David Carr will back up Eli Manning again next season


On Wednesday, New York City was all atwitter about the Jets’ acquisition of what they called a backup quarterback.

The other team that calls MetLife Stadium home solidified the second spot on their depth chart Thursday, but there don’t figure to be any Carr-related puns on the back pages of tabloids come Friday morning.

The Giants announced that they have re-signed David Carr to serve as Eli Manning’s backup for a second straight season. It’s the third year in the last four that Carr has filled that role with a one-year sabbatical in San Francisco in between his Giants stints. The former first overall pick didn’t play a snap for the Super Bowl champions last season.

“I feel really comfortable here,” Carr said in a release sent out by the team. “I know that if given the opportunity and put in the position to play on this team, I would do well. That’s also a comforting feeling knowing that if you get into the game, you’re in there, first of all, with the world champions, so how can you go wrong? And secondly, to know that you’re going to go out there and succeed is also a positive.”

It’s safe to say that Carr will be the less talked about backup quarterback in the Meadowlands this season.

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  1. Damn those Giants, they’re just soooo boring.

    Its quite hilarious and embarrassing at the same time that the Jets make it so obvious about their clamoring to steal the back and front page headlines from the ‘upstart’ 4 time SB champion NY Giants.

    Its almost like the Jets GM, Coach and Owner actually spend countless hours in the off season planning on such things to be talk of the town. I wonder what next year brings.

    Oh BTW, don’t for one second think that any clued up Giant fan thinks that heartfelt public statement of Woody Johnson congratulating the Giants on our past SB win was genuine. It was just a Jedi Mind Trick to make it seem that the Jets owner was very secure with himself after the Giants crap on his team AGAIN on the way to winning its 4th SB and 2nd in 4 yrs.

  2. This kid coming out of Fresno State looked like the next Marino to me.

    I’m stll shocked he was such a bust.

    Makes you wonder though, what would have been if a team that didn’t have a high school level offensive line drafted him.

  3. David Carr is a fascinating case study. One of the toughest young QBs I’ve ever seen when he entered the league. Attended Titans games and saw him staying in the pocket and just getting pummeled by our defense thanks to no protection from his O-line. This went on for years. Eventually, even that kid had a breaking point. By the time he left Houston, he was as skittish as Blaine Gabbert–who unfortunately for Jacksonville is that way naturally. You may not be able to teach toughness (sorry Gabbert) but Carr is proof you can lose it.

  4. Carr had so much potential when he first came in the league, winning his first game as a pro. 70+ sacks in his rookie season really put a dent on his confidence though. At least he has a SB ring for all his troubles.

  5. It must have been the Texans o-line right, not Carr holding to the ball for what seemed like minutes. Nevermind Schaub cut Carr’s sack total in half his first year.

  6. Anyone know how much he has been paid during his “career”, if you could call it that……

  7. Giants fans better hope Eli is indestructible…SF fans have seen Carr step in and play (’10 season in Carolina) and it was not pretty. That was the Panthers only win of the season.

  8. All I remember about Carr during his season in Carolina were the fruity gloves he wore.

    That was even worse than Cam Newton with his towel on the head nonsense, though both strike me as insecure men trying to get attention.

  9. jjrs89 says: Mar 22, 2012 3:58 PM

    Carr has 2 Super Bowl rings doesn’t he?

    Not from his stint with the Giants. Jared Lorenzen (“J-Load”) was the back-up QB when the Giants won SB42.

  10. It’s hard to be the number one pick our of Fresno St. and be the “real” (a.k.a. the first ever) face of a franchise behind supplemental draft linemen and people that nobody wanted. Their best players after him were Jabar Gaffney and Aaron Glenn, who to date might still be the best Texans corner ever. At least he didn’t give up like Russell, Leinart, and Young, and he had MORE pressure than them. Congrats, David.

  11. So David Carr has two superbowl rings, Marc Sanchez has been to two AFC championships and Tim Tebow is a “winner”? Interesting.

  12. Giants fans better hope Eli is indestructible…SF fans have seen Carr step in and play (’10 season in Carolina) and it was not pretty. That was the Panthers only win of the season.


    Actually we (Panthers) only won 2 games that year: vs SF and the Cardinals.

  13. NY isn’t looking toward the future the same way Indy wasn’t.

    At some point a Manning ego has to be bruised for the good of the franchise.

  14. David Carr should play. Warren Sapp said, that Jeremy Shockey said that there’s a “BOUNTY” on Eli.

  15. Glad he’s been able to make a comfortable career for himself… He was abused in Texas. Tony Boselli (HA!) was supposed to protect him, but was released by whomever it was (Jax?) because his shoulder was trash. It blew up the best laid plans and the Texans should have been ashamed of themselves for that offensive line around Carr all those years.

    No wonder he became gun shy and his growth as a player was stunted.

    Watch him hang around for another five or six years as a backup. He’ll probably end up making more in the end rather than trying in vain to be a starter and then being ushered out of the league. Good for him. Sweet deal.

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