Forte not happy after Bears sign Michael Bush


The Bears’ Wednesday signing of running back Michael Bush was at first perceived as a sort of insurance policy for unsigned franchise player Matt Forte. Bush could be Forte’s backup, giving Chicago a starting-capable runner in the event of another Forte injury, and also provide the Bears with some negotiating leverage in long-term contract talks with Forte.

But perhaps there’s more to it. Perhaps the Bears don’t want to sign Forte long term, at all.

Forte certainly isn’t happy, and he let his feelings be known on Twitter Thursday afternoon.

“There’s only so many times a man that has done everything he’s been asked to do can be disrespected!” Forte tweeted. “Guess the GOOD GUYs do finish last.”

Forte has played hard for the Bears, handling heavy workloads and playing through a knee injury in 2009. But he hasn’t exactly played the role of good soldier. He’s gone on ESPN repeatedly to voice his frustration about his contract demands, which the Bears have offered a guaranteed salary of $7.778 million to satisfy.

But Forte wants much, much more, and he’s gone out of his way time and time again to let it be known.

Forte’s agent even chimed in on Thursday.

“To sign yet another running back, prior to completing a contract with Matt, suggests disregard for Matt and his contributions to the Bears,” said Forte’s agent, per ESPN Chicago’s Mike Wright.

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  1. This is wrong on so many levels. Matt Forte is a classy guy, played hard, played hurt, didnt whine about his contract. He deserves so much better than this treatment by Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith

  2. I like Forte. Great all-around back, perhaps a bit under-rated overall, and has better quickness than given credit for.

    It’s probably also a bit unfair to Forte. That said, it’s a business, and in particular, in this business, RB’s are replaceable.

    I hope Forte is with the Bears for several more years, but I won’t have an issue if they decide to franchise him for a year to two, and then let him go. It’s harsh, but the Bears have to do what’s best for the Bears, and Forte has a lot of wear and tear on those treads.

  3. He needs to go to a new Team. The bears don’t deserve him. Plenty of desperate teams willing to pay big bucks for stars…even RBs.

  4. He shouldn’t be. With Martz gone, they aren’t going to run the same offense. They’ll pound the ball more and Bush fits that better than Forte. If Forte doesn’t lower his contract demands, he’ll be looking for work next season with his value greatly deflated (if they can get Bush for 4/14 — robbery — he’ll be lucky to get a 4/20).

  5. oh boo hooo I am only going to make 8 million this year, people dont make that in a lifetime. Forte didnt even finish the season healthy, why would a team invest big bucks when this year really showed what happens to huge paid RB’s. Quit crying Forte!

  6. “To sign yet another running back, prior to completing a contract with Matt, suggests disregard for Matt and his contributions to the Bears,” said Forte’s agent, per ESPN Chicago’s Mike Wright.

    …Or, it could represent the Bears wanting insurance in case your client gets hurt again. Do all agents have some requirement to throw a bitch-fit like this every time they feel like it?

  7. $7.778M reasons to be “unhappy”.

    Failure to understand the fair market value of his position and how that has changed during this offseason is a tough reality for Forte.

    The Bears signing Bush is a good move for the organization as a whole. The offense will be different next year now that Martz is gone and the reliance on Forte as a % of the offense will hopefully be less.

    I won’t be surprised if in the long run Forte ends up with less money than what the Bears offered last fall.

  8. This situation can be used as ammo for players wanting to hold out in training camp/season for more money. I can’t blame him/them.

  9. good god this is getting annoying. The bears have already offered to pay him more than reasonably and he refused because he needs more more more. Maybe when Forte gets benched or holds out and Michael Bush beasts a 200 yard game he’ll get the memo.

  10. Put a cork in it, Forte. While I agree you should get paid more than you do, the fact is you got hurt last year, and weren’t there for your team because of it. Your team now has a plan if that happens again, or if you keep running your mouth out of town.

