enough about football to get paid several hundred thousand a year at the least. I know that because you played fullback in junior high you think you understand the nuances of the game like no other, but please understand this: this professional athlete plays the game at the pro level and has for years. He’s taken hits and he’s given them when he had to. He is in on meetings and has a locker in the locker room. Punters are an integral part of the game. Ask your defense if they want to start on the eight yard line or the twenty.

  18. I’m willing to bet that Kluwe has played a lot more pro football than the commenters who are questioning his knowledge of the game.

    Also, if there were guys in my union caught getting paid to injure other union members they would pray that a lifetime ban was the only punishment.

  19. I disagree. Let Vilma play another year so that he can be exposed to the same sort of ‘bounties’ that he championed for the past 3 years (you know that most players will be gunning or a shot at him). And, if he hasn’t received some sort of horrendous career ending injury by the end of the season, then you suspend him.

  20. Brett Favre should be aloud to get a free punch on Vilma and Klewe gets to watch and then suspend Vilma for a year without pay and then the Saints have to go by the New Orleans Scum Bags for 3 seasons then traded to Mexico, I might have gone to far

  21. Try telling the Giants how unimportant a punter is. And Im right there with him. players should face the same punishments the coaches did.

  22. he is completely right if the NFLPA contests this they lose any standing in future injury cases. by not protecting players by not severely punishing them it gives the NFL an out because the players don’t care about hurting their members.

  23. After this post you’ll see how unimportant bounty gate is and how the hypocrisy is so prevalent …

    Donte Stallworth- Got drunk, drove a car, killed a person, just signed with the Pats.

    Leonard Little- Got drunk, drove a car, killed a person, played until he couldn’t physically play anymore.

    Brandon Marshall- Gets angry, beats down women,
    will be the #1 target for Jay Cutler next season.

    Sean Payton- Knowingly let his DC continue his incentives program to get his already talented defensive players to play harder and more violently on the field of play.- SUSPENDED 1 YEAR

    Greg Williams- Started an incentives program for his defensive players that awarded them cash prizes for inflicting pain on the other teams(What defense is supposed to do any way)-FACING A LIFE TIME BAN

  24. crabboil says:
    Mar 22, 2012 7:09 PM
    Wait…. it’s that punter again? What’s he know about football
    By the contents of your non stop Viking hating posts,,,100% more than you. Hows things down in The Big Sleazy tonight turd?

  25. Any player that was knocked out can file a civil case against these villains that tainted their career. I can’t wait for this to get uglier. Packer fans would be chiming in if they would have taken Karen’s shoulder out. Cam Newton might be one of the most exciting young talents and they gunned for him. If anyone is guilty of this shame, as a fan I vote to have them banned for life. I am a football fan above the team rivalry thing. I wouldn’t even want to see a Packer’s career ended on a bounty.

  26. Amen Kluwe! I don’t believe severe penalties will happen to the players involved. However the Union needs to look at both sides – the hunters and the huntees – and encourage penalties to be handed out by Roger.

  27. No punters aren’t MLBs or OTs…they are specialists. And much like specialists in some other fields, they are scoffed at until you (or your team) needs one.

    Why his position matters in his ability to have and express an opinion is baffling. I mean we all post our opinions on the NFL and we sit in our chairs & watch on Sunday. So our thoughts should be taken seriously but not an actual player’s? LOL

  28. I think it is funny all these people slamming Kluwe because he is a punter and that somehow means he doesn’t know anything, here is something to consider….

    Maybe he is only a punter, but he is a professional football player which is more than any of you people can say.

    Maybe a punter is low on the pecking order in the NFL, he is still more credible to speak to these things than a bunch of dudes sitting on a comment board on a website.

    Wake up you fools he has more of a right to speak to this than you do.

  29. Imagine standing on that field on Sundays. Imagine playing on that field on Sundays. That would be heaven, even as a punter. Every single one of you would take that job. So stop talking about” he’s a punter” crap. Kluwe knows what he’s doing. Thanks Chris for being a man.

