Hasselbeck says Titans’ pursuit of Manning didn’t bother him

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The Peyton Manning sweepstakes had three finalists, which meant three teams publicly identified themselves as willing to kick their quarterbacks to the curb if Manning agreed to sign. All three of those quarterbacks are doing their best to put a happy face on things.

Tim Tebow, the biggest loser in the Manning chase, says he’s happy to now be playing for Rex Ryan’s Jets. Alex Smith, who re-signed with the 49ers after Manning spurned them, says he’s not offended at all. And now Matt Hasselbeck has weighed in on the Titans’ pursuit of Manning, saying it didn’t upset him.

There were no guarantees I was going to be back,” Hasselbeck said, via the Tennessean. “If Peyton Manning had come to Tennessee, you know, I wouldn’t be playing for the Titans next year and that would have been unfortunate in my mind. My family and I have fallen in love with Nashville.”

Hasselbeck says there are no hard feelings and he’s ready to go into the offseason competing with Jake Locker for the starting job.

“In terms of getting your feelings hurt, I guess in my career I have played with a lot of quarterbacks and part of playing quarterback is being able to be coached, being able to handle criticism well,” Hasselbeck said. “I feel good about where we are.”

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  1. Hasselbeck, with the possible exception of “We want the ball, and we’re gonna score!”, has always seemed like a good dude.

  2. Being from Seattle, I hope that despite missing out on Manning, Titan’s fans appreciate the fact that they have two of the best teammates/character guys/leaders in the NFL on their roster. In an era of sports dbags and divas, being able to watch Matt with the Seahawks and Jake with the Huskies was great.

  3. With some QBs you might question the sincerity of these statements. But they’re completely believable coming from Matt Hasselbeck. The guy has demonstrated time and again that he’s both a grownup and a class act. He understands how things work in the NFL.

  4. “Hasselbeck, with the possible exception of “We want the ball, and we’re gonna score!”, has always seemed like a good dude.”
    That gets overblown, Hasselbeck was the backup in Green Bay before coming to seattle, when he said that he meant it as a joke to his former teammates in the coin toss all in good fun.

    So while it turned out to be a bonehead move after his INT, it wasn’t mean to be a jerky boasting like some people make it sound like.

  5. I’ve always liked Hasselbeck, he seems like a genuinely good guy. I remember seeing a commercial for the NFL a few years back when he was still in Seattle and he was rattling off his favorite plays like it was second nature. Good, hardworking player.

  6. Hasselbeck is a class act and I wish it had worked out for him to stay a Seahawk. Titians have a good QB, who is a professional and high quality person.

    Hope he and Jake do well in the coming few years. Just not as good as the Hawks, of course.

  7. Locker should be starting this year. He was the 8th overall pick and he looked good in limited time last year. Hasselbeck was good to have around last year but now he needs to be the veteran backup and mentor.

  8. It shouldn’t have bothered anyone, other than Brady, Rodgers, Brees and Roethlisberger. Nice to see someone that understands the business of this game.

  9. I don’t think it makes Alex Smith a bad guy that he was bothered by the Niners going after Manning. But Hasseback has always been a class act too.

  10. I think they will be fine. And Locker actually looks like he could be something special. Texans better act why they can. Or it will be back between the Titans and Colts, possibly. I’m still not sold on Luck. Time shall tell.

  11. How many of these stories are you going to write? Who cares if it bothered everyone of the QBs on the teams Manning visited. Who cares?!!! The conclusion of all these articles is the same thing, it didn’t bother anyone, no one cares, so why are you writing an article about it.

  12. stampede101 says: Mar 22, 2012 6:00 PM

    Don’t worry Alex, Matt and Tim…the Broncos are gonna be hot garbage next year anyway.


    More stupidity from the Tebow camp I see.

  13. Hasselbeck, with the possible exception of “We want the ball, and we’re gonna score!”, has always seemed like a good dude.


    He made the mistake of throwing to Alex Bannister. Matt is a really great guy out in the community. You saw him out a lot in the Seattle area. Same with most all of the players here. They don’t get bothered very much. Nice thing about this town.

  14. And stuff like this is why this guy is one of my favorite NFL players. I am SO HAPPY PM didn’t go to Tenn because Hass believes it’s his pleasure and one of his responsibilities to pay it forward and mentor Locker while there is no way in heck PM would bother with that. No it isn’t starters’ JOBS to do that, but it’s classy if they do. I’m happy for another class guy like Locker that he has Hass on his side.

  15. …did he say that with a whiney scrunched up victim face like he says everything else?

  16. It wasn’t his fault the wide receiver ran too deep of a route which caused an int against GB. I actually like the fact a QB would want the ball to go score. If he didn’t then he isn’t a true competitor. This guy is a class act and is never in trouble. Once again he is making the headlines for the right reasons. Congrats Nashville for not getting manning. You will still have cap space leftover which enables you to be somewhat competitive in the next half decade!!

  17. Barring injury, Hasselbeck will never take another meaningful snap in his life. Why *would* it bother him which team’s clipboard he was holding?

  18. The Titans will be fine with Matt and Jake.
    Both classy guys.
    They will battle the Texans for the AFC South crown.

  19. IMO, if the QB competition this summer is even close, they should start Locker and get him the experience he needs.

    Keep Hasselbeck around for this season so they have a good backup around in case of injury.

    But Locker needs to play. He’s a young guy and he will make mistakes. But that’s how QBs really learn to play in the NFL… by playing, not watching. Locker spent a lot of time last season watching. It’s time for him to play.

  20. Every dollar paid to Matt Hasselbeck to be a backup NFL QB is literally stolen, and completely prosecutable under US law.

    Matt Hasselbeck would be an ideal drug mule for a CFL team, considering he may occasionally get to move from Caneda to the US with limited security.

    Dirty Sanchez should take note, as he will very shortly become another former NFL QB who could make a living as a drug mule.

  21. Why *would* it bother him which team’s clipboard he was holding?

    Thumbs up

    Thumbs down

    I’m actually amazed that 13 of the ‘tards on this site were able to read my words at all, much less disagree with them.

    But once again, the PFW ‘tard brigade is hilariously outwitted, no mater how they vote:

    As demonstrably horrible a QB as Hasselbeck is, he will be better than any commenter on PFW: true or false?

    Utter win for me, no matter the poll result. LOL!

  22. This guys a good due. you know for sure it had to bother him. It would bother anyone. But he has too much class and pride to mouth off to the media about it

  23. Hey vikingsinla why do you think Matt is such a bad qb? He lead the hawks to 5 division titles and a super bowl run? Don’t hate because you have ponder as your qb

  24. “….being able to handle criticism well”

    Sure Matt, you’re the same guy that requested (and was granted) a 2 minute grace period from Holmgren yelling at you on the sidelines in the mid 2000’s, after each of the many rainbow or into-double-coverage passes?

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