    Michael Bush is a stud.

  11. Hopefully da Bears manage to parlay this into a season-long distraction, or dare I dream, even an implosion!

  12. Matt, I love ya, got your jersey and everything, but lower your expectations. You’re not AP my friend and youre not getting the kind of money he gets. Take the deal they offered you, let Bush shoulder the load, prolong your career and win some championships.

  13. Oh come on now this is ridiculous.. if you don’t like it the be traded. I love Forte but his value as a RB is good for 2 years then the mileage takes its toll.

    Pay him 16 guaranteed anything more get a first and some other picks, you can’t tie up your money into a RB when you are trying to change your franchise into a winner. If you sign him to a big contract it will water your team down.

    (Look at Adrian Peterson and the Vikings) Come on guys make a wise move for the franchise and don’t think about what’s in your hearts its about WINNING!

  14. He should have signed the contract he was offered last year. Now it’s going to get ugly.

  15. What can you get for a franchise RB? 2 #1 draft picks ? What would it take to move forte

  16. Either be quiet, or don’t get hurt. Forte and Cutler go down last year, and the Bears floundered. At least with Bush, they’ll be able to run the ball on 3rd-and-short and have a proven RB to pick up the slack if Forte gets hurt again. God forbid you have a formidable backup, dude.

  17. I know lots of good guys who are not guaranteed $7.7 million next year. Save the tears for your colleagues in the league. As a fan, I really don’t want to hear it. Shut up and play.

  18. Bush’s contract only has less than 8 million guaranteed over 3 years. Forte is getting 7.7 million this year. I’m in the minority of Bears fans that wouldn’t mind seeing him go. Maybe get a guy like Jonathan Stewart or spend another 2nd round pick on an RB.

  19. What is all this crap about being disrespected? Forte’s the starter, was offered over 7 mil… I wish I could be disrespected like that.

  20. Oh, and like it’s a big deal for a team to sign a decent backup running back. The most fragile position in football. If a team doesn’t have two decent running backs on a roster, chances are that team is run by retards. Maybe Forte is upset the Bears aren’t run by retards anymore. Phil Emery FTW? Yes, Phil Emery FTW!

  21. The Forte camp has being playing the blame game but the reality is that the bears have made offers, they’ve just be refused.

    Forte wants to be paid like a top-3 back and that is not going to happen. Unfortunately for Forte, the bears have all the leverage (ie. franchise tag). He should blame the NFLPA for that, not the bears.

    I want Forte to sign as much as any bears fan, but not a cost that will restrict us from getting O-line and CB help, or that will cripple our cap long-term.

  22. Trade #22 to the bucks for the compensation picks which I believe is 2 # 1 picks take bucs pick( and Blount ) and select Blackmon and then still have your regular pic.

    They get their back you get the player you need. Forte is the man but it is a passing league

  23. Why does Forte think he’s a premier back? This guy gets knocked down with one arm anytime they need a first down. As well he’s pathetic at the goal line.. 3 touchdowns last year. WOW. Their new pickup, Michael Bush, had 7.. as a backup! Forte’s average may be higher, but he isn’t reliable. Seeya!

  24. Forte is a such a moron. How is $7.7 million on a franchise tag being disrespected.

    What a dirt bag!

  25. 3yardsndust says:Mar 22, 2012 2:47 PM

    Note to Matt: the price of running backs is dropping.

    Yes they are.

    But he is thier best offensive weapon, they continue to extend other players like WR and FAs.

    While ignoring all the hard work he does.

    I understand why he feels disrespected.

  26. The comments here saying that the Bears have treated Forte unfairly are flat-out wrong. Forte just thinks he’s worth more than he is, all there is to it. Bears fans should be THANKFUL that their team isn’t taking a nosedive and pouring tons of money into a running back that WILL burn out in a couple of years.