  30. I have to laugh when guys talk trash about kickers and punters. Those guys may not get hit very often (though it does happen on kickoffs) I have seen Matt Bryant get into players faces that are twice his size when they are playing dirty (Lions vs Falcons). Chris Kluwe may not be the ideal person to talk about this but I respect him a heck of a lot more on this subject than Joe Horn.

  31. I find it funny everyone bashing a punter would trade jobs with him in a second. He is in the NFL and has more right to comment about this subject than any of you. I don’t agree with a lifetime ban but I would be in favor of him playing for 1 entire year for $10,000 because thats what he thinks other players careers are worth, if he chooses not to play for the money then dont play at all.

  32. Vilma is done. Career over, anyway.

    A punter has as much right to speak as as anyone.
    He is right about the lame-ass NFLPA needing to step up for the victims, not the loudmouth cheaters.

    Payton, Williams and probably several other coaches in the league begin to feel shielded from rules as their notoriety and success grows. They feel invincible in their little fraternity and get a little bit out-of-touch with what is acceptable and what is criminal. The NFL needed this wake-up for coaches even more than the players.

  33. The uppity punter glee club with their panties in a wad? Can’t take a bunch of lame jokes?

    My favorites were the ones that mentioned salary. Ooooh BURN!

  34. gb4mn0 says:He looks like Christine Pondexter’s creepy gay twin brother in the photo.
    ,,,says the Packer fan jerk who worships a team ran by Ted Thompson,,, he said it wasn’t funny and wants those pretend ownership stocks back from you!

  35. Chris Kluwe is smarter than you. The man taught himself to play guitar in a few weeks. He’s a punter because it pays better than a surgeon. Listen to what he says.

  36. I’d say NFL punters know a lot more about football than the people making sarcastic comments about them.

    He’s entirely correct

  37. “@bigmike7914 says:
    After this post you’ll see how unimportant bounty gate is and how the hypocrisy is so prevalent …”

    Do not confuse failings in the criminal court system with NFL penalizing conduct on and off the field.

    For that matter every one of the players that is verified to have taken bounty money or contributed to the pot should be facing criminal charges for conspiracy and assault.

  38. as a football fan i’m pissed that one of the greatest stories in nfl history was taken away from us… the farve story ended tainted

  39. This about ON FIELD actions. Nothing to do with driving drunk or slappin’ ho’s.
    This is about the game, not spoiled brats with more money than sense.
    This is about fools who think they are gladiators.
    This is about coaches who give incentive to physically injure other players in a GAME. Does not matter what team or which coaches.

    These fools were their own snitches by virtue of their brash, arrogant disregard for the rules even after being told to STOP.

    The Saints may find themselves with a free agent defensive unit this season. Let’s hope so!

  40. I think a lifetime ban is too far.

    Does he deserve to be punished? Yes. Absolutely.

    Same thing with Greg Williams. Suspended a year with no pay I can go for.

    The coaches knew this was going on in all cases. I find the management who knew of this and should have put a stop to it the worst of the bunch, honestly.

    For the players engaging in this really is stupid but it was accepted by their coach and likely encouraged. This is one of the guys who has a say if you get to see the field or not.

  41. By the way, it’s kind of nice here in the Big Easy. It stopped raining and I can hear birds singing. Spring time. Thanks for asking. Way to get personal.

  42. How many of you out there have made a horrible,horrible mistake in your life, lied to cover it up. Big or small. How many of you now , living a lie in your life.
    How many of you got the snot whipped out of your team by da Saints. They did something stupid,got caught and are paying for it. So shut up already,and clean up the lies n secrets you are living. Let it go.