  27. Bears fans: stop saying this guy is elite, he isn’t. Heres Proof:
    Adrian Peterson 2011 stats: Att – 208, Yards – 970, TDs – 12.
    Matt Forte 2011 stats: Att – 203, Yards – 997, TDs – 3.
    Clearly a huge difference. And the sad thing is AP missed like 4-5 games with the ankle, knee injuries. Forte is a class below elite, and he deserves to be paid as such. Quit trying to hype him up Bears fans.

  28. The wave against Matt Forte will continue to rise.

    Especially since Peppers and Urlacher may restructure to free up cap room as I have read on some sites. Pep and Urlacher are trying to win a championship here and Forte is trying to get too much a`la Briggs.

    Don’t get me wrong, I truly love Briggs and Forte but if they aren’t going to care about the team and just themselves get something else for them. The rest of the team wants a championship not a heavy contract like Adrian Peterson has, that totally disabled the Vikings from being able to sign ANYONE worth a damn to their team because of that contract handcuff.

  29. I’m a bears fan that owns 3 Forte jersey’s and even I am geting sick of his fragile ego. He missed a quarter of the season last year! We’re just supposed to hope that he is perfectly healthy all year? I would have to admit that the 4 year deal is a little curious, but you kill yourself without depth in this league and our rushing attack without Forte was bad. The team has been looking for a power back compliment for 3 years and free agency waits for no man. Forte needs to talk with Drew Brees and see what it’s like to be franchised and one of the undisputed best at a position. Forte’s career marks are still just 4.2 YPC (which was below 4 until this season) and 1200 yards to go with his 50 catches per year. In case he didn’t notice we brought in a true #1 WR and you know we will still draft one, so his recieveing #’s are likely to drop. So realisitcally he wants us to pay him AP money for 1000 yards and 30 catches. NOT ELITE PRODUCTION!

  30. I think it’s a great signing. If Barber would have handled the 3rd and short situations better last year and (blew the Denver game) we wouldn’t be talking about Bush right now.

    I may be the only Bear fan that feels this way, but I’m tired of handing the ball to Forte on 1st, 2nd, 3rd and goal and watching him get stuffed. Great outside the tackles and screen receiver but horrible on the goal line and 3rd and short. Bringing Bush in will hopefully give the Bears more Red Zone success.

  31. He’s frachised. I don’t see any teams giving up a first round, or multiple first round picks for a RB. Their value drops tremendously after 4-5 years in the league!

  32. I think Forte is just hurting himself and his value with all the talking he continues to do. I’m not a Bears fan but I know that all 32 teams in the league want depth at every position. If Forte breaks or tears something again, the Bears still want to be able to win with whoever substitutes for him.

  33. Good, now Jason Campbell has someone to talk to on the bench.

    Hey Bears, send Marion Barber over, he would look good in Silver and Black (who doesn’t right?). He is just what they need for a 3rd running back he’s a grinder and can get you those tough yards to keep the chains moving or in GL situations.

  34. Anyone that thinks Michael Bush is on the same level with Matt must be sniffin’ glue. Matt is one of the elites in the league and deserves to be paid as such. It’s easy to say the price for RBs has gone down and it has, for mediocre RBs. The best are still paid like the best should be. I don’t think Matt’s better than AP but he’s up there along with Chris Johnson, Arien Foster, Ray Rice, Frank Gore and Jaamal Charles. If you don’t want one of the elite RB’s trade him or let him go.

  35. He needs to get paid already. I understand where he is coming from. The price for good backs is dropping but hes not just a good back. He is a game changer. He is a threat every time he has the ball in his hands. I have seen him turn simple screeens into 65 yard touch downs. The lions showed their star player the money, the vikings showed their star the money, now the bears have to

  36. Running backs have the shortest life span of any position in the NFL. Forte has been great, but coming off a serious injury, with a high contract demand, well what organization isnt going to protect itself. Plus i like the idea from a team standpoint of a 1-2 punch in running backs. Bush may get 8-10 carries a game, and goal line carries which Forte struggled with, but dont forget the important of Forte in the passing game so he will still be on the field the majority of the time.