  43. I totally agree with Kluwe and the fact that Vilma should serve a longer ban (maybe not a life ban.) I applaud him for going out on a limb and stating the facts cause most players in the league won’t. I find it funny that these players are very out spoken about protecting there bodies and “i gotta get paid because I put my body on the line” mentality. If that were true they wouldn’t be out there putting bounties on one another. I hope that after Jonathan Vilmas playing days are over hes not one of the players that are arguing about benefits from the league for having thirty headaches over the day. If I remember right he got a bunch of benefits before he was even drafted and didn’t get in trouble for any of that. This guy has been in the bounty system for the last ten years and he’ll get a slap on the wrist if even that. Another laugher was when Darren Sharper was on ESPN right when the news broke out and said he knew nothing about the bounties on Favre and he would never go out and intentionally hurt another player. Then the host of the show read his twitter message talking about the upcoming game against the Vikes and “X marks the spot”. You stay classy Mr. Sharper.

  44. All the ” intelligent” remarks about Kluwe and him being a punter , just shows how ignorant you really are ! Grow up and focus on the real issue….the Saints cheated !!!!

  45. Someone should put a bounty on Kluwe this year. Punters shouldn’t have opinions on football, because they really don’t play. I love bounties!

  46. Enmitt Smith is a hall of famer who can’t even describe the color of the sky.
    And punters should shut their mouths why?

  47. Every player involved in this deserves to skate. Coaches instituted this thing and the players were just following their coaches’ direction. Standing up in opposition to these practices could have resulted in being cut. Their livliehoods were at stake. Don’t blame the players a bit for following orders. The coaches got what they derserved. That should be the end of it.

  48. contra74 says:
    Mar 22, 2012 7:12 PM
    crabboil says:
    Mar 22, 2012 7:09 PM
    Wait…. it’s that punter again? What’s he know about football?
    Enough to get paid way more than you do a year.


    And that also applies to you and the rest of you welfare recipient vikequeef posters living life out in a broke down Lazy-Boy in your mother’s trailer with a two holer out back.

  49. I have no problem with a life time ban. As long as every player who ever accepted or gave money to another player for “remember me” hits is also banned. It won’t happen because this is a common practice in the NFL.

  50. You can always tell the wannabe tough guys in the comment section that probably didn’t even make their HS teams. So what if he’s a punter?! You’ll lose a lot of games without a good punter or kicker…and no, I’ve never been either. His opinion is valid.

  51. So funny to hear the vikes fans getting all upset. You still haven’t won a SB and crying about “bountygate” won’t get you one any more than that POS favre did.

  52. Yep, what’s not mentioned by Saints players is the victims they target are fellow union members. NFLPA represents both so they’ll be under tons of scrutiny in sending a message that satisfies defensive and offensive players. What’s fair is fair for both.

  53. pretty serious matter regardless what position they play…Dude is sticking up for his team mates…Cant argue what hes saying unless youall toothless backwoods Whodats are in favor of payment for the hits…



    There’s a legit reason why the NFL is trying to lessen the impact kickers and punters have in a game, Kluweless is a CLASSIC example.

    As “specialists”, K’s and P’s don’t experience the game the way any other NFL players does. They come in on 4th downs and kick. Should they get so much as TOUCHED during the act of kicking, their job is to flop on the ground like dying goldfish.

    Should they kick well (and keep their opinions to themselves) they get to keep their jobs, their exorbitant salaries, and their absurd sense of entitlement.

    As such, their opinions on the game are marginally more relevant than that of cheerleaders.

  55. I am on record as saying that I thought the penalties were too harsh. However, I don’t know all of the details.

    That being said, the first thing I asked was what about the players involved? If the emphasis here is on player safety, how is it we can overlook that the ones jeopardizing that safety, were the very players themselves?

    Reminds of that scene in the first X-Men movie when Cyclops wanted Storm to strike Lady Liberty with a lightening bolt while in Magneto’s clutches, “Oh yes. A bolt of lightening into a huge copper conductor. I thought you lived at the school.”