  37. As an Eagle fan, I would be upset if we were in a contract dispute with McCoy and then went and signed another back. That would be a slap in the face to him. And as a fan, I would be scared that he would demand a trade. Damn im happy that for once, our front office is making our core happy.

  38. This guy is so out of touch I’m actually embarrassed for him. We get it, you’re a legend in your own boots. Doesn’t mean you get a blank check at the end of the day.

  39. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions on the talent of a player or how important he is to a team. But please some of these comments are just insane. Anyone who calls the Bears cheap is an idiot. They have handed out some massive contracts to guys like Briggs, Urlacher & Peppers just in the last few years. Before that they paid huge contracts to John Tait and Mushin Muhammed. Watch soon how they break the bank on Cutler. So please don’t blame this on them being cheap it just makes you look as stupid as the guy above that blames this on Angelo even though he was fired last year. If you want to cheer for teams like the Redskins who just pay whatever a guy wants go right ahead and enjoy all the success they have had since they started that.

  40. Franchised tag players if traded would get 2 #1 picks not saying anyone would give up that but might as well toss it out there. More picks the better. Get a top receiver, roll with bell,bush,marshall,blackmon. Trade to the Tampa they have all the money

  41. Hopefully, Forte has a few good years left in him. The Bears can franchise him next year too, and they should. Then, move along. Running backs get worn out at 30. Why would anyone give a long term contract to a running back approaching 30 in the next few years?

  42. Matt Forte and Ray Rice already know their market value.

    Adrian Peterson 7 year 96 million, 32 million guaranteed

    Chris Johnson 4 year 53 million, 30 million guaranteed.

    DeAngelo Williams 5 year 43 million, 21 million

    Arian Foster 5 year 43.5 million 20.75 guaranteed.

    Now you tell me how much Forte is worth?

  43. Matt, we love you. But come on, man.. You’re asking 14 million a year?

    That’s ridiculous, dude. I’d be happy if Emery gave him a 9 or MAYBE 10 mil a year contract, but 14 million is crazy. That’s insane. Granted, he’s a top 5 back in the league when healthy, he can’t be paid as much as he’d like to.

  44. The contract they offered him last year was crap and everyone knows it. Forte is a top 5 rb.
    AP, Rice, Foster, Forte, Mccoy. PERIOD!!!
    Bush is a better backup than barber was & will be. I think they overpaid for Cambpell & Bush. But to have quality depth is important now a days.
    When they reconveined after the season, they began talking the weekend prior to the cap deadline. Give him 4years 32 mill (3yrs in garunteed money and be done with this nonsense) The contracts now all favor most teams to protect them against injuries and bonuses etc.
    Yeah they Franchised him. 7.78 mill. Great, but when your a RB, you don’t want Franchised, especially when your told it’s being used to work out a deal and all you see is your team trade for a WR making 10mill, a backup RB getting signed, them resiging reserves (steltz, idonije, jennings, davis- of whom Idonije should have been the only one period) Then he see’s Lynch and Foster get paid. the man out played his rookie contract and had a minor injury. People act like he blew his ACL that he’s injury prone.

  45. Always liked Forte as a player, but this tweet is whining.

    The Bears made a football decision and the team is better now than it was yesterday. Forte and Bush sharing time in the backfield makes sense.

    If Forte thinks he’s worth more money, the system allows for him to test free agency.

  46. Bears offered him $13-$14 million guaranteed. $7.778 is his franchise tag number.

    That puts him in Frank Gore, Michael Turner, territory. I think that’s pretty fair. We got bigger fish to fry than to over pay him and he ends up turning into Chris Johnson.

  47. Looks like a lot of Bears fans forget the guy was pretty much the whole offense last year. I could be wrong, but I thought he lead the team in receiving.