    Well to the players who stood so well together during the lockout and actually participated in this, “Bounties when some of you are suing for past injury? I thought you were a union.”

  56. “Punters and kickers are not real football players”

    Try winning games without them. Let us know how that works out

  57. Hey Vikings fan, Farve still lost the game for you not some bounty put on by players and coaches from the Saints.

  58. pharvinisback says:
    Mar 22, 2012 7:32 PM
    ,,,says the Packer fan jerk who worships a team ran by Ted Thompson,,,

    Let me explain this to you in terms even a poor naive like you can understand. My team has 4 Lombardi’s, yours has zip, zero, nada. Absolutamente nada!

  59. Kluwe is one of the more interesting NFL players because he says it how he sees it. If there’s hypocricy, he’ll point it out. Who else is willing to go against the grain and make the statements that everybody thinks, but nobody says?

    For those who go “lol he’s a punter, they don’t count,” you do realize that the Giant’s punter, was a huge contributing force in their superbowl win.

  60. For those being dismissive about a punter’s comments, consider that Kluwe has a reputation for being unflinchingly honest; he also is one of the most intelligent players in the league.

    So while for some reason you may decide a special teams player (and a good one, at that) is not entitled to speak about the game he’s payed to played, just remember – this skinny, pale nerd is more accomplished than you are in a bevy of fields, athletics being one.

    for shame.

  61. It’s surprisingly easy to not like a guy who speaks his mind when he comes off sounding like an idiot…

  62. The comments about Kluwe not being willing to say it to Vilma’s face. If Vilma’s only retort would be to hit Kluhe then it speaks all the worse for Vilma. Vilma should either be willing to defend his participation in the bounty program or take his punishment. Idiotic comments about how this issue should turn into a fistfight to determine who is right and who is wrong are hopefully from children.

  63. I would like to see some of these guys to say what they are saying about Chris Kluwe to say to his face and see what happens. He would either laugh at you or kick ‘ya in the nutz.

  64. What an idiot. Anyone who talked to the league is a snitch.. what does he think everyone is just gonna turn themselves in??

    hypocrite world we live in

  65. I cannot believe I am saying this… but I now can list a punter as one of my favorite players.

    I read above where people don’t know who Chris Kluwe is… I consider myself an average NFL fan. And I can honestly say that I have never watched a non-playoff Vikings game. And I knew who Kluwe was.

    I’m thinking more fans should watch more football.

  66. Punters are tools, no one got hurt in this so what is the big deal? They were the only team to get caught, penalties have come, now move on.

  67. Of course there are going to be people who see he is a punter and therefor consider his word to not matter. And of course there will be jokes about how he is a pansy because he’s a punter.

    Let me just tell you right now. If your team received a punt from Kluwe: 1. They probably got stuck inside their own 10 yard line. and 2. If they didn’t, Kluwe probably tackled him.

    You see a lot of punters and kickers dive like little girls when a runner comes near em. Minnesota LOVES its kicking game (and we HAVE to, lol), because our kickers will straight up take your return guy DOWN!

  68. Everyone seems to keep forgetting that this was “sponsored” and approved by the Saints. At this point, the Saints got off easy and the people got wacked. The Saints should have lost at LEAST one first rounder. Oh and Sean had e-mails discussing this with outside people who were putting up money for the “kitty”. The bans should have been stiffer, this is moving into organized crime territory.

  69. I love how people react to punters.

    The guy makes a million a year working an hour a day (his words). That’s brilliant.

    Punters, Kickers, OL, and QB tend to be among the smartest positions in football.

  70. If Jonathan Vilma had intent to injure and end the careers of NFL Players, it would have been done. With the Saints “bounty intent” there is little on the field evidence that this was the case any more so than any other NFL club when it comes to causing opposing injuries to other players.