    I also thought the Bears brass pretty much made it clear he’d get paid. But that’s the NFL and business is business I guess.

    AP must be happy he signed a contract last year…

  48. Bush is your back up at best, Matt Forte. You should concentrate on your game and recovering on any injury before you start worrying about your starting role and pay check.

  49. Bush was a great weapon in Oakland, nice hands and smooth runner for a big guy. The only thing I’d knock about his game is his tendency miss on pass protection plays. It was apparent to me that he came across as a “Me” guy and not a team player. Look up his interview of him after the Thursday night game @Sandy Eggo. A game where he broke Bo Jackson’s team record for yards from scrimmage. As well, he could have had more carries in Oakland had he not refused time as FB when needed due to injuries.

    Bears fan a little bitter sweet I guess. You got a couple really good players from Oakland. A year late but at least your team has addressed the need. Given the situation last year these two players would have kept your playoffs alive. Oakland was 4 – 2 once Campbell went down for the season.

    Chi-Town should tag Forte

  50. guess after this we will have more DeSean’s crying and not showing up for games and less Forte’s playing their hearts out.

  51. First of all we do not know what the Bears have offered Forte

    Second of all they signed Bush to a 3 million a year contract with only 7 gauranteed. He will be the back up.

    I love Forte but taking it personal is crazy. Barber could not get healthy and made three mistakes that were huge. 2 against Denver and the td against kc he blew by not lining up right.

    The Bears said they want him and they are negotiating.

  52. Forte’s selfishness not only will cost him, it’s cost his team because they had to allocate a good chunk for another running back when they could’ve used that $ for an upgrade at outside linebacker and defensive end. I’m all for a player getting compensated fairly and Forte was given EVERY opportunity to become a very wealthy player, but his let his pride get in the way and it came back to bite him! Now he’s playing the “victim” game because he gambled and lost that the Bears were bluffing. Take responsiblity for your actions Mr. Forte! Just once I’d like to see a player TWEET this; “I messed up and I take full responsibility!

  53. If Ted Thompson was the kind of GM who signed RBs to long term deals, and if GB was the kind of team that had any use whatsoever for a good RB, I’d want Ted to trade for this guy.

  54. jnyce714… You need to check some stats.
    Forte isn’t even top 10! He was ranked 16th last year, that’s pretty middle of the road huh?
    He is good at best, got to give him props for playing behind that awful Oline and doing as well as he has.
    But he is in no way elite…Other than in his own mind.

  55. Forte is a decent back, but MAN does he whine too much!
    All last year and now this off-season……Twitter- Whining. THE most effeminate mode of conversation.
    Grow a nut Forte.

  56. I like Bush when he was a Raider, but when people say he’s a good short yardage back, you’re partially wrong. Bush is a big and agile back that runs with finess. Bush struggles in short yardage like Jacobs. He’s a bit soft for a guy his size. Great player, great addition for Chicago as an insurance policy, but don’t think he’s a true power back.

  57. Bears are doing the right thing. Also just because other teams made the mistake of over paying their rbs doesn’t mean its right forte isn’t on the same level as foster or ap… whose contracts were the only ones warranted on you list of mistake contracts.

  58. Sorry Matt but I don’t think the team wants just one running back. Maybe he’s being signed to give you a breather in games? Or maybe the team isnt sure if you’ll be 100% by week 1?

    Remember that Jerry Anglo was fired for not having a good plan at backup QB. And now you’re whining because the new GM wants to have a good back up plan?

  59. Bears are trying to get off cheap with Forte. He should be right underneath Chris Johnson contract. He isnt Adrian Peterson but he is dependable and seems to carry the offensive run game single handily pretty well. Now, that he got hurt with them running like they do him. They just need to release so someone else will pay for his services. The guy deserves it. RB’s dont last and take a beating. It’s not like Chicago dont have the money to take care of there players when signing DE’s 90 million.