  71. chad504boy says: Mar 22, 2012 9:06 PM

    If Jonathan Vilma had intent to injure and end the careers of NFL Players, it would have been done. With the Saints “bounty intent” there is little on the field evidence that this was the case any more so than any other NFL club when it comes to causing opposing injuries to other players.
    So you mean to say all the evidence is fabricated, and the bounty program never happened, even though those involved have apologized for taking part in it?

    Perhaps maybe they just suck at hurting people.

  72. You can’t play football without a quarterback and you can’t play football without a punter. (Well I guess you could but your team would suck) Trash him all you want but he’s right. I’m a defense oriented guy, I like big hits and I hate the way they are taking the “smash-mouth” out of football, that being said, if someone’s actually going out to ruin another players career they shouldn’t be in the game. My biggest problem with this is the Saints team/owner got off without a knick. Where does the buck stop? In my business I’m responsible for everything and everyone under me.
    Two 2nd round picks and a measly $500,000. That’s a joke. That’s not even a scratch on the surface. I think the owner is as much of a scumbag and/or inept at running a team of any kind, as the people that did it.

    Buddy Ryan

    P.S. E-A-G-L-E-S !!!
    Somehow, it was just a lot funnier back then.

  73. — Don’t blame the players a bit for following orders—

    Funny, that’s what the Nazis claimed as their self defense in Nuremberg. What the players should have done is refused and let someone know what was going on three years ago. All you whiny Saints fans should just shut your mouths and tend to your pigs.

  74. Does the whining from loser Vikings fans ever end. Your team is not good enough, get on with your lives. Geaux Saints!!!!!

  75. The starting punter is more integral to a football team than the 3rd string LB that only plays kick-offs. Then again, attacking the player instead of arguing the point is pretty common on the interwebs. He has a great point. The union reps ALL members, not just the guilty ones.

  76. now wait a minute chrissy! im sure your team did this as well. look people act like this and video gate is something new. the only reason people are makeing a big deal out of it is because both teams tha got cauht were winning franchises. im sure my team and yor team has done this as well

  77. Are punters even part of the union? Suspension is the only thing warranted in this case. The refs are there to protect, they didn’t throw flags. This wasn’t a Albert Haynesworth stepping on someone, or Charles Martin slamming someone 2 seconds after the play. Keep it in perspective.

  78. punters should not be allowed to have an opinion. Punters should not even be considered a football player, you kick the ball a few times a game.

    Vilma would wreck your world!!!

    After this comment you better hope he never sees you on the field!

  79. I think a lifetime ban kinda loses it’s luster when the player is going to be 30+ by the time the suspension is handed down.

  80. He better shut his trap and get ready to be the ONLY “skill” player on that pitiful VikQueen offense. With ??? at QB, and #23… I mean 28, comin off a knee injury, he’s all they got! Lol

  81. Chris Who-ey? Coward needs to learn to skip and jump rope and get out of a mans game. Bounty or not there are scarier defenses in the NFL than the Saints, such as the Ravens, and the Bears who play in this jokers division, and if he is scared of Vilma he needs to quit the game and leave it to the men.

  82. Its great to see Packer’s fans roll off from atop there sister and contribute to these posts. Its also great to see everyone chime in that a NFL player (Chris Kluwe) doesn’t have an opinion about this incident. Remember special teams wins games, so any fan thats ever watched their team lose by a field goal, win by a field goal, KR, PR, etc… should have no complaint of hearing what a member of the NFL has to say. If theres one player that would speak out it’d be Kluwe, he’s a smart guy and his opinions are probably shared by other NFL players that won’t speak out.

  83. Punters are literally the least credible NFL players, so its hilarious how much attention PFT gives to any of them.

    Where are the opinions of NFL cheerleader on the topic of bounties, Manning in DEN or Tebow in NY? The worst cheerleader on any NFL team is at least as valuable as the best punter on any NFL team in the history of the NFL. That’s precisely how useless punters are–even the best should be embarrassed to be considered real NFL players. That’s why anything Kluweless says is unworthy of repeating, anywhere.

  84. Gotta love how all the know-it-alls are so butt-hurt over this, and eager to slam the saints….. when anyone with half a brain knows this happens (happened) all over the league. Get a clue guys !!! They’re making an example out of em, no doubt…. but to try and take a guys career away from him ? How would you like it ? Everyone deserves a second chance. Vilma isnt a bad guy either…..One of the smartest players in the league actually. Remember this is Gregg Williams creation and he started it long before he got to the Saints. Thank god you morons don’t have important positions in your profession.

  85. He’s one hundred percent right anyone who had participated in anything like this should be banned….. Good bye half the league.

    I do agree with most of what he said. But, he’s a punter so he should shut up

  86. A bit too sensitive I’d say. It’s like the people that were asking for Vick to be executed for dog fighting. Slow your roll, man.

  87. Finally, we get to hear a punters perspective.

    Aren’t they the ones, who if touched at all, draw a flag? (we had that rule in 7th grade gym class for the girls when we played flag football.)

    If there were a bounty on you, Chris, they would still be scrubbing stains of you out of the turf.

    Not that you don’t make some valid points, but it’s like the CEO of GE complaining about downsizing…They don’t really have anything to worry about.

  88. Jonathan Vilma did something wrong–really wrong, and he’s got little football left in him between his looming suspension and the amount of cartilage left in his knees. The NFL is a violent game, and Jon Vilma will have time soon enough to think about what he did to increase it.

    Jonathan Vilma is not a monster, though. He plays a violent game and was nurtured by a culture, from Miami to Gregg Williams, that rewarded him–indirectly, and in this case indirectly–for making it more violent. His lost his way, and he’ll pay for it.

    I don’t think Kluwe’s opinions are less valid because he’s a punter or a Viking. But there’s no need to pat him on the back, either. Kluwe likes to hear himself talk. It’s pretty uncontroversial to take a hard-line stance on something you think affected you in the past, and doesn’t matter what happens in the future. Maybe I’m wrong, but when has it called out his Vikings teammates when they did something wrong? His October 22 tweets are devoid of calling out Chris Cook for getting arrested for (allegedly) beating up a woman. Do you know why? Because the NFL culture is a culture of groupthink (which is what leads to things like the bounty system, or players being crazy enough to play), and if Kluwe’s so brave and honest and has to speak his mind about injustices big and small, show me an example of when he has to make a sacrifice to do it.

    Drew Brees (and I love Drew), Heath Evans, Terrell Suggs, Brett Favre, Chris Kluwe–all love to hear themselves talk. Talk is cheap, Chris.

  89. So people commenting in here think Kluwe can’t have an opinion because he is a punter….I doubt your part-time job at 7-11 qualifies you on the subject either.

    A lifetime ban would be perfect. “Frankdatank” questions taking the career away from someone….that is exactly what Saints players were trying to do.

  90. Punter, this is the land of the free……BUT take out some scratch and go buy a clue. shut the f$$k up. shut your punting hole and go stretch your hammies. frankdatank23…..u hit it on the head. Wait till Pandora’s box opens and everyone will be taking their head outta their bippy.

  91. Look at all of the whining New Orleans fans! They just never get the picture! He is a punter so he has no right to speak? Yet, he is on a NFL team unlike the rest of us! Good thing he is not the best punter, or the Saints might have broke his leg by just getting a “roughing the kicker” penalty!

  92. How much does Kluwe make a year in comparison to some of you bozo’s on here? How often does he get hit?? As you stated little to never… How stressful is his job as a punter, probably not very stressful at all… By all account he seems pretty damn smart to me… He kicks a ball, gets paid damn good for it.. Yet the guy working for minimum wage thinks he knows more then this ignorant punter…

  93. gb4mn0 says:
    Mar 22, 2012 8:23 PM
    pharvinisback says:
    Mar 22, 2012 7:32 PM
    ,,,says the Packer fan jerk who worships a team ran by Ted Thompson,,,

    Let me explain this to you in terms even a poor naive like you can understand. My team has 4 Lombardi’s, yours has zip, zero, nada. Absolutamente nada!