  60. WTF is his problem. He should be glad that Bush is there so he doesn’t have to put 45% of the offense on his shoulders. Bush will put 2 years back on your career. Should you be paid? Yes. Do you need to shut up in this case? Yes.

  61. contract says:
    Mar 22, 2012 4:40 PM
    Someone tell me … where did being a good soldier get Matt Forte?

    It got him to the bank where he has deposited nearly $4 million to date and is due another $7.8 million this year.

    He may not be able to afford as many gold-plated Escalades as some other athlete. I’m crying for him on the inside. Really.

  62. Do folks that comment here even understand the NFLPA rules and how a team operates its finances? Forte signed a 4 rookie year contract and is under the Bears control for the next 2 years which are the prime earning years of his career. He was offered a longer term contract with a substantial guarantee that would have set him and his children up for their lives but decided to roll the dice. That’s fine. The Bears made a wise move signing Bush so that Forte does not have leverage in case he holds out and also a back who can score inside the 5 yard line (which Forte has not been able to do).

    Anyone going to offer a first rounder for Forte and then pay him a huge contract? No.

    Forte will either play in a Bears uni the next 2 years or he will sit out the 2 peek earning years of his career.

  63. Its really sad that the Bears cant get a long term deal with Forte. I understand RBs are a high risk but he is prob the best running back Bears have had in yrs. Pay the man before he leaves the Bears wins somewhere else! Im all team Forte on this!

  64. Forte should embrace the help and focus on a ring…they just reunited b.marshall with cutler…m.bush could help spell him and keep him healthier for the long haul…the traditional running game is disappearing, a two RB system is the new way

  65. govtminion says:
    Mar 22, 2012 2:51 PM
    “To sign yet another running back, prior to completing a contract with Matt, suggests disregard for Matt and his contributions to the Bears,” said Forte’s agent, per ESPN Chicago’s Mike Wright.

    …Or, it could represent the Bears wanting insurance in case your client gets hurt again. Do all agents have some requirement to throw a bitch-fit like this every time they feel like it?



  66. What a lot of you guys are overlooking, is that he’s not so much crying about the money… A franchise tag is NOT as wonderful as you guys think it is. It’s basically a 1 year contract, the downside is of he gets injured his career (financially) could be OVER…. I think he’s more focused on a long term deal than he is over the money…

  67. The Bears have screwed him…repeatedly. Yeah, he got hurt last year because he is their ENTIRE offense. Not only a top caliber runner, but he’s the Bears best receiver, too.

    Shame on you, Bears, for not taking care of the best player on your team. Good luck with Bush.

  68. I don’t understand this whole Twitter age thing….what ever happened to men being men and handling issues like men? If most people aired their dirty laundry with their employers for millions to see I imagine they would be fired??

    GROW UP!!!!!

  69. “Forte come to Denver and win a ring with Peyton! We’ll pay you, we have enough money.”

    Everybody has the same amount. It’s called a cap.

    “chicago doesn’t take care of its players.”

    Based on what? How long have guys like Urlacher, Tillman, and Briggs played there?

    This is the business side of football. Why should they pay a RB, coming off an injury, what he wants? How did that work out with guys like Chris Johnson? He was offered 15 million, guaranteed, and turned it down. He’s good, but he’s not AP good.

  70. “They just need to release so someone else will pay for his services.”

    Because that makes good business sense.

  71. He’s not elite. I’ve seen pretty much every game since he came here, and it is what it is.

    Sure, he had a great year last year, or was, and the year before was pretty good. But, how about those first two years? 3.6 and 3.5 yards per carry?

    He should have taken the deal he declined. Get as much guaranteed money as you can, and hope you get several years to pick up game checks to boot.

    Emery just called your bluff, and gained the leverage back, by getting Bush. Sure, Bush isn’t AP, but he’s not garbage either. A power back for a more power back driven offense under Tice.

    It’s a business, pure and simple.