    Hey gb4mn0,
    Let me explain something in terms that you probably won’t understand. The Packers are as much your team as the Vikings are mine. You are a fan, not a part of the team. Your life is consumed by the Pack, and they have no idea who you are. The members of the Pack have lives and wives, while you are most likely still a virgin. You spit venom in your ten anti-Vikes posts every day. There is no way any woman has or will ever like you. For your sake, hopefully the Pack continues to play well on Sundays, because your life would be one miserable pile of crap otherwise. Grow up please. Your trolling is getting old.

  94. It seems as though players and coaches have become as ugly as certain groups of fans. Anyone remember when Eagles’ fans cheered when Irvin went down? There’s nothing wrong with lighting someone up, but to go after someone with the intent to injure them possibly for life isn’t what football is about.

  95. we love you, kluwe.

    to all of you saying his opinion doesn’t matter because he’s “just a punter,” read his post on deadspin. Kluwe can destroy you, and is easily one of the coolest guys in the league. and who are you to say he’s just a punter? look at yourself. if he is a loser punter, what’s that make all of us?

    and he is also 100% right. any player or coach involved in this should be banned for life.

  96. Guys, this is far from over…… Kluwe, props man! Glad someone can speak the truth… His tweets are usually priceless…

    This is far from over. Wait until the IRS get’s involved.. This is all cash money… Straight cash homey, that more than likely wasn’t claimed on income taxes. I can about guarantee you that most if not all of them didn’t bother to tell their CPA about it. And you can bet Roger knows everyone that got a cash payment.. So now that he knows, in walks Uncle Sam to have a sit down chat with Roger, and well, Roger won’t be able to lie for the Saints about this one. Yeah, this is far from over!

  97. The NFL active players, including kickers, should let their Union know what they feel on this issue; just not through twitter or media.

  98. All you SAINT haters get a clue. All hits were legal. If you think this is just happening on Saints team only, you need to wake up. Every team has some kind of reward system and this has been going on for decades. Roger Badsmell needs to investigate all NFL teams before handing down punishments like he did. When your team is outed, you won’t have diddly squat to say. As for the slow ones who say things like backwoods and toothless about New Orleans are just ignorant, 1st grade drop-outs.

  99. that saints superbowl trophy is rusting away as we speak, and i love it.

    every coach and player involved in this should be suspended for 3 years-the amount of time they did bounties. and any player that knew about bounties but didn’t speak out, should be suspended a year. all without pay. they won games based on being a hit squad. and lied about it.

    vikings were robbed of a superbowl appearance because the saints couldn’t beat them straight up, so they had to take out Favre. favre wasnt the same after those hits.

    even this year, they were trying to injure peterson’s ankle, and peterson called them out on it.

    shame on the saints. you’re a disgrace. drew brees, i used to respect you. but now youre nothing but a hack. you’re a hack who allowed his fellow team members to take out fellow QB’s. hows if feel that superbowl you won was won because you’re team couldn’t beat your opponent straight up? youre a disgrace of a leader, and a moron for whining about the suspensions.

  100. hscorpio says:Mar 22, 2012 7:36 PM

    I feel dirty for liking Kluwe. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s a punter or a Viking. Probably a little of both.
    I’m a Vikings fan, but you made me laugh. Good one.

    gb4mno should take notice. You can dislike a team and its fans without making a complete idiot of yourself, as you always do.

  101. Considering what little we do know, the punishment is appropriate. I believe more information will be revealed about this disgusting practice and you can bet the lawsuits will follow.

    As if football wasn’t physical and violent enough, players have to worry about coaches encouraging and financially supporting players who target others to intentionally injure or maim. Any person should pause at such a tactic. The NFL players and NFLPA should fully support the punishment issued and forthcoming.

    Why anyone would use the term “snitch” for someone exposing such sinister acts is just ignorant and irresponsible. Sapp is a fool and his comments directed at Shockey are what I would expect from a criminal. At least some players have the courage to speak up and not go along to get along.

  102. The league should release all of its evidence they found to the public. They won’t, but getting the entire story with all of the evidence would be nice for once.

    How is the league going to protect the defensive players? Who is to say that the offensive players don’t give each other incentives for playing great or targeting a player to get him outof the game? Chad Johnson made hit lists of DB’s.

    I still would like to see the evidence that says the bounty system was set up so players would earn extra money if another players career was ended. I just don’t believe that anyone who has ever played a sport at any level ever would intentionally try to end another persons career. When you make it to the highset level of sport- getting paid to play, you know what it takes nobody wants to take that away from another person, but it is win at all costs…and if you win the league pays you more with pro bowl money, playoff money, champiobship money, more endorsements, etc. Winning = money, that is what is taught.

  103. Vilma shouldn’t be banned for life… however he should do community service for life… scratch that he should be suspended for at least half of the season… and then he should go on a forgiveness tour and help Africa out… forever!!!! By the way… football players are bred, born, and educated from a early age to be tough. So when 1, 2, or 3 knuckleheads start an uprising… it will always be attractive… especially when flow is involved!!!!!

  104. These should be RICO indictments. Organized, criminal conspiracies to do premeditated felonies for money. Outside of football, these circumstances get you 25 years to life.

  105. The last time I checked (which was a LONG time ago) professional football teams have a specific roster spot for a punter, which in my mind anyway makes this punter a member of a professional football team. How anyone can vocalize or type that punters are NOT football players really could use a “Kluwe” (take it as you will – the smart ones may get a chuckle)

    Secondly, someone posted earlier the fact that this was 9or could be construed as) a continuing criminal enterprise, enforcement of the RICO act in any criminal proceeding could be used, and as messed up as it sounds I also agree with that thought. Mary, Mother of freakin’ Mouse Ears – the team had already been warned after the previous inquiry to turn that noise off, and instead let it continue. The ends justify the means, folks.

    Lastly, I hate to say this, but I think the beatdowns Roger handed out weren’t severe enough. Sure, I may agree he overstepped his powers a bit, but I get the message he’s sending out. As for Jon Vilma, he needs to go away if for any reason, for being a total idiot about his role, let alone any other players Roger decides to clip or beat down over this whole thing.

  106. rg3isvictory says:
    Mar 22, 2012 11:34 PM


    NFL punter=More money than you will ever see in your pathetic life.

  107. Love Kluwe but gotta disagree a bit on this. No player should receive a penalty equal or greater to that imposed on any of the coaches or execs who ran this.

    As a player, or employee, you pretty much have to do what the boss says. When Williams and Payton are instructing them all to participate in this bounty program, then it is no longer on the player as much. I mean, do we really expect these players to blow the whistle on this program in the midst of a playoff run? No way. They had no choice and did what they had to do to impress their leaders and mentors.

    So whatever a player gets, it shoudln’t be any more than 8 months at this point. Should the coaches and execs have been banned longer? Probably yes, they clearly got off pretty easy. No other occupation on earth would have put up with that. But the fines have been levied and it would be unfair to hit the underlings harder than the bosses.

  108. seriously, why do punters ever talk? it’s not like they play football. They kick the ball a few times a game and hide on the sidelines the rest of the time. Hey Kluwe, go shave your ass for your boyfriend

  109. I’m a Vikings fan, but you made me laugh. Good one.

    gb4mno should take notice. You can dislike a team and its fans without making a complete idiot of yourself, as you always do.

    Well well well…HELLO Kettle.

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