  72. The same people complaining about Forte are the same people last year saying he’s doing it the right way and Desean Jackson and Chris Johnson were idiots! haha Desean and Chris 40 mil contracts.

    What did playing all out for 600k get Forte last year? Almost a major career ending injury. Now, you want Forte to again shut up and be a good soldier? Not going to happen

  73. hes had good games, but hes had way to many games were he forgo to show up, people blamed it on the line, but his replacements did a good job,
    moral of the story he shouldnt have been greedy, he was offered a very generous deal, he was greedy, he started off with a great season, but that didnt last to long and the remainder of the games he did play he might as well have stayed home…. i like the guy, he has been good, but if he wants to get paid like a star, he really neds to play like one for more then a third of the season.

  74. $7.778M isn’t enough, Matt? Brandon Jacobs will probably do it for $5M right now.

  75. And you people who think players should shutup because they make a few million bucks don’t get the big picture. THEY make the owners hundreds of millions! They are entitled to their fair share. People don’t buy owners Jerseys. People don’t pay to watch.Jerry Jones sit in the club box. They pay to watch Forte bust 80yard runs. They pay to see Clay Matthews clobber Forte. Therefore Forte should be paid accordingly! With out top notch talent the owners would be speculating on Wall St. Getting much less stable returns on their money!

  76. Do some of you people even read the posts here or do you just glance at the headline and then run at the mouth?

    Forte was offered a fat contract not once but twice by the Bears and he turned it down.
    Now they franchise him and he whines about it so that make the bears the bad guy?

    I have grown tired of Forte’s whining and I would not mind if the Bears trade him or pull that franchise offer off of the table.
    They can use that money for an O linemen and another WR.

    I worked 12 hours today Matt and I don’t make 7 or 8 million a year.
    Take your fat paycheck, play ball and shut the hell up or go away.

  77. Forte – I like you a lot but you got to start acting like a man and not a bitch.

    This is a business, is it not?
    It makes more sense for the Bears to franchise you, give you $7+mil for ONE YEAR, then sign you long term.
    You’re also coming off a pretty serious injury. Would you sign you? I’m sure you would!

    Stop being a bitch.

  78. Brandon Marshall is signed for 5 years / $47.30 million with the Chicago Bears. He is making $9.30 million in 2012. Please explain how he is more valuable than Forte.

  79. Dear Matt,
    I am a lifelong Bears fan and a big supporter of yours. I think you’re a great back! Last year if we had a good back up RB and any backup QB,we could have stayed alive. Again Matt I think you’re a great RB. Here’s my problem though,you need to sign a contract and win championships with Da Bears. You are going to make 7.7 million this year to PLAY FOOTBALL. I on the other hand will make $40,000 this year as an Infantry soldier in Helmand Province Afghanistan. I hope you make the right decision.
    Thanks for your time,
    signed- A husband and father of 3 a long way from home.

  80. Phil Emery,

    You are the greatest GM in the history of football!
    Bush is Larry Csonka.
    Draft a run-blocking guard.
    Now trade Forte to a team in the South.
    That is what he wants.

    Bears in Super Bowl in 2013!

  81. Matt, read this.

    Green Ellis just signed for 3 mil/yr with cinci. Your value is dropping daily. Sign the effing contract and stop whining. At this rate the bears would be lucky to get a third round pick for you. Open your eyes!

  82. Broncofanatic7 says:Mar 22, 2012 3:05 PM

    Forte come to Denver and win a ring with Peyton! We’ll pay you, we have enough money.

    Don’t you mean ride the pines with manning? Greedy Swamp Boy is done.

  83. das14 says:Mar 22, 2012 3:05 PM

    chicago doesn’t take care of its players.

    That’s so true. So any free agents going to Chicago need to ask for 50% more than the best offer form other teams.

  84. Hmm, a good running back trying to hold out for a gigantic contract. Where have we heard this before?Are the Bears going to show that they are just as stupid as the Titans?

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